Arkansas Cemeteries



Izard County, Arkansas

Submitted by Beverly Miller, Dec 14, 2004

Updated April 19, 2007


This is a list of people born in Izard County or recently buried in an Izard County cemetery.

If there is no listing for the cemetery, the hometown will be listed when available.

Some of these cemeteries are located out of Izard County or out of state.

If you have any additions or corrections, please contact me.

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Thelma Pauline

Jul 26, 1930

Feb 10l, 2004

Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Wife of Samuel Ray Neal and Dau of Henry & Lucy Collins Kytle



Jul 7, 1917 Joplin, MO

Nov 23, 2006 Melbourne, AR

Combs Cemetery Husb of Ellen Neeley and Son of Frank Burl Neeley & Mary Ellen Hakes Neeley


Peggyjane Samantha Murphy

Nov 21, 1924

Aug 29, 2002

Old Philadelphia Cemetery Wife of (1) Jack Murphy (2) John W. Nelson and Dau of Lawrence W. & Ruby Simpson Scholl


Retha (Jackson)

Jan 14, 1927

Aug 26, 2002

Violet Hill Cemetery Wife of Marion O’Neal and Dau of J. M. & Arie Wallace Jackson



Feb 23, 1939 Ferda, AR

Mar 6, 2006 Calico Rock, AR

Dark Corner Cemetery (Gould, AR) Husb of Hattie Oliger and Son of E.F. “Buck” Oliger & Wilma Bryant Oliger


Carrie Elizabeth (Dockins)

Apr 25, 1907 Wideman, AR

Feb 19, 2006 Calico Rock, AR

Wideman Cemetery Wife of Tedie Thomas Owens and Dau of Ed & Minnie (Smith) Dockins


Larry G.

Nov 28, 1955 Pineville, AR

Apr 22, 2006 Girard, KS

Pineville Cemetery Husb of Traci L. Miller and Son of Thomas “Junior” & Mary “Katherine” (Whitfield) Owens


Annie Ree (Taylor)

 Jul 27, 1914

 Aug 14, 2003

 Lone Star Cemetery Wife of Glen and Dau of Dr. & Mrs. W.O. Taylor, WW2 Army nurse


Roy Glen

Aug 14, 1914 Newburg, AR

Nov 26, 2002

Page Cemetery Husb of Melba Ruth Wren Page & Son of James Richard & Mary Lular Byram Page


Bertha “Peg” Storlie

Dec 4, 1922

Feb 6, 2005 Melbourne, AR

Barren Fork Cemetery Wife of (1) Carroll Storlie (2) Mr. Parker and Dau of Louis & Mary Gullich Himelreich


Ernette Ernestine (Bethge)

Jul 26, 1937 Stuttgart, AR

Sep 6, 2005 Little Rock, AR

Roselawn Cemetery Wife of John Parker and Dau of Ernest Charles Bethge & Gradel Mann Parker



Nov 18, 1918 Success, AR

Apr 14, 2006 Pine Bluff, AR

Oxford Cemetery Wife of Fred Stanford Parish and Dau of Bill & Carrie Leach Alexander


Archie Dillard

Jul 15, 1911

Mar 25, 2004

Twin Creek Cemetery Husb of Ruthie and Son of Henery B. & Aelie Larsen Peek


Linda Ethel (Smallwood)

Mar 11 1937

Jan 15, 2003

Combs Cemetery Dau of Ance & Mary Frances Cadle Smallwood


Cassie J.

Aug 15, 1919 Lunenburg, AR

Jul 29, 2002

New Liberty Cemetery Wife of Carl Phipps Sr & Dau of James William & Ollie F. Hall Haney


Mickey Lee

Jan 12, 1948 Dyess, AR

Nov 28, 2004

Of Horseshoe Bend Fairview Cemetery (near Salem) Son of Wesley Herman & Bernice Henslee Pitchford




Sep 16, 2002

Of Horseshoe Bend, AR

Wife of (1) Willard Simpson (2) Harold Porter


Lisa M. (Acup)

