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Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas

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"Gone but not forgotten"

Updated Oct 19,2007, by Rosa Cline


This cemetery is pretty big, and the names listed below are ones I've gotten from obits or from selective headstone pictures I’ve taken. I will be making updates on this list from time to time so if you don't see a name below check back later. I will have a * beside the updated names. This is a very small list of the MANY, MANY people buried at this cemetery. If you don’t find the information on this transcription, go to the Find-A-Grave site. There may be more information there.


I will be making an alphabetical listing of everyone that I have either an obit or a headstone picture for. If you find your family or friend, then look for the section they are noted to be in.  (The names that have no section noted have data can be found in the "obit section" transcription) I will keep all my obit data together (that data will be in a different link) and I will type up my headstone transcription under the "section" that they are located in the cemetery, (that data will be in a different link) this way it will be easier for those of you who would like to go and visit the grave.  If I have an obit for the person I transcribed the stone for, I will include that data in ( ) under the transcription.




Ernestine Adams

Miles Adams

Caitlyn Ahart-Gilbertson (child section)

L.D. Alexander

Edgar Allen




Jack Bailey

* Darwin Baker  pic  obit

Donald Baker

Stanley Baker

Korena Bakewell "Kory Bakewell"

Helen Ball (section A)

James Ball (section A)

James Ballard "Bill Ballard"

Beulah Batson (section A)

Joe Batson Sr (section A)

Adron Bell (section A)

Cora Bell (section A)

Lona Benedict

Hays Biggs

Shelli Bishop

Timothy Black (child section)

Diane Blair

Thelma Bloodworth

Hettie Boatwright (section B)

Carl Bogard "Jerry Bogard"

Daniel Bradley (child section)

Margie Bramlett (section B)

Elizabeth Brant

John Brant (section B)

Mary Braucher (section A)

Max Braucher (section A)

Clyde Bridges

Betty Bristow

Marvin Broccard

David Brown Jr.  (child section)

Jerry Brown

Matthew Bryant (child section)

Willie Bryant, Sr

Carie Buckley, Jr.

Marjorie Budd

William Bunch Jr

Robert Burban (child section)

Esther Burt

Thomas Butt

Dominic Byrd




Elmer Cade

Modena Cagle "Mo Cagle"

Thomas Campbell (child section)

Dwight Canfield (section A)

Vivian Canfield (section A)

Michael Carbonero

Maude Carnes

Maude Carnes

Ralph Carnes "Buck Carnes"

Hillary Carter (child section)

Thelma Caudle

Tsong Chan (child section)

Wilma Chaney

Alvin Childers (child section)

John Clark

Margaret Coan

Fanner Cole

Mildred Cole "Mim Cole"

David Coleman Jr.

Elizabeth Coleman (child section)

Heather Cook (child section)

Matthew Cope (child section)

Veda Couch "Speedy Couch"

Evelyn Cox

Krista Crawley (child section)

Charles Crook

Anthony Crouch

Ethel Curry

John Curry (section A)

Zylpha Curry (section A)



Madeline Daniel

Aubre Daniels (child section)

Josie Davenport (child section)

* Lucille Deweese  obit

Karen Dill (section A)

Patricia Donohue

Anthony Donovan (child section)

Billie Drain

Cloe Drain "Tob Drain"

Jewell Drain

William Duncan

* Mildred Dunlavy  obit

Sarah Durkin (child section)

David Durst (section A)




Alpha Easterling (section A)

Betty Easterling

Leslie Easterling (section A)

Veda Easterling (section A)

Beverly Easton

Arnold Edgmon

Ruth Edmondson (section A)

Christina Edwards (section A)

Roy Edwards (section A)

Kelsi Elkins (section B)

Floyd Elliott (section A)

Mary Elliott (section A)

Carleen Ellis (section A)

Lippert Ellis (section A)

Annie Elston  (section A)

Joseph Elston (section A)

* Deborah Endris  pic  obit

Ruth Ernest

June Estorninos "Mykka Estorninos"

Brittany Evans (child section)

Edith Evans

Eithel Evans




* Frank Fancher   obit

Orla Fansler "Jack Fansler" (section A)

Jessie Faucette

Joseph Feagin (child section)

Gladys Fincher

William Fine

Julia Fitzgerald

Braden Fletcher (child section)

Branson Fletcher (child section)

Leah Flynn

Evangeline Foldvary

Amber Foltz (child section)

Lyman Forister (section B)

Aliya Francis

Lillian Frederick (section A)

Robert Frederick (section A)

J. Edward Freitag

Raymond Frizzell




Haley Gage

Lisa Garton

Mildred George

Ernest Geurin

Baby Gibbs (child section)

Ellen Gibson

Maurice Gibson (section A)

* Terri Glezen  obit

Charles Gooding (child section)

Virginia Goodrich (section A)

Walter Goodrich (section A)

Edna Graham (section A)

Bill Graue

Charles Graue "C.F."

