Arkansas Cemeteries


Friendship Cemetery


Springdale, Washington County, Arkansas

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

Submitted June 24, 2003, 

Updated  Oct 17, 2007 by Rosa Cline



Friendship Cemetery is rather a pretty big cemetery, and I've been trying to transcribe it for some time now.  It's divided up into 10 sections, and I have several sections typed up and a few transcribed and waiting on me to type up.  Some of them I’ve been able to photograph the headstones. I may have an obit, a headstone photo an actual photo of that person or a newspaper article about his-her life-death. You would need to find the name below and then go to the section where they are at and see what information I have posted there. If you have a look up, an obit, or more information about family that is buried there please let me know, as I would like to get as much information as I could to post with the transcription.


When I update this listing, I will put an * beside the name of those I've added since the last update.  If you find your family/friend in this listing, then go to the typed up transcription of that section that it says they are in.  (That section should be located at the same website you found this listing at.) This cemetery has been one that I have really enjoyed doing but has taken me several years so far to do. It may just take me a little longer to get everyone done and typed up.




Retta Abernathy  section 6

William Abernathy "lit"  section 6

Peter Abuja obit

Margery Acuff   section 6

James Acuff   section 6

* Aubrey Adams  pic  obit

Jacky Adams   section 2

Mary Adams  section 2

Monte Adams section 8

Paul Adams  section 2

Rick Adams  section 2

Stanford Adams section 8

Raymond Aguirre   section 2

Dawn Alexander  obit

Owen Alford section 5

Ruby Alford obit

C. P. Aliff  section 4

Ruby Aliff section 4

Woodrow Aliff  section 4

Dorothy Allred obit

Ruth Andersen section 8

Theodor Andersen section 8

Dolores Anderson section 8

James Anderson  section 8

Mike Anderson   section 3

* Mollie Anderson   old section

* Ollie Anderson   old section

* Willie Anderson   old section

Florence Archer section 8

Irene Armes section 8

Noel Armes section 8

Dawna Arnold  section 2

Gertie Arnold section 8

Donovan Arwood  section 3

Noah Askew  section 2

Una Askew  section 2

Doug Augustine section 8



* Eden Baker  obit

Mila Barker  sectoin 6

Richard Barker  section 6

James Barlett "Bob Barlett"  section 6

Sadie Barlett  section 6

Sarah Barnett  section 6

Olieva Barnes  obit

Florence Barnwell  section 6

Talmer Barnwell  section 6

Earline Barrett  obit

Charles Barrows  section 6

Maude Barrows  section 6

James Bartley Jr  section 2

David Baughman  section 4

Eddie Baughman section 4

Geneta Baughman  section 4

Joshua Baughman  section 4

Justin Baughman  section 4

Vonda Baughman section 4

Curtis Bearden  section 6

Willard Bearden  "Mattie Bearden" section 6

Elsie Bedingfield Hillian   section 6

Lewis Bedingfield  section 6

Clinton Beeler  section 6

Verda Beitel    obit

Artie Benton  section 8

Lewis Best  section 6

Nora Best  section 6

Elton Betts  section 3

Mary Betts  section 3

William Benham "Bill Benham"   obit

Nora Best  section 6

Brandi Biggs section 8

Linda Biggs  section 4

M. Hays Biggs Jr   section 4

* R. L. Bishop  old section

J. H. Black  section 6

Lucile Blevins   section 4

Kevin Bodenstein   obit

Bertha Bolin section 8

Lee Bolin section 8

Bradley Booth   section 4

Jennifer Booth   section 4

Howard Bone  section 6

Merle Bookout     obit

Harvey Bounds   section 2

Jeania Bounds   section 2

Velma Bounds   section 2

Ashley Bowers  section 8

Ida Bowers    obit

Della Bowen   section 2

Dempsey Bowen  obit

Dempsey Bowen Jr    section 4

Janice Bowen  section 2

Larry Bowen  section 4

Terry Bowen  section 4

Vernon Bowen  section 2

Gary Bowlin  section 4

James Bowlin   obit

Lenard Bowlin  section 4

