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Prosperity A. R. P.

Wheeling, Fulton County, Arkansas
Submitted by Wilma King
Transcribed by Marsha Boles

4 )  An motion, Wm. L. Chesnut, an J. C. Nisbitt

were elected each by ballot to the office of Deacon (Elders and

the first day of January set apart from their


     On motion, That this Church pay this part of the

Expensis of a delegate to Synod for the present year


     On motion, That the Endowment home – and Foreign 

Mission subject be left for each individual to con-

tribute to the collecting offices as he may feel able, and

his duty so to do.

     On motion, Thomas Cochran, W. L. Chesnut, and J. C. Nisbett

be appointed a committee to value the produce, or labour

given to their Pastor for his service.

     On motion, That the proceedings from this meeting be

Inserted in the church records.

    Moved, that we adjourn.  J. C.Nisbitt, Clerk


Febuary 18th 1876

     The members of Prosperity Church called a

Meeting, and elected T. U. Chesnut chairman and

J. C. Nisbett secretary.

  While we the majority of the members of Prosper-

ity Church esteem Brother J. C. McDonal highly

as a man and Christian brother, yet his service

as a minister is not edifying. Therefore, we think

it to be fro the good of the Church to retain him no

longer as our pastor.

            Committee    J.C. Nisbett (signature)

John H. Paden (signature)

                        Thomas Cochran (signature)

                    Wm. R. Chesnut, Elder (or Clerk)

= = =   

NOTE: Artifact on this page seem to be transposed from facing

page during storage. Clearly the slant of the artifact is left rather

than right. Penmanship instructors firmly discouraged left handed

penmanship during this time and would NOT have been tolerated.)

Also, “Brother J. C. McDonal” = Rev. J.C. McDonald