Arkansas Cemeteries


Walter’s Chapel Cemetery

Lonoke County, Arkansas

Submitted October 23, 2005,  by Diane Williamson



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  **Please note** There are 2 sections to this cemetery.....Old and New.

You will see this designation right after each name. 

Abbreviations used: n/d=no date, h/o=husband of, w/o=wife of, s/o=son of,

d/o=daughter of, m/o=mother of, f/o= father of.

Some information listed here comes from census research and  family history.

CORRECTIONS and ADDITIONS welcome, you may email them to Diane

at    [email protected]


EILAND, Lucretia: Old--b. 1850, d. 1935,

w/o James Guess, d/o John Crawford & Jane Eiland,

m/o Ida Elviria Guess


EVERETT, Vida Kathleen Marilla: Old--b. 18-Dec-1879, d. 13-Sep-1883,

 d/o B.J. & A.P. Everett


FAUCETT, Alton: Old--b. May-1913, d. 23-Sep-1923,

s/o John Ruch & Sicily Guess Faucett


FAUCETT, Edna J: New--b. 17-Mar-1941, d. -n/d-


FAUCETT, John R. New--b. 15-Dec-1927, d. 6-Apr-1995,

h/o Edna J.


FAUCETT, John Ruch, Sr.: Old--b. 6-May-1886, d. 28-Jun-1964,

 h/o Sicily Guess


FAUCETT, Nellie Mae Wawak: New—b. 10 June 1915, d. 7 Jan. 1987

d/o Tyson & Myrtle Faucett, w/o Adam Wawak


FAUCETT, Sicily Guess: Old--b. 1-Sep-1886, d. 8-Mar-1931,

w/o Johns Ruch Sr., d/o Washington & Ella Rogers Guess,


FAUCETT, Tressie A.: Old--b. 27-Sep-1923, d. -n/d-,

d/o Tyson & Myrtle Faucett, w/o Vernon L. O ' Cain


FELTS, Roland Brooks "Babe": New--b. 25-Sep-1925, d. 28-Aug-1998,

 w/o Lou Ellen Holmes Felts, s/o John Columbus Felts and Lelia Mae Perry Felts


FELTS, Kenneth Bradley “Brad”:  New-- 16-Aug-1982, d. 30-Mar-2001,

Son of Bruce & Dolores Felts, g-son of Roland Brooks “Babe”


FERGUSON, Donald Leroy, Jr.: Old--b. 25-Dec-1945, d. 25-Dec-1945

s/o Donald Leroy Sr. & Ella Jean Baxter Ferguson (see Ferguson Cemetery),

g-son of James Luther & Merna Elizabeth Oliver Baxter

born & died in Memphis Tenn.


FERRELL, Ada: Old--b. 22-Jan-1868, d. 27-Jan-1931,

w/o Joe L. Mayfield, d/o John & Malinda Ferrell


FERRELL, Evy Lee: New--b. 6-May-1914, d. 8-May-1983,

w/o Olan Guess,  d/o H. & Hannah Mayfield Ferrell


FRANCES, Lura Isabella Rouse: Old – b. 26 Oct. 1848, d. 9 Oct. 1899

w/o John Rouse, m/o Cora Leah Rouse Buckmaster


 FLOYD, Rollins: Old--b. 1918, d. 1918


GRAHAM, Cordie: Old--b. 16-Dec-1883, d. 19-Dec-1968,

w/o William M. Graham


GRAHAM, Juanita: Old--17-Jul-1928, d. July 2005,

 w/o Leo Graham


GRAHAM, Leo: Old--b. 4-Oct-1925, d. 21-Jun-1998,

 h/o Juanita


GRAHAM, Minnie Lou: Old--b. 17-Mar-1907, d. 22-Apr-1927,

d/o William. & Cordie Graham


GRAHAM, William M.: Old--b. 7-Feb-1880, d. 12-Dec-1932,

h/o Cordie Graham


GRAY, Effie: Old--b. abt 1901, d. 12-Dec-1922,

 w/o Homer Kelly


GREENWALT, Jacob: Old--b. 1981, d. 1997


GROOM, Elmer L.: Old--b. 4-Apr-1987, d. 28-Apr-1969,

 h/o Geneva L. Groom


GROOM, Geneva L.: Old--b. 30-Aug-1906, d. 1-Mar-1989,

 w/o Elmer L. Groom


GROOM, James B.: Old--b. 25-Jan-1868, d. 11-Apr-1939,

 h/o Mary Carter Groom


GROOM, James Richard: Old--b. 30-Sep-1927, d. 19-Feb-1928,

 s/o James & Geneva L. Groom


GROOM, Lydia E. Little: Old--b. 12-Feb-1887, d. 31-Aug-1963,

 d/o James & Lizzie Reeves Little, b. in TN


GROOM, Mary Carter: Old--b. Dec-1877, d. 6-Jul-1925, b. in TN,

w/o James B. Groom


GROOM, Lou Hester: Old--b. 11-Jul-1894, d. 1-Jan-1975,

d/o (James) Bynon & Mary Carter Groom, w/o Henry Merchison “Merk” Oliver


GUENTHER, Donald Ray: New--b. 19-Feb-1925, d. 24-Apr-1993, WWII  US Army


GUESS, Andrew Washington: New--b. 25-Feb-1891, d. 25-Jul-1978, WWII Veteran

 h/o Lena Belle Stanley, s/o Washington Jasper  & Ella Rogers Guess


GUESS, B.R.: Old--b. 24-Nov-1884, d. 25-Jul-1887


GUESS, Bertha A. Perry: New--, b. 29 Aug. 1943, d. n/d

w/o Robert S. Perry


GUESS, Charles W.: New—b. 22 May 1931, d. 1 Apr. 2003

h/o Lucelle E. Guess


GUESS, Clifford: Old--b. 1912, d. 13-Jul-1928,

s/o John & Nettie Guess


GUESS, David: Old--b. 25-May-1825, d. 28-Nov-1895,

 h/o Tilitha Guess


GUESS, David H.: Old--b. 24-Feb-1873, d. 19-Feb-1896


GUESS, Ella Rogers: Old--b. 8-Apr-1866, d. 9-Sep-1904,

 w/o Washington J. Guess


GUESS, Evy Lee Ferrell: Old--b. 6-May-1914, d. 8-May-1983,

w/o Olan Guess, d/o Herbert & Hannah Mayfield Ferrell


GUESS, Gladys: Old--b. 23-Jan-1908, d. 16-Feb-1908,

d/o W.A. & M.M. Guess


GUESS, Ida: Old--b. 25-May-1884, d. 29-Sep-1972,

 see Ida Guess Rogers Miller


GUESS, Infant girl: Old--b. 25-Sep-1875, d. 25-Sep-1875,

d/o Mr. & Mrs. James Guess


GUESS, James: Old--b. 25-Jun-1848, d. 30-Nov-1901,

 h/o Lucretia Eiland


GUESS, James Loyd: New--b. 7-Nov-1935, d. 8-Jun-1981, Veteran

h/o Martha O., s/o Andrew W.  & Lena Belle Stanley Guess


GUESS, John Clifford: Old--b. 31-Aug-1912, d. 14-Jul-1928,

s/o John N. & Nettie S. Guess (According to Carlisle paper he was ill for a long time.