May 25, 1964 Memphis, TN

Jun 29, 2006 Wilmington, IL

Fairview Cemetery Dau of James Acup and Barbara Curtis Acup


Johnny Gerald

Aug 17, 1928 Wideman, AR

Aug 12, 2005

Oxford Cemetery Son of Bryan & Audie (Dockins) Powell


Ruby Mae (Lucy)

Jul 26, 1941 Calico Rock, AR

Oct 9, 2006 Calico Rock, AR

Galatia Cemetery Dau of Harlin Anderson & Cora Lee Rosson Lucy


Jerry Dean

Aug 9, 1941

Mt Pleasant, AR

Oct 14, 2005

Barren Fork Cemetery Son of Maurice Qualls and Nellie (Hatfield) Qualls


Sharon Kay Morgan

Nov 26, 1942 Oxford, AR

May 10, 2005

Violet Hill Cemetery Wife of Warren Ray & Dau of Venitta & step father Doyne Gaston


Jean (Helm)

Oct 4, 1933

Nov 11, 2004

Reeves Cemetery Wife of Leslie Coleane Reeves and Dau of Jesse & Maxine Solley Helm


Robert “Bob”

Feb 9, 1933 Calico Rock, AR

Dec 31, 2004 Memphis, TN

Forest Hill Cemetery South (Memphis, TN) Husb of Linda Sutherland Reeves and Son of Herman & Mary Frances Reeves


Martha M. (Twilley)

Sep 6, 1928 Borger, TX

May 3, 2006

Mt Pleasant, AR

Reeves Cemetery Wife of Vaughn D. Reeves and Dau of Elza Twilley & Edith Haley Twilley


Bethel Clara

May 6, 1914 Izard Co, AR

Jul 25. 2002

Combs Cemetery Dau of Gelanie Eckles Richardson & Pearlie Mae Neal Richardson



Jun 21, 1935

Oct 01, 2002

Of Melbourne AR. Son of

Albert and Elizabeth Hopkins

Wife of Linda L Davis USA


Marie (White)

Sep 4, 1912 Dalton, AR

Feb 24, 2007 Calico Rock, AR

Melbourne Cemetery Wife of Homer M. Robertson and Dau of Rufus Tildon & Minnie Ann Shride White


Ann Wells

Dec 12, 1951 Calico Rock, AR

Feb 16, 2005

I.O.O.F. Cemetery (MO) Wife of Michael Rockett and Dau of Tom & Essie Wells


Alma Jeanette


Aug 17, 1939

Oct 12, 2002

Wiseman Cemetery Dau of

Hugh L. & Alma Ruth Kendrick



May 11, 1937

Nov 3, 2003

Spring Creek Cemetery Son of Earl Rouse & Mildred Dillard Myers


Wilda Margaret

May 11, 1938

Jan 5, 2004

Combs Cemetery Wife of Amos Ray Rush and Dau of Murray O. & Retta Shell-hammer Knappenberger


Nora Faye (King)

Sep 11, 1920 Cave City, AR

Mar 22, 2006 Melbourne, AR

Combs Cemetery Wif of Louis A. Rush and Dau of John Robert King & Sussie Lottie Ball King


Ora Irene (Partee)

Jul 2, 1916

Aug 1, 2004

Pineville Cemetery Wife of Darrell William Russell and Dau of Samuel John & Irene Wallace Partee


Clersie Arlene

Jul 20, 1921

Dolph, AR

Dec 3, 2006

Dolph, AR

Wayland Arbor Cemetery Wife of Garland Gurnade Sanders and Dau of Arthur H. Sanders & Nola N. Dockins Sanders



Oct 16, 1922 Melbourne, AR

Dec 23, 2006 Cashmere

Cashmere Cemetery Wife of Kenneth Cleland Sanders and Dau of Earl & Lucy Winfree


Sallie V.

