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Prosperity A. R. P.

Wheeling, Fulton County, Arkansas
Submitted by Wilma King
Transcribed by Marsha Boles

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55  (upper right corner)

1860 May 12 Mr. R. G. Timonton * died
& wife Mrs. Martha E. Timonton
Mr. Keanon Brooks * d. March 1866
& wife Colsman Brooks * d. March 1963
Mr. Wm. S. Brooks *
& wife Sarah R. Brooks *
Mrs. Jennette F. Gleghorn *
Mrs. Margaret Gleghorn * d. Sept 1860
Mr. Joseph Montgomery d. 74
& wife Ann Montgomery
Mr. Wm. H. Anderson d. 1863
Miss Millie Carson d. 1863
Miss Jane L. T. Chesnut
Miss Mary Anderson
Mr. John McClain, Sr. d. Feb 20, 1864
& wife Jane McClain d. Jul. 1, 1878
Mrs. Nancy O'Niel
Mr. John B. McClain, Jr.
1860 Aug 11 Mr. Henry McClain
Miss Sarah McClain
Mrs. Jane Anderson d. 1868
Mr. William Paden d. Oct 21, 18
& wife Jane H. Paden
Mr. John H. Paden
Mr. Jas. Franklin Wilson * d. Nov. 27, 1878
1860 Nov 17 Mrs. Susan Gleghorn * d. May 27, 1864
Nov 18 Mr. Joseph L. Cooper
& wife Martha E. Cooper d. Aug 21, 1861

*  From Wilma King: That name is Simington. I have always been told that the first burial in the Harmony Cemetery was Siminton child, and that the women of the church dug the grave and had the funeral service; all the men were away because of the war.