Arkansas Cemeteries


Salus Cemetery

Johnson County, Arkansas

Aka Pine Grove Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas

Salus, Johnson County, Arkansas

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

Transcribed April 12, 2003, by Robert & Rosa Cline


This cemetery is located on the county lines of Johnson and Newton, and is called by two different names. It just depends on "who you talk with" and "what county they refer to the cemetery in" as to what the cemetery is called. Either Salus Cemetery in Johnson County, OR Pine Grove Cemetery in Newton County. There are about 12 unmarked graves here.

Driving Directions: From Hwy 21 driving toward Clarksville, Going from Fallsville to the Johnson/Newton County line, once you get to the county line, County Road NE 316 will be off to your left, (right on the county line). You will drive about 1/2 of a mile and the cemetery fence will be on your right, but you will have to park on the left and walk up to the fence and the graves will be located behind the fence and a small hill. You can't see the stones from the dirt road.

I am typing up this transcription just as it is on the stones and under the transcriptions I will put any additonal information known in ( ) any of this additional information take only as a guideline to go by. It is from research or people contacting me, so use only as a guideline in your own research as I have no way of knowing if it is 100% correct or not. I am taking headstone photos of each stone out there so I do have those if anyone would like a scanned version, also I have obits for some of the people listed below, if anyone would like to have a copy...and sometimes there are pictures of the people to go with the obit...if anyone would like to contact me for a copy. Also if you don't find the information on this transcription look at for the person listed and there may be more information there for them. I am trying to download headstone photos to that site as well.

Lester Claud Boen

Mabel Curran

Mary Beryl Warren Curran

William Curran

William Curran

Martha Davis

Foy Griffith

Lee Griffith

Oscar James Griffith

Susie Eastep Griffith

Wannetta Griffith

Lillie James

William James

Mary Johnson

Noah Johnson

John Jordan

Ernest Orsburn

Nettie Orsburn

Ellen Reben

Francis Reben

Belle Reese

Dillie Dicie Poteet Reese

Naaman Reese

Albert Lee Ross

Bessie Jeanette Warren Ross

Frank Ryan

Addison Thorpe

Bedford Thorpe

Grace Ellen Thorpe

Vivien Frances Thorpe

Alexander Alick Warren

Argus Lee Warren "Doc Warren"

Benjamin Harrison Warren (Benjimon Harrison Warren)

Billie Faye Warren

Edith Marie Warren

Effie Warren

Elijah Jenks Warren (Jenks Warren)

Emma Humble Warren (Emma Hubble Warren)

George Newton Warren

Hattie Warren

Infant Son Warren

Jessie Beasley Warren

Josie Warren

Lloyd Leonard Warren

Luella Jones Warren (Ella Warren)

Manley Warren

Martha Eastep Warren

Mary Agnes McCloskey Warren

Mary Jane White Warren

May Warren

Oliver Warren

Raphael Warren

Rebecca Goldie Warren

Rual Warren

Sam Oley Warren

Saul James Warren

Sidney Custard Warren

Truman Warren

Ulysus Warren

Virgil Warren

William Alfred Warren

Jimmy Watson

Ethel Warren Smith Weaver

Daisy Ruth Webb

Pleasant Webb

Dollie Williams

Irvin Williams

Myrtle Warren Williams



(engraved picture of a cross and praying hands) wed Apr 5, 1947


Lester C.

b. Mar 29, 1926 d. Mar 2, 1994

Faye M.

b. June 18, 1925 (blank)

(on back) Our Children Rita, Rodger, Robert

(Lester Claud Boen was born in Fallsville, Arkansas and died in Salus, Arkansas

Son of James Arthur Boen and Minnie Mae Case Boen

(He is family so for family contact us at )



Mable Curran

b. Oct 11, 1924 d. Nov 7, 1924

(this is a flat headstone)




William E

b. Dec 14, 1905 d. Mar 17, 1980



Mary Beryl

b. Jan 7, 1906 d. Dec 18, 1972

(In our research: She was daughter of George Newton Warren and Nettie Ollie Harris Warren)







JAN 22 1925 (CROSS) DEC 31 1953



Martha F. Davis

b. Oct 17, 1887 d. Nov 23, 1931

(this is a flat headstone)



Foy L. Griffith

Aug 24, 1928



Lee M Griffith

1931 - 1933




Oscar J.

b. Apr 29, 1908 d. Oct 28, 1998

Susie M.

b. Sept 6, 1911 d. Sept 29, 1974

In Loving Memory

(his funeral marker: Oscar James Griffith 1908 1998 Roller-Cox)

