Arkansas Cemeteries


Walter’s Chapel Cemetery

Lonoke County, Arkansas

Submitted October 23, 2005, by Diane Williamson

Updated January 26, 2007



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 **Please note** There are 2 sections to this cemetery.....Old and New.

You will see this designation right after each name.

If the name you seek has no info, or you have information to add

or correct please drop me an email. [email protected]


 Abbreviations used: n/d=no date, h/o=husband of, w/o=wife of, s/o=son of,

              d/o=daughter of, m/o=mother of, f/o= father of.


 SAUER, Betty Louise: New--b. 6-May-1937, d. 24-Apr-1985,

d/o Bert F. & Mary Ann Johnson


SAVAGE, Lou F.: Old--b. 3-Mar-1847, d. 21-Dec-1925,

d/o Levin & Rebecca Rainey Savage


SCOTT, Mary Ellen: Old--b. 23-Nov-1854, d. 20-Mar-1876,

w/o J. H. Scott


SCOTT, Nettie Rochell: Old – b. 25 May 1880, d. 28 Oct. 1918

w/o William A. Rochell


SCREETON, Bessie: Old—b. May 1890, d. 25 July 1965,

d/o Frank Norman & Romie Hackney Screeton


SCRETTON, Harold: Old—b. Nov. 1887, d. 24 Sept. 1957,

s/o Frank  Norman & Romie Hackney Scretton


SCREETON, Romie Hackney: Old--b. 3-Jul-1856, d. 12-Apr-1939

w/o Frank Norman Screeton,  d/o Joshua & Theresa Reese Hackney


SCRETTON, Wilks Booth: Old—b. 4 Nov. 1889, d. 30 Oct. 1859,

s/o Frank Norman & Romie Hackney Scretton


SCROGGS, Addie L.: Old--b. 1877, d. 1945,

w/o John E. Rollins


SCROGGS, Thelma: Old--b. 1900, d. 1901,

d/o Vance & Laura Scroggs


SCROGGS, Queen V.:  Old--b. abt. 1898, d. n/d,

w/o Loyd M. Ingle


SEEVERS, Marie: Old--b. 18-Mar-1906, d. 7-May-1982,

w/o William. J. Rivers


SHEPPARD, Anderson: Old--b. 31-Jun-1917, d. 18-Sep-1918,

s/o John & Birtie Sheppard


SHEPPARD, Bertie: Old--b. 25-Jul-1891, d. 2-Mar-1929,

w/o John Sheppard


SHEPPARD, Infant Son: Old – b. Jan. 1917, d. 18 Sept. 1918,

s/o John & Bertie Sheppard


SHIPP, Johnnie Pearl: Old--b. 6-Mar-1920, d. 30-Aug-1988,

d/o Franklin & V. Page Shipp


SHOPPACH, Ruth Rogers: Old--b. 1897, d. 1925,

d/o Louis F. & Nannie Rogers


SIM, Heber: Old--b. 1-Sep-1843, d. 2-Nov-1898


SIM, William B.: Old--b. 3-Sep-1896, d. 4-Sep-1903

s/o Alvira Sims


SIMS, Infant boy: New--b. 12-May-1975, d. 12-May-1975,

s/o Edward & Nancy Sims


SKILLERN, R. B.: Old--no dates, obit from Stuttgart paper


SKILLERN, Susie: Old--b. 10-Aug-1880, d. 13-Jun-1960


SKILLERN, W. S.: Old--b. 21-Jan-1860, d. 21-Jul-1933


SMART, Cecil M.: Old--b. 1948, d. 1949

