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This list of cemeteries is as complete as I can make it without help from local residents. I have included links to Deborah Yates' Southern Roots, to the Cross County, USGenWeb Archives and to ArkansasGravestones.org. Some files are only partial listings and I have tried to include links to all the sources I can to ensure that you get the most information. These map links point to Yahoo Maps and can't be moved but there are other maps on the MAPS page.

There are about 60 different locations listed here. If you know of any cemetery not on this list, please let me know. I am more than happy to add it here and catalog it as soon as I can. You might also check the Tombstones - Lost and Found website.

Some of the map locations are APPROXIMATE, they may be off by 10 yards or 10 miles. Either can make it difficult to find the location. Check the MAPS page to see if the location is approximate - the cemetery marker will say so.

Here are the links for Google Pictures:To see names, select each picture, then, on the right side select "More Info" [Note:on Forrest City Cemetery, the stones are often unreadable, or broken!
Forrest City Cemetery-515 photos-All

Forrest Park A-151 photos
Forrest Park B-515 photos
Forrest Park C-422 photos
Forrest Park D-278 photos
Forrest Park E-89 photos
Forrest Park F to G-172 photos
Forrest Park H-421 photos
Forrest Park I to J-158 photos
Forrest Park K to L-292 photos
Forrest Park M-368 photos
Forrest Park N to R-487 photos
Forrest Park S-375 photos
Forrest Park T to Z-583 photos
Hughes Cemetery
Mount Vernon Cemetery-450 photos-All

Also, I have put most of the main cemeteries online in one place in the ArgenWebArchives for your review by cemetery location.Archive Cemetery Listings
Search Paul V. Isbell's cemetery records at by entering a surname and clicking search:

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I must caution that these records are mostly from Stevens Funeral Home Records, from 1897. Any before that time, and others by other funeral parlors may or may not be shown! It does not mean they are not there. Also, just because they are listed, does not mean you will find the tombstones. Many have been covered up by dirt or shrubbery over the years in the older cemeteries as evidenced by inquiries from those who could not find them on inspection at the cemetery. There are Cemetery associations for Hughes, and City Cemetery in the local phone book, Stevens Funeral Home is the source for Forrest Park Cemetery as they operate the trust for it! Note the directions below to cemeteries have not been updated for changes in the Hwy 1, and Barrow Hill Road is now a County road Near the Motels north of Interstate 40.
1. St.Francis County Arkansas Cemetery Records by Kathleen Bell. You can find in some libraries around the country, or buy direct from Arkansas Research at www.ArkansasResearch.com. They have many other books on St. Francis County history also for sale.
2. Real Estate Tax Book, 1889-1890, St. Francis Co., Arkansas Kathleen Bell. 1986. 161 pages.An alphabetical listing of persons found in the tax books for the listed periods. This work serves as a good replacement for the lost 1890 Federal Census.-Item
3. St. Francis County Arkansas Cemetery Records Kathleen Bell. 1981. 123 pages. This volume contains Twelve cemeteries, including Forrest City and Hughes Cemeteries.
4. St. Francis County, Arkansas Cemetery Records Vol. 2 Kathleen Bell. 1988. 134 Pages. This volume contains 23 cemeteries and updates some of those found in volume 1.
5. St. Francis County, Arkansas Marriage Records Books D, E, F, G, H, I, and K, from (1875 to 1911).Kathleen Bell. 1979. 131 pages. Covering the time period from 1875 to 1898. The period from 1898 to 1911 is by Emily Tucker. The listings are alphabetical by last name. These are on CD available at the Forrest City Library in Forrest City.
6. Obits fom Forrest City Times, Forrest City Times-Herald, and Other Newspapers-Older ones from the Forrest City Times Newspaper.
7. Pictures Taken May and Sept.2006 at Forrest City, Mount Vernon, and Forrest Park Cemeteries, Forrest City, Arkansas
8. Information from Loyd Sybert, Researcher for St.Francis Co.
9. 1930 Census Data from St.Francis County done and posted on USGENNet
10. History of St.Francis County, Arkansas-Author Robert W. Chowning-Publisher:Times-Herald Publishing Company-1954-Copyright
11. Obituaries from St.Francis County Historical Society at the Forrest City Public Library, kept by Mrs. Pauline Bogart, in loose leaf folders, from 1964 to 1977. They are being put online at this time, some are already shown in the Obituaries Section, on the main page of this website. All with permission of the Forrest City Times Herald as long as I show them as source.
Most of the old records were put on microfilm, and maintained at the Arkansas Historical Commission In Little Rock, which are available only in their office on the State Capitol grounds. The LDS Libraries also have the same information available. Here is the link to their site showing records available:
St.Francis Records at Arkansas History Commission
Type and in the search box, and select St.Francis County, it will show all records available. These old books were given to the St.Francis County Museum several years ago, and are still there to the best of my knowledge if you wish to see the original records.
Here is a link to all Historical Sites in St.Francis County:
St. Francis County Historical Sites
Also From Find A Grave:Here is link to all St.Francis County Cemeteries:

