Arkansas Cemeteries


Saint Matthews Cemetery

Lonoke County, Arkansas

Completed April 12, 2001 by Pris Weathers

Graciously Provided by Arkansas Ties


From the interstate going South on Kerr Road,

the cemetery is located on the left hand side of the road. Easy to see.


Allen, Deboraha

Allen, Derick

Allen, Jeremy A.

Allen, Shandra Renee

Askew, Benjamin J.

Askew, Bill

Austin, Allen

Austin, Eva Mae

Austin, Kelsondrick A.

Austin, Mack Ceaser

Bailey, Dilo

Bankhead, Lizzie Williams

Barnes, Lillie K.

Barrow, Zerline Lewis Foots

Battle, Washington Jr.

Bland, Bernice

Blue, India

Bolden, George Jr.

Bolden, Odie Lee

Bolden, Robert Lee

Booth, Luvenia Philmon

Bowers, Earl

Bratton, John A.

Brooks, Fannie

Brown, Alice J.

Brown, Cassandra D.

Brown, Daisy M. Wilson

Brown, Dave

Brown, David Sr.

Brown, Eddie

Brown, Jennie M.

Brown, John H. Sr.

Brown, Josie

Brown, Julie M.

Brown, Mary

Brown, Richard

Brown, Willie B. Jr.

Brunson, Eddie

Bryant, Annie May Brown

Bryant, Charles Edward

Bryant, Herman Jr.

Bryant, Mary "Sang"

Buckl, Mary Jane

Bunting, Clara May

Bunting, Tommy Lewis

Bunting, Wallace

Bunting, Walter H.

Bunting, William

Bunting, William D.

Bush, Deaster

Cain, Ruth M. Tolbert

Cambell, Fredrick

Campbell, Alexander

Campbell, Blanche

Campbell, Curtis A.

Campbell, Ernest L.

Campbell, Jesse

Cannon, Clara B.

Cannon, Herman

Carter, Irene Dancy

Carter, Unknown

Cato, Allie B. Williams

Cato, Kevin Ron

Chism, Marian L.

Clark, Alberta Woods

Clark, Ulysses

Combs, David

Combs, Elzada Zate

Craighead, George

Cunningham, Lottie Stout

Cureton, Carrie

Daniels, Jessie

Daniels, Orza

Daniels, Willie West

Day, Ulysses

Deweese, Ellie

Dishman, Eric Samuel

Donahue, Seretha

Duncan, Noah

Dye, George

Dyer, Clara

Dyer, Fred Sr.

Eason, Rosie Lee

Evans, Liza

Flemon, Albert

Foots, Larence

Foots, Sadie Bell

Ford, Jessie B.

Ford, Lewis

Freehart, Vair Lee

Galloway, E. Clote

Gillame, Rosie Lee

Gilliam, Mattie Fletcher

Gilvia, Pat L.

Glover, Cora Tucker

Gober, Varine Barnes

Goodman, Queen E.

Green, Alvin Harrison

Green, David Lee

Green, Floyd Earl

Green, Joseph

Green, Judge Jr.

Green, Mansel

Green, Octavia

Green, Victoria

Greene, Allen

Greene, June

Greene, Mamie D.

Greene, Morening

Greene, Nathaniel T.

Greene, Sherman L.

Gurley, Mrs. Italy

Hannah, Deacon Roman

Harris, Beatrice

Harris, Clara S.

Harris, Irene

Harris, Lucille C

Hedgon, Ella

Henderson, Cannah Delamontre

Hickman, Lillie

Hickman, Thomas Jr.

Hill, Henry

Hill, Henry

Hill, Henry Ernest

Hill, Reather Mason

Hill, Savannah McCurtain

Hill, Scott

Holbert, Frank

Holden, Milton Buddy

Holden, Otis

Holden, Pennia

Holden, Robert L.

Holden, Rodgers

Holmes, Delia

Holmes, W.M

Houston, James

Jackson, Carrie

Jackson, Joe

James, Bertha E.

Jarrett, Jean Anna

Jeffrey, Ben

Jeffrey, Lucy J.

Jeffrey, M.C.

Jeffreys, Martha An

Jennings, Unknown

Jernigan, Herry

Johnson, Benjamin Wesley

Johnson, Cleonnuss

Johnson, Derrick Lamont

Johnson, Duwayne

Johnson, Forrest

Johnson, Josh

Johnson, Lindsey Jr.

Johnson, Margaret Lucille

Johnson, Mary Miller

Johnson, Therman DeWayne

Johnson, Thomas L.

Johnson, Verna L. Turner

Johnson, Will A.

Jones, Clarence H.

Jones, James Jr.