His classmates at Walter’s Chapel School were pallbearers the following day on July 15th when he was buried:

Ollie Mason, Archie Kerr, Alton Allen, John Wilson, Abie Jenkins, Claudy Ingle, Leslie Eiland, Ransom Beggs,

Alma Mason, Lowel Rochell, Elvie Mason, Fluella Wilson, Lille Kerr, Milly Beggs, Ruby Jenkins,

Ida Rochelle, Lucille Crowder & Margaret Crowder.


GUESS, John N.: Old--b. 26-Aug-1885, d. 7-Apr-1965,

h/o Nettie Stanley, s/o Levi & Mary Francis Bennett Guess


GUESS, John W.: Old--b. 24-Oct-1871, d., 19-Mar-1890


GUESS, Johnnie Pearl Shipp: New--b. 6-Mar-1920, d. 30-Aug-1988,

 d/o Franklin & V. Page Shipp


GUESS, Lena Bell Stanley: New--b. 29-Jan-1893, d. 2-Jul-1977, b. in TN,

w/o Andrew W. Guess, d/o Charlie & Winnie Morgan Stanley


GUESS, Levi: Old--b. 22-Feb-1845, d. 22-Feb-1908,  CSA Veteran,

h/o Mary Guess, Born in Mississippi, member of Masonic Lodge 237


GUESS, Lou Ella: Old--b. 9-Jan-1879, d. 13-Nov-1899,

d/o Levi & Mary Francis Bennett Guess


GUESS, Lucretia Eiland: Old--b. 27-Jun-1850, d. 17-Jul-1935,

w/o James Guess, b. in Mississippi


GUESS, Lucille E.: New – 20 Mar. 1930, d. 28 Feb. 2002

w/o Charles W. Guess



GUESS, Martha O.: Old--b. 5-Oct-1938, d. -n/d-,

 w/o James L. Guess


GUESS, Mary Frances Barrett: Old--b. 11-Mar-1850, d. 22-Aug-1921,

 w/o Levi Guess


GUESS, Nettie I. Stanley: Old--b. 25-Jul-1889, d. 13-Jul-1973,

w/o John N. Guess, d/o Jess & Doskie Kerr Stanley, born in Tn.


GUESS, Olan: New--b. 3-Mar-1904, d. 17-Apr-1988, married 2-27-1932

h/o Evy Lee Ferrell, s/o Washington Jasper & Ella Rogers Guess


GUESS, Ora L. Spencer: Old – b. 16 Nav. 1892, d. 17 Mar. 1984

w/o Andrew Spencer, d/o Washington Jasper & Mary Ella Rogers Guess


GUESS, Rexford P.: New--b. 1-Feb-1926, d. 6-Feb-1998,

h/o Johnnie P. Shipp


GUESS, Richard Frank: Old--b. 27-Feb-1933, d. 29-Mar-1933,

s/o Andrew Washington & Lena Bell Stanley Guess


GUESS, Sallie Leala Rochell: Old--b. 20-Oct-1872, d. 23-Feb-1910,

 w/o John Spencer Rochell


GUESS, Sicily: Old--b. 1886, d. 1931,

d/o Washington J. & Ella Rogers Guess


GUESS, Tilitha (Felicia Putt?): Old--b. 9-Jan-1924, d. 2-Mar-1896,

w/o David Guess


GUESS, Washington Jasper: Old--b. abt 1869, d. 30 Mar-1937,

h/o Ella Rogers Guess, s/o David & Felicia Putt Guess


GUESS, Will A.: Old--b. 1875, d. 7-Sep-1916,

 h/o M.M. Guess


GUNN, Milton L. "Butch", Jr.: Old--b. 9-Oct-1955, d. 8-Apr-1968,


HACKNEY, Basil: Old--b. 8-Feb-1928, d. 17-Apr-1928,

son of Mr. & Mrs. Alvis Hackney  (twin in infant daughter below)

(Alvie & Rachel Beggs Hackney)


HACKNEY, Genoa (Miss): Old--b. 5-Dec-1882, d. 4-Jul-1964


HACKNEY, Infant: Old-- b. 2-May-1921, d. 2-May-1921,

 d/o Mr. & Mrs. R. O. Hackney


HACKNEY, Infant: Old--b. 1928, d. 1928,

daughter Mr. & Mrs. Alvis Hackney (twin of Basil)

(Alvis & Rachel Beggs Hackneey)


HACKNEY, J.C. "Comp": Old--b. 2-Jun-1875, d. 24-Nov-1960,

 h/o Minnie Hackney


HACKNEY, John A.: Old--b. 29-Feb-1866, d. 29-Apr-1929


HACKNEY, Joshua H.: Old--b. 3-Aug-1836, d. 15-Nov-1890,

 h/o Theresa Reese Hackney


HACKNEY, Romie Screeton: Old – b. 3 July 1856, d. 12 Apr. 1939

d/o Joshua H. & Theresa Reese Hackney, w/o Frank N. Screeton


HACKNEY, Minnie : Old--b. 25-Apr-1873, d. 3-Dec-1949,

w/o J.C. Hackney


HACKNEY, Myrtle Gipson: Old—no dates

d/o Mollie A. Beggs Gipson, w/o Thomas Luther Hackney


HACKNEY, Roy Oshield: Old--b. 13-Jan-1889, d. 10-Dec-1944, WWI Veteran     


HACKNEY, Theresa Reese: Old--b. abt 1836, d. 16-Nov-1896,

w/o Joshua H. Hackney


HACKNEY, Thomas Jefferson: Old--b. 1875, d. 1945,

 h/o Vida E. Honeycutt Hackney


HACKNEY, Thomas Luther: Old--b. 5-Jan-1880, d. 11-Dec-1909,

 h/o Myrtle Gipson


HACKNEY, Vida E Honeycutt.: Old--b. 1895, d. -n/d-,

w/o Thomas Jefferson Hackney


HACKNEY, Virginia: Old--b. 1908, d. 4-Jan-1928,

1st. w/o Edison Hackney, d/o Charles T.  Hamilton


HAMILTON, Benn V.(Jr): Old--b. 14-Sep-1937, d. 21-Oct-1945

s.o Benn V. Sr.


