Arkansas Cemeteries


Walter’s Chapel Cemetery

Lonoke County, Arkansas

Submitted October 23, 2005, by Diane Williamson

Updated January 26, 2007



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Please note** There are 2 sections to this cemetery.....Old and New. You

will see this designation right after each name.  If the name you seek has no information

or if you have any information to add or correct please email me at [email protected]


Abbreviations used: n/d=no date, h/o=husband of, w/o=wife of, s/o=son of,

d/o=daughter of, m/o=mother of, f/o= father of.

Some information listed here comes from census research and or family history supplied to us.



ABBOTT, Louise B. Spencer: New--b. 15-May-1925, d. 23-Oct-1979,

w/o Morris F. Abbott, d/o Andrew M. & Ora Guess Spencer


ABBOTT, Morris F.: New--b. 26-Jun-1923, d. 16-Nov-1983,

 h/o Louise B. Abbott


ALLEN, Children: Old--children of Mr & Mrs. E.J. Allen, n/d


ANDERSON, Alice Permillian: Old—b. 2 May 1849, d. 9 May 1937

w/o Lenard O. Jackson


ANDERSON, Attaminetta Queen: Old--b. Apr-1822, d. abt-1908,

w/o Cornelius                                                                                                                                                                    


ANDERSON, Cornelius: Old--b. abt. 1822, d. abt. 1908, CSA Veteran,

h/o Attaminetta Queen


ANDERSON, Margaret Lucy Staggs: Old--b. 29-Apr-1850, d. 8-Feb-1928,

 1st w/o H.E. Staggs, 2 w/o H. R. Waters,  d/o Cornelius & Attaminetta Queen Anderson

Born in Atlanta Ga. Came to Arkansas in 1873 raised at Cross Roads


ARTHERS, Mollie Barrett: Old--b. 13-May-1860, d. 19-Oct-1901,

1st. w/o William  Lucien Arthers, d/o Anderson & Emma C. Barrett


ARTHURS, Addie B.: Old--b. 6-Mar-1871, d. 1-Jan-1929,

2nd.  w/o William Lucien Arthurs


ARTHURS, Addie May: Old--b. 1887, d. 6-Mar-1931,

w/o Walter Boals, d.o William L. & Mollie Barrett Arthurs


ARTHURS, William Lucien: Old--b. 31-Mar-1854, d. 7-May-1927,

h/o  Millie Barrett & Addie B. Arthurs.


BALLARD, Meta Jewel Baxter: New—b. 14 Aug. 1927, d. 12 Oct. 2005

w/o Verser Clayton Baxter, d/o Joe C. & Bessie Tiner Ballard


BALLARD, Troy Clayton: New-- b. 14 Oct. 1956, d. 21 Jan. 2005

s/o Sonnie & Madie Smith Ballard


BANZHOF, Trebia J.: Old--b. 1914, d. 1987,


BARRET, Jim: Old--no dates


BARRETT, Anderson J.: Old--b. abt-1835, d. 29-Jul-1920, CSA Veteran

 h/o Emma


BARRETT, Andrew J.: Old--b. 19-Sep-1878, d. 2-Oct-1906,

s/o William & Martha Mayfield Barrett


BARRETT, Eura Billie: Old--b. 1-Jun-1873, d. 20-Mar-1967

w/o Thomas O. Barrett


BARRETT, Mary Francis: Old--b. 11-Mar-1850, d. 22-Aug-1921

 w/o Levi Guess


BARRETT, Sallie: Old--b. 1858, d. 1936,

w/o James Pirtle


BARRETT, Thomas O.: Old--b. 2-Mar-1873, d. 27-Sep-1914,

h/o Eura B., s/o William & Martha Barrett


BASS, Arsie Jennings: Old--b. Jun-1872, d. Mar-1914, "Mother"


BATES, Raymond D.: ( Methodist Church Site) New—b. 11 Mar. 1934, d. 2 Jan. 2005

h/o Rosemary E. Bates


BATES, Richard: ( Methodist Church Site) New--b. 7-Sep-1927, D. 20-Mar-1997


BATES, Rosemary E.: (Methodist Church Site) New—b. 2 Jan. 1939


BAXTER, Ava Elwanda: New—(no marker)b. 1 Mar. 1924, d. 8 Dec. 2001,

w/o James William Baxter, d/o Arvil & Ruby Leona Kerr King

(her ashes will be scattered here at a later date)