(I have a copy of his obit: he was the son of Nathan King Griffith and Mandy Callahan Griffith, and Susie's madien name was Susie Eastep)



Wannetta F.

inf dau of

Oscar & Susie


Jan 19, 1950



William B.

b. Nov 17, 1898 d. Dec 26, 1973

JAMES In loving Memory (engraved picture of praying hands)

Lillie C.

b. Jan 23, 1901 d. May 2, 1993



Mary Johnson

b. March 6, 1879 d. Sept 24, 1963

In Loving Memory

(her stone looks like Noah's)



Noah Johnson

b. July 14, 1879 d. Feb 18, 1962

Our Loved One

(stone looks like Mary's)



John C. Jordan

b. Mar 10, 1888 d. June 26, 1947



Ernest V. Orsburn

b. Aug 24, 1873 d. Aug 16, 1961

(this is a homemade stone)



Nettie O Orsburn

b. Sept 26, 1874 d. July 1, 1933

My trust is in God




Ellen R

1864 1926

Francis M

1861 1924

(foot markers: F.M. & E.R.)



Belle W. Reese

1848 - 1943



Naaman G.

b. Sept 25, 1900 d. Mar 11, 1978

married Dec 23, 1929


Dillie D.

b. Mar 17, 1906 d. Jan 27, 2000

(her funeral home marker reads: Dillie Dicie Reese 1906 2000 Roller- Cox)

(I have a copy of her obit: Daughter of Jackson Poteet and Dicie King Poteet)




Bessie J

b. Aug 26, 1917 d. Feb 6, 2000

Albert L.

b. June 2, 1920 d. Mar 1, 1991

(this is a flat headstone)

(his funeral home marker has his full name: Albert Lee Ross)



Frank A. Ryan

b. May 11, 1854 d. May 28, 1935

At Rest




Addison E.

b. Nov 9, 1909 d. Sept 19, 1993

In Loving Memory

Vivien F.

b. Dec 10, 1913 d. Aug 17, 1994

(this is a flat stone and looks like Bedford & Grace's)




NOV 9 1909 (CROSS) SEP 19 1993

(her funeral marker reads: Vivien Frances Thorpe 1913 1994 Roller-Cox)





b. June 27, 1898 d. Apr 30, 1976

In Loving Memory

Grace E

b. Sept 14, 1910 d. May 4, 1997

(this is a flat stone and looks like Addison & Vivien's)

(his military)





JUN 27 1898 APR 30 1976

(her funeral marker reads: Grace Ellen Thorpe 1910 1997 Roller-Cox)



A.A. Warren

b. Sept 28, 1878 d. Feb 8, 1951

Asleep in Jesus

(Alexander Alick Warren was born in Devil Knob, Arkansas and died in Johnson County, Arkansas. Son of Isreel Dotson Warren and Mary Jane White Warren also He was married to Martha Eastep so for family contact us at



wife of

A.A. Warren

b. Apr 7, 1883 d. May 7, 1942

Weep not she is at rest

(Martha A. Eastep Warren was born in Fallsville, Arkansas and died in Clarksville, Arkansas

Daughter of Benjamin Eastep and Emily Jane Smith Eastep family contact us at




Argus Lee "Doc"

b. May 3, 1931 (blank)

In Loving Memory



Billie Faye

b. July 10,1930 d. June 12, 1998

In Loving Memory






b. Aug 22, 1888 d. June 17, 1933

At Rest

(In our research we found: son of Michael Warren and Mary Ann Hatfield Warren, he was born in AR and died possibly June 7, in Newton County, AR.)





b. Dec 21, 1874 d. July 19, 1945

At Rest

(In our research we found: Her madien name possibly was Hubble, and she was possibly b. Dec 31st, She died in Newton County, AR.)



Edith Marie Warren

b. Mar 15, 1919 d. July 18, 1944




George N. Warren

b. July 25, 1876 d. Dec 12, 1937

My trust is in God

(our research: George Newton Warren, Son of Israel Dotson Warren and Mary Jane White Warren)



Hattie L. (engraved Masonic star)

b. Dec 5, 1924 (blank)


(engraved Masonic symbol) Raphael D.

b. Dec 24, 1915 d. Apr 11, 1970



Infant Son of James A. Warren

Cox Funeral Home


(badly faded funeral home marker)



James Albert Warren


Gross Mortuary

Loving Dad

nine Children

(metal funeral home marker with concret slab around it,...homemade stone)