HAMILTON, Benn V.(Sr.): Old--b. 20-Oct-1917, d. 22-Jul-1964

s/o Elmo & Wardie Tipton Hamilton


HAMILTON, Charles T.: Old--b. 1872, d. 1928, b.  in MS

f/o Virginia Hamilton Hackney


HAMILTON, Elmo: Old--b. 1892, d. 1954,

 h/o Wardie A. Tipton Hamilton,


HAMILTON, Eudosia A. Craft: Old--b. 1852, d. 1915,

w/o William. S. Hamilton


HAMILTON, M. Elizabeth: Old--b. 14-Sep-1937, d. 21-Oct-1945


HAMILTON, Minnie Lou: Old--b. 24-Apr-1921, d. 9-Dec-1990,

 d/o Elmo & Wardie Tipton Hamilton


HAMILTON, Ona Mae: Old--b. 19-dec-1884, d. 6-Apr-1953


HAMILTON, Virgie L.: Old--b. 10-Aug-1939, d. 21-Oct-1945


HAMILTON, Virginia Hackney: Old--b. 1908, d. 1928,

d/o Charles T. Hamilton, 1st. wife of Edison Hackney


HAMILTON, Wardie A. Tipton : Old--b. 1896, d. 1984,

 w/o Elmo Hamilton, d/o John Adolphus & Minnie Bell Isabell Tipton

s/o Woodrow Tipton


HAMILTON, William: Old--b. 1874, d. 1914,

s/o William. S. & Eudosia Craft Hamilton


HAMILTON, William Spencer: Old--b. 1848, d. 1926, CSA Veteran,

h/o Eudosia Craft Hamilton, f/o Elmo Hamilton


HAMMOND, John Grady: Old--b. 15-Aug-1825, d. 1-May-1877, CSA Veteran,


HARDY, Bernice: see Bernice Hardy Holt


HARRIS, Bessie: Old--b. 13-Mar-1901, d. 26-Sep-1965

d/o Joseph J. & Stella Young Harris


HARRIS, Finner S.: Old--b. 17-May-1898, d. 4-Nov-1958

h/o Ruby W. Harris


HARRIS, Joe Ben: Old--b. 4-Jul-1931, d. 7-Jun-1940


HARRIS, Joseph J.: Old--b. 23-Jul-1861, d. 5-Nov-1931

h/o Stella Young Harris


HARRIS, Mattie: Old--b. 11-Aug-1894, d. 24-Mar-1969

d/o Joseph J. & Stella Young Harris


HARRIS, Ruby W.: Old--b. 17-Jun-1908, d. 1-Dec-1987

w/o Finner S. Harris


HARRIS, Stella Young: Old--b. 1860, d. 1945

w/o Joseph J. Harris


HARRIS, William Henry: Old--b. -n/d-, d. 1-Sep-1938

s/o Joseph J. & Stella Young Harris


HARRISON, Allis U.: Old--b. 26-Jan-1875, d. 4-Sep-1880, CAS Veteran,

d/o Benjamin Wesley & Elizabeth M. Harrison


HARRISON, B.F.: Old--b. 18-Sep-1866, d. 26-Aug-1917

(this would be Benjamin F. Harrison)


HARRISON, Benjamin Wesley: Old--b. 22-Dec-1833, d. 4-Dec-1909, CSA Veteran

h/o Elizabeth M. Harrison


HARRISON, Catherine Ross: Old--b. 1854, d. 13-Jan-1910,

3rd. w/o Hugh E. Harrison


HARRISON, Cora Jane Staggs: Old--b. 1874, d. 8-Nov-1971,

w/o Joseph Marion Harrison, d/o William & Catherine Staggs


HARRISON, George E.: Old--b. 1842, d. 1862, CSA Veteran

s/o William & Eliza Harrison


HARRISON, Henretta: Old—b. 25 Dec. 1865, d. 15 Aug. 1899

w/o James Boatman, d/o Benjamin W. & Elizabeth Harrison


HARRISON, Henry H. "Hammie": Old--b. 11-Jan-1902, d. 6-Nov-1980,

h/o Mary Kerr Harrison


HARRISON, Hugh E.: Old--b. 14-Sep-1844, d. 28-Mar-1921, CSA Veteran,

h/o Catherine Ross Hamilton, Came to Arkansas in 1853



HARRISON, Infant son: Old--b. 1874, d. 1874,

s/o E. & T.C. Harrison, stone broken


HARRISON, Joseph Marion: Old--b. 25-Sep-1868, d. 14-Sep-1937,

 h/o Cora J. Staggs Harrison, s/o William & Eliza Harrison


HARRISON, Mary E.: Old--b. 12-Mar-1870, d. 27-Sep-1874,

d/o Benjamin Wesley & Elizabeth M. Harrison


HARRISON, Mary Kerr: Old--b. 23-Sep-1907, d. 3-Feb-1996,

w/o Henry H. Harrison, d/o Charles & Emma G. Cranford Kerr


HARRISON, Mary R.: Old--b. 29-Oct-1894, d. 18-Mar-1895


HARRISON, Patience Adline: Old--b. 20-Feb-1833, d. 13-Jan-1901,

w/o Samuel F. Harrison


HARRISON, Samuel F.: Old--b. 23-Nov-1832, d. 5-Apr-1905

h/o Patience Adline


HARRISON, William Henry: Old--b. 1840, d. 15-Sep-1910, CSA Veteran

s/o William & Eliza Harrison


HARRISON, William Ray: Old--b. 6-Sep-1950, d. 6-Sep-1950,

s/o William R. & Ona Mae Steinheil Harrison


HENDRIX, Lillian T.: Old--b.25 July 1885, d. Jan. 1963,


HETRICK, Elizabeth: Old--b. 8-Jul-1856, d. 24-May-1924


HETRICK, Mary: Old--b. 1876, d. 1970,

w/o Spencer P. Smith


HILL, Andrew Austin: New--Stillborn on 23-Sep-1997 (One of twins)


HILL, Arron: New—b. 28 Mar. 1947, d. n/o

w/o Sharon Hill


HILL, Carl A.: New--b. 10-Sep-1915, d. 28-Sep-1987, b. in OH,

h/o Robbin A. Hill, s/o George Wilbur & Lillie Rendett Hill


HILL, Mary Morris: New—b. 29 Aug. 1943, d. n/d

w/o James Elva Morris Jr.