BAXTER, Birdie Juanita: New--b. 2-Apr-1932, -nd-,

2nd.w/o James L. Baxter


BAXTER, Carrol Sherman: Old--b. 15-Aug-1908, d. 5-Apr-1985, b. in MO,

 h/o Sena Ingle s/o Jessie T. & Lyndia E. Little Baxter


BAXTER, Glen: New--b. 31-Jun-1932, -nd-

h/o Shirley A. Baxter, s/o James Luther & Merna Elizabeth Oliver Baxter


BAXTER, J.H. "Jim": Old--b. 10-Nov-1905, d. 15-Apr-1993


BAXTER, James Louis: New--b. 18-Dec-1929, d. 1-Aug-1990

 h/o 1st. Margaret E. Galloway Baxter 2nd. Birdie J.Baxter

s/o James Luther & Merna Elizabeth Oliver Baxter

f/o Diane, Glenda & Debora


BAXTER, James Luther: Old--b. 6-Jun-1895, d. 24-Oct-1987, WWI U.S. Army Veteran

 h/o Merna Elizabeth Oliver Baxter s/o William Thomas & Mary Ella Hayes Baxter

born in Como, Panola Co. Mississippi, came to Arkansas in 1900 by wagon


BAXTER, James William “JW”: New--b. 9-May-1918, d. 19-Sep-1983, WWII, US Army

h/o Ava Elwanda King Baxter, s/o James Lurther & Merna Elizabeth Oliver Baxter,

born in Prairie Co. Ark.


BAXTER, Lillian Mae: Old no marker, b. 28 Feb. 1888, d. 22 Sept. 1941,

w/o Foster Driver, born in Panola Co. Mississippi, came to Arkansas by wagon in 1900

sister/o James Luther Baxter, d/o William Thomas & Mary Ella Hays Baxter


BAXTER, Louise (Virginia Louise): New--b. 19-Nov-1926, 21 Dec. 2001

w/o Cecil Ray Ricks d/o James Luther & Merna Elizabeth Oliver Baxter

born in Prairie Co. Ark.


BAXTER, Maxine: New-- b. 26 July 1935, d. 16 July 1999,

w/o Woodrow Tipton, d/o James Luther & Merna Elizabeth Oliver Baxter

born in Prairie Co. Arkansas


BAXTER, Margaret E. Galloway: New--b. 14-Mar-1932, d. n/d

1st. w/o James Louis Baxter, d/o William "Willie" Newton & Eva Lea Felts Galloway

born in Prairie Co. Ark.


BAXTER, Merna Elizabeth Oliver.: Old--b. 18-Oct-1896, d. 29-Aug-1966,

 w/o James Luther Baxter, d/o Needham Asa & Ida Jane Golding Oliver

born in Prairie Co. Ark.


BAXTER, Meta Jewel Ballard : New—b: 14 Aug. 1927 , d. 12 Oct. 2005

w/o Verser Clayton Baxter, d/o Joe C. & Bessie Tiner Ballard


BAXTER, Raymond “Ray” (Methodist Church Site)New -- 28 May 1922, d. n/d

h/o Susan “Betty” Baxter


BAXTER, Sena Ingle: Old—b. 3 Dec. 1910, d. 15 May 2005

w/o Carrol Sherman Baxter


BAXTER, Shirley A.: New--b. 24-Feb-1936, -n/d-,

w/o Glen Baxter


BAXTER, Susan “Betty”( Methodist Church Site) New—b. 29 Oct. 1922, d. n/d

w/o Raymond “Ray” Baxter


BAXTER, Timothy Gene:  New--b. 2-Feb-1966, d. 27-Jan-2001

s/o Darrell Gene & Bessie Jo Smith Baxter, g-son of J.W. & Ava Elwanda King Baxter


BAXTER, Verser Clayton.: New-b. 3-Jul-1920, d. 18-Sep-1999  WWII  U.S. Army Veteran

h/o Meta Jewel Ballard Baxter, s/o James Luther & Merna Elizabeth Olive Baxter

born in Prairie Co. Ark.


