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Lane Cemetery

(also known as Loy Cemetery)

Loy, Madison County, Arkansas

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

Originally transcribed Dec 29,2001, by Rosa Cline

Updated July 18, 2003



Driving Directions: Coming from Hwy 412 you will turn onto Hwy 21 like you're going to Kingston. You will drive that about 7 miles until you hit Kingston Square. You will go straight and follow Hwy 74 (21 turns into 74 at Kingston) you will drive about 5 miles and the cemetery will be on your right up in a field. There isn't much parking at all, so you'll have to be careful. If you drive onto Lower Wharton Creek Cemetery you've gone too far (so turn around and go back.)

Another way from Huntsville is take Hwy 23 out of Huntsville about 4 miles and you will turn to your left onto Hwy 74 you will then drive about 9 miles and the Lane Cemetery will be on your left in a field. You will pass a charcoal plant, and Lower Wharton Creek Cemetery along the way.... If you drive onto Kingston Cemetery then you've gone to far and then turn around and follow the above directions :0)

It is said that there are about 10-15 people buried in this cemetery, who once had field rocks as their stones but one of the land owners threw them away to use the field for planting. If anyone knows of who these people are please contact us so we can give them an accurate burial reconiztion.

We have taken headstone pictures of just about all the stones out there... and still working on getting the rest... so if anyone would like to request a scanned picture just contact us. I have tried listing all the people out there in an alphabetic order before the transcriptions, sometimes I do leave people out (no meaning to) so if you are looking for someone and they aren't listed at first scroll down through the transcriptions and see if they are there. When I did this transcription I tried speaking with a few people who have given me added data and that is included in ( ), I know there are still many out there in unmarked will be trying to find their identities before my next update.

We have tried to include added data as we found it or as people have told us. Under the transcriptions anything in ( ) is stuff we either know about that person from our personal research, stuff off the internet, or from an obit. So please only use the "extra" stuff as a guide line for your own research. Unless they are our family members then we will not be responsible for the accuratcy of the information, (since you don't usually know where the person who got it before you got it from. )

We have tried to read the stones as accuratly as possible trying to read even the poems and inscriptions on the bottom. So if anyone knows of anyone buried out there that isn't on the list please contact us so we can accuratly document them. Thanks!


William Haywood Dotson "Willie"

Noah Driver

Emaline Hill

Jefferson Hill

Alvin Lane

Beatrice Hardenia Stewart Lane

Enoch Jackson Lane

Jesse Lane

Joseph Jack Lane

Lear Caroline Wood Lane

William Garrett Lane

Manulda McCorkle

Samuel McCorkle

Thomas Newberry

B. C. Sisco

M.A. Sisco




(This stone has been faded so badly you can't tell what it used to say)



Willie H. Dotson

born Apr 2, 1870

died Nov 4, 1901

Though thou art gone

Fond memories clings to thee

(William Haywood Dotson born in Madison County, AR d. AR son of Doctor Floyd Dotson Jr "Dock" and Thursa May Cook Dotson. He was married to Mary Learbell Stephenson "Molly")



Noah Driver


Feb 2,1835


May (possibly 5) 1873

(this stone is fading. He was born in White County, TN and died in Madison County, AR He was the son of Nathan Driver and Isabella Good Driver.He married Caroline Ellender Wharton.)



Emaline Hill

b. Feb 27, 1876 d. Mar 29, 1876

She was born and died in Madison County, Arkansas

Daughter of Christopher Columbus Hill and Laura Caroline Lane

(She apparently is in an unmarked grave as we didn't find a grave for her or her brother)



Jefferson D. Hill

b. May 18, 1888 d. July 10, 1891

He was born and died in Madison County, Arkansas

Son of Christopher Columbus Hill and Laura Caroline Lane

(He apparently is in an unmarked grave as we didn't find a grave for him or his sister)



Hardenia B.

wife of

E.J. Lane

Aug 29, 1849

Feb 7, 1923

How deselite is

our family __

of thee.

(Beatrice Hardenia Stewart Lane b. Yale, AR d. Rogers, AR daughter of William Marion Stewart and Lousea Luvina Alis Swift Stewart. She was married to Enoch Jackson Lane


E.J. Lane

Dec 14, 1847

Feb 13, 1934

(Enoch Jackson Lane

He was born at Madison County, Arkansas, and died in Kingston, AR.

Son of Garrett Jackson Lane and Lear Caroline Wood

He was married to Melinda Hickey and Beatrice Hardenia Stewart)



Garrett Jackson Lane

b. May 16, 1800 d. July 11, 1877

(He was born in Jefferson County, TN and d. Loy, AR. We found no headstone for him or his wife so they're probably in an unmarked graves)


Lear Caroline Wood Lane

b. Mar 16, 1821 d. Aug 18, 1900

She was born in GA and d. Madison County, AR daughter of Enoch Wood and Jane Lovelady Wood We found no headstone for her or her husband so they're probably in an unmarked graves)



Our Darlings Together in Heaven

Jesse Lane


Nov 11, 1883


July 18, 1903

weep not he is at rest

Joseph J. Lane


June 16, 1890


Sept 20, 1890

From mother's arms

to the arms of Jesus

Alvin Lane


Apr 17, 1877


Nov 4, 1899

Not lost but gone before

(This is a triple headstone of children of Enoch Jackson Lane and Beatrice Hardenia Stewart Lane. Joseph and Jesse I have born in Loy, Ar and died in Madison County, AR. I have Joseph's middle name as Jack)



(engraved picture of gates of Heaven with 'at rest' on top)

Wm. Garrett Lane

born Sept 23, 1881

died July 25, 1928

He was beloved by God and man

(William Garrett was born in Loy, AR and died in Madison County, AR Son of Enoch Jackson Lane and Beatrice Hardenia Stewart Lane.)



(this is a standing homemade stone)







Thomas L.D. son of

T. J. & A. E. Newberry

born Feb 29, 1884

died Apr 23, 1884



B.C. Sisco

May 29, 1854

Apr 20, 1930

Asleep in Jesus

(is beside and looks just like M. A. Sisco's)



M.A. Sisco

Feb 25, 1860

(death date is blank except the 19 in the date)

Gone but not forgotten

(is beside and looks just like B. C. Sisco's)



Flossie Stephenson

b. Jan 25, 1901 d. July 7, 1902


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