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St. Joseph's Cemetery

Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

Submitted September 14,2002, By Rosa Cline

Updated December 26, 2006


This is a partial listing of people interred at this cemetery.

I have obits for some of them, if anyone would like a copy. I have made an alphabetical listing

before the actual transcriptions below. Beside each name I have noted if I have an obit ( obit ), a headstone

photo ( hd pic ), or an actual photo ( pic ), or article ( art )  for that person. If you have found my name with a note

of having an obit on a previous listing I can not guarantee I still have it unless it is noted below.

I still have lots of things I’ve not found and added in. But I can not guarantee anyone copies of anything I have,

but I will share with you’ll what I have. So if you would like me to share with you, or you share extra data

 please feel free to contact me. However, please have the

respect to not contact me to complain when I don’t have what you request.

 I will be trying to update this listing as I have time for, and when I do I will put an “*” beside the newest data entered.

 (Even if the name has already been there from a listing before if I have * beside I have added data or corrected data there.)

I also try and not list anyone that their death is more recent than 6 mths or so, unless I personally knew them.

Out of respect for them and their family I try and wait half a year for their mourning process.

So most “new” deaths will not be listed. However if you have a family member you want added

 I will add them in. If you don’t find the information on this transcription,

go to the Find-A-Grave transcription. There may be more information there.

I live too far away from this cemetery to actually do any look ups. These listings are made from either

obits or data given to me by other family or researchers.  I will be more than happy to share with you what

 information I have on the people listed below, but I cannot do physical look ups. If you would like to send me data

on your family or friends buried at this cemetery, I would be more than happy to accept

and add the data into my listings. Please feel free to contact me.

I hope this listing helps these people to always be remembered. To try and help folks to always be remembered

when they have gone on before us is the main reason I do what I do. And helping folks find family or friends in the process is a good plus as well.


Rosemary Baird

Joseph Benisek

Byron Boyd

* Barbara Carlin  obit

Linda Day

Timothy Donovan

Nicholas Ferus

* Charlie Foster  obit

Alma Guzman

* Bethany Johnson  obit

Stanley Keller

* Jimmy Lambeth  “Jim Lambeth” pic art

* George LePert  obit

Joseph Maguire

Agnes  Mattimore "Jerri Mattimore"

S.J. May "Tex May"

Kathryn Mendles

Walter Mendles

Annie Minnick

Loretta Morkrid

* Hugh Scarbrough, Jr.  obit

Vivian Seratt

* Matthew Siebenmorgen "Matt Siebenmorgen"  obit

Anthony Silvestri

* Charles Springer  obit

Margaret Stewart

Blanton Strong

Phillips Sulzen

* Don Wallace  obit

Jackie Wallace

Bea Walters

William Walters "Bill Walters"

Mont Warren

Nathaniel Willits



Joseph S. Benisek

b. Oct 4, 1902 d. Sept 14, 1996



Rosemary Elizabeth Baird

b. Nov 6, 1945 d. Dec 27, 2002

She was born in St. Louis, Missouri and

died at her home in Farmington, Arkansas

Daughter of John Marvin Baird and Mary Louise Taylor Baird



Byron Otis Boyd

b. June 23, 1918 d. Apr 12, 2001

Son of Ruben Earl Boyd and Lola Colvin Boyd



Barbara Louise Carlin

b. May 21, 1943 d. July 5, 2003

She was born in Osborne, KS and

died at her home in Farmington, AR

Daughter of George Dewey Carlin and Ramona Elizabeth Rohrer Carlin

(printed out copy)



Linda Carol Day

b. Dec 6, 1953 d. May 28, 1998



Timothy Paul Donovan

b. Dec 25, 1927 d. May 5, 1990



Nicholas Gregory Ferus

He was born and died Nov 17, 2002 at Johnson, Arkansas

Infant son of Greg Ferus and Georgette Schichtl Ferus



Charlie D. Foster

b. Jan 14, 1930 d. May 15, 2004

He was born in Fayetteville, AR and

died at his home in Lincoln, AR

Son of Dennis Foster and Bessie Kitty Reed Foster

He served in the Army

(printed out copy)