BAXTER, Willie Earl, age 59:  New--b.27 Feb. 1942, d. 4-Apr-2001, U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran

w/o Cathy, s/o James William & Ava Elwanda King Baxter


BEGGS, H.W.(Hiram W.): Old--b. 7-Aug-1855, d. 13-Oct-1927,

 h/o Mollie .A. Beggs


BEGGS, Infant boy: Old--b. 12-Sep-1908, d. 17-Sep-1908,

 s/o W.W. & M. L. Beggs


BEGGS, John A. Jr.: Old--b. 6-Jan-1893, d. 27-Jan-1893,

s/o John A. Sr. & Mary E. Beggs


BEGGS, Laura Louise Wood: Old--b. 6-Sept-1876, d.5-Feb-1958,

w/o Sam Beggs


BEGGS, Lillie: Old--b. 6-Mar-1918, d. 31-Jul-1937

d/o Sam A. & Laura Wood Beggs


BEGGS, M.A. (Mollie A.): Old--b. 1861, d. 1930,

1st. h/o Ira Gipson, 2nd. w/o Hiram W. Beggs,

See Gipson for more information


BEGGS, M.E.: Old--n/d

Reasrch: Mary E. Beggs wife of William Beggs, born 1841 died after 1910

She is on the 1910 census living with her daughter Nancy Beggs Ricks w/o William


BEGGS, Mary: Old--b. 6-Jan-1893, d. 10-Feb-1893,

d/o John A. & Mary E. Beggs


BEGGS, Millie Melinar: New – b. 5 Nov. 1914, d. 29 Apr. 2005

w/o Arnnell J. Melnar, d/o Sam & Laura Louise Wood Beggs


BEGGS, Nancy A.: Old--b. 1884, d. 1976,

w/o Will L. Ricks, d/o William & Mary E. Beggs, born in Tenn.


BEGGS, Rella Hopkins: New--b. 6-Jul-1924, n/d,

w/o Robert D. Beggs


BEGGS, Robert Dalton: New--b. 17-Apr-1912, d. 29-Apr-1992,

h/o Rella Hopkins


BEGGS, Sam: Old--b. 21-May-1879, d. 19-Sept-1958,

h/o Laura Louise Wood Beggs


BEGGS, Thomas J.: New--b. 8-Jun-1893, d. 14-May-1973

h/o Revie, s/o William J. & Martha Beggs, born in Arkansas


BEGGS, William:  Old--b. 12-Oct-1834, d. 3-Mar-1905

h/o Mary E Beggs, Father of Nancy A Beggs Ricks


BEGGS, W.S.: Old--b. 21-Jan-1860, d. 24-Jul-1933


BERRY, Betty Jean: Old--b. 28-Jan-1929, d. 2-Feb-1929


BERRY, Nona Therrice: Old--b. 6-Feb-1918, d. 15-Dec-1918


BIRDSONG, John E.: Old--b. 26-Oct-1895, d. 6-Sep-1948

s/o Henry & Mary Birdsong


BIRKHEAD, David Sparks: Old--b. 21-Apr-1838, d. 6-Oct-1900, CSA,

 h/o E.A.


