Arkansas Cemeteries


Cecil Cemetery

Kingston, Madison County, Arkansas

Transcribed April 2001 by Robert & Rosa Cline

Updated October 2003


This cemetery is a small older family cemetery. All the headstones are old and fading and some you can't read, and some just are rocks. There are two out there that are newer graves and they are relatives of the people living by the cemetery.

There are five rocks out there or slabs without writing.


To get to this cemetery. From Kingston Square, turn on Highway 21.The cemetery is located in a field almost right behind the fire department/library building. To get to it you turn on the first road (which is dirt) after the fire department.


NOTE: I mistakenly left out one headstone when I originally transcribed this

cemetery. This should now be a complete cemetery listing of everyone that has

a stone. -though I've been told that there possibly are many without stones.

There are several stories behind this cemetery one being said that it never

has been very big.. the other saying it onced had over 50 people there.

Either way... the below is a completed transcription of all the headstones....


NOTE: Click on highlighted names for tombstone photo.

Tombstone photos provided by Robert & Rosa Cline at the Madison Co, AR Scrapbook website by Judy Tate



---erson Davis Carroll

son of John Carroll

born -------- 1861

died June 1881

at Kingston

(This is Jefferson Davis Carroll, he was the son of John Carroll

Jefferson was born Sept 25, 1861 and murdered on June 24, 1881

in Kingston, AR.)


J.C. son of O.T. & M.A. Cecil

died Aug. 2, 1879

age 1 yr 4 mths 24 dys.


J.J.P. Cecil

died Oct. 15, 1873

aged 15 yrs. 5 mths. 6 days

blessed are the dead that die in

the Lord, for they shall see God.

(This is Joseph James Pinkley Springs Cecil son of John Cecil and

Mary Davis Cecil)


J.E. son of S.O. & W. D. Cecil

died Sept. 28, 1878

aged 5 yrs 8 mths 3 days

(This is John Edmond Cecil he was the second son of Sarah Olive

Hedgepeth Cecil and William Hiram Cecil)


M.C. dau of S.O. and W. D. Cecil

died Nov. 5, 1878

age 1 mth 1 day



John Cecil

died June 1, 1884

age 62 yrs 1 mth 24 days


Mary A. Cecil

died Feb.28, 1884

age 59 yrs. 20 days.

(this had some more writting but was unreadable)

( The writting says "A loving father and mother dear, Two faithful

friends lie buried here."

John was the oldest son of Joseph Cecil and Margaret Cecil.

He served in the Confederate Army, Brooks Batallion...later leading a

band of guerilla forces in Arkansas)


William S.

son of

W.H. & S.O. Cecil


June 3, 1887


Sep 16, 1888

Gone to the (rest unreadable)

(NOTE: I mistakenly left his stone out in my original

transcription... )


Ewell Henry Beard

born June 26, 1920

died Nov. 20, 2000

age 80

Brashears Funeral Home

Huntsville, Arkansas

(he doesn't have a headstone yet only the funeral home marker)

(I have his obit. He is the son of Aubrey and Ada Wharton Beard)


Walking the hills of Glory

Jeremy Weaver

b. Sept. 16, 1977 d. Feb. 12, 1993

(the headstone has his picture and engraved picture of forest with

deer and quail)

(he is the son of Frank and Beth Weaver. He died from some sort of


(Ewell Henry Beard and Jeremy Weaver are grandpa and grandson.)


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