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Est. ca 1899

Extracted the information for Harris Cemetery from Union County Cemetery book, Volume Six. No credit or date given as to when the last survey was done.

Submitted April 4, 2004, by Janice Holzer


This cemetery is located southwest of El Dorado at the end of Parnell Road.


FORREST CLINTON BAUMAN 6-6-1902 to 10-22-1980

RUBY BAUMAN 10-6-1928 baby d/of Forrest and Thelma Harris Bauman


ABNER A. CARY 3-18-1904 to 2-28-1962

JAMES ARZO CARY 2-28-1889 to 3-21-1945 "Father"

MARY ANN CARY 2-28-1919 to 5-24-1919 d/of Arzo Cary

MARY ELIZABETH HAYWOOD CARY 1832 - 1919 "Grandmother"

SARAH ANN CARY born 11-19-1890 (one date)


Girl CRUIZE no marker, child ca five years old. Info from family member.


ARTHUR GREGORY 6-3-1891 to 1-26-1920

MARION GREGORY infant son of W.A. Gregory

POLLY GREGORY 12-27-1869 to 3-24-1931, Wife

ROY A. GREGORY 11-24-1901 to 1-26-1920

WM. A. GREGORY 4-1-1859 to 5-31-1939, Husband


BENFORD R. HARRIS 5-9-1873 to 2-11-1921 s/of Wm. T. & Mollie ( md: 1870 Mary T. Weathers) ( md: 1898 Mary T. Hines)


IDA E. PYLE HARRIS 5-14-1888 to 2-24-1968 Listed on the same headstone, James Pleasant Harris

JAMES PLEASANT HARRIS 6-26-1883 to 11-10-1976 s/of Wm. T. & Seletea McGee Harris


Infant HARRIS B & D 1899 d/of Benford R. & Mary T. Harris

Infant HARRIS B & D 1894 d/of Will A. & Carrie E. Hines Harris


OLA FRANCIS HARRIS 3-17-1908 to 4-3-1990


PETTUS M. HARRIS 7-17-1912 to 1-29-1986 s/of James P. & Ida Pyles Harris


SELETEA McGEE HARRIS 5-9-1850 to 11-27-1930 d/of Elisha & Seletea McGee Harris

WM. T. HARRIS 6-2-1831 to 4-28-1900 s/of Samuel F. & Gracie Harris Listed on same stone is Seletea McGee Harris (CSA ARK 19th

Co C )


WILLIE T. HARRIS 12-22-1902 to 8-14-1905 d/of W. A. & C.E. Harris


JOHN HARRISS 10-20-1874 to 10-9-1901 s/of Wm. T. & Mary F. Weathers Md: 9-17-1900


NOBLE HOGAN (no marker ) Information from family member


INA TODD LAWRENCE 10-9-1896 to 8-31-1981 d/of Mollie E. Todd. Wife of Leonard W. Lawrence

LEONARD W. LAWRENCE Jan 1889 to 3-28-1967 "Father"


JOSEPH KNOX LAWRENCE 9-13-1915 to 2-25-1970 s/of Warner & Thula Lawrence.


THULA HARRIS LAWRENCE 9-13-1915 to 2-25-1970 d/of James Pleasant & Ida Pyles Harris


WARNER J. LAWRENCE 3-26-1916 to 4-11-1997 Md: 9-7-1935


LENA LOWERY (No marker) information from family member

OTIS LOWERY (No marker) information from family member


LILLIAN ELVA McCLESKEY 7-7-1905 to 2-11-1910 d/of Oscar C. & Lula Mitchell McCleskey (no marker) information from family member


LULA MITCHELL HARRISS McCLESKEY 12-4-1883 to 3-20-1909 d/of Martin L. and, persons listed on the same tombstone: Margaret J. Hildebrande Mitchell, no marker, information from family member.


FRED MOSS MILLS 5-13-1914 to 8-1-1921 s/of Julius E. & Mollie M. Mills

JULIUS EDGAR MILLS 12-12-1882 to 1-1-1955 s/of Patrick Henry & Bettie Ann, Md: 2-19-1905 persons listed on the same tombstone: Mollie P. Moss Mills, husband.

MOLLIE P. MOSS MILLS 9-25-1884 to 9-25-1954 d/of Stephen D. & Martha Dees Moss


HOLLIS B. MOOTY 1-2-1916 to 3-20-1932 "Son"


CHARLENE PYLE 1931 to 1935 d/of Elzie & Minnie Goley Pyle

ELZIE PYLE 3-28-1879 to 3-3-1952 h/of Minnie Goley. Son of J. R. & Martha G. Pyle

J. R. PYLE 3-23-1854 to 11-10-1927 h/of Martha Greer Pyle, Daddy.

JIM LEE PYLE Infant sone of E. & M. Pyle

LEOLA PYLE 6-5-1911 to 6-14-1918

MARTHA GREER PYLE 6-4-1860 to 12-28-1932 wf/of J. R. Pyle

MINNIE L. GOLEY PYLE 12-4-1892 to 4-15-1981 wf/of Elzie Pyle

CLIFTON PYLES 7-11-1933 to 12-26-1965

CLINTON PYLES 8-13-1914 to 6-27-1971


Grandma SENN died before 1900 (no marker) information from family member


MAE WHITLEY GREGORY SHEPHERD 1893 to 1932 First husband, Arthur Gregory


MATTIE ELIZABETH PYLE SMITH 3-3-1918 to 7-29-1980

TILLMAN SMITH 9-16-1937 to 9-18-1937 Infant s/of Joe & Mattie P. Smith


Grandma STOTT, mother of J.R. STOTT ( no marker) information from family member

J. R. STOTT 7-14-1843 to 8-18-1913

JANE STOTT died 7-15-1931 wf/of J.R. ( no marker) information from family member


MOLLIE E. TODD 5-24-1861 to 7-7-1954 "Mother"


JOHN WARREN 1-26-1928 Baby Grandson W.A. Greggory

SHELBY WARREN 3-25-1926, Baby Grandson W.A. Greggory


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