BIRKHEAD, James D.: Old--b. 23-Dec-1869, d. 6-Oct-1885,

s/o David S. & E.A.Birkhead


BIRKHEAD, James R.: Old--b. 9-Jul-1873, d. 9-Aug-1873,

s/o David S. & E.A.Birkhead


BISHOP, Edna: Old--n/d


BLALOCK, George E.: Old--b. 16-Aug-1854, d. 25-Oct-1931


BOALS, Addie May Arthurs: Old--b. 1887, d. 6-Mar-1931

w/o Walter Boals, d/o William. L. & Mollie Barrett Arthurs


BOALS, Fannie Wray: Old--b.1869, d. 1923


BOALS, James I.: Old--b. 1885, d. 1966


BOATMAN, Henrietta: Old--b. 25-dec-1865, d. 15-Aug-1899,

w/o James W. Boatman, d/o Benjamin & Elizabeth Harrison


BOGARD, Ada: Old--b. 7-Apr-1870, d. 22-May-1950,

w/o Thomas H. Mayfield, d/o William C. & Lucy Dilworth Bogard


BOGARD, Clara M.: Old--b. 30-Jul-1861, d. 5-Arp-1925,

w/o Willam J. Bogard


BOGARD, Cora Mae: Old--b. 29-Dec-1886, d. 1967,

w/o Thomas M. Bogard


BOGARD, Esther Inez: Old--b. 8-Apr-1904, d. 25-Sep-1906,

d/o Jacob E. & Vera V. Bogard


BOGARD, J.L. "Jake": Old--b. abt-1820, d. 8-Dec-1863

Was waylaied and shot on the 8th. Of December 1863, age 43 years


BOGARD, Jacob T.: Old--b. 9-Nov-1856, d. 26-Sep-1932

h/o Nannie P. Cochran


BOGARD, Lucy Dilworth: Old--b. 1834, d. 28-Feb-1911,

w/o William C. Bogard


BOGARD, Luther J.: Old--b. 16-Dec-1879, d. 1-Sep-1887,

s/o Jacob T. & Sarah A. Bogard


BOGARD, Nannie P. Cochran: Old--b. 7-Dec-1855, d. abt-1932,

w/o Jacob T. Bogard


BOGARD, Sarah A.: Old--b. 22-Dec-1857, d. 25-Nov-1886,

w/o Jacob T. Bogard


BOGARD, Thomas Monroe: Old--b. 1886, d. 1961,

h/o Cora Mae Bogard


BOGARD, W.J.: Old--b. 7-May-1862, d. 16-Jan-1910

(William J.) s/o William C. & Lucy Dilworth Bogard,


BOGARD, William C.: Old--b. 1824, d. 1879,

h/o Lucy Dilworth Bogard


BOGARD, William C.: Old--b. 13-Jul-1883, d. 7-Dec-1884,

s/o Jacob T & Sarah.A.Bogard, age 1 yr. 2 mo. 24 days.