s/o Chester & Dorothy Oliver Smart


SMART, Chester: Old—b. 18 Sept. 1921, d. 16 Jan. 2004

h/o Dorothy Oliver Smart, f/o Cecil M. Smart


SMART, Dorothy Oliver: Old--b. 6-Mar-1927, d. 26-Jan-1983

w/o Chester Smart, d/o Merk & Lou Hester Groom Oliver


SMITH, Ellie M.Ricks: New--b. 25-Nov-1909, d. 31-Mar-1998,

 w/o Erby H. Smith, d/o William L. & Nancy Beggs Ricks


SMITH, Erby H.: New--b. 22-Feb-1906, d. 18-Jan-1994,

h/o Ellie M. Ricks Smith


SMITH, Eudora Watkins: Old--b. 24-Mar-1879, d. 19-Apr-1906,

w/o A.J. Smith


SMITH, Jackie B.: Old --b. 1945, d. 1996


SMITH, Jacqueline "Boots" Dorsett:  New--b. 20-Jul-1965, d, 1-Nov-1996


SMITH, Jewel Ila: Old--b. 30-Nov-1903, d. 24-Aug-1905,

d/o A.J. & Eudora Watkins Smith


SMITH, Mary Alma: Old -- b. 3 Oct. 1900, d. 10 Nov. 1900

d/o A.J. & Eudora Watkins Smith


SMITH, Mary Hetrick:  Old--b. 31-Oct-1876, d. 25-Mar-1970

w/o Spencer P. Smith


SMITH, Sadie K. Carter: Old--b. 1886, d. 1968,

d/o Katherine Smith w/o Robert L. Carter


SMITH, Spencer P.: Old--b. 18-Nov-1860, d. 9-Feb-1935,

 h/o Mary Hetrick Smith, s/o Thomas &  Charlotte Wilson Smith

born in Ill.


SMITH, Sylvia Oliver: Old--b. 2-Feb-1903, d. 14-Jan-1982,

w/o Vernon Young Oliver, d/o Spencer & Mary Hetrick Smith


SOUTH, Mary Ellen: Old--b. 23-Nov-1854, d. 20-Mar-1876,

w/o J. H. South


SPARKS, Anna Margery Mills: Old--b. 7-feb-1858, d. 17-Feb-1900,

d/o Thos & Catherine Mills, w/o Jonas David Sparks


SPARKS, Billy: Old--b. 25-Mar-1929, d. 25-Mar-1938


SPARKS, Burney: Old--b. 13-Jan-1888, d. 27-Jul-1913


SPARKS, Confort Stratton born Apr. 1838

I am unclear if she is buried here or not


SPARKS, Dalla: Old--b. 8-Feb-1884, d. 13-May-1970,

2nd. w/o Walter W. Sparks, d/o James & Fannie Faucett

(James may be her step father)


SPARKS, Daniel (Rev.): Old--b. 30-Dec-1802, d. 25-Jun-1877; b. in Rowan Co.,


s/o David & Mary Eakle Little Sparks


SPARKS, Elazer "Dock": Old--b. 23-Sep-1887, d. 2-Jun-1953,

 s/o James & Maggie Melton Sparks


SPARKS, George D.: Old--b. 8-Mar-1875, d. 23-Dec-1889, Age 14 years

s/o John S. & Sarah J. Sparks


SPARKS, Ida Lou: Old--b. 12-Aug-1900, d. 27-Dec-1924,

w/o Thomas E. Sparks


SPARKS, Ida:  Old. b. n/d, d. 4-Aug-1897,

d/o John S.& Sarah Sparks

     (Buried with sister Mrs. Myran Isbell.  see story.  (Miss Ida died

    at 6 a.m.; Mrs. Myran at 10 a.m.)


SPARKS, James Daniel: Old--b. 29-Sep-1850, d. 21-Apr-1897,

h/o Maggie Sparks (Margaret Melton Sparks)