Lucille Bowlin  section 4

Abraham Bowling  section 2

Wanda Bowling  section 2

Charlotte Bowman  section 3

J.C. Bowman section 6

Delania Bowman  section 6

John Box Sr.  section 6

Margaret Box  section 6

Marie Box   obit

Alta Bradshaw  section 4

Charles Bradshaw  section 4

Dorothy Bradshaw  section 2

* Dorothy Bradshaw  obit

Gordon Bradshaw   obit

Wilburn Bradshaw  section 2

James Brady  section 2

Elsie Branton section 8

Otis Brewer  section 2

Mansel Brite "Joe Brite"  section 4

Wanda Brite  section 4

Matthew Broadwell  section 4

Sheldon Broadwell  section 4

Francis Brooks  section 6

Georgia Brooks section 6

Dalton Brown   section 4

Hilda Brown  obit

M. Elsie Brown  section 6

Elisha Bryant  section 4

Sarah Bryant  section 4

Beki Burcham  section 4

Ashley Burgess  section 4

Charlie Burns  section 4

Myrtha Byars    obit

Omer Bynum  section 6

Audrey Byrd   section 3

Ernest Byrd  section 4

Harlan Byrd  section 4

Kenneth Byrd  section 3



* Eula Cabrel  old section

Elsie Cain obit

Mack Cain  obit

Harvey Calvert  section 6

Lillie Calvert  section 6

Dustin Cantrell  section 4

James Cantrell  section 3

Velma Cantrell  section 3

Ronald Carney  section 4

* Myrtle Carter  old section

Homer Case   section 2

Icie Case  section 2

Judy Castleman  section 4

Charolette Cate  section 4

Jessie Cate "Marie Cate"  section 4

Lawrence Cate  section 4

Natasha Cate  section 4

Phillip Cate  section 4

Gregory Chase  section 2

Arvis Clark    obit

Lydia Clark "Daphney Clark"   obit

Betty Clements  section 2

Hunter Cline   section 2

Timothy Cline "Tim Cline"  section 2

Mae Cole  section 3

Leah Cook obit

Bernice Cooley  section 3

James Cooley  section 3

Fredy Collins  section 4

Wilma Collins  section 4

Adrian Combs  section 2

Grace Conway  section 4

Norval Conway  section 4

Deree Cook  section 2

Onial Cook  section 2

Edna Coop  section 4

John Coop  section 4

Hazel Cooper  obit

J.B. Copeland II  section 4

Daisy Couch  section 2

Raymond Couch  section 2

Dorothy Couey   obit

*Sara Covert   old section

Harold Cross  section 4

Charles Crutsinger  section 4

Hannah Crutsinger  section 4



Floyd Dain  section 2

Nelda Dain  section 2

* Cecil Davidson  “Sonny Davidson”  obit

George Davis  section 4

Mary Davis  section 4

Susana Davis  section 4

Z. A. Davis  section 4

William Dearing "Littlen Dearing"  section 2

Denith Deason   section 2

Janice Deason  section 2

Mary DeJohn   section 4

Ethel DeRieux  section 4

Loss DeRieux  section 4

* Arvle Dickson  old section

Eugene Dickson  section 4

* Louis Dickson  old section

Kate Dickson  section 4

Kennith Dickson  section 4

Mary Dickson  section 4

* Sarah Dickson  old section

Virgil Dickson  section 4

Willard Dickson  section 4

* Mildred Dillard  obit

* Jesse Dirkhising   section 3  obit

John Glen Dodson section 4

* Earl Donaldson  old section

* Jesse Donaldson   old section

* Margie Donaldson  old section

* Eddie Donaghey  obit

Aileen Doolin  section 2

F. M. Doolin  "Frank"  section 2

Kenneth Doolin  section 3

Sarah Dotson     obit

* Ola Dowell  pic  obit

Lee Drain  section 4

Pearl Drain  section 4

* Stella Dressler  obit

Charles Duncan   section 8



Dixie May Easterling  section 3

Adrian Edens  section 2

Juanita Edens  section 2

Mary O'Neal Edwards  section 3

Iva Eldredge  section 4

Lee Eldredge  section 4

Levi Eldredge  section 4

Jewell Eldredge  section 4

Lily Belle Fields Elliott  section 3

Monty Joe Elliott   section 3

Kevin Allen Embry  section 4

Cora Eoff  section 8

Johnny Eoff  section 8

William Eoff  section 8

Carl Eppley  section 4

Fred Eppley  section 4

David Errett   obit

Connie Lea Estes  section 2

Tommy Ray Estes  section 2



* James Farel  old section

Charlotte Farmer  section 3

Johnny Farmer   section 3

Betty Faulkner  section 3

Kenneth Ferguson  section 2

* Wendell  Francis  obit


Brady Fulfer   section 2

Jessie Fulfer   section 2