BOGARD, William J.: Old--b. 22-dec-1857, d. 12-Nov-1943,

h/o Clara M. Bogard, s/o William C. & Lucy Dilworth Bogard


BOOLS, Sylvia: Old (From newspaper: b. abt. 1915, d. 18-Mar-1926, age 12,

dau. of Eli Bools, a former resident of Carlisle


BOOE, Bessie: Old--b. 14-Nov-1888, d. 16-Jun-1969,

d/o Leroy & Martha J. Melton Booe, w/o Ernest Pirtle


BOOE, Clarice: Old--b. abt-1915, -n/d-,

w/o Winston C. (Casper) Jennings


BOOE, Edna: Old--b. 24-Jun-1887, d. 4-Nov-1887,

d/o Leroy & Martha J. Melton Booe


BOOE, Etta E.: Old--b. 15-Jul-1886, d. 16-May-1971,

w/o Hosea M. Booe


BOOE, Hosea M.: Old--b. 10-Dec-1882, d. 3-Nov-1971,

h/o Etta E. Booe


BOOE, Isaac Dobbins: Old--b. 16-Mar-1820, d. 10-Apr-1895, CSA Veteran ,

h/o Mary F. Steel Booe


BOOE, Jewell: Old--b. 23-Aug-1894, d. 221-Oct-1897,

d/o Leroy & Martha J. Melton Booe


BOOE, Katherine: Old--b. 23-Jan-1920, d. 16-Dec-1945,

d/o Hosea M. & Etta E. Booe


BOOE, Leroy Quitman: Old--b. 15-May-1856, d. 3-Apr-1938,

 h/o Martha Jane Melton


BOOE, Margaret Vaughn: Old--b. 20-Jul-1912, d. 4-Aug-1918,

d/o Darce & Lena Booe


BOOE, Martha Jane Melton: Old--b. 22-Oct-1858, d. 1-Sep-1928, b. in NC,

w/o Leroy Q. Booe


BOOE, Mary F. Steel: Old--b. 22-Oct-1830, d. 3-Aug-1908,

w/o Isaac D. Booe


BOOE, Thomas J.: Old--b. 1896, d. 1974,

s/o Leroy Q. & Martha J. Melton Booe


BOOE, William Washington: old-- b.abt. 1896, d. n/d  CSA


BOWLES, J.M.: Old--b. 16-Apr-1876, d. 6-Oct-1876,

s/o D.S. & A.A. Bowles


BOWLES, Rebecca P.: Old--b. 23-Mar-1805, d. 24-Sep-1876, b. in NC,

w/o William L. Bowles, born in North Carolina


BOWLES, William L.: Old--b. 8-Oct-1810, d. 19-Apr-1882, b in NC,

h/o Rebecca P., born in North Carolina


BOWLS, Frances F.: Old--b. 16-Nov-1844, d. 2-Nov-1891, b in NC,

w/o W.J. Patterson


BOWLS, M.F. Old--b. 17-Jan-1880, d. 7-Sep-1895,

d/o Dolphis S. & Amanda Bowls


BRIDGES, Bryan: Old--b. 21-Jun-1884, d. 5-Nov-1884,

s/o Green M. & Mattie A. Bridges


BRIDGES, Green Monroe: Old--b. 1835, d. 11-Nov-1925, CSA

h/o Mattie Allen Bryant, born in Tenn.


BRIDGES, Mary Frances: Old--b. 25-mar-1869, d. 16-Jan-1884, b in TN,

d/o Green M. & Mattie Allen Bryan Bridges


BRIDGES, Mattie Allen Bryan: Old--b. 12-Feb-1848, d. 5-Aug-1884, b in TN,

w/o Green M. Bridges


BRIDGES, Mattie Green: Old--b. 22-Aug-1879, d. 16-Sep-1886,

d/o Green M. & Mattie Allen Bryan Bridges


BRINING, Emily Viola: Old--b. 10-Nov-1932, d. 15-Jan-1936


BRINING, Johnny Leroy: Old--b. 27-Nov-1936, d. 28-May-1937,

s/o Leroy & Lillian Stanley Brining


BRINING, Leroy: Old--n/d-,

h/o Lillian Stanley Brining


BRINING, Lillian Stanley: Old--n/d-,

w/o Leroy Brining


BRITT, Carrie T.: Old--b. 23-Sep-1885, d. 5-Sep-1941,

w/o William F. Britt


BRITT, Durwood L.: New--b. 21-Aug-1893, d. 21-Oct-1983,

h/o Elsie S. Britt, s/o Emerson & Josie A. Britt


BRITT, Elsie S.: New--b. 19-Aug-1895, d. 31-Dec-1988,

w/o Durwood L. Britt


BRITT, Emerson E.: Old--b. 27-Jun-1861, d. 5-May-1922,

h/o Josie Ann Kerr Britt


BRITT, Harvey: Old--b. 11-Nov-1909, d. 23-Dec-1913


BRITT, Josie Ann Kerr: Old--b. 19-May-1866, d. 29-Sep-1945,

w/o Emerson E. Britt, d/o Young Frances & Louise M. Hampton Kerr


BRITT, Maurice Lee: Old--b. 12-Jun-1898, d. 21-Feb-1932,

s/o Emerson E. & Josie A. Britt, h/o Virgie Oliver Britt,

f/o Maurice Lee "Footsie" Britt former Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas


BRITT, Mary: Old--b. 24-Sep-1906, d. 29-Oct-1906


BRITT, Robert Cary: Old--b. 23-Sep-1895, d. 7-Nov-1946


BRITT, Virgie Oliver.: Old--b. 24-May-1899, d. 20-Jun-1991

w/o Maurice Lee Britt, d/o Henry Clay & Mary Jane Parleen Lumpkin Oliver

m/o Maurice Lee "Footsie” Britt former Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas


BRITT, William F.: Old--b. 2-Dec-1883, d. 26-Mar-1961.