HILL, Melissa Emma.: Old--b. 1871, d. 1906


HILL, Robbie A.: New--b. 29-Sep-1918, d. 18-Aug-1995,

w/o Carl A. Hill


HILL, Sharon: New—b. 14 Jan. 1952, d. 30 Juny 2005

w/o Arron Hill


HOLMES, Newton C.: Old--b. 21-Feb-1860, d. 8-Oct-1881,

James R. & Hannah Holmes


HOLT, Bernice Hardy: Old--b. 25-Sep-1888, d. 4-Mar-1962, WWI Veteran US Army

s/o Daniel Hardy & Bennie Hall Holt, brother of “William Bert” Holt


HOLT, Dan Clotis: New--b. 27-May-1919, d. 19-Jan-1969, WWII Veteran,

h/o Ethel M. Putt Holt, s/o William “Bert” & Flonnie Alma Oliver Holt


HOLT, Ethel M. Putt: New--b. 20-Oct-1912, d. 30-Dec-1977,

w/o Dan C., d/o James. J. & Josephine J. Putt


HOLT, Flonnie Oliver: Old--b. 1884, d. 1966,

w/o William “Bert” Holt, d/o Henry Clay & Mary Jane Parlee Lumpkin Oliver


HOLT, Gladys: Old--b. 1913, d. 1913

d/o William Bert & Flonnie A. Oliver Holt


HOLT, Howard: Old--b. 1909, d. 1909

s/o William Bert & Flonnie A. Oliver Holt


HOLT, Pauline: Old--b. 1911, d. 1912

d/o William Bert & Flonnie A. Oliver Holt


HOLT, William Bert: Old--b. 1884, d. 29-Mar-1967,

 h/o Flonnie Alma Oliver Holt, s/o Daniel Hardy & Bennie Hall Holt

Born in Cass Co. Texas


HONEYCUTT, Ellen: Old--b. 1881, d. 1953

m/o Cleo R. Honeycutt


HOPKINS, Rella: Old--b. 6-Jul-1924, d. -n/d-,

w/o Robert D. Beggs


HORTON, Agnes Skarda: New--b. 1917, d. n/d,

w/o Lynn L. Horton, d/o Martin & Allie Skarda


HORTON, Lynn L.: New--b. 1916, d. 1983,

h/o Agnes Horton Skarda, s/o Lee & Susie ??


HORTON, Robert L: New-- b. 1940, d. 1994,

s/o Lynn L. & Agnes Skarda Horton


HORTON, R. P.(Robert P.): Old--b. 10-Jul-1849, d. 25-Nov-1885

h/o Margaret E. Horton)


HOWELL, Galveston: Old--b. 15-Dec-1860, d. 23-Jul-1888,

h/o Sarah Elizabeth Rochell


HOWELL, Sarah Elizabeth Rochell: Old – b. 1860, d. 1888

w/o Galveston Howell, d/o Nathaniel & Mary Parker Rochell


HUDSON, L.W.: Old--b. 31-Jul-1908, d. 5-Oct-1977


HUGHES, Ada Bell Crowder: Old—b. 1 Jan. 1891, d. 6 May 1973

w/o Benjamin M. Crowder, d/o Daniel M. & Angelina L. Smith Hughes


HUFF, A.E.: Old--b. 11-Jan-1830, d. 6-Jan-1910,

w/o O.C. or D.C. Huff


HULLEN, Elmer Roger.: Old--b. abt 1918, d. 1921, age 2 years, 6 months

(parents from Kansas)


HUNT, Dwain:(Methodist Church Site) New --b. 11-Jan-1929, d. 29-Mar-2001

h/o Evelyn Marcelle Hunt


HUNT, Evelyn Marcelle(Methodist Church Site) New--b. 23-Dec-1929, d. 6-Dec-1998

2 nd. w/o Dwain Hunt


HUNT, Janie Rochell: Old--b. 15-Apr-1928, d. -n/d-,

1 st. w/o Dwain Hunt


HUNT, Norma Jean: Old--b. 12-Jun-1948, d. 12-Jun-1948,

d/o Dwain & Janie Rochelle Hunt


HUNT, Roger Dale: Old--b. 4-Mar-1963, d. 18-Jan-1983,

s/o Dwain & Janie Rochelle Hunt


HUTSON, L. W. "Uncle Hut": Old--b. 31-Jul-1908, d. 5-Oct-1977,

s/o Lewis & Martha Hutson


HUTSON, Lewis W.: Old--b. 30-Mar-1862, d. 17-Feb-1934,

h/o Martha E. Hutson


HUTSON, Martha E.: Old--b. 20-Sep-1874, d. 30-Jun-1935,

w/o Lewis W. Hutson


INGLE, Angus Manson (Manse): Old--b. 13-Apr-1885, d. 9-Jan-1952

w/o Marthy E. Ingle


INGLE, C.M. "Pete": Old--b. 20-Mar-1903, d. 23-Aug-1960

Clint M. Ingle, s/o Fayette & Jennie Ann Johnson Ingle


INGLE, Donny: Old--b. 11-Oct-1875, d. 24-Oct-1881

(This could be Dovey Ingle), d/o M.L. & Bettie Ingle


INGLE, Elizabeth: Old--b. 15-Jun-1841, d. 24-Oct-1895

54 yrs. 9 mo. 9 days


INGLE, Eltie: Old--b. 26-Nov-1905, d. 19-Aug-1996


INGLE, Fate (Fayette): Old--b. 31-Oct-1879, d. 19-Aug-1971,

h/o Jennie Ann Johnson Ingle


INGLE, Henry H.: Old--b. 1875, d. 1949,

h/o Lula E. Buchanan Ingle


INGLE, Herbert: Old--b. 24-Sep-????, d. 24-Sep-????