Vera Greene (section A)

John Greer (section B)

Lyndall Grigg




Naomi Hadaway

Baby Haehnel (child section)

Leonard Hafliger

* Jason Hailey  obit

Pauline Haines

Charles Hall

Luther Hancock

Anna Hardin

LaWanna Hardin (child section)

John Hardy

Rhonda Harper

Chester Harrel (section A)

Randy Harrel (section A)

Autumn Harris (child section)

Jerry Harrod

Crystal Hartley

Agnes Hartson

Cecil Harvey

Lunda Harvey

Martha Harvey

James Hayes (section A)

Nora Hayes (section A)

* Charles Haynes “Charlie Haynes”  obit

Willie Head "Billie Head"

* Marshall Heck  pic  obit

Charley Heffelfinger

LaVerne Hendricks

* Larry Hendrix  obit

Lewis Henry (section A)

Louise Henry (section A)

* W. Carl Henson  “Carl Henson”  obit

Andrew Higinbothom (child section)

Brandon Higinbothom (child section)

John Hildbold "Dave Hildbold"

B. Gertie Hinkle (section A)

Earl Hinkle

Frank Hinkle (section A)

Hugh Hinkle (section A)

Evelyn Hoffman

Violet Holland (section A)

Jodi Holly

* Grayce Holtzclaw  obit

* Arthur Hopper  obit

William Hornsby "Bill Hornsby"

* Tommy Hoskins  obit

Olga House

Robert Hutchins "Rudi Hutchins"




Gertrude Inglish

Jacob Ingram (child section)

Alwyn Ivers "Sunny Ivers"




Phoebe Jack "Harriett Jack"

Jana Jackson (child section)

James Jay (section B)

Devin Jeko

John Jenkins (child section)

La Jett

Ean Johns (child section)

James Johnson

Judith Johnson (child section)

June Johnson-Wells

Doris Jolly

Emily Jones (child section)

Emma Jones

Garnette Jones "Maggie Jones"

Homer Jones (section A)

Oscar Jones

Richard Jones




Katherine Kane

Angel Karimi (child section)

Elsie Karto

Wilma Keeney

Mary Kehne

Luanna Keith

Cheryl Kelly (child section)

Gerald Kelly

Harold Kennedy "Gene Kennedy" (section A)

Ed Kezele

Oma Kilgore

James Kimbrough

Warren Klocke (section A)

Dina Koonce (child section)

Kasey Kordt




Ernest Lancaster (section A)

DeWanna Langham

Madison Langley (child section)

Marcus Langston "Marc Langston"

Brynn Lankford (child section)

Andre Lashley (child section)

* Theda  Leonard  obit

Ruby Lillian Lehman

Matthew Leightner

Frank Lewis Jr. (child section)

Stewart Liddell

Arthur Linard (section A)

Hazel Linard (section A)

Claudia Logan

Patricia Lomax

Jasmine Lopez (child section)

Jessica Lopez (child section)

Floyd Lowary

William Lowder II (child section)

Martha Lussky

Lula Luttrell (section A)

Shelton Luttrell (section A)




Bobby Mabry

Clarence Manwarren

Richard Marcum (child section)

Imogene Martin

Michael Martin (child section)

Norma Martin

Paul Martin

Wilburn Martin

Tricia Mashburn (child section)

Raymond Maynard (child section)

* Alma McCullah  obit

* Federico McDanial III  obit

Bertia McGehee (section A)

Jarrett McGehee (section A)

* Beatrice McInturff  obit  

* William McInturff  obit  hd pic

William McMinn

Inez McNeal

Kent McVey

Chelsea Meinecke (child section)

Rose Melody

C. C. Melton Sr. (section A)

Chancellor Melton (section A)

Josephine Melton (section A)

Joseph Mesko

Joseph Meyer

Andrew Miller (child section)

Betty Miller

Grace Miller

James Miller (section A)

* Junior Miller  obit

* Marjorie Miller  “Maxine Miller”  obit  (section A)

Sarah Mitchell

Gene Mock

Allen Moody, Jr (child section)

* Eliot Mooney  obit

Robert Morgan

Colby Morrall (child section)