h/o Carrie T. Britt


BRITTAIN, Clara Bell: Old--b. 14-Jul-1891, d. 2-Jan-1892,

d/o J.T. & Emma J. Brittain


BROWN, Frances M. Kelly:  New--b. 11-Oct-1928, d. 24-Apr-1996,

h/o Owen J. Brown


BROWN, Owen J.: New--b. 21-Apr-1927, d. 9-Feb-1992, WWII, US Army


BRYAN, Mattie Allen: Old--b. 12-Feb-1848, d. 5-Aug-1884, b in TN,

w/o Green M. Bridges


BRYANT, Melissa: New--b. 12-Apr-1961, d. 4-Jun-1980


BUCHANAN, Lula E.: Old--b. 7-Jun-1880, d. 14-Jan-1925,

d/o James & Mary C. Buchanan


BUCHANAN, Mary P.: Old--b. 1849, d. 1923


BUCKALEW, Nancy Ellen: Old--b. 1-Feb-1861, d. 5-Sep-1936,

2nd. w/o N. W. Rochelle


BUCKMASTER, Cora Leah Rouse: Old--b. 13-Nov-1864, d. 23-Sep-1894,

d/o John & Lura Rouse


BURLISON, Emma Jane Mitchell: Old--b. 9-Oct-1868, d. 12-Sep-1924,

w/o H. A. Burlison


BURLISON, H. A.: Old--b. 19-Mar-1861, d. 8-Jan-1929,

h/o Emma J. Mitchell Burlison


BYRD, Bertha H.: New (Methodist Church Site)—b. 19 Dec. 1936

w/o Billy Evert Byrd,  married 15 July 1957


BYRD, Billy Evert:  New (Methodist Church Site)--b. 28-Aug. 1930,  d. 3-Jan 1999,

h/o Bertha H.


CALHOUN, Sarah: Old--n/d-, d. abt-1878,

w/o Richard A. Ricks, d/o Drewry B. & Jane Dixon Calhoun

It is not know for sure if Sarah is buried her but family tradition strongly suggests she is.


CALVA, Diane E.: New—b. 16 Sept. 1952, d. 13 May 2005


CAMPBELL, Infant:  Old--b. 1906, d. 1906,

c/o Mr. & Mrs. Will Campbell


CAONIS, James: b. 6 July, 1828 d. 26 Jan. 1892

63 yrs. 6 mo. 20 days


CARTER, Esther Mae: Old--b. 1897, d. 30-Oct-1909,

d/o James H. & Lorena Jolly Carter


CARTER, Lorena Jolly: Old--b. 15-Oct-1868, d. 5-Feb-1901,

w/o James H. Carter


CARTER, Mary Groom: Old – b. Dec. 1877, d. 6 July 1825

w/o James B. Carter, born in Tenn.


CARTER, Robert L.: Old--b. 5-Nov-1872, d. 12-Jul-1954,

h/o Sadie K Smith, s/o C.C. Carter


CARTER, Sadie K. Smith: Old--b. 30-Nov-1886, d. 13-Dec-1968,

w/o Robert L Carter., d/o Katheryn Smith


CATE, George Henry: Old--b. 7-May-1922, d. 13-Nov-1922


CATE, Ray: Old--b. 17-Jun-1926, d. 16-Jun-1938


CAVINESS, Adeline: Old--b. 14-May-1828, d. 21-Sep-1894,

w/o James Caviness


CAVINESS, Allie: Old--b. 1864, d. 1938,

w/o Jim Caviness


CAVINESS, Art: Old--b. 4-Jul-1874, d. 2-Jan-1936


CAVINESS, Beauregard: Old--b. 29-Aug-1861, d. 16-Jul-1881,

stone broken through dates


CAVINESS, Flora: Old--b. 1872, d. 1910,

2nd.  w/o William C. Caviness


CAVINESS, J.C. (John C.): Old--b. 1847, d. 14-Jul-1924

s/o James & Adeline Caviness


CAVINESS, James: Old--b. 6-Jul-1828, d. 28-Jan-1892, CSA Veteran

h/o Adeline


CAVINESS, Jim (James K.) : Old--b. 1860, d. 1937,

h/o Allie Caviness, s/o James & Adeline Caviness


CAVINESS, Lizzie: Old--b. 25-Nov-1874, d. 15-Jul-1897,

1st.. w/o William C. Caviness


CAVINESS, William C.: Old--b. 10-Jun-1866, d. 11-Nov-1933

h/o 1st. Lizzie, 2nd. Flora


CHANDLER, Anna F.: Old--b. 21-Feb-1880, d. 27-Jun-1918,

w/o J. Silas Chandler


CHANDLER, Cecil: Old--b. 23-Mar-1915, d. 2-Dec-1918


CHANDLER, Clarence E.: Old--b. 11-Oct-1895, d. 18-Apr-1918, WWI


CHANDLER, J. Silas: Old--b. 16-dec-1868, d. 26-Apr-1955,

h/o 1st. Louena J.; 2nd.  Anna F.