Jones, Joe Herman

Jones, Joseph

Jones, Lena Miller

Jones, Lizzie

Jones, Lucy McMillan

Jones, Rev. J.S.

Jones, Susie

Jordan, Thelma Jeffrey

Keels, Pauline W.

Kelleybrew, Cora Bell

Kelleybrew, N.L.

Lay, Grace S.

Lee, Bertha

Lilly, Sandra K.

Lindsey, Ora

Lloyd, Rachel

Lowden, Rosa B.

Marsh, Mary Rachel

Martin, Anna

Martin, Maria Louise

Maxiell, Kent Leroy

McCoy, Elias

McCoy, Gertrude A.

McCoy, Hozetta C. Glover

McCoy, Luverta "Bert" Marie Russell

McCoy, Marie Edwards

McCoy, Mary Etta

McCoy, Pamela J.

McCoy, Rev. Samuel

McCoy, Sam

McElwee, Peggy L.

McKinney, Bobby Lynn

McKinney, Wallace E.

McKinney, Wardell

Meadows, Bennie Sr.

Meadows, Freddie

Medley, Emily Young

Medley, Lucile J.

Medley, Willie

Miller, Frank

Miller, Mattie

Milon, Letha

Mitchell, Herman Luvert

Mitchell, Lennie Lee O'Neil

Mitchell, Printess Sr.

Morgan, Gertha

Morgan, Sol

Morris, Allen

Morris, Bennie Lee

Morris, Green

Olden, Hester N.

Orr, Barbara J. Green

Parks, Willis


Perkins, Margaret G.

Pitts, Freddie Lee

Pitts, Rachel

Porter, Luvenia McKeener

Pye, John

Pye, Unknown

Reed, Juanita Arrington

Rice, George

Robinson, Elmer

Robinson, L.V. Jr.

Robinson, L.V. Sr.

Ruffin, Pearlie

Rumph, Dorothy M.

Sabb, Isaac Jr.

Sabb, Roy Lee

Sanders, Ella

Scott, Ivo

Scott, Lawrence

Scott, Liza

Shelton, George "Blackjack"

Shelton, Rosadie McCoy

Simpson, Annie Lee

Sims, Beaulah

Smith, Addie

Smith, Crystal L.

Smith, Delois

Smith, John A.

Smith, Kashun M.

Smith, Letha

Smith, Luebirder

Smith, Mamie

Spencer, Clara B. Lawrence

Stanton, Effie

Stanton, Mark C.

Stanton, Percy P.

Stanton, Robert

Stout, Herman E.

Taylor, Beatrice

Taylor, Odessa

Taylor, Rosie

Terrel, J.C.

Thomas, ? B.

Thomas, Luvenia

Thompson, Shirley Ann Martin

Todd, Annie H.

Tolbert, Edward L.

Tolbert, Lula Mae

Tolbert, Odis "Jake"

Tolbert, Warren G. Sr.

Tucker, Maud S.

Tucker, Stella

Turner, Cleveland

Turner, Lillie Johnson

Vaughn, Rev. J.W.

Vaughn, Sarah

Waits, Laura Mary

Walker, Leah

Walls, Levi

Walls, Lucinda

Walters, Samuel

Warren, Andrew

Warren, Elizabeth

Warren, Mitchell

Warren, Roxana

Washington, Charlie Jr.

Washington, Eugene

Washington, Henry

Washington, Henry L

Watson, Charlene D.

Watson, Norma H.

Watson, W.

Wells, Gea Renea

Whitehead, Cornelius Less

Whitfield, Rev. Thomas E.

Whitley, Alma L. Greene

Whitley, Clarence

William, Dorothy Jean

Williams, Charles H.

Williams, Charles Herbert

Williams, Cleo

Williams, Hayword Jr.

Williams, Lakita

Williams, Lucy

Williams, Maggie Ree

Williams, Manuel

Williams, Mary Young

Williams, Piccola Franklin

Williams, R.C.

Williams, Shirley Ann

Williams, Sis Margie Ree Jackson

Williams, Viola Johnson

Williams, Willie H.

Williams, Willie S. Sr.

Williamson, Maggie J. Brown

Williamson, Nathan W.

Willis, Annie Leeks

Willliams, Roland Booker Sr.

Wilson, Artie

Wilson, Bell Conway

Wilson, Theodoros

Wilson, Tom

Womack, Beverly Kay

Womack, Clarence

Woods, C.L.

Woods, Mack

Woods, Paul Babe

Woods, Reener

Woods, Willie R. Jr.

Worlds, Eula B. Holden

Wright, Carlton Buck

Young, Bertha Jones

Young, Calvin

Young, Ethel D.

Young, Hosea Nathaniel

Young, Mamie

Young, Mamie

Young, Robert Jr.


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