Page 54 - PARPC

Prosperity A. R. P.

Wheeling, Fulton County, Arkansas
Submitted by Wilma King
Transcribed by Marsha Boles

Continued from page 53 – detailed header omitted


54 (left upper corner

1859 Aug 13 Mr. James Montgomery, Sr.             died
      Mr. Thomas U. Chesnut              
1859 August 14 Miss Elizabeth Hannah Montgomery             died
Miss Hannah Carson
Miss Elizabeth Jane Montgomery
1860 Feb 12 Mr. Wm. A. Gault, Elder * by Rev. W. T. Moffatt
Mr. Wm. Ross, Elder * died
Mr. J. P. T. Gault *
Mrs Eleanaor Gault *
Mr. John Wilson *
1860 Mar 4 Mrs. Margaret Tercsa Ross
(wife of above Wm. Ross)
Mr. Robert Ross died
Mr. Thomas Ross died
Miss Jane Ross
1860 Apr Miss Mattie Ross
1860 May 12 Mr. James R. Vaughn
& Mrs Nancy R. Vaughn * (afterwards Elder for New Hope)
Mrs. Sarah Gault * (wife of W. A. Gault) died
Mrs. Margaret J. Stephenson * died
Miss Eliza H. Gault (or Mrs.) *
Minerva C. Fergison
Mr. Wm. Gleghorn *
& wife Elizabeth H. Gleghorn *
Mr. Jas Willison Anderson *
& wife Mary Elizabeth Anderson *


NOTE: Those names with a star, came from Hempstead County Ark. & with __ a pastor, or session , was recommended by their Elder William A. Gault.

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NOTE FROM TRANSCRIBER: the original handwriting seems to be that of Clerk W R C.  There are one or two other people adding late entries to the original text. Visual inspection clearly shows this and use of other pens and pencils. These late entries are interesting and informative, but sometimes only restate a part of a name (as if suggesting other spelling).

            Example: Rosanna G to  Rosaner y

Such enteries are excluded in this transcription. 

Death dates are questionable with a high reoccurrence of the number 6. An alternate interpretation of 6

seems possible, yet unknown.