CHANDLER, Louena J.: Old--b. 12-Jun-1974, d. 25-Dec-1907,

b. Carrol Co., TN, w/o J. Silas


CHANDLER, Luther T.: Old--b. 27-Nov-1911, d. 23-Feb-1912


CHURCHWELL, Erma Lea Stell: New—b. 5 Aug. 1934, d. n/d

w/o Sammie G. Stell, d/o Floyd & Frances Norma Crowder Churchwell


CHRUCHWELL, Floyd, New – no dates

h/o Francis Norma Crowder Churchwell


CHURCHWELL, Francis Norma Crowder: New – 23 Aug. 1915, d. 5 Jan. 2000

w/o Floyd Churchwell, d/o Benjamin & Ada Bell Crowder


CHURCHWELL, Floyd: New—no dates

h/o Francis Norma Crowder Churchwell


CHURCHWELL, Marion Tony: Old--b. 9-Apr-1942, d. 7-Nov-1954

s/o Floyd & Francis Norma Crowder Churchelll


COCHRAN, Nancy P. "Nannie": Old--b. 7-Dec-1855, d. abt-1932

w/o Jacob T. Bogard


COLCLASURE, Alice L.: Old--b. 1869, d. 1946,

w/o Peter A. Colclasure


COLCLASURE, Berl: Old--b. 11-Jun-1888, d. 5-Dec-1921


COLCLASURE, Peter A.: Old--b. 1863, d. 1941,

h/o Alice L. Colclasure


COOK, Florence Cranford: Old--b. 27-Aug-1870, d. 29-Oct-1938,

2nd.  w/o Luna Barton Cook


COOK, James William: Old--b. 1-Apr-1900, d. 17-May-1944,

s/o Luna B. & Mildred A. Williams Cook


COOK, Mary K: New—b. 23 June 1934, d. n/d

w/o William Evert Ingle


COOK, Mildred Alma Williams: Old--b. 9-Dec-1875, d. 7-Mar-1911, 

w/o Luna B. Cook, d/o John C & Martha E. Rice Williams

COYLE, Ida: Old--b. 1895, d. 1957,

w/o Roy Coyle


COYLE, Roy: Old--b. 1890, d. 1969,

h/o Ida Coyle


CRAIGE, Laura May Sparks: Old—b. 20 Dec. 1883, d. 29, Sept. 1899


CRAFT, Eudosia A.: Old--b. 1852, d. 1915

w/o William S. Hamilton


CRANFORD, Alva Lee: Old--b. 25-Dec-1910, d. 12-Sep-1967,

Twin, d/o Oscar Lee & Sophia Ann Cranford

(twin sister died at birth see "infant girl" below)


