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Sherman Cemetery

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Copied with permission from Lina and C.L. Boyd, August 26, 2002

“Yes you have my permission to put that information on the Arkansas Cemetery site.”


Take Highway 164 North from junction of Highway 27 at Scottsville

for 5.2 miles, turn left on Forest Service Road #1310

for 6 miles, turn left on Forest Service Road #1815, go .5 miles.

Cemetery on left.

Bailey, Julia Myrtle    

 11 Oct 1911               29 Aug 1912

note: Courier Democrat article dated 24 Aug 1912 (death date questioned)


Boyd, Rev. C. L.   (Charles Lafayette)

B. 17 Jul 1854    Leslie, Searcy County, Arkansas

D. 16 Jul 1925    Simpson, Pope County, Arkansas

Fa:  Charles Boyd born KY            Mo:  Levina Smith born AR

Sp:  Sarah Caroline Henderson        Md:    1872 Searcy Co. AR

Ch:  Gennetta Elizabeth PACK, Andrew James, Sallie Belle HOGAN,

Sparlin, Cora Effie HAWK, Jacob Lawson, Martha, Mary Levina DARE,

Frances Addie HARRIS, Letha Ruth MEADOWS, Charles David,


note:  He was a Primitive Baptist preacher.

Sarah C. Boyd is buried in Shannon Cemetery at Treat, Arkansas.



Cowen, Infant             08 Aug 1888 Pope Co. AR   16 Aug 1888


Cowen, Earl Delmer        29 Mar 1898               10 Apr 1899

Fa:  William Wallace Cowen           Mo:  Rebecca Barnes


Cowen, Joseph H.          14 Oct 1844 Union Co SC   11 Apr 1919

Fa:  William Cowen                   Mo:  Letty

Sp:  Martha Ellen Harkins            Md:  1877

Ch:  Ollie Gay, Minnie Ella HELTON, William, Georgia May HELTON,

Harvy Monroe, Bryan, and Lula Martha KRAUS

note:  Co. E, 40 GA Inf. Civil War


Cowen, Martha Ellen        28 Mar 1850 GA           17 Apr 1914

Fa:             Harkins

Sp:  Joe H. Cowen

Courier Democrat article 24 Apr 1914


Cowen, Rebecca Ann                1861

Fa:             Barnes

Sp:  William Wallace Cowen           Md:  17 Jul 1879  Book E page 320 Pope Co. AR


Cowen, S. Letitia             May 1820               after 1908

No Marker

Sp:  William Cowen

Ch:  Adaline, William Wallace, Joseph H., Clerinda, Monroe, Leander,

Rhoda, and Sylvanus

note: Above information from Pope County History Book article written by David Bunton.


Cowen, William Wallace     06 Oct 1845 Union Co. SC

Fa:  William Cowen                  Mo:  S. Letitia

Sp:  Rebecca Barnes                 Md:  17 Jul 1879  Book E-320 Pope Co. AR

note:  Co. E., 40 GA Inf. Civil War



Cowen, Zalon Prince        25 May 1880              25 Jul 1903

Fa:  William Wallace Cowen          Mo:  Rebecca Barnes


Dare, Mary Levina          07 Nov 1886                 Oct 1921

Fa:  C. L. Boyd                     Mo:  Sarah Caroline Henderson

Sp:  John Thomas Dare               Md:  18 Oct 1903 Book I-69 Pope Co. AR

Ch:  Opal NEWTON, Roy, Anna EUBANKS, J. T., Ellen NIXON, Guy, and Arnold


Denny, J. D.               05 Feb 1833              05 Sep 1891

Sp:  P. E.



Denny, P. E.                      1840              25 Mar 1917

Sp:  J. D. Denney

note:  Courier Democrat article dated 12 Apr 1917

Daughter:  Mrs. Jane Freeman



Galloway, Mrs. G. W.                                24 Jul 1928

No marker

note:  Courier Democrat article dated 09 Aug 1928  Tag News?


Harris, Ben and Munroe          no dates        carved in rock

note:  This rock was uncovered in a cleanup in 2001 and was in pieces.