SPARKS, James Elton: Old--b. 4-Jul-1880, d. 5-Apr-1918,

s/o James & Maggie Sparks


SPARKS, Jesse D.: Old--b. 23-Nov-1882, d. 23-Aug-1908,

s/o James & Maggie Sparks


SPARKS, John S.: Old-- b.1838, d. 1908  CSA Veteran

w/o Sarah J. Sparks 



SPARKS, Jonas David: Old--b. 23-Oct-1854, d. 17-Feb-1900,

s/o David & Comfort M. Sparks, h/o Anna M. Mills, b in TN


SPARKS, Laura May Craig: Old--b. 20-Dec-1883, d. 29-Sep-1899


SPARKS, “Maggie” Margaret A. Melton: Old--b. 11-Dec-1853, d. 31-Mar-1922,

w/o James Daniel Sparks


SPARKS, Mary: Old--b. 23-Feb-1807, d. 23-Sep-1900,

w/o Rev. Daniel Sparks


SPARKS, Mrs. Myran Isbell:  Old. b. n/d d.1897 (sister of Ida) (obtained from


 history buried with sister Ida who died the same day), d/of John S. & Elizabeth



SPARKS, Melton: Old--b. 22-Sep-1906, d. 23-Sep-1933,

s/o Walter W. & Mollie Melton Sparks


SPARKS, Mollie: Old--b. 22-Jan-1880, d. 6-Nov-1908,

1st. w/o Walter W. Sparks


SPARKS, Sarah J.: Old--b. 4-Sep-1842, d. 23-Jul-1882,

w/o John S. Sparks


SPARKS, Thomas Overton: Old--b. 3-Oct-1874, d. 18-Aug-1958,

s/o James Daniel & Maggie Melton Sparks


SPARKS, Walter Walter: Old--b. 5-Dec-1877, d. 17-Jan-1948,

 h/o Mollie, s/o James Daniel  & Maggie Melton Sparks


SPARKS, William:  Old--b. abt. 1844, d. Apr. 1921 (Fought in the Civil War)


SPEIGHT, Eula Rowe: Old – b. 23 July 1898, d. 5 July 1970

w/o Rev. W.C. Rowe


SPENCER, Andrew M.: Old--b. 28-Feb-1894, d. 8-Mar-1979,

h/o Ora L. Spencer, s/o Rebecca Howell Spencer


SPENCER, Clifford Dale:  New--b. 30-May-1950, d. 15-Dec-1972,  U.S. Army Veteran


s/o Glenn &  Mildred Hamilton Spencer,  Killed in Car Accident


SPENCER, Glenn (Glynn): Old--b. 27 Apr. 1916, d. 26 Dec. 1989, WWII Vet,

h//o Mildred Hamilton


SPENCER, Ora L. Guess: Old--b. 16-Nov-1892, d. 17-Mar-1984,

w/o Andrew M. Spencer, d/o Washington Jasper & Mary Ella Rogers Guess


STAGGS, Cora Jane: Old--b. 1874, d. 8-Nov-1971,

w/o Joseph M. Harrison, d/o William & Catherine Staggs


STAGGS, Doyle Davis: Old--b. 20-Mar-1904, d. 13-Sep-1909,

s/o E. Staggs & Margaret Lucy Anderson Staggs



STAGGS, E. (Ezekle): Old--b. 29-Feb-1875, d. 8-Aug-1924

1st. h/o Margaret Lucy Anderson Staggs


STAGGS, Henrietta: Old--b. 8-Jun-1869, d. 10-Jun-1940,

w/o W.R. Welch, d/o William & Catherin Staggs


STAGGS, Margaret Lucy Anderson:  Old--b. 20-Ap-1851, d. 19-July-1909.

B/in Atlanta, Georgia. Came to AR in 1873 and resided at Cross Roads.

Married twice     2st. w/o  E.(Ezekle)  Staggs, second to R. F. Waters.

d/o Cornelius & attaminetta Queen Anderson

(other dates for Margaret Lucy Anderson are 29 Apr. 1850-8 Feb. 1928)


STAGGS, Roy:  Old--b. d August 1924

(Survived by wife and two daughters,  Irma & Belton)


