Warrington Family Cemeter


           Warrington Family Cemetery, Oct. 1968, located on family farm at McArthur, Clayton Township, Desha County, Ark., west of Highway 1 and railroad on Macon Bayou Road.  Names for unmarked graves were obtained from old map in the possession of Pride Doyle Warrington Sr., of McGehee.  Dates copied by Marion McKinney Stroud in 1968.


Unmarked graves in cemetery are of:

R.O. (Olin) Warrington, son of R.J.

Little Aunt Warrington, 2nd wife of R.S.

Big Aunt Laura Warrington, 3rd wife of R.S.

Scottie Warrington, daughter of Olin

Jim Warrington, brother of R.J.

Clayton Warrington, son of R.J.



(R.J.) Jeff Warrington

           March 17, 1843-Aug. 4, 1928


Octavia V. Warrington

           40 years old, died March 1, 1895


James Edward Warrington Jr.

           June 24, 1940-Dec. 23, 1961


James Edward Warrington Sr. (WWII)

           July 27, 1918-July 19, 1957


James J. Warrington

           Feb. 8, 1878-Aug. 14, 1888


Mollie M. Warrington, wife of O.F. McIntosh

           Jan. 1, 1874-July 21, 1893


Maggie B. DeFir (wife of E.B. DeFir Sr.)

           Aug. 29, 1881-Sept. 9, 1916


Edgar Bard Warrington Sr.

           Oct. 12, 1879-Oct. 4, 1959


Infant son of P.D. and Hazel Warrington

           Sept. 27, 1939


Edgar Bard Warrington Jr.

           Dec. 4, 1906-Dec. 22, 1959


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