s/o Fayette & Jennie Ann Johnson Ingle


INGLE, Hezekiah "Hez": Old--b. 9-Oct-1867, d. 13-Aug-1918,

h/o Nannie J. Rochell, s/o M.L. & Bettie Ingle


INGLE, I.F.: Old--b. ---, d. ---, marker broken & illegible

(Isaac F, b. abt. 1884 d. after 1930)


INGLE, James F.: Old--b. 20-Jun-1892, d. 30-Jan-1893,

s/o Hezekiah & Nannie J. Rochell Ingle


INGLE, Janie: Old--b. 9-Jun-1880, d. 4-Dec-1911,

1st.w/o Will .D. Ingle


INGLE, Jennie Ann Johnson: Old--b. 13-Sep-1883, d. 19-Apr-1969,

w/o Fate (Fayette) Ingle


INGLE, Little P.: Old--b. 5-Aug-1937, d. 5-Aug-1937,

child/o Clarence & Nettie Jackson Ingle


INGLE, Loyd M.: Old--b. 13-sep-1889, d. 5-Nov-1976,

h/o Queen V. Scroggs, s/o Hezekiah & Nannie J. Rochell Ingle


INGLE, Lula E. Buchanan: Old--b. 7-Jun-1880, d. 14-Jan-1925,

w/o Henry H. Ingle, d/o James & Mary Campbell Buchanan


INGLE, Lydia A.: Old--b. 15-Jul-1878, d. 12-Jul-1950,

2nd. w/o Will D. Ingle


INGLE, M.L.: Old--b. 4-Aug-1842, d. 4-May-1898

w/o Bettie, 55 yrs. 9 mo. old


INGLE, Marthy E.: Old--b. 7-Jan-1894, d. 13-Apr-1925,

w/o Angus M. Ingle


INGLE, Nannie J. Rochell: Old--b. 8-Jul-1865, d. 20-Sep-1923,

w/o Hezekiah Ingle


INGLE, Nettie Jackson.: Old--b. 23-Mar-1910, d. 19-Feb-1997

w/o Clarence Ingle


INGLE, Onie G.: Old—b. 14 Jan. 1905, d. 5 July 1991

w/o William Homer Oliver, m/o W. H. (William H.) Oliver

d/o Fayette & Jennie Ann Johnson Ingle


INGLE, Ralph: Old--b. 1-Nov-1915, d. 11-Oct-1916,

s/o Lloyd & Queen B. Ingle


INGLE, Ruthie E.: Old--b. 7-Jan-1894, d. 25-Jan-1895,

d/o Hezekiah & Nannie J. Rochell Ingle


INGLE, Sena Baxter: Old--b. 3-Dec-1910, d. 15 May 2005

w/o Carrol Sherman Baxter, d/o Fayette & Jeannie Ann Johnson Ingle

(twin sister of Zena)


INGLE, W.M.: Old--b. 26-Oct-1866, d. 21-May-1950,

s/o William. Ingle, born in Bethel Springs Tenn.


INGLE, Will D.: Old--b. 9-Oct-1869, d. 16-Apr-1951,

1st h/o Janie, 2nd h/o Lydia A


INGLE, William Aden: Old--b. 4-Dec-1895, d. 4-Jun-1896,

s/o Hezekiah & Nannie J. Rochell Ingle


INGLE, William Evert. New—b. 16 May 1929, d. n/d

h/o Mary K. Cook Ingle


INGLE, Zena: Old--b. 3-Dec-1910, d. 2-Mar-1935

d/o Fayette & Jennie Ann Johnson Ingle

(twis sister of Sena Ingle Baxter)


