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Prosperity A. R. P.

Wheeling, Fulton County, Arkansas
Submitted by Wilma King
Transcribed by Marsha Boles

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Wheeling Ark Nov. the 6th 1907

Rev. M.T. Ellis (of Daraville, GA.) came and held a protracted meeting.  Said meeting commenced at 11 o'clock Nov. the 6th 1907 and continued until the following Sabbath night with four accessions to the church (three by faith and one by certificate).  We also had communion services on this occasion.

- - - W(illiam). H. Nisbett, Clerk - - -

By Order of:  Rev. J. L. Pressley came in to our midst January the 16th 1908: and (he) preached for us half the time until the meeting of Synad the next fall. - - - W(illiam). H. Nisbett, Clerk - - -


Feb the 23rd, 1908 – the Session was called together and opened with prayer by the pastor.

We gave Mrs. Farue*  a letter at her request. No other business came before the Session.

- - - W(illiam). H. Nisbett, Clerk - - -

= = =

* The lady's last name could be anything: 1st letter could be capital F, J, or T; 2nd and 3rd letters are “ar” ; and 4th or 5th letter could be any number letters (eu, ue, eee, or w).

From Wilma King: I believe the Farue name should be Farra, and they pronounced it Fay row! The last of the family I remember was Albert Farra and he lived on Highway 9 a mile or so north of Wheeling.