CRANFORD, Florence: Old--b. 27-Aug-1870, d. 29-Oct-1938,

d/o Wm. Ivy & Mary K. Cranford


CRANFORD, Infant girl: Old--b. 25-Dec-1910, d. 25-Dec-1910,

d/o Oscar Lee & Sophia Ann, twin of Alva Lee


CRANFORD, Mary C.: Old--b. 1846, d. 1912, w/o W. I. Cranford


CRANFORD, Oscar Lee: Old--b. 13-Jun-1890, d. 10-Jun-1981,

 h/o Sophia A.Cranford


CRANFORD, Sophia Ann: Old--b. 15-May-1890, d. 3-Feb-1969,

w/o Oscar L.Cranford


CRANFORD, W.I.: Old--b. 1845, d. 29-Jan-1925,

h/o Mary C. Cranford


CRANFORD, Elsie: Old--b. 29-Dec-1847, d. 23-Jan-1937,

w/o Zachary T. Russom


CRAWFORD, Emma Gertude :Gertie” Kerr: Old—20 Jan. 1883, d. 29 June 1967

w/o Charles “Carlie” Kerr


CROWDER, Ada Belle Hughes: Old--b. 1-Jan-1891, d. 6-May-1973,

w/o Benjamin M. Crowder, d/o Daniel Marion & Angelina L. Smith Hughes


CROWDER, Benjamin Morton.: Old--b. 29-Sep-1888, d. 24-Jul-1980,

h/o Ada Belle Crowder, s/o William Edward & Isabell Siniar Arleva Robins Crowder


CROWDER, Donna F.: Old--b. 1927, d. n/d-,

w/o Marion Kindall Crowder


CROWDER, Francis Norma Churchwell: New—b. 23 Aug. 1915 d. 5 Jan. 2000

w/o Floyd Churchwell, d/o Benjamin M. & Ada Bell Hughes Crowder


CROWDER, Edna Lucell Kerr: Old—b. 16 July 1909, d. 4 Aug. 1999

w/o Chester L. Kerr, d/o Benjamin M. & Ada Bell Hughes Crowder



CROWDER, Helen Margaret: New--b. 27-Nov-1911, d. 1-Oct-1988,

w/o William. A. Kerr, d/o Benjamin M. & Ada Belle Hughs Crowder


CROWDER, Marion Kindall: New--b. 1925, d. 1992, 

h/o Donna F. Crowder, s/o Benjamin M. & Ada Belle Hughes Crowder


CUNNINGHAM, Martha Lue Roach: New--b. 14-Aug-1945, d. 28-Aug-1996


DALTON, Mildred May Moore: Old--b. 14-Aug-1917, d. 10-Oct-1988,

w/o Jack, d/o Vestie & Willie Moore


DANIELS, Ola, 2 year old dau. of Mr. &Mrs. Clinton Daniels, d. 30-June-1921

(Carlisle Independent)


DAVID, Adeline: Old--b. 25-Jan-1835, d. 1-Apr-1922


DAVIS, Lona: Old--b. 10-Jun-1870, d. 8-Feb-1889,

w/o W. W. Davis


DEVINEY, J.R.: Old--b. 20-Nov-1835, d. 22-Dec-1909


DICK, James R.: Old--b. 9-Jul-1873, d. 9-Aug-1873


DILWORTH, Lucy: Old--b. 1834, d. 28-Feb-1911,

 w/o William. C. Bogard


DORSETT, Ida Ricks: Old--b. 1884, d. 14 May 1970,

w/o Manley Soloman Dorsett, d/o Richard Allen & Melvina Oliver Ricks


DORSETT, Lou F.: Old--b. 3-Mar-1847, d. 21-Dec-1925,

d/o Levin & Rebecca Rainey Savage


DORSETT, Manley Soloman.: Old--b. 1880, d. 26 May 1959

h/o Ida Ricks Dorsett, s/o William Joseph & Louisa F. Savage Dorsett


DORSETT, Milford Madison: Old--b. 20-Dec-1918, d. 26-Mar-1967,

s/o Manley Soloman & Ida Ricks Dorsett


DRIVER, Foster: Old (unmarked): Old—b. 17 Nov. 1880, d. 24 July 1950

h/o Lillian Mae Baxter Driver, f/o 2 infant children


DRIVER, Infant: Old unmarked, dates unknown

Infant of Foster & Lillian Mae Baxter Driver

Information from Baxter family history files


DRIVER, Infant: Old-- unmarked, date unknown

Infant of Foster & Lillian Mae Baxter Driver

Information from Baxter family history files


DRIVER, Lillian Mae Baxter: Old (unmarked)—b. 28 Feb. 1880, d. 22 Sept. 1941

w/o Foster Driver, d/o William Thomas & Mary Ella Hays Baxter,

sister of James Luther Baxter, m/o 2 infant children, came to Arkansas in 1900

by covered wagon with her family.


DUNLAP, Birdie "Margaret": Old--b. 9-Jul-1891, 10-Nov-1985,

w/o James A. Dunlap


DUNLAP, James A.: Old--b. 13-Oct-1884, d. 14-Apr-1969, WWI

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