Aug 11, 1909

Nov 18, 2004

Combs Cemetery Wife of William Douglas Savell and Dau of Wyatte Pinkney & Nancy Isabella McAdams Atkins


“Nana” Imogene (McKissack)

Nov 8, 1916 Streetman, TX

July 27, 2005 Oxford, AR

Oxford Cemetery Wife of James T. Shaddix and Dau of Jim Ned Mckissack & Mary Elizabeth (Hardage) Mckissack


Carl Reed

Jan 17, 1951 Gid, AR

Oct 3, 2004

Reeves Cemetery Husb of Cheryl (Brooks) Shaver and Son of Troy & Icephine Brooks Shaver



Nov 17, 1949 Gid, AR

Dec 27, 2005

Reeves Cemetery Husb of Peggy Shaver and Son of Troy & Icephine Brooks Shaver



Nov 18, 1946 Gid, AR

Nov 13, 2005 Sidney, AR

Reeve Cemetery Dau of Troy Shaver and Icephine Brooks Shaver


Jewell Ruby

Mar 11, 1912 Anderson, AR

Apr 9, 2006 Bakersfield, CA

Mount Carmel Cemetery (Sidney, AR) Wife of Dale Sheffield and Dau of J.H. Stubbs & Hetty (Davis) Stubbs


Harry James

Nov 17, 1925

Oct 19, 2002

Roberts Cemetery   Son of John

& Lotty Goodwine Husb of Virginia Atkinson USAAF WW II


Hearl Edward

Apr 14, 1916

Apr 1, 2002

Oxford Cemetery Husb of Mildred Davis and Son of William Robert & Ollie Myrtle McCurley Sherrell


Wilma Ruth (McAfee)

Aug 25, 1938

Aug 17, 2002

Roselawn Cemetery Wife of Darrell Sherrell and Dau of John & Maybelle McAfee


Scottie Lynn

Aug 12, 1962

Jan 30, 2004

Combs Cemetery Son of James Harlen Sherrell & Mary Gaye Jeffery Gillihan


Merle Katherine (Cooper)

Sep 5, 1923

Oct 29, 2003

Flat Rock Cemetery Wife of Dale Sigman and Dau of Joseph & Mittie Estes Cooper


Revel Dean

Mar 18, 1921

Dec 19, 2002

Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Son of Eston & Gracie Graham Simmons


Duaine B.

May 19, 1922

Oct 12, 2003

Barren Fork Cemetery Son of Odia H. & Avis Lewis Sipe and was a Deacon at the First Baptist Church in Mt. Pleasant, AR for 48 yrs


Myrtle Mae (Love)

Aug 15, 1921 Sidney, AR

Jan 22, 2005 Melbourne, AR

Barren Fork Cemetery Wife of Duaine Sipe and Dau of Delbert & Callie Moser Love


William Amos

Sep 25, 1926 Sidney, AR

Jul 12, 2004

Mt Pleasant, AR

Barren Fork Cemetery Husb of Neal Johnson Sipe and Son of William Amos Sipe & Zora Marlin Sipe


William John

Aug 21, 1920

Nov 23, 2004

Violet Hill Cemetery Husb of Thelma Viola Saker and Son of William & Rose (Loscheider) Sitzman


Armilda (Hammett)

Oct 5, 1925 Wideman, AR

Nov 3, 2002

Pineville Cemetery Wife of Delmar Edward Skidmore and Dau of George Lonar & Mary Frances Martin Hammett




Dec 19, 2003 (age 83)

Big Springs Cemetery (of Sidney)


Martic Jay

Aug 25, 1924 Haleyville, OK

Dec 25, 2003

Violet Hill Cemetery Husb of Melba Pauline Whisenant Smith and Son of Enoch & Annie Smith


Vella Faye (Tate)

Apr 5, 1926 Lunenburg, AR

Mar 5, 2004 Joplin, MO

Lunenburg Cemetery Wife of Revel Smith and Dau of Burton Michael & Gertie O’Neal Tate


Ophelia (Broxson)

Jul 30, 1925

Dec 20, 2003

Mount Olive Cemetery Wife of (1) Donald Emerson Walls (2) Thomas Tedford Smith and Dau of Joseph & Caledonia Hennigan Broxson


Mary Lou Sipe

Jul 28, 1931

Mt Pleasant

Jan 22, 2003

Evergreen Memorial Park (East Wenatchee, WA) Wife of Fred Smith


Helen Berniece

May 28, 1937

Sep 23, 2004

Wiseman Cemetery Dau of Roy Wood & Olla Mae Stone


Mary Jane

Jul 15, 1934 Muldrow, OK

Jan 22, 2005 Horseshoe Bend, AR

Fairview Cemetery (Salem, AR) Dau of Claude Van & Eunice Shackleford Waldon


Revell V.