Alma Delia L. Guzman

b. Nov 24, 1973 d. June 19, 1998



Bethany Danielle Johnson

b. May 10, 2005 d. Jan 28, 2006

She was born and died in Fayetteville, AR

Infant daughter of Alan Johnson and Candy Johnson

(newspaper copy)



Stanley J. Keller

b. Dec 15, 1907 d. Oct 31, 2002

He was born in Chicago, Illinois and

died in Bellevue, Nebraska

Son of Henry Kalinoski and Sophie Celebucki Kalinoski



Jimmy Lloyd Lambeth “Jim Lambeth”

b. May 14, 1942  d. Mar 11, 2003

He was born in Kansas City, MO

and died at his home in Fayetteville, AR from a heart attack

Son of  Lloyd Lambeth and Lorene Warford Lambeth

Husband of Joyce Talbot Lambeth

(newspaper copy)



George Preston LePert

b. Nov. 16, 1923 d. May 7,2002

He was born in PaPa, Michigan and

died Fayetteville, Arkansas

He was born to Francis Preston LePert and Bessie Cramer LePert

Husband of Lucile LePert

He served in the Air Force during World War II.

(printed out copy)



Joseph M. Maguire

b. Aug 7, 1921 d. May 7, 1991



Agnes E. Mattimore "Jerri Mattimore"

b. July 8, 1918 d. June 29,2002

She was born in Chicago, Illinois and

died in Fayetteville, Arkansas

She was born to Michael John Mattimore and Agnes Busch Mattimore



S.J. May "Tex May"

b. 1915 d. 1991



Kathryn E. Mendles

b. Apr 17, 1916 d. Jan 1, 2000



Walter J. Mendles

b. July 11, 1912 d. Feb 26, 1994



Annie A. Vilalabos Minnick

b. Sept 4, 1926 d. Oct 29, 2002

She was born in New Mexico and

died in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Daughter of Anastaico Vilalabos and Katie Liujillo Vilalabos



Loretta V Morkrid

b. Sept 3, 1933 d. Feb 14, 1997



Hugh R. Scarbrough, Jr.

b. Apr 28, 1923 d. Aug 4, 2002

He was born in Charleston, South Carolina and

died at his home in Fayetteville, Arkansas

He was born to Hugh Scarbrough and Mary Flagg Scarbrough

He served in the Marines during World War II

(printed out copy)



Vivian L. Seratt

b. Aug 29, 1941 d. Feb 9, 2000



Matthew James Siebenmorgen "Matt Siebenmorgen"

b. June 14, 1986 d. Sept 2, 2004

He was born and died in Fayetteville, AR

18 year old son of Terence Siebenmorgen and Patricia Carter Siebenmorgen

(printed out copy)



Anthony Louis Silvestri

b. Aug 24, 1938 d. June 11, 1997



Dr. Charles Springer

b. Feb 22, 1929 d. June 18, 2006

He was born in Wapello, Iowa and

died in Fayetteville, AR

Son of Arthur Springer and Lydia Charlotte Potratz Springer

Husband of Jeanine Springer

He served in the Army

(printed out copy)



Margaret A. Stewart

b. Mar 22, 1934 d. Dec 15, 2003



Blanton Hill Strong

b. June 26, 1904 d. Aug 11, 1998



Phillip Thomas Mario Sulzen

b. Nov 7, 1991 d. Nov 8, 1991



Don Wallace

b. Dec 26, 1948 d. June 27, 2004

He was born in Baton Rouge, LA and

died at his home in Fayetteville, AR

Son of Dean Wallace and Jackie Bradford

Husband of Donna Wallace

He served in the Air Force

(printed out copy)



Jackie Rita Wallace

b. Oct 1, 1925 d. Jan 8, 1993



Bea Walters

b. Nov 1, 1923 d. Dec 30, 1992


William Autland Walters "Bill Walters"

b. Nov 22, 1921 d. July 6, 1998

He was born in Erie, Pennslyvania and

died in Mandeville, Louisianna

Son of Paul Walters and Alma Walters

He served in the Naval Reserve during World War II



Mont Braxton Warren

b. Oct 4, 1934 d. Mar 10, 1994



Nathaniel Douglas Willits

b. Jan 6, 1996 d. Oct 9, 1996


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