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Prosperity A. R. P.

Wheeling, Fulton County, Arkansas
Submitted by Wilma King
Transcribed by Marsha Boles

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Brief History


Prosperity Church

In Fulton County Arkansas


     In December *1850. Mr. James Mt Gomery , Sr.

came from Pisgan Church, **(Mecklinburg) Gaston

County, near Crawford Mountain

North Carolina, with his family, consisting of his

sons Joseph, James, & William, and his daughter

Hannah: his wife died some years after he came

here; his son John, & family, also moving with

him from same place.  His son Samuel Mt

Gomery, moved from the same place in the spring.

of 1854, with his family.

     These families settled on the east (struck out) North side of

the Strawberry, and below the fork of Strawberry:

& some 8 and 10 miles below where Prosperity now is ___

     In the fall of 1857. Mr. Thomas Cochran and

family, moved from Prosperity church, Lincoln County

Tennessee (misspelled).  Mr Luther Wyley, a simple man, came from the above

named church, at the same time.  In the fall of

1898, Dr. James Cooper. (from Starksville Miss.) & family, with his son John

and family (from the same place.).  The same fall William R. Chesnut, & family

from Pisgah, Pope County, Ark, formerly from Cabo__

County Georgia.  The same fall, 1898. Mr. John

Wiley from Mississippi (spelling), formerly from Prosperity, Lincoln County Tennessee (spelling).


= = =

* 1849 was originally entered; it has been altered to become 1850

** Mecklenburg is struck out by double lines. Above the stricken word

"Gaston near Crawford Mountain" is written is small letters.

Mt. Gomery = Montgomery

MS & TN spelling per penmanship rules for double letters was changed to modern form.

P.S. at the bottom of page is a different writing instrument and hand. Meaning unknown.

___ indicates a few letters missing (from Xerox copy outer edge).

CK OUT MR WYLEY  - is he "single" or "simple" - maybe get a 3rd persons interpretation.