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W.L. WALKER Feb. 18, 1892 Feb. 18, 1892 Helen E. Gaskins
Pocahontas Mitchell
C. D. Walker
J.W. Walker
G. V. Walker
L. A. Walker
Annie B.Burnes/Barnes
R. L. Sorrels
May J. Walker

Will Book "A" - Last will and testament of W. L. WALKER

In the name of God, Amen -
I, W. L. Walker, being of sound mind and memory, realizing the uncertainty of life and being desirous of disposing of my worldly effects in a manner satisfactory to myself, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be my last will and testament.

First - I will and bequeath to my beloved daughters Helen E. Gaskins and Pocahontas Mitchell, and to my sons C. D. Walker, J.W. Walker, G. V. Walker, and L. A. Walker, and my grandchildren Annie B. Burnes (this could be Barnes), and R. L. Sorrels, the sum of one dollar each to be paid in cash by my administratrix hereinafter named.

Second: I will and bequeath to my wife, May J. Walker the residue of my estate both real and personal of which I may die possessed. Consisting in part of the North East Quarter of the North West (NE 1/7 NW 1/7) Quarter of Section Fifteen (15) in Township Eight (8) North and Range Two (2) East, Forty acres more or less, and all of my personal property of any nature whatever.

And, I hereby appoint my wife May J. Walker my Administratrix and it is my desire that she be such without bond.

Witness my hand this 18th day of February 1892. - W. L. Walker. At the request of W. L. Walker with whom we are personally well acquainted, we hereto attach our signatures as attesting Witnesses to this his last will and testament.

Jas. E. Smith and Wm (N?) Barnes Jr.
Filed for record Feby 18" 1892 and duly recorded Feby 18" 1892.
C. M. M?, Clerk
By J. E. Smith D.C.

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