INGLES, Clintis N.: Old--b. 2-Jul-1934, d. 22-Jul-1934


INGRAM, Henry: Old--b. 17-Jan-1828, d. 11-mar-1885, CSA Veteran,

h/o Ann, member of Masonic Lodge 237, see Walter’s Chapel History


IREVIN, Rochell  A. 1918 – 1970


ISBELL, Andrew Jackson: Old--b. 24-May-1849, d. 30-Mar-1889

s/o Lafayette Green & Lucy Ann Worsham Isbell


ISBELL, Francis Marion: no marker: b. 1831, d. abt. 1851

s/o Nathaniel & Alice Hicks Isbell, h/o Susan Caroline Maxwell Isbell


ISBELL, Lafayette Green: Old--b. 30-Jul-1852, d. 26-Dec-1882,

h/o Lucy Ann Worsham Isbell, married 11-8-1873


ISBELL, Lena: Old--b. 13-Feb-1902, d. 23-Feb-1904,

d/o M.L. & E.B. Isbell


ISBELL, Lucy Ann Worsham: Old--b. 1-Jan-1856, d. 17-Sep-1926,

w/o Lafayette Green Isbell, born in Tenn. Married Lafayette Nov. 8, 1873


ISBELL, Minnie Bell Tipton: Old – b. 15 Sept. 1870, d. 14 Dec. 1906

w/o John Adolphus Tipton, d/o Francis M. & Susan C. Maxwell Isbell


ISBELL, Susan Caroline Maxwell: no marker: b. 24 Mar. 1851, d. 11 Feb. 1878

d/o John Jr. & Elizabeth Hornbuckle Maxwell, w/o Francis Marion Isbell


ISBELL, William N.: Old--b. 3-Mar-1874, d. 5-Nov-1901,

s/o Lafayette Green & Lucy Ann Worsham  Isbell


JACKSON, Addie: Old--b. 10-Sep-1884, d. 1-Apr-1915,

w/o Emmett Jackson


JACKSON, Albert Cornelius: Old--b. 10-Oct-1885, d. 4-Nov-1910,

s/o Leonard Owen & Alice Permellia Anderson Jackson


JACKSON, Alice E. Morris "Lizzie": Old--b. 2-May-1883, d. 19-Mar-1942,

w/o William H. Jackson


JACKSON, Alice Permellian Anderson: Old--b. 29-Mar-1849, d. 9-May-1937,

w/o Lenard O. Jackson


JACKSON, Ellis Owen: Old--b. 1-Jan-1908, d. 22-Jul-1986


JACKSON, Jocie Jackson: Old--b. 20-Sep-1885, d. 11-Dec-1918,

w/o E. T. Ray, died at child birth


JACKSON, Leonard Owen: Old--b. 22-May-1847, d. 8-Jun-1932, CSA Veteran,

85 yrs. 17 days, b. in GA, h/o Permellia Anderson Jackson


JACKSON, Nettie: Old—23 Mar. 1910, d. 19 Feb. 1997,

w/o Clarence Ingle


JACKSON, Thelma: Old--b. 4-Jul-1910, d. 17-Jul-1917,

twin of Velma Jackson


JACKSON, Velma: Old--b. 4-Jul-1910, d. 9-Apr-1911,

twin of Thelma Jackson


JACKSON, William Henderson "Will": Old--b. 15-Jul-1876, d. 11-Jan-1973,

h/o Alice E.”Lizzie” Morris, s/o Leonard & Alice Permellia Anderson Jackson


JANES, G.P.: Old--b. 21-Apr-1835, d. 19-Jun-1906, CSA Veteran


JARVIS, Martie: Old--b. 20-Jan-1890, d. 27-Oct-1968,

w/o John C. King


JENKINS, Charity Jane Ricks: Old--b. 13-Apr-1867, d. 20-Nov-1949,

w/o Henry C. Jenkins, d/o Richard & Sarah Calhoun Ricks, born in Trigg Co. Ky.


JENKINS, Edgar: Old--b. 11-Feb-1895, 2-Sep-1975

s/o Henry Calvin & Charity Jane Ricks Jenkins


JENKINS, Henry Calvin "Toby": Old--b. 5-Oct-1866, d. 11-Mar-1933,

h/o Charity Jane Ricks Jenkins, s/o Jarrett Jackson . & Nancy Wolf Jenkins


JENKINS, Irma Leota: New—b. 7 Jan. 1940, d. n/d

w/o Paul Howard Jenkins



JENKINS, Ora: Old--b. 26-Aug-1893, d. 29-Dec-1958

w/o Rickard Jenkins


JENKINS, Paul Howard New—b. 6 Aug. 1938, d. n/d

h/o Irma Leota


JENKINS, Richard: Old--b. 8-Jan-1892, d. 13-May-1959

h/o Ora, s/o Henry Calvin & Charity Jane Ricks Jenkins


JENKINS, Rufus: Old--b. 16-Jul-1893, d. 24-Apr-1930,

h/o Josie, s/o Henry Calvin "Tobe" & Charity Jane Ricks Jenkins


JENNINGS, Arsis: Old--b. Jun-1872, d. Mar-1914


JENNINGS, C.(Casper) Clifton: Old--b. 30-Nov-1876, d. 16-Jul-1957,

h/o Calma E. Patton Jennings


JENNINGS, Calma Elah Patton: Old--b. 17-Feb-1883, d. 19-Jun-1923,

w/o C. (Casper) Clifton Jennings, d/o James Carol & Martha Ann Nicholson Jennings


JENNINGS, Clarice Booe: Old--b. abt 1915, d. -n/d-,

w/o Winston C. (Casper) Jennings


JENNINGS, Infant boy: Old--b. 4-Jan-1908, d. 4-Jan-1908,

s/o C. (Casper) Clifton & Calma E. Patton Jennings


JENNINGS, John Clifton: Old--b. 24-Aug-1911, d. 17-Jan-1912,

s/o C. (Casper) Clifton . & Calma E. Patton Jennings


JENNINGS, L. F.: Old--b. 11-Aug-1884, d. 27-Aug-1939

(LaRastus F. Jennings) 2nd. Husband of Lula Hendricks Oliver

s/o William J. & Susan Reddy Jennings


JENNINGS, Susan Reedy: Old--b. 14-Oct-1843, d. 20-Jan-1914,

w/o William. J. Jennings


JENNINGS, Susan Adee Nichols: Old. B. 1879, d. 1961

2nd. w/o Thoams B. Nichols


JENNINGS, William John: Old--b. -n/d-, d. -n/d-, CSA Veteran

Born abt. 1845 died between 1910-1920


JENNINGS, Winston C.(Casper): Old--b. 1912, d. 4-Dec-1947,

w/o Clarice Booe Jennings s/ C. (Casper)Clifton & Calma E. Patton Jennings;


JERVIS, Mertie: Old--b. 20-Jan-1890, d. 27-Oct-1969,

w/o John C. King


JOHNS, John D.: Old--b. sbt 1850, d. 7-May-1926,

h/o Mary L. Johns


JOHNS, Mary L.: Old--b. 27-Sep-1860, d. 28-Feb-1936,

w/o John D. Johns, d/o William Henry & Hulda Woodward Oliver

many feel she was Mary L. Oliver daughter of William Henry & Hulda Oliver, marriage records

list Mary L. Oliver did marry John D. Johns but some researchers feel this Mary L. was Mary L. Eiland

In a conversation with Mr. Elvis Ricks May 2006 about this Mr. Ricks stated Mary L. was the daughter

of William Henry and Hulda Oliver. During this conversation he recounted the murder and the trial.


JOHNSON, Addie: Old--b. 10-Sep-1884, d. 1-Apr-1915,

w/o Emmet Johnson


JOHNSON, Anna B.: New--b. 6 Aug. 1938, d. n/d


JOHNSON, Bert F.: New--b. 18-Oct-1915, d. 14-Jan-1996,

h/o Mary Ann Stanley Johnson


JOHNSON, Betty Louise Sauer: New – b. 6 May 1937, d. 24 Apr. 1985

d/o Bert F. & Mary Ann Stanley Johnson


JOHNSON, Jennie Ann: Old--b. 13-Sep-1883, d. 19-Apr-1979,

w/o Fate (Fayette) Ingle


JOHNSON, Mary Ann Stanley: New--b. 31-Jul-1918, d. -n/d-,

w/o Bert F. Johnson, d/o Kelly  Esutus & Cora Jane Rochell Stanley


JOLLY, Lorena: Old--b. 15-Oct-1865, d. 5-Feb-1901,

w/o James Carter


JOLLY, Frances E. Rowe: Old – b. 22 June 1865, d. 5 Mar. 1905

2nd. w/o John T. Rowe


JONES, Hayward D.: New--b. 11-Aug-1916, d. 11-Apr-1985, WWII Veteran

h/o Lavodia R.