Cleo Morris (section B)

Wilkie Morris  (section B)

Alva Moulder (section A)

Betty Moulder (section A)

Birdie Moulder (section A)

Walter Moulder (section A)

Jane Mullins




* Dr. Noleta Nance obit

Caryl Nichols (section A)

Billie Nicklas

Lee Nicklas

Colin Nickerson

Jonathan Nickle (child section)

Jonathann Noone (child section)




Nicolas Ober (child section)

Joyce Odgen




Johnathan Parker (child section)

Leighanne Parker

Wayne Parker (child section)

Margaret Parrish

Clarence Patrick

LaEuna Patrick "Lee Patrick"

Daniel Paz (child section)

Alfred Peacock (section A)

Clara Phaby (section A)

John Phaby (section A)

Mable Pharis

Collier Pierce (section A)

Shelagh Pierce (section A)

Ethel Pitts

Raymond Pitts "Dock Pitts"

Tyler Pitts (child section)

Alfred Pohle

Marian Pospishil

Marilene Pray (section A)

Paul Pray (section A)

Agnes Pugh (section A)

Tiffany Pugh (child section)

W. Russell Pugh (section A)

* Rachel Putnam  obit




Lola Ramsey

Clara Ray (section A)

John Ray (section A)

Mary Ray (section A)

Opal Ray (section A)

Virgil Ray (section A)

Angel Reddell (child section)

* Makinzy Reyes  obit

Veda Rice

Charles Richter (section A)

Nelda Richter (section A)

Andrew Rickert (section A)

Margie Rickert (section A)

Robert Rickert (section A)

Carl Riddle (section B)

Reba Riddle Faubus

Lizzie Ritchie

James Robbins

Lauren Roberts (child section)

Ruth Roberts

Nicholas Robertson

Zachary Robertson

Lavon Roetzel "Butch Roetzel"

Helen Rogers

Pearl Rogers

Sarah Roper (child section)

Howard Russell (section A)

Roberta Russell (section A)

Larry Ryan Jr. (child section)




Grace Sackman

Ashley Sanders (child section)

Dorothy Sanders (section A)

Kenneth Sanders "Red Sanders"

Sean Scotney (child section)

John Sealander Jr.

Bobbie Selle

Doyle Shackleford

James Shackelford (child section)

* Almeda Sharp  “Ola Sharp”  obit

Mildred Sharp

Marjorie Sines-Rotzoll

* Mareshal Singleton  obit

Norman Skelton (section B)

James Slavens

Anna Smith (section A)

Dellman Smith

Dudley Smith (section A)

Grace Smith (section A)

Mildred Smith (section A)

Wayne Smith

* Arden Snider  obit

Heather Spears

Wanda Spencer

Joshua Starr (child section)

Mamie Steele

Leonard Steger

Myra Stokenbury

Susan Storla (child section)

Jacob Storm

Anthony Stout (child section)

Velma Strachen

Dorothy Strange (section B)

James Strange (section B)

Karen Strickland (child section)

Ron Stringer

Matthew Strong (child section)

Guy Stults (section B)

June Stults (section B)

James Sullivan Sr.

Kimberly Sutton (section A)

Madge Swope




Carol Tate

Frank Thomas (section A)

Helen Thomas (section A)

Mary Thomas (section A)

Blake Thompson (child section)

Floyd Thompson

Glen Thompson

Van Thompson

Virgil Todd

Clyde Treece

Louis Treece Jr. "Junior"




Norma Vannatter




Jessica Wade (child section)

* George Wagner  pic  obit

Sabrina Walker

Thelma Walker

Clifford Ward

Thelma Ward

Tina Warford (child section)

Beulah Watts

Terrie Webb

Thompson Webb Jr.

Tristin Webb (child section)

June Wells

Margaret Whelan (section A)

Freada Whitlock "June Whitlock"

Delphia Whitson (section A)

Forrest Whitson (section A)

Marilyn Wilcox (child section)

Millie Wilkins (section A)

Willie Wilkins (section A)

Dustin Williams (child section)

* Lois Williams  pic  obit

Maggie Williams (section A)

Ruby Watts Williams

Benny Winborn

Ina Woodruff (section A)

Kathryn Woodruff (section A)

R. G. Woodruff "Pop Woodruff" (section A)

Robert Woodruff (section A)

Cecil Woods

Chrissie Wright

Mary Wylie

* Oneta Wynne  obit




Auggie York (section A)

Jordan York (section A)

Paul York (section A)




Rachael Zehm (child section)


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