Harris, Clerrinda                                         1923?

No Marker

Fa:  William Cowen                 Mo:  S. Letitia

Sp:  William M. Harris             Md: 24 Nov 1866 Hall Co. Georgia

Ch:  Mary Ann, Caldonia STAFFORD STANDRIDGE, William Thomas,

Anna May CASEY, James Fletcher, Boss, Mary Lou Patricia ROBERTS,

Rebecca Vada PETERS, and Letitia.

note: Information from Pope County History Book article written by David Bunton.


Harris, Oma May           08 Jul 1915               08 Nov 1919

No Marker

Fa:  Boss Harris                   Mo:  Mattie Ella Robert

note: Information from Pope County History Book article written by David Bunton.


Hickey, James                                       03 Oct 1913 age 12

No marker

note:  Courier Democrat article dated 16 Oct 1913


Johnson, J. W.                   1885               31 Mar 1923


Jones, Irma Bernice       28 Jan 1923               28 Feb 1908


Keeling, Angeline         08 Mar 1837               15 Aug 1908

Sp: A. F. Keeling


Laymon, Infant Daughter   22 Jan 1935               22 Jan 1935

Fa:  Johnathon Laymon              Mo:  Loise Hogan


Laymon, Loise             03 Feb 1918               23 Jan 1935

Fa:  George Washington Hogan       Mo:  Sallie Belle Boyd

Sp:  Johnathon Laymon


Ledford, Infant                                        Oct 1876

Fa:  J. F. Ledford born NC         Mo:  Nancy C. born AR


Ledford, Mrs. I. L.          Sep 1883


Ledford, Joseph F.                                  26 Jun 1922

No Marker

note:  Co. G, 39 Georgia Inf. discharged 16 Jul 1865

(from pension papers found in Pope Counth Courthouse)


Ledford, M. E.                                      02 Oct 1975


Newport, Daniel Parker    04 Mar 1890               10 Feb 1937

Sp:  Augy Hogan                    Md: 04 Aug 1907 Book I-599 Pope Co. AR


Newport, Clara D.                                      Sep 1921 age 11


Page, William Henry        born South Carolina             187?

Sp:  Celia Taylor

Ch:  Asia WHITEHEAD, Thomas G., William, Mary L. YOUNG, Min PARTRIDGE,

Willis Ben F., Elizabeth JONES, Robert G., Nehemiah Scott, Theopholis Dan.

note:  Celia Page is buried in Shannon Cemetery at Treat, AR. They moved to

Pope Co. in 1868 from Neshoba Co. Mississippi.


Reed, Infant Son                                    02 Oct 1924

Fa:  R. R. Reed                    Mo:  Annie


Roberts, Aubie  (twin)    11 Apr 1899

Fa:  James Monroe Roberts          Mo:  Sarah Fannie Dora West


Roberts, Claudia (twin)   11 Apr 1899                      1918

Fa:  James Monroe Roberts          Mo:  Sarah Fannie Dora West


Sherman, Easter                  1891

Fa:      Wooten

Sp:  T. K. Sherman                 Md:  05 Jun 1910 Book J-321 Pope Co AR


Sherman, George W.              1836?

Sp:  1. Unknown

2.  Caledonia  ?              Md:  ?  14 Apr 1881 Book E-478 Pope Co. AR

note: Co. F., 36 GA Inf. CSA

There are no dates on his stone.



Weatherman, Mollie        07 Mar 1884               06 Dec 1902

Fa:  William J. Weatherman         Mo:  Mary J. Younger


Weatherman, William J. (Jasper)  1848

Sp:  Mary J. Younger               Md:  27 Jul 1876 Book E-76 Pope Co. AR

Ch:  Nevada C. HARRIS

note:  Co. A., 11 MO Cav. Civil War



Wells, Cora               20 Apr 1883               06 Spe 1908

Fa:  James Monroe Roberts          Mo:  Sarah Fannie Dora West

Sp:  Joe T. Wells                  Md:  26 Apr 1903 Book H-628 Pope Co. AR


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