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Prosperity A. R. P.

Wheeling, Fulton County, Arkansas
Submitted by Wilma King
Transcribed by Marsha Boles

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On Saturday, August 27th 1898 Mr. John Harris was elected ruling Elder and on the 11th day of September was ordained ruling Elder. We had communion meeting embracing the fourth Sabbath in September 1898, preaching Saturday night by Rev. M. T. Ellis

Sabbath at 11 o'clock Rev. J. C. McDonald preached.

And Sabbath night Rev. M.T. Ellis preached.

Had a good meeting and no accessions to the church.

We also had Sabbath School Convention on Saturday the 27th of September.

Had quiet an interesting meeting. - - - signed J.C. Nisbett, Clerk - - -

We had communion on Sabbath the 6th of November 1898. After presbytery adjourned, then we had a protracted continuing to the next Sabbath night: two sermons per day excepting Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday which had but one service.  Brother G.G. Parkinson did the preaching.  There were nine accessions to the church and seven baptisms. ---- A good meeting: sinners converted and Christians received. - - - signed J.C. Nisbett, Clerk - - -