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COBB CEMETERY Est. ca 1861

(Sometimes called MEEKS or CULLENS)

Transcribed by Janice Holzer, June 18, 2002

Updated July 16, 2009




Cemetery is located about 4 miles North of Junction City, Arkansas, along the west side of U.S. Hwy. 167. Ralph & Violet Weldon canvassed this cemetery in Oct 1985. I did my canvass in Nov 2006 and took pictures.


*Base for probably a large obelisk marker with no inscriptions and the top part missing.

Some have suggested this may have been a marker for H.C. & Mattie Cates SEN. Two footstones, nearby, read M.C. & H.C.C. SEN

* MM symbol used to denote mortuary marker

* ARDI highlighted part of date from Arkansas Death Index 1914-1950

* SSDI highlighted part of date from Social Security Death Index


EMMA BRAINARD 1899 to 1931 [Bailey Funeral Home Bronze Marker] *MM


JOHN B. BRAZZEL 1870 to 9-5-1945 *ARDI

NANNIE BRAZZEL 6-29-1872 to 2-9-1929 wf/of John Brazzel


Mrs. JOSEPHINE HARRELL BLAINE BROOKS 1-25-1876 to 6-10-1976

99 yrs-5 mos-17 dys *MM [Frazers Funeral Home, Warren, Ark]

1st husband: D. Blain (38) Upland, Union County, Arkansas to Miss Josie Harrell, (20) Upland, Union County, Arkansas; Mar 9, 1897, by J. M. Hart minister Security J.R. Cullin (K-390)


SARAH L. BUSWELL 1880 1962

WILLIAM JOSEPH BUSWELL 1880-1947 1881 to 1-5-1947 *ARDI



MARJORIE ALLEN CAMP 10-26-1925 to 4-15-1931


ALBERT ___ 5-22-1880 to 8-6-1883 S/of John & E.L. CATE

GEORGE LUTHER CATE 8-12-1880 to 2-27-1881 S/of J.H. & Maria L. Cate

Infant CATE 7-22-1873 D/of Eliza & John Cate

Infant CATE 1-4-1899 to 3-2-1899 D/of F. M. & L. Cate

Infant CATE (no dates) S/of John & Hazel Cate

JOHN CATE 10-25-1816 to 1-15-1894 (?91)

JOHN H. CATE (Cates) 1-24-1854 to 3-15-1913 Age 59 yrs-1 mo-19 dys

MARIA L. CATE 6-2-1856 to 2-16-1899 Wf/of John H. Cate


* There is a base missing it's top, which was probably a large obelisk type marker. Some believe this marker may have belonged to

H.C. & Mattie Cates, because of two footstones nearby, which read M.C. & H.C.C. SEN

M. A. C. Head stone broken off--- foot stone only M.C. marking grave


CAROL C. CATER 9-23-1889 to 11-2-1973 Arkansas PVT U.S. Army WW I

D. C. CATER 7-19-1866 to 5-28-1935

ELMA MILLER CATER 1-3-1898 to 1-20-1961

Infant CATER 8-4-1927 to 8-6-1927 S/of Mr. & Mrs. C.D. Cater

RAYMOND LEON CATER 2-2-1926 to 11-13-1954 Arkansas S 1 USNR WW II

SALLIE BRAZZEL CATER 11-7-1868 to 9-8-1937 Wf/of D.C. Cater


FRANK M. CATES 11-28-1878 to 10-22-1964

G.C. "PETE" CATES 2-7-1900 to May 1927

HENRY C. CATES (No dates) d: 8-28-1940 *ARDI

Infant CATES 12-10-1900 S/of H.C. & Mattie Cates

J. D. CATES 4-11-1887 to 1-28-1910

J. H. "John" CATES 1-24-1854 to 3-15-1913 * See Maria L. Cate

JOHN D. CATES 3-27-1902 to 3-25-1904

KATIE H. CATES (No dates) 1879 to 7-16-1942 *ARDI *Believe the H. is for Harrell



EMA DAVIDSON CULLINS 10-25-1891 to 2-15-1945

JOHN TAYLOR CULLINS 7-18-1885 to 3-5-1944



JAMES ALVIS CULLINS 6-30-1882 to 9-30-1911 S/of J.R. & M.E. Cullins

JAMES RICHARD CULLINS 9-8-1852/57 to 8-16-1941

MARY ELIZABETH CULLINS 1-15-1889 to 12-17-1891 D/of J.R. & M.E. Cullins

MARY ELLEN CULLINS 9-18-1853 to 3-26-1925 Wf/of J.R. Cullins

WILLIAM HENRY CULLINS 1-18-1878 to 1-20-1878 1st son of J.R. & M.E. Cullins



JAMES GRANDISON DANIELS 5-12-1887 to 9-1-1930

SUSIE CULLINS DANIELS 12-30-1893 to 5-26-1945



FRED JACKSON DAVIDSON 9-30-1882 to 11-10-1940



LEONA CATES ELLEDGE 5-23-1880 to 11-6-1936


*Funeral Home Marker- the information is unreadable. It appears the death year was 1975. ?Felworth Funeral Home, Warren, Ark Age 95 yrs ? 17 dys


* The following marker has three names.

ELIZABETH GREENLEE d: 1861 age about 2 yrs D/of Wm. P. & Sarah Greenlee

WILLIAM P. GREENLEE d: 8-19-1862 Age 33 yrs-11 mos-3 dys S/of Wm.Greenlee

WM. GREENLEE d: 7-22-1864 Age 76 yrs-3 mos-3 dys


*Children of James & Rebecca M. Greenlee, all on one marker.

FRANCIS P. GREENLEE d: 8-20-1856 Age about 2 yrs

JEFFERSON D. GREENLEE d: 10-20-1863 Age 2 yrs-4mos-16 dys

THOMAS S. GREENLEE d: 5-21-1977


JAMES GREENLEE 4-19-1823 to 4-2-1907

REBECCA M. GREENLEE 9-17-1822/32 to 7-3-1899 Wf/of James


SEARBORN HARRELL 5-20-1847 to 4-30-1928


JAMES JACKSON d: 10-5-1899 Age 82 yrs Tombstone has toppled over


HARRY P. SEARS (No dates)

PEARL C. SEARS (No dates)


EFFIE SHARP 11-21-1887 to 12-23-1897


J. H. WILLIAMS 5-5-1898 to 5-10-1898


*There are many missing tombstones & several broken ones.

Unknown broken marker marking grave.

Unknown concrete post about 8" high marking a grave

Unknown part of headstone marking grave

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