St.Francis County Cemeteries on Find A Grave-

Alpha Listings or by Cemetery

This information was furnished by Loyd N.Sybert, researcher and genealogist, who has considerable works at the Forrest City Public Library on early families of St.Francis County
Collecting data to construct this page. This list is incomplete and some of the directions are less than accurate. I will appreciate any help you may be able to provide. Contact me at my Email address

Pictures of Gravestones-on PhotobucketTo view Tombstones Legend

Barnishaw Cemetery
The Barnishaw Cemetery is located on the Old Military Road, Arkansas Highway 306, near Pine Tree, Arkansas. It is a well kept cemetery and listed on maps. Traveling from Forrest City, take Arkansas Highway 1 north to Colt, then turn west on Highway 306 and travel to Pine Tree. The cemetery is located about one mile past the Pine Tree Baptist Church. It is on the south side of the highway near the Arkansas Agriculture Experimental Station. Latitude 350723N, Longitude0905600W.

Barnishaw Cemetery on Find A Grave-

Bell Cemetery
The Bell Cemetery is located about 1 mile north of Palestine, Arkansasand Interstate Highway 40 on Arkansas Highway 261.

Bell Cemetery-Forrest City
Note, on Find A Grave there are several Bell Cemeteries
Bell Cemetery-Palestine

Beazley Cemetery-
The Beazley Cemetery is a family cemetery began on the property of George W. Beazley about 1865. The cemetery is noted on some maps as the Dennis Cemetery. The land was sold to Henry W. Dennis, who had married Rosa Goodloe Beazley, George W. Beazley's daughter, and the land became known as the "Dennis Place". There are no Dennis' buried here. The Beazley Cemetery is located 2.35 miles northeast of I-40 on Arkansas Highway 284 and lies about 330 yards west of the highway

Beazley Family Cemetery-

Bible Union Cemetery

Bible Union Cemetery-
To reach the Bible Union Cemetery, travel north on Arkansas Highway 1 to Caldwell, then turn west on Arkansas Highway 261 and travel to the Community of Horton. The paved road ends at Horton. The cemetery is directly west of the road on a small hill. It is unkept and difficult to walk to.

Brown Cemetery
The Brown Cemetery is located north of Forrest City on the Barrow Hill Road. There is no road to this family cemetery. It is located on the back side of the Ridgecrest Country Club property. Latitude 350321N, Longitude0904551W.

Brown Cemetery

New Casteel Cemetery
The current cemetery is located on Highwy 70 west of Forrest City, near the old Haven outdoor movie theatre. It is not on Find A Grave to the best of my knowledge.

Old Casteel Cemetery
The Casteel Cemetery is located on the St.Francis and Lee County Border off Highway 1 South, Arkansas. It has many graves that are not visible anymore, and includes both races! I believe it is probably the largest Cemetery in St.Francis County, and Lee County.

Casteel Cemetery

City, or The Old Forrest City Cemetery
The (Old) Forrest City Cemetery is located in the south part of Forrest City. To reach the cemetery, travel south on Arkansas Highway 1 to the road to the Forrest City Country Club. It is east of the Old City Library, and behind the Catholic Church on Highway 1 South. See attached letter asking for contributions for upkeep from the National Bank of Eastern Arkansas to help with expenses in addition to Ambrose McDaniel Trust Fund. Note:FindAGrave is now adding the New Forrest City Cemetery records to this old cemetery. Most any burial since late 1999.

Assistance Needed to Care for Cemetery

City Cemetery

Clark Cemetery in Caldwell

Clark Cemetery in Caldwell

Clark Cemetery in Colt

Clark Cemetery in Colt

Clark Cemetery in St.Francis County

Clark Cemetery in St.Francis County

Elcannon Cemetery

Elcannon Cemetery-

Forrest City Cemetery-New cemetery
The Forrest City Cemetery is located in the south part of Forrest City. To reach the cemetery, travel south on Arkansas Highway 1 to Fletcher Road and turn west and travel less than 2 miles. The cemetery is on the east side of the road. Unfortunately, Find A Grave has consolidated these burials with the old City Cemetery, mentioned above. Most are since 1999 and are usually Clay Funeral Home, Woodhouse Funeral Home, or Peoples Funeral Home.