STANLEY, Alma: Old--no dates


STANLEY, Cora Jane Rochell: Old--b. 6-Nov-1891, d. 3-May-1979,

w/o Kelly Estus Stanley, d/o Nathaniel  & Nancy Ellen Burklew Rochell


STANLEY Infant, d/o

Nathaniel  & Nancy Ellen Burklew Rochell


STANLEY, Doshia Kerr:  Old--b. 16-Sep-1868, d. 23-Dec-1939 b. in TN,

w/of Jeff J. Stanley   d/o Frances Y & Louise Hampton Kerr


STANLEY, Ella:  Old--15-Aug-1903, d. 19-Jan-1967


STANLEY, J.Clifford: Old--b. 24-Apr-1897, d. 19-Jun-1901,

s/o Jeff J. & Doshia Kerr Stanley


STANLEY, Jim Tom (J.T.) Old--b. 2-Sep-1879, d. 2-Feb-1942,

h/o Lula, s/o Billy & Ann Carr Stanley


STANLEY, Jeff J.:  Old--b. in TN 7-Oct-1862, d. Aug-29-1924,

h/o Doshia Kerr Stanley  One daughter Mrs. John Guess

born in Tenn.


STANLEY, Johnnie W.:  Old--b. 1943, d. 1943


STANLEY, Kelly Eustus:  Old--b. 30-Oct-1890, d. 8-Feb-1938,

h/o Cora J. Rochell & s/o Billy & Ann Carr Stanley


STANLEY, L. C.: Old--b. 1915, d. 1939

c/o Kelly Esutus & Cora J. Rochell Stanley


STANLEY, Lena Bell:  Old--b.29-Jan-1983, d. 2-Jul-1977,

d/o Charlie & Winnie M. Stanley


STANLEY, Lillian: Old--n/d

w/o Leroy Brining


STANLEY, Lula Ann: Old--b.26-Dec-1981, d. 21-Oct-1927


STANLEY, Mary Ann Johnson: New-- b. 31 July 1918 d. n/d

w/o Bert F. Johnson, d/o Kelly Esutus & Cora Jane Rochell Stanley


STANLEY, M.arvin Old--b. 1927, d. 1927,

s/o Kelly Esutus  & Cora J. Rochell Stanley


STANLEY, Malinda J Mapels.:  Old--b. 20 Apr. 1910, d. 5 Dec. 1997,

w/o William W.Stanley


STANLEY, Marvin Lee:  Old--24-Jun-1934, d. 29-Aug-1938, b. OK,

s/o William W. & Tilly Evans Stanley


STANLEY, Nancy Ann Kerr   b. 27 Sept. 1890 d. 1910

w/o William Stanley, d/o Young Francis & Louise Hampton Kerr


STANLEY, Nettie I.: Old--25-Jul-1889-, d. 13-Jul-1973, b. in TX,

w/o John N. Guess, d/o Jess & Doshia Kerr Stanley


STANLEY, Susie:  Old--b. 8-Aug-1912, d. 10-Oct-1937


STANLEY, William  no more information


STANLEY, William Washington:  New--b. 9-Sept-1912, d. 10-May-1969, WW2, Pfc. Co.

B, 1777 Eng. Bn.

h/o Melinda J. Stanley, s/o Kelly Esutus & Cora Rochell Stanley


STEEL, Mary F.: Old--b. 22-Oct-1830, d. 3-Aug-1908,

w/o Issac D. Booe, m.arried in 1863


STELL, Erma Lea Churchwell:  New--b. 5-Aug-1934, d. n/d

w/o Sammie G. Stell, d/o Floyd & Francis Norma Crowder Churchwell


STELL, Sammie G.: New--b. 9-Jul-1929, d. 5-May-1986,

h/o Erma Lea Churchwell Stell,  s/o Columbus & Mary  Lusty Stell


STINNETT, Era E.: Old--b. 4-Dec-1908, d. 12-Aug-1973


STONE, William Old--b. abt. 1868, d. 1928

 (from newspaper) from Cross Roads (one bro, Tom Stone,

 1/2 brother Dr. Wrbritton, b. TN


STOWELL, Frank J.: Old--15-Aug-1863, d. 11-Aug-1942


STRATTON, Connfort Sparks: Old—b. unk. d. aft. 1900

No marker has been found

In 1900 she was a widow living with her son James Edward Stratton & wife Cora


STRATTON, Cora: Old--b. 11-Dec-1876, d. 29-Mar-1921

w/o Frank


STRATTON, Cora B.: Old--b. 11-Feb-1873, d. 24-Jan-1901,

w/o James Edward Stratton


STRATTON, Ed:  Old--b.5-May-1826, d. 25-June-1875. CSA, Co. D, 50 Ark. Mil.

