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Est.  abt. 1849, Union County, Arkansas

Located along Hwy. 172, West of  Hwy. 7

Transcribed & Copyright by Janice Holzer

Updated February 1, 2005


Photos May 25, 2005 by Janice Holzer

Just to the right edge of photo you can see graves located outside the fenced area.  There are three Steadman graves, in a row, back along the edge of woods & just out from the Northeast corner of the cemetery.


Gates on east end of cemetery. On west end is another fenced in cemetery for African Americans. 


Cemetery View 


Outside fenced area are the three Steadman graves. The three Steadman graves are visible and farther along the tree line is another lone grave, belonging to FannieF. Jennings Hays (1893-1925) Children’s names are listed on back side. Steadman graves outside fenced area of Hicks Family Cemetery.





There is another cemetery (newer) across the road from the African American cemetery.  It may be an extension of that cemetery.  Hwy. 172. A corner of the African American Cemetery is visible just behind the Hicks Family Cemetery and the newer cemetery is visable across the road.



MARY  A.  ABBOTT  wf/o  S. T. ABBOTT  11-27-1817  to  10-22-1852


NELLIE  CREMSEN    1910-1913 


E. G.  FLENNIKEN    3-10-1864  to  10-6-1892

J. M. M. FLENNIKEN  b:  Cahawba, Dallas Co., ALA   7-24-1834 

d: 12-9-1894  Union Co., AR


D. S. HICKS,  s/o  ELBERT & MARY J.  9-25-1856  to  11-26-1891


ELBERT  HICKS   1-26-1814  to   8-27-1894        "Mason"

MARY  J.  HICKS,  wf/o  ELBERT  HICKS    6-21-1834  to  2-6-1910


FRANCIS  HICKS  wf/o  G. HICKS  born  4-15-1825   stone broken


H. CLARENCE  HICKS  ? 2-25-1863  to  9-17-1875  (broken stone)

Age 12 yrs  6 mo  23 dys


Infant  HICKS  infant of  G. & F.H.  (no dates)

Infant  HICKS  b & d  7-1-1865  s/of  E.  &  M. J.  HICKS


MARY T. HICKS  wf/o  H.  HICKS     5-10-1820  to  1-20-1853


ROBERT  ASA  HICKS,  s/o E. &  M. J. HICKS  5-3-1861  to  9-14-1871


SALLIE  M.  HICKS,  wf/o  J. W.  SMITH


Infant  LANEY   6-17-1887  to  12-1-1898  s/of  B.T.  &  M.E.  LANEY

Infant  LANEY   9-14-1889  to   9-8-1893   d/of   B.T.  &  M. E.  LANEY


Marker  no dates or name

Several markers with only initials on them:   DSH  ;    E. H.  ;   F. H.  ;   H.C.H; 

R. A. H.  ;     S.M.S.


BENJAMIN  ROBINSON  McCLANAHAN  5-19-1884  to  8-20-1955

&    BESSIE  SAXON  McCLANAHAN  10-1-1884  to  9-30-1955

JANIE  MEDORA  McCLANAHAN  d/o B. R. & BESSIE  5-18-1915  to  4-6-1919


JANIE  ROBINSON  McCLANAHAN    3-6-1848  to  10-27-1910

SAMUEL  T.  McCLANAHAN    8-27-1849  to  8-30-1909


W. M.  McCLANAHAN    7-3-1880  to  7-23-1909   (may be female)


THOMAS  J.  MURPHY   10-3-1878  to  1-3-1943

Wf,  BLANCHE  A.  MURPHY   9-23-1878  to  4-3-1961


EDNA EUNICE PARKS    10-10-1888  to  10-27-1889


FLOYD Q. PENDLETON  s/o  J. M. &  M. A. 2-28-1896  to  3-20-1913


CHARLES  L.  PRIMM  s/o  N. A. &  M. F. PRIMM  1-28-1839  to  7-14-1904


CHARLES  PRIMM  12-12-1790  to  9-15-1853  (?1780)