Forrest Park Cemetery
The Forrest Park Cemetery is located at the southern limits of Forrest City. To Reach the Cemetery, travel south on Arkansas Highway 1 to the city limits and the cemetery is on the west side of the highway.

Forrest Park Cemetery

Goodwin Cemetery
The Goodwin Cemetery is located about 15 miles southeast of Forrest City in the community of Goodwin. To reach the cemetery, travel south on Arkansas Highway 1 to US Junction 70 and turn west to Goodwin, then turn south on the gravel road next to the Baptist Church. The cemetery is located about 1 mile south on this road.

Goodwin Cemetery-

Harris Chapel Cemetery
The Harris Chapel Cemetery is located near Wynne and Colt.

Harris Chapel Cemetery
Harris Chapel Cemetery-

Harris Family Cemetery
The Harris Family Cemetery is located 4.5 miles north of Forrest City on Arkansas Highway 284. It is on the Gregory Farm which is private property. There are only three headstones and it is believed that only eight graves are located here.

Harris Family Cemetery-

Hughes Cemetery-See note above, some gravestones are not visible.
The Hughes Cemetery is located north of Forrest City on the Barrow Hill Road. To reach this cemetery from Forrest City, go north on Arkansas Highway 1 to Barrow Hill Road and turn right. Continue on this road for about 4 miles until you come to a fork in the road, take the left fork for about 1 mile. Section 1 of Hughes Cemetery is on the west side of the road and section 2 and 3 are on the east side of the road. The Good Hope Presbyterian Church is on the east side of the road and next to sections 2 and 3.

Hughes Cemetery

Johnson Cemetery-Online
The Johnson Cemetery is located in Wheatley, Arkansas. To reach this cemetery from Forrest City, travel south on Arkansas Highway 1 to Junction US 70 and turn west to Wheatley. The cemetery is in the western part of the city. Latitude 345437N, Longitude 0910648W.

Johnson Cemetery

Linden Island Cemetery
Per Kathleen Bell, at one time there was a town at Linden Island, located on the St.Francis River, It was a stopover and supply station for the steamboats that could travel as far north as Wittsburg in Cross County now, it has since disappeared. It is located off Hwy 1 South of Forrest City, turn east on Hwy 334 crossing Crowley's Ridge. At the end of the pavement turn left down the gravel road crossing the diversion ditch and from there you are in the area known as the Island! This was in 1980's.

Linden Island Cemetery-

Lindsey Cemetery
The Lindsey Cemetery is located north of Forrest City on the Barrow Hill Road. To reach this cemetery from Forrest City, go north on Arkansas Highway 1 to Barrow Hill Road and turn right. Continue on this road for about 4 miles until you come to a fork in the road, take the left fork for about 1 mile. Next to Hughes Cemetery above.Note:It is a fairly new cemetery.

Lindsey Cemetery

Loughridge Cemetery
This is one of the oldest cemeteries in Cross County, on the county line (The Loughridge Cemetery is a stones throw across the St. Francis County Line and located on the west side of AR 284 in Cross County.) Directions: From US Highway 1 at Colt, turn east on Highway 306. Travel 5 miles to Highway 284. Turn north on Highway 284, and travel about mile towards Village Creek State Park. Just at the Cross/St. Francis County line, a road turns left (west) off the highway. The cemetery is adjacent to the county line and is visible from the highway.

Loughridge Cemetery
Complete Listing-Loughridge Cemetery-

Madison Cemetery
The Madison Cemetery is located in the community of Madison at the top of Crowley's Ridge and south of US Highway 70. The cemetery is unkept and can only be viewed during the winter months when the kudzu is dead.

Madison Cemetery
Also, the Scott Bond Cemetery in Madison, I am not sure if these two cemeteries are the same or not:See Below

McDaniel Cemetery
The McDaniel Cemetery is located near Forrest City. It is believed to be on the McDaniel Property owned by Johnny McDaniel, near Bonair, which once was called McDaniel

McDaniel Cemetery

Mt. Vernon Cemetery
Mt. Vernon Cemetery is a very old cemetery. It was begun when the Town of Mt. Vernon was located nearby by the Mallory family. Mt Vernon disappeared but the cemetery remained. The cemetery is well kept. To reach the cemetery, go north on Arkansas Highway 1 to Arkansas Highway 284 and turn east, go to the top of the ridge where you will find a historical marker which is located on the cemetery grounds.