h/o Comfort Sparks Stratton


STRATTON, Frank: Old--b. 18-Jul-1864, d. 18-Jul-1940,

h/o Cora Stratton, s/of Ed & Comfort


STRATTON, Infant:  Old--b.31-May-1930, d. 31-May-1930,

c/o Frank (?) & Cora Stratton


STRATTON, James Edward:  Old--b. 3-Jun-1873, d. 24-Aug-1928,

h/o Cora B. Stratton, s/o Ed & Confort Sparkes Stratton


STRATTON, Lou T.:  Old--28-Aug-1866, d. 7-Jun-1900,

w/o Marcus L. McCuin, d/of Ed & Comfort Sparks Stratton


STRICKLAND Edna Oliver: Old—b. abt. 1889, d. 24 Dec. 1927

w/o Ed. Strickland, d/o George W. & Rebecca Linsby Oliver

No marker Ark. Death certificate state she is buried here


STRICKLAND Edward (Ed): Old—b. abt. 1881, d. 19 Feb. 1929

h/o Edna Oliver Strickland

no marker Ark. Death certificate states he is buried here


STRICKLAND, George H.:  Old--b. 24-Aug-1909, d. 31-Oct-1909,

s/o Ed & Edna Oliver Strickland


STRICKLAND, Elmer E.: Old – b. abt. 1917, d. 2 Nov. 1937

s/o Ed. & Edna Oliver Strickland

no marker Ark. Death certificate states he is buried here


SUMMERS, Elizabeth:  Old--b. 13-Mar-1898,d. 26-Jun-1975,

w/of Forrest O. Phillips


TAYLOR, Tony A.: Old--b. n/d, d. 29-Oct-1921, old painted marker


THOMAS, William Garrison "Gary":  Old--b. 31-Dec-1946, d. 5-Feb-2001

of Dallas, TX.      s/o J Keeley McDaniel and Mildred Mae Moore Thomas


THOMAS, Keeley:  Old--b. 4-Feb-1919, d. 5-May-1993


THOMPSON, Cynthia K.: Old--b. 1962, d. 1962, Westbrook FH Marker

d/o Russell & Betty Spencer Thompson


THRASHER, Emma Tipton:  Old--b. 6-Aug-1869, d. 22-Oct-1949,

w/o Robert Thasher


THRASHER, Robert:  Old--b. 27-May-1864, d. 10-Sep-1930,

 h/o Emma Tipton Thrasher


TIPTON, Dennis:  New--n/d


TIPTON, Harvie F.:   Old--6-Dec-1889, d. 16-Oct-1899,

s/o John Adolphus & Minnie Belle Isabell Tipton

½ brother of Woodrow Wilson Tipton


TIPTON, Maud: Old--b. 1880, d. 1915,

 w/o Will Tipton


TIPTON, Maxine:  New--b. 1917, d. 1999

w/o Woodrow Wilson Tipton, d/o James Luther & Merna Elizabeth Oliver Baxter


TIPTON, Minnie Belle Isabell :  Old--b.15-Sep-1870, d. 14-Dec-1906,

1st w/o John  Adolphus Tipton, d/o Francis M. & Susan Maxwell Isabell


TIPTON, Virgil:  Old--b. 12-Feb-1908, d. 11-May-1965, WW2, Pvt. US Army


TIPTON, Wardie Hamilton: Old—b. 1896, d. 1984

w/o Elmo Hamilton, d/o John Adolphus & Minnie Bell Isabell Tipton


