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Subject: Rebecca Emaline "Beccie" (Belt) Caire' obit

    Here is the obit that ran in The Spectator, Ozark, Arkansas 75 years ago. The Spectator: November 27- December 1, 1925 issur.  Republished November 20, 2000 on page 14. 
    Mrs. Joseph Caire' died at her home, in Watalula, after five days illness from a stroke of paralysis.  She was 80 years of age, born and raised in Franklin County.  She was the mother of three children, Mrs. C. F. Bolin of Newton County, Mrs. Rosie Gray of Watalula, with whom she lived, and one son, J.C. Caire', of Ola, Arkansas in Yell County.  She submitted to her illness like a little child, never seemed to have a pain, just a gentle sleep until Jesus came  and called her to His sweet home.  Our mother was laid to rest in the Belt Cemetery Tuesday evening.  Services conducted by Rev. T. L. Dickerson and Bro. Isaacs at the cemetery.  Our home is made of lonesome, our hearts are sad, a voice we loved is stilled.  A chair is vacant that never can be filled.  Her loving children. 
    Rebecca Emaline "Beccie" (Belt) Caire' was my great great grandmother.  Beccie passed away on December 1, 1925 at Watalula.  She was born about 1845 in Johnson County Arkansas.  Miss. Belt were wed on April 5, 1874 in Franklin County by W. R. Rodgers.  Joseph Caire' whom passed from this life to his eternal reward on May 31, 1921 near Watalula.  Her children are Rosetta "Rosie" (Caire') Gray & Nora Lee (Caire') Bolin and son John C. Caire'.  Her five grandchildren of John C. & Sarah Ellen (Bolin) Caire' are five daughters, Luella, Nettie, Bertha, Velma & Mittie Caire' all of Mt. Top, Arkansas in Franklin County.  My grandmother is Luella (Caire') Jackson.  Please include this with the copy of my great great grandfather, Joseph Caire' obitiuary please.

Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas

Newspaper: The Spectator

Printed: 75 Years Ago

Date: July 25 & August 1, 1930

Reprinted: July 27, 2005


75 years Ago
The Spectator
Ozark, Arkansas
printed: December 10-13, 1929
reprinted: December 15, 2004
N.K. Shirley, age 60 died at his home at Branch early Monday morning following a stroke of paralysis Sunday.
Funeral services were conducted at Branch this morning at 10 o'clock.  Burial was in the Caulksville cemetery.
Mr. Shirley, for 35 years a peace officer, was widely known and had many friends.
Caulksville Cemetery            
Cemetery is located at the Crossroads of Highway 22 & 23, in Caulksville, Logan County, Arkansas.
N. K.Shirley
1870 - 1929
husband of: Allie May
Allie May Shirley
1875 - 1964
wife of: N. K.

Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas
Newspaper: The Spectator
Printed: 75 Years Ago
Date: August 8, 12, 1930
Reprinted: August 10, 2005
Burt Barnes
Burt Barns Buried in Highland Cemetery
Burt Barnes died at his home northeast of Ozark Sunday, Aug. 10, at 6 p.m., after an illness of more than a year.  Funeral services were held at the home Tuesday afternoon conducted by Revs. P.S. Rogers and J.T. Donnell.  Interment was in the Highland cemetery.
Mr. Barnes was one of the county's most successful farmers and orchardist.  He was a progressive man favoring the upbuilding of community interest.  He will be missed by a large circle of friends.  He leaves to mourn his passing his wife and one daughter, Mrs. Gertie Lee, and six sons, Grady, Gene, Bruce, Arnod, Joe and Bill.
Highland Cemetery
Lot 64
Bert R. Barnes
1883 - 1930
Bernice M. Barnes
1891 - No date

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This obit was in the 75 years ago news in the Spectator, Ozark, Arkansas, Wednesday, August 17, 2005:
J. M. Pendergrass Dies
J. M. Pendergrass, age 87, pioneer citizen and retired plantation owner, died at his home in Mulberry at 8 o'clock Monday night.
Mr. Pendergrass was born in Alabama and moved to Mulberry 42 years ago where he had lived continously since.
Funeral service will be conducted at 2 o'clock Tuesday, afternoon at the home in Mulberry.
Mr. Pendergrass is survived by his wife and three daughters, Mrs. Tom Marlow and Mrs. Colquitt Wilson of Mulberry, and Mrs. Susan King of Fort Smith.
NOTES FOR J. M. Pendergrass
Parents, Jason and Susannah Carter Pendergrass
Born:  October 15, 1842
Died:  August 18, 1930
Buried:  New Cemetery, Mulberry, Crawford County, AR
Marlow should have read Marlar
One deceased daughter:  Sula (Elijah) Hunter
The 42 years is misleading, as he was in Franklin County Arkansas before 1860
as he served in the Civil War:  Company I, Reg. 34  from Franklin County, AR
Married:   October 21, 1866 to Amanda Jane Adams, daughter of William Columbus & Mary Allison Adams also of Franklin County

Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas
Newspaper: The Spectator
Printed: 75 Years Ago
Date: August 5, 9, 1930
Reprinted: August 10, 2005
Francis Atha
The body of Francis Atha, 52, who was killed in a timber accident Monday, was taken to Moore's funeral home in Fayetteville Tuesday, for funeral and burial rites at Asher cemetery, near Elkins, Wednesday.

Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas
Newspaper: The Spectator
Printed: 75 Years Ago
Date: August 8, 12, 1930
Reprinted: August 10, 2005
Mrs. George Rankin

Mrs. George Rankin Dead
Mrs. George Rankin, age 60, died at her home this (Friday) evening at 6:00
p.m., after and illness of several days, during which most of her children
were summoned to the bedside.
Funeral services will be conducted Saturday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. at the
Rankin cemetery, north of Lonelm.

Rankin Cemetery

Row 11
George A. Rankin
August 17, 1868
February 7, 1938

Ollie Rankin
November 2, 1869
August 8, 1930








Claude J. Sharp

Claude J. Sharp, owner and manager of the Model Drug Store at Altus, died at a Fort Smith hospital this morning at 4:30 o'clock following an operation for an injury received while doing some strenuous work more than ten days ago.  Mr. Sharp did not realize the seriousness of his injury until Tuesday, when at 3:15 a.m., he was removed to the hospital.

Funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Methodist church in Ozark, services being in charge of Rev. C.C. Burton with burial in the Highland cemetery here.

Mr. Sharp was a very successful druggist, having been registered in five states, where he stood high in pharmaceutical circles.  He took charge of the Model Drug Store more than two years ago and has always taken an active interest in the civil welfare of the east end of the county.

He is survived by his widow; one son, C.J. Jr.; his mother, Mrs. John Sharp of Hollywood, Calif; three brothers, John of Turkey, Texas, Charles and Gabe of Hollywood; and a foster daughter.

Highland Cemetery

Ozark, Arkansas

Claude James Sharp

1887 - 1930

Two other Sharps are buried in lot 68

double headstone

John Sharp

Sept 15, 1851

Nov 21, 1904


Ella W. Sharp

Sept 23, 1862

Feb 3, 1903


Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas

Newspaper: The Spectator

Printed: 75 Years Ago

Date: July 25 and August 1, 1930

Reprinted: July 27, 2005

Mrs. Charles Stoeser (Mary W. (Weiderkehr) Stoesser

 Pioneer Passes On

Mrs. Charles Stoeser, one of the first settlers on Pond Creek mountain, died at her home on the mountain about noon Monday, July 28, at the age of 85 years.

NOTE: Stoeser was the way it was spelled in the newspaper on headstone it has Stoesser)

 St. Marys Catholic Cemetery

 Here in Christ R.I.P.

 Karl Stoesser

1844 - 1924

(died April 18, 1924 born in Murgphal, Germany)

 Mary W. Stoesser

1838 - 1930

(died: July 31, 1930 nee Weiderkehr)

Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas

Newspaper: The Spectator

Printed: 75 Years Ago

Date: June 27 & July 1, 1930

Reprinted: June 29, 2005

Hughes Marcum  1854 - 1930


Uncle Hughes Marcum buried at Cass Sunday

Hughes Marcum, age 75, died at his home at Cass Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock following an attack of double pneumonia.  Many of his friends attribute his lack of resistance to serious injuries received when he was attacked by an infuriated deer a year or so ago.


Mr. Marcum professed faith in Christ at 25 and joined the Church to which he remained faithful until death.  He was an active member of the Masonic Order, and the position he occupied was proclaimed by the homage paid him in death by that order.


Funeral services were conducted by Rev. T.L. Dickerson, Monday.  The Masons had charge of the service.


He is survived by 4 children, James of Combs, Thomas, W.L. and Alfred of Cass.


