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Prosperity A. R. P.

Wheeling, Fulton County, Arkansas
Submitted by Wilma King
Transcribed by Marsha Boles

2nd     In August 1859, Rev. Wm. L. Moffat visited

us & organized a church on the 12th of Aug, at which

time 32 names wer entered on the records, with two

ruling Elders. /// * (see notes) Dr. James Cooper, & William R.

Chesnut, by certificate, & examination; and called

their place of Worship Prosperity, and on the Sabbath

Aug 14th the Lord's Supper was administered.

About the first day fo December 1859 Rev. Wm. L

Moffatt settled with us and became our Pastor.

From the organization of Prosperity and until the

organization of Newhope, the history of Prosperity

will be found in the records, which is in a statistical

form, which includes the members of Newhope.

In the fall fof 1854, Mr. Moffatt demetted the change

of Prosperity to Presbytery, which was sustained.

We were supplied after Mr. Moffatt left us by the

brethrin Rev. John Patrick, & Rev. Monroe Oats,

one month from each year. /// * Mr. Oats July 1865

Mr. Patrick Aug 1865. Each of the administered

the Lord's Supper. (**Rev. J. R. Marion probably better part

of Aug to the first part of September 1870.) Rev. M. Oats

April 1869 & RevJohn Patrick in Aug 1869. The first

Holding a communion in the lower settlement, & the other

In the upper settlement.(*** Rev. T. P. Marion in June 1870

See report of Presbytery in 1870 book).

Rev. J. P. Davis, Aynod Missionary, came in to our

bounds in the latter part of 1870 & continued his labour

until after the 3rd Sabbath of Jully 1871, during which time

he organized a church in the upper settlement, on Saturday

April 2, 1671. & called their church Newhope.


* 3 digit mark – unfamiliar abbreviation, repeated on this page

     Best interpretation “riz” or “biz” (seems to mean – include).

* * Simple strike marks on each word as if to denote entry error.

* * * Bracketed remarks as if late entry and a correction of prior stricken sentence.