May 21, 1924 Wideman, AR

May 20, 2005 Billings, MT

Lunenburg Cemetery Husb of Faye Tate & Son of Gene & Francis Kankey Smith. He was a Veteran of WWII


Grady O.

Sep 25, 1915 Boswell, AR

May 28, 2005 Calico Rock, AR

Roselawn Cemetery Husb of Martha Marie Russell & Son of Thruman & Carrie Watts Smith.

WWII Army Veteran



Apr 3, 1927 Shreveport, LA

Mar 10, 2005 Calico Rock, AR

Wideman Cemetery Wife of Lonnie Smith and Dau of John & Vestie Strawhorn Perdew


Mary Jean (Ogilvie)

Nov 10, 1940

Mt Pleasant, AR

Mar 11, 2005

Barren Fork Cemetery Wife of Herman Smith & Dau of Silas King & Mary Sue Hutchinson Ogilvie


Bernice (Walker)

Nov 12, 1919 Wiseman, AR

Feb 20, 2007

Violet Hill Cemetery Wife of Lowell Dean Smith and Dau of Alex Hull Walker and Ruth Elizabeth (Morton) Walker


Amy Mildred

Apr 12, 1907

Dublin, Texas

Apr 13, 2007

Finley Creek Cemetery Wife of Burnis Snow and Dau of Pleas & Nancy McMurtrey Finley


Mildred P. Hail Schaufler

Jan 7, 1934

Jul 18, 2004

Staggs Cemetery Dau of Seth Orvil & Virgie Foster Hall


Mildred (Walker)

Jul 20, 1921

Dec 02, 2002

Combs Cemetery Wife of Alvia

Riley Soward Dau of Uen Garfield & Ora Cooper Walker


Hubert Oscar

Oct 29, 1912

Jan 4, 2004

Antioch Cemetery Husb of Lorene Brown Soward and Son of David & Maggie Cameron Soward


Evan Mitchell

Feb 23, 2006 Mtn Home, AR

Feb 23, 2006 Mtn Home, AR

Staggs Cemetery Son of Nathaniel Allen Speak & Adrienne Zoe Morris



Dec 7, 1917 Creswell, AR

Mar 27, 2006 Calico Rock, AR

Roselawn Cemetery Dau of Jesse & Ellen Gillihan


Nellie M. (Woods)

Jan 17, 1935

Jul 29, 2004

Roselawn Cemetery Wife of Billy Borden Stapleton  & Dau of Johnny & Elsie Williams Woods


Charlene “Chock”

Jun 19, 1943 Calico Rock, AR

Nov 22, 2006 Calico Rock, AR

Roselawn Cemetery Dau of William Martin Stapleton & Alma Maye Thomas


Pauline (Todd)

Jul 18, 1922 Franklin, AR

Oct 27, 2005 Manhattan, KS

Melbourne Cemetery Dau of Owen & Lora “Beatrice” (McDonald) Todd


Mattie Modess Collie

Mar 10, 1920

Aug. 24, 2002

Campbell Cemetery Wife of Henry Jackson Collie & Dau of Robert Jahadiah & Bertie Elizabeth Breden Langston


Dennis “Bud”

Jan 14, 1949

Dec 9, 2003

Staggs Cemetery Son of Fred Cornelius & Mabel Ernestine Marchant Stowers


John Thomas

May 18, 1926

 Jun 29, 2004

Combs Cemetery Son of Levi Stroud & Nellie Byler Stroud


Oveta J.

Jul 5, 1917

May 10, 2003

Melbourne Cemetery Wife of Rayburn O. Stroud and Dau of Troy & Lilly Hall


Junior Travis

Apr 28, 1928 Knob Creek, AR

Mar 7, 2005 Melbourne, AR

Combs Cemetery Son of Levi and Nellie Byler Stroud


James Olden

Jun 15, 1907 Oxford, AR

Nov 26, 2002

Union Cemetery Husb of Ruby Lucinda Sexton and Son of Taylor Wood “Johner” & Mary Amy Elizabeth Franks Stuart


Robert L.