TIPTON, Will:  Old--b. 1874, d. 1955,

h/o Maud


TIPTON, Woodrow Wilson: New—b. 2 May 1924, d. n/d

h/o Maxine Baxter Tipton, s/o John Adolphus & Burilie Lee Tate Tipton


TUCKER, Maggie Wawak:  Old--27-Mar-1884, d. 24-Nov-1936,

w/o Frank Cleveland Wawak,  d/o Dan & Lucinda Vines Tucker


TUTISON, Hilda M.:  Old--b. July-1944, d. n/d


VANZANDT, Ida E. Yeager:  Old--b.1861, d. 1954,

w/o Dr. J.M. Vanzant, d/o R.L. & Elizabeth Sanders Yeager


VANZANDT, J. M. (Dr.):  Old--b.20-Oct-1841, d. 7-Aug-1904, CSA, Co. K. MO, Cav,

h/o Ida E. Yeager Vanzant, d/o R.L. & Elizabeth Sanders Yeager


VAUGHN, Margaret:  Old-b. 20-Ju-1912, d. 4-Aug-1918


WALKER, Jimmy Lee:  New--b. 19-Apr-1987, d. 20-Jul-1987,

s/o Marty & Marie Walker


WALTERS, Sarah A.:  Old--b. n/d, d. n/d, 4 years, 10 months one day,

d/o Thomas & Sarah H.  Boyd Walters


WALTERS, Thomas H.: Old0--5-Sep-1846, d. 11-Dec-1870

Probably the father of Thomas B Walters


WALTERS, Thos. B. Old:  b. abt. 1801, d. abt. 1858,

h/o Sarah H. Boyd Walters

The old section of Walter’s Chapel Cemetery was donated by him at

the time of his death. See Walter’s Chapel history for more information


WARBRITTON, Andrew G.:  Old--b. 1884, d. 1948,

 h/o Clara Warbritton


WARBRITTON, Clara:  Old--b. 1890, d. 1982,

w/o Andrew G. Warbritton


WARBRITTON, Eva J.:  Old--b. in Atlanta  in 1892, d. abt. 1928

Married to O.G. Warbritton in 1905.  

Was a daughter in law of Dr. J. E. Warbritton of Carlisle/Fayetteville


WARBRITTON, Roberta W. Rollins:  Old--b.26-Sep-1881,  d. 27-Mar-1921,

2nd w/of Dr. J. E. Warbritton


WARBRITTON, W. A.:  New--b.1917, d. 1974


WARNER, Achel A.:  Old--b. 8-Aug-1920, d. 13-Feb-1954, WW 2, PFC 125 QM CO. BSM


WATERS, Margaret Lucy Anderson.: Old--b. 29-Apr-1851, d.8-Feb-1928

1st. w/o E. Staggs,   2nd. w/o  R. F. Waters, b. in Atlanta, Ga.


WATKINS, Eudora Smith: Old – 24 Mar. 1879, d. 19 Apr. 1906

w/o A.J. Smith


WATKINS, John C.:  Old--b. 8-Mar-1847, d. 9-Nov-1924


WATKINS, Matilda:  Old--b. 5-Sept-1847, d. 9-Jun-1924,

w/o John C. Watkins


WATKINS, Nathan M:  Old--b.5-Dec-1879 d. 27-Dec-1927 at the age of 50. 

Died at  his home at Altheimer, s/o John  C. Watkins, a pioneer settler of the


Chapel neighborhood. Survived by his widow (Lillian Watkins), brother, four

sons, and four daughters.


