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Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery

Union County, Arkansas

Submitted April 22, 2007, by Janice Holzer

Updated October 4, 2010


21Arlington  Nov 08



PART 1 – A through J (78 pages) * PDF file


PART 2 – K through R (43 pages) * PDF file


PART 3 – S through Z (37 pages) * PDF file


These files are very large & may cause a delay in opening, so Adobe PDF files were also created of the transcriptions. Click on the “PDF file” links above to view transcriptions.

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I have used a couple of abbreviations that some of you may not understand:

If you see  d: ca,  this indicates that the death date given was a guess made by some earlier compilers of cemetery info.

From the 2002 compilation of Arlington Cemetery burials, done by the Union County, Genealogical society:

"The Union County Genealogical Society obtained some burial information from Arlington Cemetery burial records, several local funeral homes, & data provided by some private contributors. The burial info from cemetery records are from November 1962 through August 2002.  For some graves, the only available date info was the burial dates, not always clearly defined as such. There were seven known exhumations which was noted in the Index."

Included in the publication with each burial is the Block & Lot number (if known) of each grave for easy location. If unknown, you will find I have noted it as  " *Grave site unknown".   Also noted in the society's publication is the name of the funeral home who handled the internment and if you wish this info, contact the Union County Genealogical Society  or Barton Library & request they look up that info in the book for you.

Because of restrictions on my time in trying to put together a good research survey, I did not feel I had the time to always list Funeral Home (if known) nor the Block and Lot identification. Occasionally, you will find some listed.


*I get frequent letters from individuals wanting to know why some relative of theirs, that is buried in Arlington is not listed, etc.. First, I live over a hundred miles away from this cemetery located in Union County, so even though I love doing surveys & updates, I must travel to El Dorado and stay over in order to do these surveys.

Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery is located in El Dorado & adjoins Woodlawn Cemetery.  They are both very large cemeteries.  The boundaries are non-existent & you can easily be in a section of Woodlawn without knowing it. I have no one to help with these surveys & to do either one of these cemeteries is a daunting task.  This current update includes a couple of hundred burials that I jotted down while in El Dorado in November 2008.  I will continue to gather a few any time I get to El Dorado, but due to aging & my stamina is not what it used to be, don’t expect a full, 100% complete survey. This is a labor of love for me and I have no plans for my surveys except to post them so that other souls can utilize the information as a tool and fill in some blanks in their family genealogy. In the past, I have offered to fill in missing people, if contacted by a family member providing the information.  I am no longer able to do this.

Insertion of *ARDI next to someone on this list, means I have obtained the month and day of death from the “Arkansas Death Index 1914-1950”. Some dates have been filled in using Social Security Death Index & are noted as *SSDI.  Unless it is a typo all the info here came from (1) an Obituary (2) a tombstone (3)Union County Arlington Cemetery 2002 publication (4) & a few from personal records.

Other abbreviations:  

* FH ................Funeral Home or Mortuary

*OB .................Information from obituary

*d:ca ................approximate death date / came from funeral home, so it could be burial date

*WC ................ may also be listed as buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, adjoins Arlington

*Grave site unknown:  means the info obtained from the local funeral homes/ mortuaries did not have the Block and Lot numbers for the grave  OR grave has no marker & could not be found

* Unknown given in place of person's given name, means all that was on marker or funeral home records was the last name & one  partial date.  Sometimes I have tried to look these up & fill in (speculation) the possible first name.

Any and all that I filled in using Social Security Death Index are strictly a guess & speculation on my part. Nor do I assert  that this survey list is without error, but I have tried to the best of my ability to provide any & all info that might be helpful to a genealogy researcher.


2010 Update:  Using my collection & Virgil Sims collection of obits; my personal surveys;  and information from the “ARLINGTON CEMETERY “  BOOK 10 ~ Union County, Arkansas ~ [September 2002] ~ compiled and published by the Union County Genealogical Society, El Dorado, Arkansas (2002), I was able to add more data to this compilation.  This is about as complete as I can make this survey. I will not be making additional updates or corrections to this cemetery....I have to end it sometime somewhere.


I DO NOT HAVE ANY THING TO DO WITH THE SALE OF PLOTS, NOR DO I KNOW THE PRICE OR WHO TO CONTACT!!!  I would suggest contacting the local funeral homes to obtain the name of whom to contact.


*Please remember that Woodlawn Cemetery & Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery are joined together & there is not a distinct division of the two,  Sometimes people are listed in both cemeteries.  For this reason there is frequent confusion on which cemetery someone is buried in.  


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