Small sites and individual stones


To save time and space, I am including the really small sites and individual markers on this page. 


Cecil Tucker Indian Mound

(Rohwer, Ark.)


To the memory of Wm Preston

Born Nov. 6, 1843

Died Nov. 1876


Lucca Landing Marker

(Old cemetery inside levee of Mississippi River at Possum Fork near Lucca Landing.  Richland, Ark., river port and post office, was once outside the levee at this place.  Mail was brought by boat.  The cemetery was built on an Indian Mound.  One rather large stone still stands.)


J.W. Tedder

Born 1843

Died at age 68 years

Nov. 15, 1911


McNeal Cemetery

(Near Red Fork, Ark.)

Most of the stones had disappeared from this old cemetery when Ed Newlin copied these inscriptions in February 1969.


Alexander McNeal, son of A.H. and M.J. McNeal

Born Oct. 25, 1866

Died Jan. 3, 1884


Walter F. McNeal, son of A.H. and M.J. McNeal

Born Oct. 4, 1868

Died March 18, 1884


Mrs. Matinza Peterson

Died Nov. 25, 1880

Aged 61 yrs. 11 mos. 3 wks.

(According to Mrs. M.E. Sherland Sr. of McGehee, Matinza Peterson was Mrs. Sherlands’ (nee Peoples) grandmother and married Judge Walter B. Peterson after her first husband’s death.  She was born in Georgia.)


Peoples (Bertram)

Born Apr. 8, 1885

Died Sept. 8, 1885


(According to Mrs. Sherland, her father and mother – Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Jordan Peoples – are buried in this cemetery, but no stones were found.  Dr. S.J. Peoples’ is listed in Goodspeed’s Biography.)


Moore Cemetery

(On Red Fork Bayou)


Thomas P.L. Moore

May 9, 1825-April 9, 1853


Jefferson Lake Island

(On Arkansas River)


Rebecca O. Bissell, daughter of O.A. and H.J. Bissell

March 5, 1876-Sept. 23, 1879


Nancy Bissell, wife of Thomas Bissell

March 17 1838-Dec. 14, 1858


The burial ground of the James D. Turner family.

One stone says only:

Ye living me as you be –

You are so once were we

And as you are

You surely will be moldering in your motherly dust.


Napoleon Cemetery

(Once a large cemetery with cedar trees.  Only three monuments remained when censused.)


Henry Smith

Born in Stewart Co., Tenn.

Jan. 26, 1817

Died Sept. 26, 1859


Cecilia L. Smith, wife of Henry Smith

Died July 30, 1871


A.I. Woodside

Apr. 3, 1821-Apr. 22, 1861


J.J. Clark

Feb. 18, 1818

(bottom marker broken)


Taylor Cemetery

(Four miles west of Winchester)


Dr. Samuel Mitchell Taylor

Son of John M. and Mary Taylor

Sept. 1, 1851-Sept. 1, 1900


Plunkett Elvira Taylor

Wife of Dr. Samuel M. Taylor

Sept. 4, 1857-Jan. 5, 1899


Dr. John M. Taylor

Born at Winchester, Ky.

July 23, 1819-Oct. 30, 1884


Franklin Robertson Taylor

Son of J.M. and Mary E. Taylor

Dec. 22, 1847-Sept. 2, 1852


Infant daughter of Dr. John M. and Mary Taylor

Born and died 1861


Infant daughter of Benjamin R. and Lizzie K. Taylor

Born and died Aug. 18, 1893


Henry Robertson Taylor

Son of John M. and Mary E. Taylor

July 29, 1849-June 6, 1900


Dr. Samuel M. Taylor



May Place

(These two markers were found in a family cemetery, located about 1 ˝ miles north of Winchester very near the railroad crossing left side going north.)


Everlinia J.V. May

Son of F.P. and A.T. May

Born Dec. 9, 1887

Died Dec. 21, 1887


Jake Marks

Son of Meyer and V.D. Marks

Born Aug. 1901

Died Sept. 22, 1904


Big Island

(This grave is in the middle of island.)


Sarah Teel       Burial ground of S.B. Teel

Died Feb. 1, 1858

Age 20 years, 2 months, 20 days




Rueben Harrison Anderson

Buried Nov. 5, 1864

At mouth of White River

Arkansas – Union Soldier

Died of Colic


Ferguson Family Cemetery

(Located on Red Fork Bayou north of Watson, Ark.)


Fred Ferguson, Sr.

May 2, 1893-March 6, 1944


Cook Cemetery

(Located South of Watson on Red Fork Bayou near Watson city limits.)


Charles N. Cook

Son of S.E. and Lois Cook

June 23, 1936


Dr. Cook and son John Wesley Cook were buried here, but there are no markers.


Hornbuckle Family

Love ones Farewell

We shall meet again

Erected Dec. 1, 1919

(The Hornbuckle Family marker is near the Cook Cemetery and was reported to be in the cemetery at one time, but was moved because it was never used.)


Belco Lake Cemetery

(Located north of Watson and North of Old Red Fork town on Arkansas River side of levee and at the base of the levee.  About one acre in size and signs of several other graves.  The first three listed had emblems that said “Pride of Red Fork, Chamber 2847.))


Agnes Thomas

Jan. 25, 1893-Jan. 2, 1921


Draton Thomas

Died Jan. 28, 1917


Henrietta Paul

Sept. 15, 1880-June 1, 1920


J.S. Gentry

Oct. 22, 1865-March 14, 1941


Smith Cemetery

(Located north of Pendleton Bridge at the end of first short dike and old levee.)


Sacred to the memory of Col. James Smith

Died Oct. 19, 1858 in the 73 year of his age

(Publisher’s note: This man was born in 1785, the earliest birth date found so far.)


James M. Smith

Died Feb. 10, 1846

Age 27 years


Floyd Smith

Born 1816

Died Jan. 29, 1853


(Publisher’s note: There is another nice monument here but no lettering on it.  Mr. Howell found an iron T-rod about 6 feet long in this cemetery.  These rods are used to probe graves.)


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