Arkansas Cemeteries


Pleasant Hills Cemetery

Lonoke County, Arkansas

Completed by Pris Weathers, Randy Picard, Christina Head,

and Dillon Picard, February 18, 2002.

Graciously Provided by Arkansas Ties


Alberson, Baby

Alberson, Betty Jo

Alberson, George

Alberson, Irene

Alberson, Jewel F.

Alberson, John C.

Alberson, John C.

Alberson, Maysel B.

Alberson, Monroe

Alberson, William M. Sr.

B, A.A.

B, S.E.

Bell, Dale Gordon

Berry, Carl J.

Berry, Ellen M.

Bizzell, John Keith

Bizzell, Weldon Ben

Bowen, Geo L.

Bowen, Leona

Bradford, Alice A.

Bradford, Buford B.

Bradford, Herman

Bradford, Ruth T.

Bradford, Smith E.

Brewer, Artemissa Furlow

Brewer, Mary Blanche

Brewer, Saroba Ann

Carroll, Thomas P.

Carroll, Virginia Swaim

Coleman, B?

Coleman, Dalmer D.

Coleman, Effie A.

Coleman, Eva Carroll

Coleman, J.E.

Coleman, J.E.

Coleman, John Aubrey

Coleman, Joseph Freeman

Coleman, Julius Cross

Coleman, Luther E.

Coleman, Ruth Estelle

Coleman, Thomas Carroll

Coleman, V. May

Coleman, Virgie May

Coleman, Wilson Hill

Coleman, Wm Pierce

Dickerson, Cecil A

Dickerson, Cecil A.

Drennan, Kenneth S.

Drennan, Pearl F.

Easley, Alice B.

Easley, Bessie

Easley, Eviegene

Easley, John L.

Easley, Louis L.

Easley, Marcus R.

Easley, Marley E.

Easley, Neoma J.

Easley, Roy

Easley, T. Louise

Eazley, Mary

Ellis, E.O.

Elmore, Jewell Levica

Elmore, Katherine

Elmore, Lee H.

Etherton, James

Fletcher, Ella E.

Fletcher, Ella E.

Fletcher, Mary A.

Fletcher, Mary Cooper

Furlow, Maria Eagle

Furlow, Thomas

Gooch, Emmett

Gooch, Maud

Gooch, Unknown

H, H.

H, S.R.

Hazley, John L.

Hazley, Mary

Henry, Eva Lois

Henry, Luke S.

Howell, B.A.

Howell, Bernice Dr.

Howell, Bernice H.

Howell, D.

Howell, Herman

Howell, Jennett

Howell, Naomi

Howell, Richard H.

Howell, Sallie R.

Howell, Turner

Howell, Vivienne D.

Huffman, Jerry Millard

Hurdle, Kathleen Coleman

Jerry, Lilian May

Justice, Clarence W.

Justice, Mattie L.

Justice, Osburn L.

Justice, Vance

K, E.

K, J.M.

King, Alice A.

King, Alice A.

King, Eleanor

King, Pleasant

King, Rev. J.M.


Mahan, Willie R.

Mangum, Father

Mangum, Mother

Marberry, Andrew J.

Marberry, Frank E.

Micheli, Dorothy J.

Micheli, Edward N.

Micheli, Freda R.

Moore, Philip E.

Moore, Shirley A.

Mullen, C.B.

Mullen, Caty

New, Cassie E.

New, Elmer J.

New, Michael L.

New, Virginia Lue

New, Wilburn Neal Sr.

New, William Rufe

Oholendi, Ada A.

Pyburn, Clarence A.

Pyburn, Matilda V.

Pyburn, Sarah M.

Pyburn, Sarah M.

Pyburn, Walter

Pyburn, Walter

Roberts, James Otis

Robinson, Arthur L.

Robinson, Charles W.

Robinson, Florence Emma

Robinson, G.L.

Robinson, Jewel R.

Robinson, Joe D.

Robinson, Linnie

Robinson, Lucille S.

Robinson, Ross H.

Robinson, Walter M.

Ruffner, Infant Baby

Ruffner, Lee Joe

Ruffner, M. Sloan

Ruffner, Nannie L.

Silvers, Milton Harry

Simons, Dwayne

Simons, Imogene

Simons, Minnie Pearson

Simons, Newton H.

Simons, Ray H.

Singley, Samuel Leslie Jr.

Starns, Elihu C.

Starns, John A.

Starns, Wm. V.

Swaim, Bruce Allen

Swaim, Edgar

Swaim, Joseph A.

Swaim, Samuel

Swaim, Thomas R.

Taylor, Anthony Glenn

Taylor, B. Imogene

Taylor, Essie E.

Taylor, Finis Z.

Taylor, Gracie Mae

Taylor, Hebrert "Buddy"

Taylor, Infant Daughter of Finis and Essie

Taylor, James Owen

Taylor, John Willis

Taylor, Johnny D.

Taylor, Lois E.

Taylor, Mable Cox

Taylor, Millie Decker

Taylor, Teddy C.

Taylor, William Finis

Thompson, Janie Vera duncan

Thompson, Price Monroe

Thompson, Price Monroe

Timothy, G.

Trickey, C. Vance

Trickey, Earl L.

Trickey, Ellen B.

Trickey, Elma M.

Trickey, Elzie H.

Trickey, Henry V.

Trickey, J. Dorse

Trickey, M. Jane

Trickey, Mattie

Trickey, W.R.

Trickey, Will W.

Underwood, Ethel

Underwood, Geo

Underwood, Wesley C.

Underwood, Wesley Carl

Underwood, William


Waddell, William Thomas

Walls, Catherine

Walls, Jackson

Waters, Ruell

Wilkins, Patsy LeJoy

Wilson, Joyce A.

Wilson, Willis Jr.

Winfrey, David C.

Winfrey, Katie L.


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