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McKinney Cemetery


McKinney Cemetery is located about six miles south of Ozark, AR in Franklin County. It is on the old McKinney homestead. There were graves here when Wiley Boley McKinney settled here in 1846. It is near the Old road #23 when it ran through this 160-acre farm which Jessie B. McKinney lives on now (1985). He is the grandson of Wiley B.

There were people who had died on wagon trains in transit from Missouri and north AR to TX, using this route to dodge the Indian Territory.

It is an unusual shaped hill to be found in this part of the country. It is steep from all directions. I have always thought that may have been the reason for choosing this spot. If they wanted to return it would be easy to find.

My Aunt Sussie McKinney and counted 93 graves in the mid 30s. I believe there have been only four burials since then.

Bond, John H. b: Oct 18, 1864 @ Hamburg, AR d: Apr 30, 1945, son of Franklin

F. Bond & Mary Ann Rackel Callaway.

Bond, Lela Josie May, b: Nov 14, 1888 d: Sep 30, 1892, dau. Of John H. &

Mattie Weldon Bond.

Bond, Mattie Walden, b: Jan 18, 1860, d: Dec 12, 1916, wife of John H.

Bond, Thomas F. b: Jun 2, 1887, d: Sep 1, 1888, son of John H. & Mattie

Butler, Wm. S. b: Al Jul 18, 1848, d: Feb 28, 1911

Butler, Francis b: May 1868 in FL, d:_______ Wife of William S.

Casey, Ethel McKinney, b: Sep 8, 1886, d: Nov 6, 1904 wife of Soley B. (He is

buried in Cemetery Ridge d: Mar 25, 1937) dau. Of Charley & Sarah

Walker McElhaney. Mother of Curtis.

Casey, Nannie A. Walden, b: 1850, d: 1901, #1 husband St. Clair, #2 Jessie C.

Casey b: Oct 12, 1858, d: Sep. 29, 1934, buried Cemetery Ridge. Mother

of George & Leanna St. Clarir, Martha, Myrtle, Emmer and Jim Casey.

Gilbreath, Mary Walden b: TN 1848, d: ___________ wife of William who died

1891 at Russellville.

Gilbreath- I can remember a child being buried here in the early 1930's.

Hamilton, Catherine T. Walton, b: Feb 22, 1868, d: Aug 3, 1895 wife of W.J.


Hamilton, a baby grave between Catherine and the other children.

Hamilton, Walter E., b: Oct 22, 1884, d: Sep 8, 1886 son of W.J. & C.T.

Hamilton, Wiley I., b: July 30, 1894, d: May 3, 1895, son of W.J. & C.T.

McElhaney, Charles A., b: ca 1857 d: 1920, m: Sarah Walker Dec 8, 1877

McElhaney, Bell b: Apr 1891, d: age sixteen, dau Charles A. & Sarah.

McElhaney, Sarah Walker, b: AR ca. 1863 or 64. D: Feb. 1951. Her mother was

third wife of Wiley B. McKinney.

McElhaney, Three infants or small children of Charles A. & Sarah.

McElhaney, Lewis M., b: Franklin Co., d: Feb 4, 1951, Husband of Annie Butler,

son of Charles A. & Sarah.

McElhaney, Mary Annie Butler, b: Aug 31, 1883, d: May 30, 1950, dau of Wm. S.

& Francis Butler, Wife of Lewis.

McKinney, Mary Weldon, b: Cairo, IL 1871. Raised at Batesville, AR, d: 1871.

Dau of John & Anna Weldon. She was a school teacher.

McKinney, Wiley Boley, b: Sparta, TN Apr 1813. d: 1901, son of John (b: VA

1781, d: Nov 29, 1847 in McKinney, TX) and Rebecca Margot "Peggy"

Lee. (b: in VA Apr 4, 1788, d: Brashears Junction, AR, 1842) W.B.'s first

wife was Mary Sarah Coffey (d: 1842 @ Brashears Junction. Second wife,

Mary Weldon, third wife Mrs. Martha Jane Walker.

McKinney, Martha Jane, b: 1828 d: 19___, first husband Walker, second

husband Wiley B. McKinney.

McKinney, Charley Weldon, b: May 7, 1848, d: Apr 24, 1935, son of Wiley B &

Mary Weldon, Husband of S.C. "Sally" Sharp of Talula Davis who is

buried @ Morgan Hill, 1960.

McKinney, Sarah Catherine Sharp, b: Jul 19, 1853, d: Jun 30, 1880, dau of John

& Tibitha Gage Sharp.

McKinney, Oscar, b: Jun 14, 1880, d: Jun 2, 1880

McKinney, Otis, b: Jun 14, 1880, d: Jun 22, 1880

McKinney, Arthur, b: Jun 14, 1880, d: Aug 16, 1880, the triplets were sons of

Charles & Sarah C. Sharp.

McKinney, Clarence Lee, b: Apr 7, 1889, d: Dec 1895, son of Charles and Talula


McKinney, Floy, b: Jan 13, d: July 1893. Dau of Charles W. & Talula Davis.

Pruit, Nancy "Nannie", b: 1883, d: May 16, 1903 when her only child, Faye, was

born. Wife of Honah (d: 1927 buried Cemetery Ridge) dau of Wm. & Mary


Tiner, Melinda Ann McKinney, b: 1842 d: 1877 m: Capt. Micajah Stone Sep 27,

1860. (He was hung by the Yankees.) m: George J. Tiner July 29, 1869.

Mother of Wiley Boley and Florence Tiner. She and her sister, Mary Jane

were raised by their Uncle Wiley B. McKinney. Their father may have been

Rolin McKinney who went to TX. Mother unknown to me. No marker

located west of Charles W.'s grave.

One family story handed down through the years was about a baby, buried in a boot box. I believe it was in the early 1900's. A family traveling camped for a few days near my grandparent's home. Early one morning the man came up to the house to inquire about a burial place for a baby which had been born during the night, not knowing they were near a cemetery. My grandfather Charles had a new pair of boots, and they gave him the box to place the baby in for burial. Through the years the name of the family has been forgotten.

Gena Faye McKinney Martin (1985)