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Rushing Cemetery

Dover, Pope County, Arkansas

Submitted May 15, 2007, by Rose Underwood

Front of Cemetery says

Rushing Cemetery

Mail Donations to Rushing Cemetery 1270Linker Mtn. Road Dover Ar. 72837


Monument says at front of Cemetery

This Monument is in Memory and Honor of all those buried in the lost and unmarked graves in the Rushing Cemetery and in the Old Rushing Cemetery


Rushing Cemetery Dover Arkansas Pope County

Myrtle Mason Shaddon b. 9/22/1882 d. 12/18/1958 double headstone w/ Henry Shaddon

Charles William Mason b.1/16/1866 d. 2/4/1953

James Mason b.1870 d. 4/1936 double stone with Lucy

Lucy Mason b. 1880 d. 1960

Appaiona Mason  b. 2/28/1882 d. 2/22/1968

Ralph J. Mason b. 6/29/1927 d. 3/12/1980

Rhoda (Mason) Turney b. 2/9/1927 d. 5/20/1966

Frances D. Mason b. 1/06/1921 d. 10/12/2000

Devonna Lorene Mason b. 6/28/1958 d. 11/17/2003

Mary H. Mason b. 7/11/1877 d. 9/07/1917

John T Mason b. 9/25/1913 d. 11/16/2000 double w/o A. Vesta Mason

A. Vesta Mason b. 1/29/1919 No date of death

Troy W. Mason b. 1/11/1945 d. 11/3/1995 double stone w/o Margaret

Margaret L. b. 9/4/1947 d. no date

Mart Mason b. 10/29/1906 d. 8/02/1965 Double stone w/o Hattie

Hattie Mason b. 5/4/1909 d. no date

Clara Mason b. 1902 d. 1916 double with sister Neva

Neva Mason b. 1906 d. 1918

Delorise Jean Mason b. 11/28/1951 d. 12/29/1951

Lola Iness Mason birth and death 2/18/1926

G. W. Mason birth and death 12/8/1926

Gilbert B. Mason  b. 12/10/1900 d. 7/21/1965

Arley Edward Mason birth and death 12/12/1928

James Burton Mason b. 2/6/1919 d. 4/27/1975


Walter D. Osburn b. 9/06/1953 d. 6/07/1987


Henry Shaddon b. 9/4/1869 d. 1/7/1978 Double with Myrtle Mason Shaddon

John Shaddon b. 9/2/1912 d. 7/3/1967 double stone with Hazel Hurst Shaddon

Hazel (Hurst) Shaddon b. 10/10/1916 d. 3/17/1974

Ira  Shaddon b. 1906 d. 1922 stone is just a rock

Geneva Shaddon b. 1907 d. 1922 stone is just a rock

Chester Shaddon b. 10/30/1936 d. 7/21/1993 marked with Squirrel

Sylvia Shaddon b. 3/29/1939 d. 7/21/1999

George Shaddon b. 3/13/1963 d. 4/27/1963 Double stone with sister Francis (stone is beside where they are buried)

Francis Shaddon b. 9/07/1964 d. 9/7/1964  Double stone with brother George

Alanna Shaddon birth and death 10/19/2005

Amanda (Ivey) Shaddon Ward b. 7/1850 d. 1943  Stone is Rock

Edward Shaddon b. 6/12/1940   Double stone with Nellie Ruth Shaddon

Nellie Ruth (Spencer) Shaddon b. 12/22/1944 d. 1/03/2005


Zachary Burris  Son of John and Diane Burris, Grandson of Sammie and Kathy Litsey

Carl Michael McNeese III birth and death 10/12/2005

James Albert Hurst b. 12/1/1923 d. 4/10/1989  Double stone with Pearl Gray

Pearl (Gray) Hurst b. 11/27/1931


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