JONES, Lavodia R.: New--b. 4-Nov-1925, d. 5-Jul-1979,

w/o Haywood D. Jones


KELLY, Effie Gray: Old--b. abt 1901, d. 12-Dec-1922,

w/o Homer Kelly


KELLY, Frances M.: New--b. 11-Oct-1928, d. 24-Apr-1996,

h/o Owen J. Brown, d/o Thomas M. & Millie Sparks Kelly


KELLY, James H. "Jack": New--b. 3-Dec-1917. d. 7-May-1984, WWII Veteran Army


KELLY, Millie Sparks: Old--b. 22-Jul-1895, d. 24-Apr-1996,

w/o Thomas Kelly, d/o James D. & Maggie Melton Sparks


KELLY, Robert Noel: New--b. 9-Aug-1922, d. 14-Nov-1980, WWII Veteran

 h/o Ruby Pearl Kelly, s/o Thomas M. & Millie Sparks Kelly


KELLY, Ruby Pearl: New--b. 22-Feb-1928, d. -n/d-,

w/o Robert Noel Kelly


KELLY, Thomas M.: Old--b. 18-Sep-1891, d. 14-Mar-1937

h/o Millie Sparks Kelly


KENNEDY, Alice: New--b. 11-Aug-1927, d. -n/d-,

w/o William A. Kennedy. Jr.


KENNEDY, Billy F.: New--b. 24-Dec-1953, d. 22-Dec-1972, Vietnam Veteran US Air Force

s/o William A. & Alice F. Kennedy


KENNEDY, Billy Joe: New--b. 25-Jul-1982, d. 30-Oct-1982,

s/o Rickey & Deadra Kennedy


KENNEDY, Infant girl: Old--b. 19-Dec-1906, d. 19-Dec-1906,

d/o William A. & Ivy M. Kennedy


KENNEDY, Ivy M.: Old--b. 14-Jan-1888, d. 10-Sep-1909,

1st w/o William A. Kennedy


KENNEDY, Myrtle G.: Old--b. 9-Mar-1883, d. 14-Feb-1957,

2nd w/o William A. Kennedy


KENNEDY, William Avery: Old--b. 4-Nov-1883, d. 23-Aug-1960,

h/o Ivy M. & Myrtle G.