(our research: He was b. Aug 6, 1888 to Israel Dotson Warren adn Mary Jane White Warren in Johnson Co, AR. He d. June 15, 1963 in Johnson Co, AR. )







NOVEMBER 22, 1943

(Our research: Elijah Jenks Warren b. Sept 1892 in AR, son of George Washington Warren and Rebecca Angeline Warren Warren)




Josie Warren

b. Dec. 10, 1864 d. Aug 24, 1938

(this is a flat headstone)



(engraved praying hands)

Lloyd L. Warren

b. Aug 18, 1907 d. Dec 1, 1974

(Lloyd Leonard Warren was born in Fallsville, Arkansas and died in Arkansas or possibly in Costa Mesa, CA

Son of Alexander Alick Warren and Martha Eastep Warren family contact us at




Manley D.

b. May 5, 1906 d. June 20, 1991

Effie B.

b. Feb 16, 1910 d. Dec 18, 1966

In Loving Memory




Mary A. Warren

b. Dec 19, 1887 d. Nov 17, 1943

(In our research found: Mary Agnes McCloskey d. possibly 1946)



Sidney C. Warren

b. Dec 9, 1891 d. Oct 11, 1946

(funeral home marker reads: Mr. Sidney Custer Warren died Oct 11, 1946 aged 55 years Cox Funeral Home)

(our research: He was born to Israel Dotson Warren and Mary Jane White Warren, in Johnson Co, Ar.)



Mary J.

wife of

I.D. Warren

b. Mar 7, 1850 d. Jan 14, 1934

She is at rest in Heaven

(our research: Mary Jane White Warren b. in Kentucky married to Israel Dotson Warren)



Oliver Warren

1882 -1955

(our research: He was born and died in Newton County, Arkansas, b. Sept 1882 to Israel Dotson Warren and Mary Jane White Warren.)



Rebecca G

dau of

G.N. & N.O.


Nov 13, 1907

Jan 31, 1910

(our research: Rebecca Goldie Warren born in AR to George Newton Warren and Nettie Ollie Harris Warren.)



Rual D. Warren

b. Sept 30, 1927 d. Nov 23, 1944

Son, We will meet

you in Heaven





b. Apr 23, 1920 d. Nov 19, 1994

wed Apr 22, 1946


b. Oct 4, 1928 (blank)





APR 23 1917 (CROSS) NOV 19 1994

(NOTE: His headstone and his military stone both have different years of birth for him. But he is a twin to Saul and they are sons of Alexander Alick Warren and Martha Eastep Warren family contact us at







APR 23 1917 (CROSS) DEC 7 1996

(He is a twin to Sam and they are sons of Alexander Alick Warren and Martha Eastep Warren family contact us at








1904 1977

Son of Alexander Alick Warren and Martha Eastep Warren

(family contact us at

(In our research we found he was born Oct 14, 1904 in Devil Knob, AR and d. Jan 1977 in Johnson Co, AR.)



Ulysus L. Warren

b. Mar 15, 1930 d. Oct 25, 1930

Our Darling Baby





b. Nov 18, 1907 d. Dec 19, 1988

In Loving Memory


b. July 30, 1900 d. Aug 18, 1965




William Alfred Warren

b. Apr 25, 1884 d. Nov 26, 1954


b. Feb 1, 1888 d. Nov 28, 1954

A loving Father and Mother at rest

(Our research: He was the son of Israel Dotson Warren and Mary Jane White Warren b. in AR & Louella Jones b. possibly in 1885 in AR)



Jimmy Watson

b. Mar 22, 1918 d. Oct 4, 1927



Ethel Smith Weaver

b. June 1, 1909 d. Jan 4, 1996

Dau of James Warren

(engraved picture of praying angel)

(This is a flat headstone)

(funeral marker reads: Ethel Victoria Weaver 1909 1996 Roller-Cox)

(In our research we found she was the daughter of James Albert Warren and Aurora Carroll Warren)



Daisy Ruth Webb

b. Feb 7, 1887 d. Apr 25, 1973

Gone But Not Forgotten

(this is a flat headstone)

(has foot marker "Mother")



Pleasant E. Webb

b. July 19, 1909 d. Dec 1, 1988

Til we meet again

(this is a flat headstone)



Our Darling

Dollie Williams

b. Aug 3, 1924 d. Sept 23, 1925





b. July 18, 1898 d. June 14, 1981


b. Nov 25, 1902 d. Jan 26, 1993

I shall be satisfied when I awake with they likeness

(She is a daughter of Alexander Alick Warren and Martha Eastep Warren family contact us at


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