WAWAK, Adam C.:  New--b. 15-Nov-1909, d. n/d,

h/o Nellie Mae Faucett Wawak


WAWAK, F. G.(Frank Cleveland):  Old--b. 1868, d. 1946,

 h/o Maggie Tucker


WAWAK, Maggie Tucker:  Old--b. 27-Mar-1884, d .24-Nov-1936,

w/of Frank Cleveland Wawak,  d/o Dan Tucker   & Lucinda Vines Tucker


WAWAK, Nellie M.:  Old--b. 10-Jun-1915, d. 7-Jun-1987,

w/o Adam C. Wawak, d/o Tyson & Myrtle Faucett


WEATHERLY, Babetta B. Rupprechet: New--b. 11-Apr-1903, d. 5-Aug-1973,

w/o Carl L. Weatherley


WEATHERLY, Barbara Orton:  New--b. 2-Oct-1959, d. n/d,

 h/o William  Bryant Weatherly


WEATHERLY, Carl L.:  New--b. 8-sep-1918, d. 4-Feb-1988,

h/o Babetta B. Rupprechet Weatherly


WEATHERLY, Harvie:  Old--b. 23-Dec-1917, d. 6-Aug-1984,

h/o Vina King, s/o William  & Lela Thornton Weatherly


WEATHERLY, Jo Ann Roach:  New--b. 21-Oct.1940, d. 5-Jan-1998

w/o William G. Weatherly, d/o Hall & Clarice V. Roach


WEATHERLY, Joseph Lynn "Joe":  New--b.8-Sep-1960, d. 15-Feb.1977


WEATHERLY, Kathy Annette:  New--b. 13-Feb-1981, d. 13-Feb-1981


WEATHERLY, Mollie Ricks: Old. B. 29 Oct. 1913, d. n/d

w/o Olan Ricks


WEATHERLY, Vina King:  Old--b. 15-Dec-1911, d. 13-Dec-1995,

w/o Harvie Weatherley, d/o John C. & Mertie King


WEATHERLY, William Bryant:  New--b.20-sept-1959, d. 8-Apr-1997,

h/o Barbara Orton


WEATHERLY, William G.:  New--b. 27-Jun-1934, d. 19 Dec. 2001

h/o JoAnn Roach Weatherly


WEBB, Eller:  Old--b. 31-Dec-1872, d. 17-Jan-1895,

d/o Zachary Taylor  & Alsey M. Russom


WEBB, H.T.:  Old--b. 5-Jun-1840, d. 17-Mar-1890


WELCH, Emmett Jake:  Old--b. 14-Nov-1898, d. 29-Jun-1988


WELCH, Frank Edward:  Old--b. 13-Nov-1933, d. 22-Oct-1955, 2 Lt. USAF Korea,

s/o William  Robert Welch


WELCH, George:  Old--b. 28-Mar-1905, d. 14-Sep-1906,

s/o William Robert & Henrietta Staggs Welch


WELCH, Henrietta Staggs:  Old--b. 8-Jun-1869, d. 10-Jun-1940,

w/o William Robert Welch, d/o William & Catherine Staggs


WELCH, Jerry H.:  Old--b. in NC abt. 1834, dod not readable, CSA Co. E, 1 Ark.  Cav.

