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Ebenezer Methodist Church Cem. is located Northeast of El Dorado.  Going East from El Dorado on Hwy. 63 (aka Moro Bay Hwy.) turn left on to Crain City Road, then stay to your left at "Y" in road which will put you on Armer Road.  Union Baptist Church & Cemetery sit in the "Y" of the road.  Cemetery is approximately 5 miles down Armer Road.  Located North of Union Baptist Church & Cemetery  along both sides of Armer Road. October 2001 ~ Updated  June 2009. Janice  Holzer    [email protected]

There are two parts to this cemetery. The visible part is behind the church.  But directly across the road, there is a little dirt path that goes up from the road ditch & through the trees/bushes.  Inside is the oldest area of the cemetery and only a few of the graves still have markers.  May 7,  2005  Janice Holzer


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ebenezer                 ebenezer1                 ebenezer2


This view shows the barely visible path from the ditch

through the break in the trees & there is an old gate into the cemetery.



Inside the old part of cemetery across Armer Road from the church.



Another view inside the old part of cemetery.  You can see a collapsed old above ground crypt in background.



Looking from west side of Armer Road in front of path to old section across to the church and cemetery on the East side of the Road.



Use of the following symbols:

*  "&"  indicates a double headstone or multiple names on single headstone.

*  OB  indicates the info came from their Obituary

*ARDI  Arkansas Death Index  1914-1950

*SSDI   Social Security Death Index

*MM  Mortuary Marker


*This first part of the cemetery is on the East side of the road around & behind the church. An older section is across the road from the church.


JAMES ARMER    11-28-1849  to  1-26-1932  "Father"

MARY  M. ARMER    2-22-1868/69  to  8-13-1956   "Mother"


JOHN L. ARMER   1-12-1874   to  3-15-1934

wf,  MARTHA DAVIS ARMER     9-2-1875  to  1-9-1939


MARINA L. ARMER    1-17-1850  to  12-22-1937

hus, WILLIAM  H. ARMER     5-26-1845   to  12-3-1910


MARK  R.  ARMER   3-10-1953  to  2-25-2000 * Brothers

&  JOHN  P.  ARMER   7-26-1947  (one date)


Unmarked  ARMER  grave    d/of  Henry & Mary Murphy Armer

Unmarked  ARMER  grave    d/of  Henry & Mary Murphy Armer

Unmarked  ARMER  grave    d/of  John L. & Martha Davis  Armer


WILLIAM. A. ARMER    6-24-1900  to  3-26-1981  md: 6-9-1923

&  BEATRICE MAJOR ARMER     8-31-1907   to   4-14-1983


WILLIAM  ED ARMER  (77)  10-11-1871   to  2-26-1949  

"Blessed Are The Peace Makers"


CARRIE  TAB  DETTINGHAM  BLACKMON   1858-1897 (Dettingheim)

&  son-n-lw, FRANK BLACKMON, SR.  1844-1906  (these two are buried with the Dettingheim family)


CHARLOTTE  E. BENEFIELD  2-28-1945  to  5-14-2004  d/of of Martha Matthews & Richard C. "Dick" Russell; husband, John L. Benefield  *ob


ERNEST  E.  "BUDDY"  CARMICHAEL   10-17-1928  to  7-6-1985

FLORENCE B. CARMICHAEL   1-20-1884    to   8-16-1981    Army WW I


VINCIE C. CARMICHAEL    7-3-1833   to  12-29-1890

(Vincie Catherine Perdue)


Unmarked Grave for  CASSIDY  (from family member grandfather  Hettie Braswell Doss)


MARY  COLLINS  DAVIS   1935-1935


ROBERT  COLLIS  DAVIS    6-26-1899   to  6-3-1971

Texas  Pvt STU Army TNG Corps    WW I

ALTO  KELLY  DAVIS     1-11-1906     to   6-6-1996


JASON DETTINGHAM    1819-1894   (original markers when I did 1st survey)

*Jason's Family:  (also Carrie Tab Dettingham Blackmon)

JACOB DETTINGHAM    5-20-1862   to  7-12-1885

LENA DETTINGHAM    3-24-1856   to  8-6-1885

*New .....all on one marker:

JASON  DETTENHEIM Family  1819  to  1894

Son, JACOB    5-20-1862  to  7-12-1885

Daug, LENA  3-24-1856  to  8-6-1885

Daug, CARRIE  BLACKMON  1858  to  1897

Son-in-law,  FRANK  BLACKMON, Sr.  1844  to  1906


ESTHA  BERRY  DOSS   11-3-1895  to  9-2-1983

GREEN  DEPRECE  DOSS    1-2-1887  to  2-21-1979


GEORGE  C.  DOSS   6-16-1880  to  1-16-1918


GEORGE  LEO  DOSS    11-16-1916  to  12-6-1983   Pvt. U.S. Army WW II


HARVEY  DOSS     9-18-1897   to   7-8-1899


JOE  S.  DOSS     10-16-1908  to  12-2-1969  (Mason)

&   SALLY  ROGERS  DOSS    3-6-1909   to   5-17-1998 


LEE  DOSS   10-10-1891   to   4-5-1912


MAGGIE  PERDUE  DOSS    7-3-1857  to  11-25-1914

MIKE  DOSS    8-7-1852  to  12-21-1932   "Father"


W.H.F.  WM. H. FERGUSON   "Who departed this life"  7-17-1854

Age 31 years, 10 months, 14 days.


