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Prosperity A. R. P.

Wheeling, Fulton County, Arkansas
Submitted by Wilma King
Transcribed by Marsha Boles

34 (upper left corner)

Resident Rolls Sept. 25 1909

Miss.    Roena Cochran.             Removed by Death

Mrs.      Ellen Chesnut.

Miss.    Ella Chesnut..

Mrs.      Jane H. Paden.              Removed by Death

Mrs.      Elizabeth Paden.

Miss.    Maria Paden,

Mr.       R.B. Paden.

Mr.       J.H.C. Nesbitt.

Mrs.      Minnie Nesbitt.              Removed by Death Feb 12 19__

Mr.       J.B. Cochran.

Mrs.      Mary L. White.

  "        Maggie J. Johnson.

Mr.       John O. Taylor.

Mrs.      Jerrette Moffit.

Mrs.      Nancy Harris.

Mis.      Susan Ella Ursary, ussery*

Mr.       U.S. Chestnut.

            W. H. Nesbit.

Mr.       R.M. Paden.

Mrs.      Rosa Paden.                 Dismissed by letter

Miiss.   Maud Paden.                 Dismissed by letter

Mr.       R. M. Paden.    

Mrs.      Rosa Cockran.               Dismissed by letter

Miss.    Maud Cochran.              Dismissed by letter

Mr.       James R. Paden.

Mr.       R.P. Johnson .               Removed by Death Feb the 8th ____

Mrs.      Ida Tyler.

Mrs. Geneva Bell Proctor.

Mrs.      Hanna Proctor.

Mr.       Clareince Nesbit.

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* usserery seems to indicate a spelling should be reconsidered.

From Wilma King: Make that name Ussery. There are 4 or 5 of that name in the Harmony Cemetery. I never knew any myself.

NOTE: 1st names with right column notes are lined-through

2nd all titles end with a period

3rd all names conclude with a period

4th Rosa and Maud are entered both as Paden and Cochran – could be error