Paul Fulfer  obit

Wendell Francis  obit

Arthur Franklin  section 4

Margaret Freeman  obit

Ronnie Friend  section 4



Alice Galloway  section 3

Monroe Galloway  section 3

* Waylon Garrett  pic  hd pic  art

Edward Gay  section 2

Naomi Gay  section 2

* David Gaye   old section

* Janice Gillihan  obit

Edgar Gipson  section 2

* Jerol Goates  “Jeri Goates”  pic  obit

Charles Greenway Jr. obit

* Jimmie Grigg

Barry Greer   section 2

Virginia Greer   section 2

Corman Grigg  section 6

Ottie Grigg  obit

Tina Grigg  obit



Etha Hall   obit

Ray Hassell obit

Ethel Helms  section 3

James Henry   section 3

Elsie Hillian section 6

Charles Holcomb "Lee"  section 2

Grace Holcomb  section 2

Rosie Holcomb  section 2

Donald Holt  obit

Geneva Howard   obit

* Irene Howard  obit

Clara Hughes  obit

John Hurd  section 3

Florence Hussey   section 3

Boyd Hutton   section 2

Velma Hutton  section 2



Ben Ingram Sr.  section 2

Ben Ingram Jr.  section 2



Martha Janes  obit

Alice Johnson section 3

Harold Johnson   section 3

Tommy Johnson  "T.J."   obit

Trenton Johnson   obit

Louis Johnston   section 5

* Hulen Jones  obit

Mary Jones  obit

Darral Jordan   obit

Johnnie Julian obit



Bokarik Karu  section 3

* Bert Kelley   old section

* Jane Kelley  old section

* Jeremiah Kelley   old section

Nellie Kenworthy  section 3

Josephine Kettler   section 2

Billy Kilpatrick "Joe Kilpatrick"  section 3

Raymond Kilpatrick  section 3

Sheila Kilpatrick   section 3

* Rachel King   old section

Hazel Kinsel  obit

Willie Kirkland "Chee Chee"  section 3



* James Lanham obit

Misti Law  section 3

Jessie Layne  section 2

Stella Layne  section 2

* Tina Lech obit

Kenneth Lee  section 3

Virginia Lee  section 3

Barbara Lemmons  section 3

Bob Lemmons  section 3

Bonnie Lynch  section 2

Charles Lynch  section 2

Linda Lynch  section 3



Olga Macon obit

Nellie Madewell  obit

Delvin Maestri "Andy Maestri" obit

* Billie Marrs  obit

Joyce Martens  section 3

Karl Martens  section 3

Billy Martin  section 2

James Mathews obit

Matthew Maurer  section 2

Sam Maxwell obit

Shawn McCutcheon  section 3

Charles McGarrah "Tooter McGarrah" obit

Gloria McGinnis  section 2

Harold McLaughlin  section 3

Andy Miller  section 2

Lotha Miller   section 2

Terry Moon  section 3

Emil Morris  section 2

Ethel Morris  section 2

M. Ruth Morton   section 2

W. B. Morton "Jack"   section 2

Alfred Murray  section 2

Melba Murray  section 2

Bonnie Murrell  section 2

June Murrell section 2

Melvin Murrell  section 2

Roy Murrell Jr  section 2



Helen Dortha Loftin Neil   obit



Lois Beatrice Owen  section 3

Ethel Mae Dean Oxford "Deanie Oxford"   obit



Gerald Parks  section 3

Mary Parks  section 3

Lena   Paschal  obit

* John Pendley   old section

Ernestine  Pitts "Tina Pitts"    obit

Mae   Ponder  obit

Chester  Poplin   obit

Louis  Power   obit

* Delbert Priesmeyer  art  obit

Donald  Priest   "Donnie" section 3



Ruth King Ray obit

Clara Seaman Read  obit

Lonnie Joel Reed  section 3

Jerry Max Reynolds   section 2

William Carl Rizley obit

Minnie Evelyn Parcel Robbins  obit

Charles Rogers Jr.  section 3

George Kell Rogers  obit

Katie Nicole Rogers  section 3

Pearl Conduff Mott Rogers  section 3

Sam Rogers   obit

Jason Tyler Ross  section 3

Beatrice Irene Badgero Roy   section 8



Everett Samuel  section 2

Vesta Samuel  section 2

Lois Satterfield  section 3

Jack Satterfield  section 3

* Dorothy Scott  old section

* E. T. Scott   old section

* George Scott  old section

* John Scott  old section

* Leeanna Scott   old section

* Margaret Scott   old section

George Self   section 2

Millie Self   section 2

Ronald Self   section 2

Mary Sellers   obit

Howard Sewell  section 3

Janet Sewell  section 3

Thomas Shelley  section 3

Bettie Shepherd  obit

Sue Shepherd   section 3

Wanita Shepherd  obit

Angela Silva - Brundige   section 2

Erik Skarsten  section 3