  h/o Adeline


WELCH, Lillie Mae:  Old--b. 8-Feb-1892, d. 16-Feb-1977

w/o Adam Ziegler, d/o William Robert & Henrietta Staggs Welch


WELCH, Robert E.:  Old--b. 15-Jul-1893, d. 9-Sep-1947


WELCH, Ruth Hansel:  Old--b. 5-Nov-1907, d. 22-Mar-1914,

d/o William Robert & Henrietta Welch


WELCH, Verna:  New--b. 5-Feb-1901, d. 9-June-1995


WELCH, Willard Franklin:  Old--30-Dec-1915, d. 7-Mar-1920,

s/o Frank & Flossie J. Welch


WELCH, William Robert:  Old--26-May-1861, d. 6-Jan-1946

h/o Henrietta Staggs Welch


WHITE, Annie A. Nichols:  Old--b. 13-Jul-1852, d. 17-Oct-1931,

w/o George Henry White, d/o Wiley & Margaret Baker Nichols


WHITE, George Henry:  Old--b. 5-Jan-1848, d. 1-Aug-1920, b. in N. Carolina

h/o Annie A. Nichols White


WHITE, Mattie Harris:  Old--11-Aug-1894, d. 24-Mar-1969

d/o Joseph & Stella Young Harris


WHITE, Thomas Nichols:  Old--b. 1876, d. 1950, oldest

Oldest s/o George Henry &  Annie A. Nichols White


WHITTENBURG, Jaman M.:  Site of Old Methodist Church--b. 18 Sept. 1935, d. 28

Oct. 1994


WILLIAMS, Anna Rogers:  Old--b. 1888, d. 13-Jan-1914,

w/o James Robert Williams, d/o Noah & Elizabeth Rhoten Rogers


WILLIAMS, Edward Poe:   Old--b. 7-Feb-1920, d. 18-Feb-1920,

next to Josepg & Mary Williams


WILLAMS, J.: Methodist Church Site—b. 1935, d. 1994


WILLIAMS, James Robert (Jim):  Old--b. 19-Jan-1881, d.13-Jan-1914,

h/o Anna Rodgers s/o John Carr Williams


WILLIAMS, John Carr: Old—11 Dec. 1852, d. 5 Mar. 1928

 h/o Martha Elizabeth (Betty) Rice


WILLIAMS, Joseph H.:  Old--b. 12-May-1867, d. 12-Sep-1939,

h/o Mary L. Williams


WILLIAMS, Joseph Mayben:  Old--b. 1910, d. 13-Mar-1989, US Navy WWII


WILLIAMS, Luther B.:  Old--b. 20-May-1903, d. 28-Jul-1935,

h/o Lovie Horton, s/o James Robert & Anna Rogers Williams 


WILLIAMS, Margaret Annie:  New--b. 8-Dec-1912, d. 13-May-1975


WILLIAMS, Martha Elizabeth Rice:  Old--9-Mar-1949, d. 8-Mar-1920,

 w/o John Carr Williams, d/o J.R. & Mary L. Rice


WILLIAMS, Mary Ellen:  New--b. 21-May-1909, d. 3-Jan-1979


WILLIAMS, Mary L.:  Old--b. 11-Oct-1979, d. 3-Jul-1948,

w/o Joseph H. Williams


WILLIAMS, Mildred Alma:  Old--b. 9-Dec-1875, d. 7-Mar-1911,

w/o Luna B. Cook, d/o John C. & Martha E. Williams


WINBORN, William G.:  Old--b. 15-Jan-1861, d. 17-Apr-1871,

s/o F.M. & A. Winborn (located by Tho. Walter's headstone)


WOOD, Laura Louise Beggs: Old—b. 6 Sept. 1876, d. 5 Feb. 1958

w/o Sam Beggs


WORSHAM, Lucy Ann:  Old--b. 1-Jan-1856, d. 17-Sep-1926, born in Tenn.

w/o Lafayette Green Isbell, d/o William Worsham


WRAY, Fannie:  Old--b. 1860, d. 1923

w/o ? Boles


WRAY, Mattie R.:  Old--b. 1895, d. 21-May-1919,

w/o George Fred Oliver


YEAGER, Ida E.Vanzant:  Old--b. 1861, d. 1954

w/o Dr. J.M. Vanzant, d/o R.L. & Elizabeth Sanders Yeager


YOUNG, Stella Young:  Old--b. 1860, d. 1945

w/o Joseph Harris born in PA


ZIEGLER, Andrew C.:  Old-b. 8-Jan-1884, d. 17-Aug-1964,

 s/o Milton & Katheryn Bender Ziegler born in Pa.

(Andrew was a orphan who came from Philadelphia and married

Lillie Mae Welch from Cross Roads Community according to

Mrs. Audry Jennings as told to Nancy Felts Dunlap)


ZIEGLER, Lillie Mae Welch:  Old--b. 8-Feb-1892, d. 12-Feb-1977,

w/o Andrew C. Ziegler, d/o Robert & H. Welch


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