Cass Cemetery



Hughes Marcum

Nov. 28, 1854

June 30, 1930



Lutisha Marcum

May 17, 1858

Dec. 4, 1939


Alfred Marcum

Feb. 11, 1892

Oct. 23, 1953

Ark Pvt 327 Inf  WW1


Tom Marcum

1883 - 1961


Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas

Newspaper: The Spectator

Printed: 75 Years Ago

Date: June 8-9, 1930

Reprinted: July 6, 2005

Mr. J.F. Pruett


Mr. J. F. Pruett Dead


Mr. Pruett died at the home of his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Sam Pruett, at Denning Saturday at 8 a.m., after and illness of several months.


Funeral services were held Monday conducted by Rev. T.L. Dickerson.  Burial was in the Liberty cemetery beside his wife.  The final service was in charge of the Masonic Order.


Having spent his life in Franklin county, it was with genuine regret that the news was received by his many friends.  He was a quiet, unassuming man and possessed many admirable qualities.  In his passing, the county has lost a good, substantial citizen.


Liberty Cemetery



Emily C. Pruett  (Emily Catherine Davis)

1852 - 1929



Jonah F. Pruett

1849 - 1930


Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas

Newspaper: The Spectator

Printed: 75 Years Ago

Date: July 15-18, 1930

Reprinted: July 13, 2005

Jim Johnson  1874 - 1930


Jim Johnson Dead


Tom Allen returned Friday from Oklahoma, where he went to make his home with his half brother, Jim Johnson.  He informed us of Mr. Johnston's sudden and unexpected death at his home near Shady Point.  The deceased was 56 years of age and was a native of Franklin county.  For a number of years he lived on Manitou mountain at the Chockley place.


He is survived by his wife and four sons and four daughters.


Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas

Newspaper: The Spectator

Printed: 75 Years Ago

Date: June 8-11, 1930

Reprinted: July 6, 2005

Mrs. J.M. Malone (Mattie Elizabeth Jones)


Mrs. J. M. Malone Dead


Mrs. Mattie Jones Malone, age 65, died at her home on West Market street Thursday.


Funeral services were conducted at the Baptist church this afternoon, her pastor, Rev. P.S. Rogers, in charge.  Burial was in the Highland cemetery.


Mrs. Malone was born in Devier (Sevier?) County, Ark., Jan. 4, 1865.  She came to this county in 1869, grew up and married J.M. Malone.  When a young woman, she was converted and joined the Missionary Baptist church, to which she was ever loyal.  She made her home in Ozark for the last three years.


She is survived by her husband and three children; Mrs. H. Mason of Oklahoma City; Mr. W. L. Malone of Seminole; and Mrs. J.M. Hopper of Ozark.


Highland Cemetery



Joseph Mitchell Malone

1862 - 1934



Matt Elizabeth Malone

1865 - 1930


Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas

Newspaper: The Spectator

Printed: 75 Years Ago

Date: June 8-11, 1930

Reprinted: July 6, 2005

R.B. Hill


From Charleston Express

Charleston, Franklin County, Arkansas


R. B. Hill died at his home southeast of Charleston at about twelve o'clock Wednesday, after being confined to his home for the past several weeks from a heart attack.


Mr. Hill has been a resident of Franklin county for a number of years.  he had amassed a large acreage of land southeast of town, where his last hours were spent.  He was prominent in all affairs of the county and state.  Probably there were not many men in the state that had a wider acquaintance.  He stood high in the affairs of the state, and was called often into political councils, as well as the business affairs of the state and county.  he was also active in church work, being an active member of the Baptist church.  He had been a friend to many, and many were his friends.


His funeral services were conducted Thursday at the Prairie View church, after which burial, in charge of the Paris Hdw. Co., Funeral Home, was made at the Nixon Cemetery.


NOTE: No other information on Mr. Hill.


Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas

Newspaper: The Spectator

Printed: 75 Years Ago

Date: June 8-11, 1930

Reprinted: July 6, 2005

Mrs. J.C. Lowery


J. W. Johnson received a message Monday night informing him of the death of his sister, Mrs. J. C. Lowery of Okmulgee, Okla.


Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon.  Burial was in the Okmulgee cemetery.


The deceased had been bedfast for many weeks and her death was not unexpected to her family.  She was a good woman, faithful in all the duties of life.  Besides her husband, she leaves to mourn her passing, six children, all in homes of their own.  She is also survived by one sister, Mrs. Adeline Hunter, and J.W. Johnson of Ozark.