ELIZABETH  PRIMM,  wf/o  CHARLES  5-11-1779   to  9-26-1852


E. D.  PRIMM  wf/o  W.M. J. TISON  10-28-1841  to  11-1-1864


JAMES  L.  PRIMM   2-10-1846  to  6-8-1913

FANNIE  ROBINSON  PRIMM  9-28-1853  to  9-16-1922


JAMES  W.  PRIMM    4-13-1815   to  6-18-1854


JOHN  FREDERICK  PRIMM     8-8-1854   to  1-28-1933

MARY  FOSTER  PRIMM    6-1-1861  to  6-17-1927


NATHAN  A.  PRIMM   9-18-1807  to  1-20-1857

MAHALA  F.  PRIMM  wf/o  9-27-1816  to  6-15-1864


MARTHA  B.  REEVES  wf/o  F.  REEVES  11-22-1821  to  9-14-1891

FREDERICK  REEVES    11-22-1812   to   8-6-1888


GARLAND  P.  "POTTS" ROBINSON  h/o  EUNICE  6-23-1902  to  4-22-1957


D. P.  SAXON   5-10-1830  to  10-20-1912

MARY  MEDORA  SAXON,  wf/o  D. P.  SAXON   4-7-1840  to  5-20-1912

Infant son of  D. P. & M. M.  SAXON  10-17-1858  to  10-17-1858  (or 27th)

Daughter  of  D. P.  &  MARY MEDORA SAXON  10-4-1882  to  8-16-1883

 (stone chipped)


EDGAR  FREDERICK  SAXON  12-10-1863  to  12-20-1944

LURA  LINDSAY  SAXON  wf/o  EDGAR F. 4-26-1871  to  2-21-1960


H.  D.  SAXON     2-28-1869  to  8-12-1895


Mrs.  MARTHA  H.  SAXON   1-15-1914   to   Dec  1973


WM.  WALLACE  SAXON  10-27-1876  to  8-19-1922

SALLIE  M.  SMITH    8-15-1889   to   4-16-1891    Age 24 yrs  5 mos  wf/of 

J.J.W.  Smith, Jr.


NANCY  STEDMAN   (no dates)  located outside fence on north side of cemetery.

ROBERT CLARENCE STEDMAN   1-4-1874  to  11-22-1928  (outside of fence)

S/o  Dr.  STEVENS STEDMAN  &  NANCY  (This grave also outside of fenced



GARNER  A.  SWILLEY   6-16-1873  to  3-12-1959  ?(Garland)


These markers only give the first name; both are between  PRIMM markers & at the feet of a SWILLEY monument.

LUCILLE    1-28-1901  to  2-20-1927    (SWILLEY)

OTIS       4-4-1902   to  2-26-1921   (SWILLEY)


W. R.  SWILLEY   3-6-1868  to  5-11-1932


E. D.  PRIMM  TYSON    wf/of  W. M.  TYSON   10-23-1841  TO   11-1-1864


D.R.  YOUNG  3-31-1856  to  5-16-1918

LULA  SAXON  YOUNG  YARBROUGH   wf/o D.R. YOUNG  &  N. B. YARBROUGH     12-18-1861  to  8-10-1951


ESTELLE  LEAKE  YOUNG  2-28-1868   to  8-23-1933

JOHN  WESLEY  YOUNG  1-22-1860  to  4-2-1922

(This couple had a huge monument type headstone)


FANNIE  F.  JENNINGS  HAYS,  wf/o  H. M.  11-21-1893  to  9-21-1925

On the back side of her headstone, her children are listed:  THOMAS E.,


(This grave & marker east of the fenced in cemetery about  100 feet.)


*Adjoining this fenced in area on the west side is another fenced in cemetery area which is a black cemetery.  Noted one burial   GEORGE  MURPHY  8-16-1869  to  1-3-1931.

Directly south across  Hwy. 172, from this cemetery, is about 5 acres chain link fencing of a newer section of cemetery.  Just inside the double gates is the grave of a GOODWIN.  Several  new graves along the back side of cemetery...a few names noted,

GOODWIN,  FULLER,  MODICA  to mention a few I could see from entrance.  I believe this is another black section of cemetery?


**Many unmarked graves.  Many of Smackover's early settlers are buried here.


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