KENNEDY, William Avery Jr.: New--b. 10-Jun-1923, d. 5-Jan-1989,

s/o William A. Sr & Myrtle G. Kennedy


KERR, Alma Rogers: Old--b. 1895, d. 14-Oct-1923,

d/o L. E. Rogers (Louis Ellis) poss. Mother Nannie Guess Rogers


KERR, Arthur "Ott": Old--b. 14-Feb-1893, d. 5-May-1972,

h/o Lelia Mae Kerr, s/o James I. & Francis French Kerr


KERR, Chester Lee: Old--b. 20-May-1913, d. 5-Sep-1967,

h/o Edna Lucille Crowder Kerr, s/o Charles & Emma “Gertie” Cranford Kerr


KERR, Doshia: Old--b.16-Sep-1868, d. 23-Dec-1939,

d/o Francis & Louise Hampton, w/o Jeff J. Stanley

born in Indiana


KERR, Edna Lucille Crowder: Old--b. 16-Jul-1909, d. 4-Aug-1999,

w/o Chester Lee Kerr, d/o Benjamin M. & Ada Bell Hughes Crowder


KERR, Emma “Gertie” Cranford: Old--b. 20-Jan-1883, d. 29-Jun-1967,

w/o J. Charlie Kerr


KERR, Frances Lenore French: Old--b. 7-Apr-1867, d. 25-Nov-1927,

w/o James Isaac Kerr, d/o Lardner Newton & Molly Carter French


KERR, Helen Margaret Crowder: New--b. 27-Nov-1911, d. 1-Oct-1988,

 w/o William A. Kerr, d/o Benjamin M. & Ada Bell Hughes Crowder


KERR, Isaac D.”Booe”:14-Sep-1888, d. 23-Feb-1984,

h/o Myrtle A. Rochell Kerr, s/o James I. & Francis L. French Kerr


KERR, J. Charlie: Old--b. 6-Jan-1882, d. 28-Mar-1983, 101 yrs old,

h/o Emma Gertie Cranford Kerr, s/o James I. & Francis L. French Kerr

born in Huntington Tennessee, came to Arkansas abt. April 1882


KERR, James Isaac: Old--b. 17-Aug-1854, d. 21-Nov-1943,

h/o Frances Lenore French Kerr, s/o Young Francis & Louisa M.J. Hampton Kerr


KERR, Josie Britt: Old—b. 19 May 1866, d. 29 Sept. 1945

w/o Emerson Britt, d/o Young Frances & louisa M.J. Hampton Kerr


KERR, Lelia Mae: Old--b. 12-Sep-1899, d. 16-Apr-1971,

w/o Arthur "Ott" Kerr


KERR, Lillie Beggs: 6-Mar-1918, d. 31-Jul-1937

d/o Sam A. & Laura Wood Beggs


KERR, Mary Doris: Old--b. 23-Sep-1907, d. -1996,

w/o Henry H. Harrison, d/o Charles & Emma G. Crawford Kerr


KERR, Myrtle A.: Old--b. 10-Jul-1892, d. 4-Mar-1973,

w/o Isaac D. Kerr, d/o George W. & Sarah F. King  Rochell


KERR, Pearlie Ann: Old--b. 9-dec-1890, d. 2-Dec-1967,

d/o James I. & Frances L. French Kerr, w/o Edgar Rochell


KERR, Sarah Edna: Old—b. 26 July 1903, d. 20 May 1995

w/o Irvy Robert King, d/o Charles & Emma G. Crawford Kerr


KERR, William Archie: New--b. 11-Nov-1909, d. 19-Dec-1988,

h/o Helen M. Crowder, s/o I. D. “Booe” & Myrtle Rochelle Kerr


KING, Ava Elwanda: New – b. 21 Mar. 1924, d. 8 Dec. 2001

w/o James W. Baxter “JW”, d/o Arvel B. & Ruby Lenora Kerr King


KING, Bertha J.: Old--b. 20-Oct-1890, d. 17-Aug-1946,

d/o Samuel & Isabella A. Hartsoe King, w/o George W. Rochell


KING, Eddie Lee (Methodist Church Site) New—b. Oct. 1948, d. 2 Jan. 2000


KING, Edna: Old--b. 26-Jul-1903, d. 20-May-1995,

w/o Irvy Robert King, d/o Charles & Emma G. Crawford Kerr


KING, Erna Osteene: Old--b. 26-Feb-1924, d. 4-Nov-1936,

d/o John C. & Mattie Jarvis King


KING, Irvy Robert: Old--b. 5-mar-1897, d. 21-Dec-1980,

h/o Edna O. King, s/o Samuel L. & Isabella A. Hartsoe King


KING, Jackie Paul: Old--b. 25-Jun-1955, d. 25-Jun-1955,

s/o Joseph Avery & Virgie Oliver King


KING, John C.: Old--b. 31-Jan-1887, d. 22-Jul-1960,

h/o Mattie Jarvis, s/o Samuel & Isabella A. Hartsoe King


KING, Joseph Avery: Old--b. 16-Dec-1913, d. 19-Sep-1975,

 h/o Virgie Oliver, s/o John C. & Mertie Jarvis King


KING, Margaret Lucille: Old--b. 21-Jul-1921, d. 25-Apr-1925


KING, Mertie Jervis: Old--b. 20-Jan-1890, d. 27-Oct-1968,

w/o John C. King


KING, Sarah Frances Rochell: Old—b. 7 Oct. 1864, d. 18 Apr. 1906

w/o George W. Rochell, d/o John Madson & Sarah Jane Freeland King


KING, Shelia M.: Old--b. 20-May-1901, d. 29-Sep-1965


KING, Vina: Old--b. 15-Dec-1911, d. 13 Dec. 1995

w/o Harvie Weatherly, d/o John C. & Mertie Jervis King


KING, Virgie Y. Oliver: Old--b. 19-Feb-1922, d. 5-Feb-1971,

w/o Joseph King, d/o Henry  M. “Merk” & Lou Hester Groom Oliver


KINSEY, Anderson M.: Old--b. 1880, d. 1935,

h/o Ethel G. Kinsey


KINSEY, Ethel G.: Old--b. 1884, d. 1948,

w/o Anderson M. Kinsey


KINSEY, Evelyn Nancy: Old--b. 1921, d. 1921,

d/o Anderson & Ethel Kinsey


LANGFORD, Mary Eudora: Old--b. 28-Oct-1928, d. 29-Mar-1929,

d/o Edward A. & Vera Langford of Oakdale


LARKIN, Linnie Bell Stanley: Old--b. 13-May-1907, d. 25-Mar-1924,

w/o Melvin Larkin, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Jim Tom Stanley


LAWS, Harold G. "Jack": Old--b. 21-Oct-1922, d. 23-May-1989


LESLEY, Lucinda: Old--b. 8-Jun-1864, d. 15-Nov-1876,

d/o George & A.A. Lesley


LINSBY, Rebecca J. Oliver Rowe:

See Rebecca Linsby Oliver for information


LITTLE, Lydia E.: Old--b. 12-Feb-1887, d. 31-Aug-1963


LIVESAY, Hattie Lumpkin: Old--b. 19-Dec-1879, d. 2-Sep-1975,

w/o Walter William Livesay, d/o James Thomas & Frances Elizabeth Ricks Lumpkin


LIVESAY, Venturia Oliver: Old--b. 5-Dec-1852, d. 13-Dec-1925,

w/o William Turner Livesay, d/o Robert McKinney & Valairy Molina Wellons Oliver


LIVESAY, Walter William.: Old--b. 1-Mar-1876, d. 23-Feb-1923,

h/o Hattie Lumpkin , s/o William Turner & Venturia Ophelia Oliver Livesay


LIVESAY, William Turner: Old--b. 30-Jan-1847, d. 2-Mar-1904,

h/o Venturia Oliver Livesay, s/o Drury Tucker & Salina Cranford Livesay


LONG, Charles A.: Old--b. 1880, d. 1960,

h/o Ernie Long


LONG, Ernest C.: Old--b. 15-Jan-1895, d. 17-May-1930, WWI Veteran


LONG, Ernie: Old--b. 1883, d. 1920,

w/o Charles A. Long


LONG, Infant girl: Old--b. 7-Aug-1891, d. 7-Aug-1891

d/o George W. & Pellie Frances Oliver Long


LONG, James: Old--b. 9-Oct-1818, d. 13-Aug-1892, CSA Veteran,

h/o Josephine F. Long


LONG, James H.R.: Old--b. 22-Jun-1861, d. 24-Sep-1887


LONG, Josephine F.: Old--b. 23-Apr-1830, d. 25-Nov-1888,

w/o James Long


LONG, Tellitha A.: Old--b. 28-Nov-1859, d. 17-Mar-1901,

w/o Jesse Long


LOVELADY, Juanita: (Methodist Church Site) New--b. 25-Jul-1924, d. 8-Mar-1990,

w/o Mayo G. Lovelady


LOVELADY, Mayo G.: (Methodist Church Site) New--Old--b. 12-Jun-1922, d. 11 Oct. 2000,

 h/o Juanita Lovelady, US Army WWII


LOWE, Ernest C.: Old--b. 15-Jan-1895, d. 17-May-1930, WWI Veteran


LOWE, Mary Lula Ann: Old--b. Apr-1930, d. 13-Apr-1930


LUMPKIN, Addie : Old--b. 17-Jul-1883, d. 16-Apr-1892,

d/o James Thomas & Frances Elizabeth Ricks Lumpkin

8 years, 8 months, 28 days


LUMPKIN, Alpha, no marker no dates

d/o James Thomas & Frances Elizabeth Ricks Lumpkin


LUMPKIN, Frances Elizabeth Ricks,

See Frances E. Morris for info. 


LUMPKIN, Hattie: Old--b. 9-Dec-1879, d. 2-Sep-1975,

 d/o James Thomas & Frances Elizabeth Ricks Lumpkin,

w/o William Walter Livesay


LUMPKIN, James Thomas: Old--b. 28-Aug-1856, d. 13-Feb-1892,

s/o Alexander & Lucinda Caroline Chapman Lumpkin,

h/o Frances Elizabeth Ricks Lumpkin

35 years, 5 months ,15 days


LUMPKIN, Paralee "Mary Jane": Old--b. 23-Oct-1859, d. 16-Jan-1940,

w/o Henry Clay Oliver,  d/o Alexander & Lucinda Caroline Chapman Lumpkin

born in TN                                          


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