Unmarked Grave  next to  Ruthie  House

Unmarked  Grave  next to William  House


Two more Unmarked graves next to Cecile & J.A. Townsend


LENA  IDELL  GREGORY   8-31-1900  to  9-12-1900  d/of  W.D.  &  E. I. Gregory


WILLIAM  D.  GREGORY   8-1-1877  to   2-3-1911


IDA  HARRISON    11-10-1898  to  8-9-1900  d/of  J.B. & Dora Perdue Harrison


JIMMIE  HARRISON  12-10-1900  to  6-25-1902  s/of  J.B. & Dora  Perdue Harrison


LITTLE  ROBERT   6-2-1905  to  10-12-1905  S/of  R.A. &  Mary  A.  Harrison  


ARCHIE  HOUSE     1901-1903

MARY  SCHMIDT  HOUSE    1877-1902


RUTHIE  HOUSE   b & d  1900

WILLIAM  HOUSE    1895 – 1902


WILLARD  HOUSE   1895 - 1896


LEONARD T. KELLY, SR.    10-11-1900   to   10-21-1971  (Mason)

MAUDE  PERDUE  KELLY   10-18-1899   to   5-26-1979


LOUIS  MONROE  LONG    8-14-1896  to  3-1-1959  "POP"  WW I 

Wf,  ALTO  PERDUE  LONG   7-23-1902   to   9-8-1998


WILLIAM  MARSHALL  LONG   5-10-1890  to  12-22-1939


PEARL PERDUE MATTHEWS    2-24-1888  to  3-25-1973

hus, MINOR WALLACE MATTHEWS   1-18-1885  to  7-3-1941


PETER  F.  MATTHEWS   12-29-1853  to  4-25-1904  and Family:



PRISCILLA  MATTHEWS    8-29-1923  to  12-1-1931  d/of  Pearl &  Minor


HETTIE  BRASWELL  DOSS  McGILVRAY   2-13-1887  to  3-5-1973


ELIZABETH  S.  McGOWEN   9-5-1911  to  2-10-1914  "Sister"

RUBY  L.  McGOWEN   8-29-1901  to  10-20-1903


JOSEPH  D.  McGOWEN  1824 Duplin Co., NC  Migrated to Ark 1844.  Died 10-16-1878.  (Mason)


BELLE SPEED MORGAN   12-27-1877   to   8-26-1947


RODERICK  D.  MORGAN     11-27-1910  to  10-24-1996

&  SARA  LILLIAN  PERDUE  MORGAN   12-30-1910  to 7-1-1965


CHARLES CHAPMAN NELSON    7-26-1887  to  10-22-1966

wf, AMASA  NELSON    7-2-1832  to  11-27-1921


IRENE  GREGORY  NELSON    3-2-1882  to  4-14-1942

SELDON  AMASA   NELSON     2-20-1920   (one date)


CARRIE  OWEN  1858  to  10-6-1936  "Sister" (Age 78 yrs)


REBECCA  ? OWEN  1851 / 1852  Chris & Becky


ALICE  PERDUE   12-20-1875   to   6-1-1960

hus, ALEX  W. PERDUE    10-18-1876  to  12-25-1956


ALMA  PERDUE   8-11-1901 to 5-28-1903  twin to  Hugh  d/of  J.W. &  Lillie Perdue


Baby  PERDUE    1912   child of  Howard  &  Alice Perdue


Rev. ANDREW JEFFERSON PERDUE   4-13-1866  to  5-3-1943  (Mason)