Mount Vernon Cemetery
The Posey Cemetery is located three miles north of Wheatley.

Posey CemeteryP>Roy Cemetery
To reach the Roy Cemetery from Forrest City, go north on Arkansas Highway through Caldwell, Arkansas to Telico Road and turn right. The cemetery is in a field on the left side of Telico Road.

Roy Cemetery

Old Mt.Zion Cemetery

Mt.Zion Cemetery-Cross Co.

Mt.Zion Cemetery-Cross Co.

Scott Bond Cemetery
The Scott Bond cemetery is located in Madison, Ark. (Included with Madison Cemetery above), which could be the same cemetery

Scott Bond Cemetery

Shady Grove Cemetery--Note:ON Find A Grave, There are many Shady Grove Cemeteries
Shady Grove CemeteryThis cemetery is located near Heth

Stanley Cemetery
This cemetery is located near Caldwell

Stanley Cemetery

Old Shields Cemetery
This cemetery is located 2.7 miles west of Colt, Arkansas on the north side of Arkansas Highway 306, The Old Military Road. This cemetery was abandoned many years ago.

Old Shields Cemetery

The Waldrop Cemetery
The Waldrop Family Cemetery is located on the east side of Wheatley, Arkansas, north of old U.S. Hwy.70. It has been neglected and it is difficult to tell how many graves are there, but it is said that more are buried there than these below. Per Kathleen Bell, 1988.

Waldrop Cemetery

The Widener Cemetery
The Widener Cemetery is west of Widener, Arkansas. To reach the Cemetery you can take Interstate 40 or US 70 east to Arkansas Highway 38and turn south to Widener. In Widener take Arkansas Highway 50 east for about 1/2 mile. The cemetery is on the north side of the road.

Widener Cemetery

Wylds Cemetery
The Wylds Cemetery is located south of Forrest City about 9 miles from the junction of Arkansas Highways 1 and 334 and near the end of Arkansas Highway 334. The cemetery is unkempt and located on private property.

Wylds CemeteryWylds Cemetery on Find A Grave

Yarbrough Cemetery
The Yarbrough Cemetery is located 2.9 miles east of Colt, Arkansas on Arkansas Highway 306, The Old Military Road. The Cemetery is on the north side of the road on a hill.

Yarbrough Cemetery
Yarbrough Cemetery on Find A Grave

Yocona Cemetery-AKA Yacona and Hodges, pronounced Yakg'one per Glenn Hammons
The Yocona Cemetery can be reached by traveling west on US 70 to Yocona Road, go south on Yocona until the end of the paved road. Turn right on the gravel county road and it is on the left side shortly thereafter, probably on private property. The cemetery has large cedar trees along the road and can be easily seen from Yocona Road. You are close to the county line

Yocona Cemetery-
Yocona Cemetery on Find A Grave
Yacona Cemetery on Find A Grave

A Link to the Shelby County Records, where you can download records of death, birth etc. of Shelby County including Memphis to 1954 online-Also the 1865 Census of Memphis-Many Eastern Arkansas persons were born and/or died in Memphis Hospitals! Much easier than applying to the State of Arkansas for Birth and Death Certificates.
Shelby County Records-Birth/Death/1865 Census

How to calculate the date of birth from informationon grave stone

Many of the older grave stones found in cemeteries give the exact dateof death and the age in years, months, and days. Subtracting the figurescan be confusing, so to avoid inaccuracies, you can use the following methodto calculate the birth date: First write the data given for the death listing the year, month, and day. Under that list the age at death;

YEAR	MONTH	DAY1881       3      1 -86     -10    -13-------------------- 

Since the numbers below are larger than those on top for both the month and day, you will have to borrow from the figures at the left just as you do in normal substraction. However, you cannot simply borrow 30 days if the month happens to have 31, 28, or 29 days for leap year.

The month on the top line is March and it has 31 days. Therefore you add 31 to the day shown making 32 days. That leaves 2 in the center, so you borrow 12 months from the year 1881. Now your substraction problem is much simpler:

YEAR	MONTH	DAY1880      14     32 -86     -10    -13--------------------1784       4     18This individual's birth date is 18 April 1784.

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