Patra Skarsten  section 3

Keith Skelton obit

* Amanda Smith    old section

Audie Smith   section 2

Audry Smith   obit

Ella Smith   obit

Elmer Smith "Otto Smith"  section 2

* G W Smith  old section

Guy Smith   section 2

Hester Smith  obit

Richard Smith   obit

S. Marie Smith   section 2

* Billy Sparks obit

Charles Spencer  section 3

Wanda Spencer  section 3

Henry Spradling  section 3

William Sprouse "Fred Sprouse" obit

Ann Stamps   obit

Maxine Stamps  obit

Gerald Stamps-Winn  section 3

Kathy Stamps-Winn  section 3

Iven Stevens  section 2

Joyce Stevens  section 2

* Infant Stone  old section

Addie Sullins    obit

Vee Sullivan   section 2

Wayne Sullivan  section 2

John Sykes  section 2

Mildred Sykes  section 2



Raymond Tabor  section 2

Viola Rae Tabor  section 2

Carl Tackett   obit

Barry Taylor  obit

Jennifer Taylor  section 3

Mack Taylor   section 2

Ruby Taylor  section 2

Samuel Taylor   section 2

William Taylor   section 2

Zelma Taylor  section 2

Edward Terry   section 2

Lorene Terry  section 2

Russell Thomas  section 2

Joyce Thompson obit

* Annie Tillman  old section

* Gomer Tillman  old section

* Laura Tillman   old section

Willard Tillman obit

Lynn Tisdale  section 2

James Tisdale "Doc Tisdale"  section 2

Juanita Tisdale  section 2

Katherine Todd  obit

Justin Turner "Jay Turner"  section 2

Lawrence Turner  section 2

Peggy Turner  section 2

Ruth Travis  obit

Paul Trousdale  obit



unknown  section 2

* Unknown   old section

* J. Unknown  old section



Velma Vanderpool   obit

Linerd Vaughan "Bob Vaughan"  section 2



Nellie Madewell  obit

William Walker section 4

John Wampler  section 8

Mable Wampler  section 8

David Wantland Sr. section 8

David Wantland "Davy Wantland" section 8

Elizabeth Ward "Maggie Ward" section 8

James Ward "Floyd Ward"  section 8

Rose Ward section 8

Zeddie Ward section 8

Berslie Watson section 4

Bertha Watson section 5

Dent Watson  section 5

John Watson section 8

Leoma Watson section 8

Mary Watson section 5

Mary Watson section 8

Stella Watson "Tootsie Watson"   section 8

Virgil Watson section 5

Bernice Webb section 8

Felix Webb section 8

James Webb section 8

Lenna Webb  section 5

Opal Webb section 8

James Weigel section 4

Joseph Weigel section 4

Jonathan Weigel section 4

Lucille Weiser  section 8

Jackie Wells  section 5

Vernelle Wells  section 5

Chris Welsh  section 2

George West   section 2

Marie West   section 2

Frank Whelchel section 5

Grace Whelchel section 5

Mayme Whillock section 4

James Whillock section 4

James Whisenhunt  section 3

Dawna White section 4

Lyda White  section 8

W. Harvey White section 8

Mary Whittenburg section 8

C. Whittle section 8

Grace Whittle  section 8

Georgia Wilcox  section 8

Carolyn Wilkins section 4

Lilabel Wilkinson section 8

Loyd Wilkinson "Tom Wilkinson" section 8

Bertha Williams  section 2

Dorothy Williams  section 2

Earl Williams  section 2

Earl Williams "Rocky Williams" section 8

Lucille Williams section 8

Billy Willis "Bill Willis"   obit

Darrell Willis   section 2

Norma Willis   section 2

Ila Windham  section 8

Misty Windham section 4

Virgil Windham  section 8

Essie Wilson obit

Hubert Wilson "Bill Wilson" section 3

Maudie Wilson  section 3

* George Winn   old section

E. Lorona Wood section 8

Margaret Wood section 8

Norman Wood  section 8

Owen Wood section 8

R. Allen Wood section 8

Bradley Woodard section 4

Clayton Woodard section 4

Kay Woodard  section 2

Sandra Woodard  section 2

Calvin Woodring  section 3

* Ann Wrath obit

Boyd Wright  section 5

Darrell Wright section 4

Infant Wright section 4

Jewel Wright  section 5





* Irene Yarbrough   old section

Dave Young section 8

Jaunita Young section 8

Genevieve Yount  section 4

Robert Yount  section 4



Charles Zale section 8

Florence Zale section 8

Royetta Zeller obit

Betty Zeltner   obit



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