wf, MARTHA  E. OWEN   7-10-1865   to  3-14-1931


CARLTON  PERDUE    2-25-1889   to  12-11-1943


CHARLEY  MONROE  "CHARLIE"  PERDUE    10-10-1898   to   9-5-1971

s/of  Alex & Alice Perdue


COLON  W.  PERDUE    7-8-1905  to  10-7-1967   WW II Vet

&   LILLIAN  O.  BEASLEY  PERDUE    1-24-1905  to  5-24-1989


FRANKLIN  HOWARD  PERDUE    5-29-1878  to  2-11-1982    Md: 2-7-1901

ALICE  MAHALIA  GREGORY  PERDUE  11-28-1883  to  8-20-1982


HARVEY  M. PERDUE   9-17-1896   to  1-24-1932   s/of  Alex  &  Alice Perdue

NONIE  HARGETT PERDUE    7-11-1900   to  3-6-1944  wf/of  H.M. Perdue


HERMAN  PERDUE   1-4-1907  to  Sept 1922  s/of  Howard  &  Alice Perdue


HORACE  R. PERDUE    1-26-1906   to  1-10-1935


HUGH  PERDUE   8-11-1901  to  1-24-1975  twin to  Alma Perdue  Pvt. U.S. Army


** JOHN  B.  PERDUE   1825  Alabama  to 1902  Arkansas  (John Bailey Perdue, Jr.)

RACHEL  L.  "BADDY"  PERDUE    1832 SC  to   aft. 1880

Children of  John B. Perdue (names all on one headstone):

ALEXANDER  WINSTON  PERDUE   9-5-1851  to  6-8-1894 

BETTY  PERDUE   b. 1870   (d: ca 1886)

“RACHEL”  LOUISE  PERDUE (16) 1862  to  1878 (* this is probably incorrect, even though it is on the headstone, because she was still alive on the 1880 census)


JOSEPH  W.  PERDUE   8-6-1864  to  12-1-1938

LILLIE  SORRELLS  PERDUE   3-25-1874  to  1-18-1909  wf/of  J.W. Perdue


LILLIE  LOUISA  PERDUE   9-5-1881  to  9-1886  d/of Alexander & Martha  A. Perdue in unmarked grave.  Dates from family member.


LUTHER  PERDUE   died young/ no dates  s/of  Alex  &  Alice Perdue


MARY  MURPHY  PERDUE    Mar 1808  to  2-2-1892  2nd  wf/of  John Perdue

(*John Perdue is buried in Alabama  Mary did not move to Arkansas until abt. 1870)


RUTH  J. PERDUE    6-25-1907  to  6-30-1912  d/of  W. Hilton &  Mattie E. Perdue  "Sister"


SARAH  E.  PERDUE   10-28-1869  Lowndes Co., AL to  8-8-1885   d/of  Dr.  J.B.  &  R. L.  Perdue   (stone broken)


S.M. PERDUE     6-14-1841  to  12-22-1910 (Seldon McMeans "Doc" Perdue) 

wf,  S.E. PERDUE    4-7-1843 AL  to  1-14-1916  (Sarah E. Fickling Perdue)


STELLA PAULINE PERDUE    2-21-1919   to  3-11-1924  d/of  H.M.  &  Nonie  Hargett Perdue


WHALEY  PERDUE    4-3-1916  to  2-15-1981   s/of  W. Hilton  &  Mattie  E.  Perdue  brother to Alto Perdue Long


WM.  DEWEY "BUDDY" PERDUE    4-5-1898  to  6-21-1936  s/of  W. Hilton  &  Mattie  E.  Perdue


W. HILTON  PERDUE   3-27-1861  to  1-25-1937  "Father"

MATTIE  E.  CRAIN  PERDUE    4-9-1873   to   5-5-1957  wf/of  W. Hilton Perdue  "Mammy"


WILLIAM  J. "Bill" PERDUE  12-18-1934  to  6-4-2005  s/of  Lillian & Colon Perdue  *ob  * Some confusion whether this is burial place or Union Baptist Cemetery up the road.  Have listed on both sites.  His parents are buried here.


WILLIAM  R. PERDUE    1835-1892  or  d:  2-25-1890

wf, MATTIE  ELIZA  PERDUE    1840 – 1917


RANDY  CAROLYN  PILL   3-15-1945  to  11-5-1985  d/of  J.T.  &  Marion  Fike


MARY  ARMER  RICHEY  (48)  7-9-1960  to  4-10-2008  D/of John Preston Armer & Betty Dean Parker.  Wife of Wesley "Erick" Richey.


RICHARD  CYRUS "Dick" RUSSELL  8-19-1918  to  4-24-1994  U.S. Navy  WW II

MARTHA  ELIZABETH  MATTHEWS  RUSSELL  11-25-1916  to  8-7-2006  wf/of Russell C. "Dick" Matthews;  d/of  Pearl Perdue Matthews & Minor Wallace Matthews.