Note: No other information listed.


Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas

Newspaper: The Spectator

Printed: 75 Years Ago

Date: June 20-24, 1930

Reprinted: June 22, 2005

Virgil Clellan Patrick

 Virgil Patrick, age 42, died at his home one mile north of Cravens Saturday, June 21, following an illness of three weeks.  Developing pneumonia after and attack of ptomaine poisoning, he was apparently recovering when he was moved to his home from the home of his sister, Mrs. Vint Addy, Ozark, Saturday, June 14.

Funeral services were conducted by Elder J.L. McClellan Sunday at 3 p.m., when a large crowd was present.  Burial was in the Jethro cemetery.

 He is survived by widow, three sons, two daughters, fours sisters and one brother as well as host of other relatives and friends.  "Virgil was a good honest citizen - peace to his ashes" is the benediction of his pastor.

 Oak Ridge Cemetery near Jethro

 Virgil Clellan Patrick

born: May 20, 1888

died:  June 21, 1930


Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas

Newspaper: The Spectator

Printed: 75 Years Ago

Date: June 20-24, 1930

Reprinted: June 22, 2005

Rev. James M. Holloway

Funeral services for James M. Holloway, who died June 19 (1930) were held at the Methodist church at Alix June 20, conducted by Rev. T.L. Dickerson.  A large gathering of friends were present when the remains were laid to rest in the Houston cemetery, there to wait the final resurrection.

 Rev. James M. Holloway was born in the state of Illinois in the year of 1850, and lived 79 years, eleven months and one day.  He came to Arkansas when he was a young man and was married to Miss Elizabeth West, than of Coal Hill, in 1870.

To this union was born eleven children, nine boys and two girls, of whom all are living except one son.  All were with him when the end came.

 He became a Christian in his early life and united with the Methodist Protestant Church and began to preach the Gospel soon thereafter.

 He is also survived by 43 great-grandchildren and 21 great-great-grandchildren, beside and unlimited number of relatives and friends to mourn his loss.

 Houston Cemetery

double headstone


Eliza J. Holloway

born: Mar 12, 1854

died: May 12, 1941


J.M. Holloway

born: July 18, 1850

died: June 19, 1930

Lucinda Catherine Bourland McKinney


B; September 28, 1831 - D. March 5, 1922


Spectator - Ozark, Arkansas.


Mrs., Lucinda C. McKinney, after living one of the prettiest and purest lives ca (sic) this mundane for 90 years and 5 months, crossed over the river of death and is now resting painless under a heavenly shade of happiness.


No more affectionate and loyal mother ever lived.


The deceased passed away Sunday night at 11 o'clock March 5, 1922, at her home in Ozark. She was born in Alabama, September 28, 1831 and came to Arkansas in 1836 with her grandparents and father, Henderson Bourland, and settled near Cravens, this county.


Nov. 2, 1845, Miss Lucinda C. Bourland and John Adams McKinney were married. Five children were born to this couple: Judge W. H. McKinney, of Wynoma, Okla: Miss Vina McKinney, of Ozark: the late C. S. McKinney of St. Louis: Mrs. John W. Duncan, of Mulberry township, and Sterling McKinney, of Long Beach, California. Mrs. McKinney joined the White Oak Cumberland Presbyterian church in the 50's, but later was a member of the Presbyterian church at Ozark. She lived a grand Christian life, devoted to her church, attended regularly as long she was able to do so.


The funeral services were conducted by Rev. J. T. Donnell from the residence Tuesday, March 7, at 10: a. m.  and the burial took place in the Highland Cemetery. The body was beautifully laid away, with lovely flowers in evidence.


The pall-bearers were grand-sons, namely: Rufus and Claud Lessley, Harold and H. C. McElroy, Jr., and L. E.. McKinney



Ozark Spectator, October 25, 1916

The death angel visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. J.
Dickerson, taking their little infant daughter which
was buried in the Belt graveyard Friday, October 13,


Sent to Patricia Dill by: Judy Harvey

from reprint in the Ozark Spectator


Ozark Spectator dated April 15,1912



A child was born to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brock
Saturday night and buried in the Ozark Cemetery

Sent to Patricia Dill by:  Judy Harvey

Reprint from the Ozark Spectator

The family will visit with friends from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. today at the funeral home.