SCHMIDT  6-8-1895  to  8-15-1896   (in Schmidt plot) top of stone broken off)

CICERO  R.  SCHMIDT     1875-1961

GREEN  SCHMIDT    1870-1919

Infant  SCHMIDT    b: 1892


KASPER  SCHMIDT    1837 – 1904

& NARCISSUS  SCHMIDT   1839 – 1901


MATTHEW  SCHMIDT   1878 – 1941

WILLIAM  SCHMIDT   1871 – 1892


RUTH  EVELYN  SIMPSON   6-8-1906  to  3-13-1928  sister to Joe  Doss


IDA  ARMER  SMITH     7-21-1876   to  2-7-1931

WM. MONROE SMITH   9-12-1901  to  5-25-1904  s/o M.A. & IDA   

MARTIN A. SMITH     2-8-1845  to  6-12-1907


JAMIE  LEE ARMER  STEPHENS   12-6-1929  to  5-17-1979


OPAL  J.  THOMPSON  (age 80)  2-16-1926  to  1-26-2007  D/of Green Deprece Doss

&  Mary Estha Berry Doss; Wf/of late B.E. Thompson  for 52 yrs.    *ob


CECILE TOWNSEND    6-12-1902  to  1-14-1908  (exact dates from family records)


J.A. TOWNSEND    8-10-1855   to  9-28-1878




PART  II  of  the EBENEZER  METHODIST  CEMETERY,  hidden by the trees & bushes, but located across the road from the church & the cemetery.

 Many of the old graves in this cemetery are unmarked.


WM. H. FERGUSON     d:7-17-1854   (31 yr-10 mo-14 days)

 "Sacred To The Memory"


Little  ROBERT  HARRELSON  6-2-1905  to  10-12-1905  s/of  R.A.  &  Mary A. Harrelson


Grandmother  HEDGE    (no dates -  no marker)


A female, ELLA JARRY wf/of  FRANK  A.  JARRY is buried there....bushes have grown up around the marker.  Unable to read dates at this time. (dates & details from earlier survey done in 1991 by the late Lillian McGowen Craig)

Ella Jarry   6-15-1856  to  3- 16/18-1888


TOD  LYON  10-4-1852   to   11-22-1936

ALICE  LYON    8-20-1860  to  3-28-1931

J.  C.  LYON   11-21-1897  to  1-10-1916


PETER  F.  MATTHEWS  &  FAMILY  12-29-1853  to  4-25-1904

**The following dates are not on tombstones but from family Bible.

BETTIE  LOU  MATTHEWS   *12-27-1877  to  12-10-1899

JOHN  CLIFTON  BRECKENRIDGE  MATTHEWS    *12-28-1883  to  4-6-1965

JULIA  RUES  MATTHEWS   * 7-26-1887  to  10-16-1891

PETER  F.  MATTHEWS   *12-29-1853  Upson Co.,GA   to  4-25-1904

REAGAN  OWEN  MATTHEWS   *Jun 1890  to  Jun 19, 1935

WILLIE  WARD  MATTHEWS    *  7-12-1876  to  8-25-1888


ELIZABETH  McWILLIAMS  McGOWEN    grave marked with native stone  (no dates)

1st  wife of  JOSEPH  D.  McGOWEN

JOSEPH  D.  McGOWEN   1824 Dublin Co., NC   to  10-16-1878   (Mason) Migrated to ARK abt 1844

ELIZABETH  S.  McGOWEN    9-5-1911  to  2-11-1914

RUBY  L.  McGOWEN     8-29-1901   to   10-20-1903


JOSEPH  D.  McGOWEN  b: 1824  Duplin Co., NC  Mason  He migrated to ARK in 1844.  d:10-16-1878


ELIZABETH  S. McGOWEN    9-5-1911   to  2-10-1914

RUBY  L.  McGOWEN   8-29-1901  to  10-20-1903


BETTY  NEWSOM    No dates


CHARLIE  NEWSOM  10-22-1865  to  6-29-1895

wf,  REBECCA  NEWSOM   11-16-1864  to  10-25-1902


GREEN  B.  NEWSOM  no dates on his marker

MARY  E.  NEWSOM  4-25-1829  to  9-5-1875  wf/of  Green  B.  Newsom 


"Sister"  Miss  CARRIE  OWEN   1858  to  10-6-1936  (78 yrs old)  *MM

Rumph-Owers Funeral Home


WM.  CHRISTOPHER  "CHRIS"   OWEN b: ca 1829 (age at marriage 22)  Md:12-18-1851

REBECCA   "BECKY"  JOHNSON OWEN   b: ca 1833 (calculated from age at marriage 18)

** No dates given.  Unusual homemade headstones.  Concrete with words & dates hollowed out & wood fitted & inlaid into the indentations.  (Owen family)


HENRY  WALTER  SELF     11-7-1879   to   11-3-1922


*There are four unmarked graves for children  of the SELF  family, marked by native stone  in 1991.

*Speculation: from ARDI: Self deaths in Union County, Arkansas

? SELF  d:9-13-1918 

David Fis SELF  d:12-30-1923

John Isa SELF   d: 7-28-1929   

H.W. SELF  d:11-3-1922  *listed above as Henry Walter Self


CHARLIE  SWAFFORD   Feb  1881  (date from 1900 census)  native stone marker


JOHN  SWAFFORD    no dates   native stone marker

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