Nov 20, 1943

Jun 14, 2004

Roselawn Cemetery Husb of Colene Hunt and Son of Charles Lesley & Mary Mitsch Swan


Mamie Lou

Dec 24, 1910

Feb 8, 2005 Calico Rock, AR

Memorial Park Cemetery (Jonesboro, AR) Wife of Clinton “Tubby” Swindle and Dau of William Leslie & Mary Alice Holmes Thompson



Sept 19, 1930

Apr 10, 2004

Union Cemetery with Military Honors Husb of Luella French Jackson & Son of Floyd & Eva Hickman Tanner


Ednora Dee (Hinson)

Apr 26, 1915 Franklin, AR

Apr 28, 2004

Wiseman Cemetery Wife of Thurl Dyess Tanner and Dau of Tommy & Ollie Moser Hinson


Francis Hugh

Feb 11, 1918 Elizabeth, AR

Feb 20, 2007 Randolph Co, AR

Wiseman Cemetery Husb of Vera Couch and Son of Herman Tanner & Annie Langston Tanner



Sep 16, 1942

Dec 19, 2003

Reeves Cemetery Son of Jewel & Zada Twilley Tate


Bobby Joe

Dec 10, 1943 Franklin, AR

Aug 19, 2005 Batesville, AR

Violet Hill Cemetery Husb of Lois Tate and Son of Stanley Joseph Tate & Ova (McCollum) Tate


Royce Gene

Aug 8, 1934 Sage, AR

Dec 25, 2004 Wenatchee, WA

Evergreen Memorial Park (Wenatchee, WA) Husb of Leota Warren and Son of Clarence & Virgie Taylor


Thomas Edward

Mar 21, 1982

Dec 08, 2002

Galatia Cemetery Husb of Sarah

Cleveland   Son of Thomas William & Rita Payne Teague


James Thomas

Mar 23, 2005

Mar 23, 2005

Galatia Cemetery (Norfork) Son of James William & Pamela Irene Manes Teague


Ralph Lee

Nov 6, 1918 near Calico Rock, AR

Feb 3, 2006 Calico Rock, AR

Katy Cemetery (location unknown) Husb of Cara Mae Teague and Son of Andy William Teague & Julie Ann (Bagwell) Teague


Cara Mae (Beavers)

Nov 19, 1914 Rae Valley

Jan 12, 2007 Calico Rock, AR

Katy Cemetery Wife of Ralph Teague and Dau of Charles William Beavers & Ada Martha Elizabeth Hall Beavers


Edwin Ben

June 29, 1943

Oct 4, 2003

Wayland Arbor Cemetery Son of Otto Floto & Virginia Lee Warner Teegarden


Ellis Eldon

Apr 12, 1920

 Nov 27, 2003

 Combs Cemetery Husb of (1) Artie Thompson (2) Ester Crook and Son of Burley & Myrtle Davis Thompson


Burl Wayne

Oct 3, 1943

Dec 4, 2003

Combs Cemetery Son of Burley & Katherin Gillihan Thompson


Mary Beatrice (Mayfield)

Jun 21, 1924 Calico Rock, AR

Oct 12, 2004 Calico Rock, AR

Galatia Cemetery (Norfork) Wife of Patrick Eugene Thompson Sr. and Dau of Henderson & Hattie Mayfield


Melvin Rayburn

Oct 18, 1934 Guion, AR

Jan 22, 2005 Balboa Naval Hospital

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery Husb of Barbara, He was a veteran of the Korean & Vietnam Wars serving in the Marines & Navy from 1954-1975


Virgil Edwin


Dec 13, 2004 (78 yrs old)

Herd Cemetery



Connor Lee

Jun 27, 2002

Jun 27, 2002

Wiseman Cemetery Son of Michael Lee & Wanda Kaye (Welch) Thrasher


Mary C.

Sep 13, 1918 Chicago, IL

Jun 8, 2005 Chicago, IL

St. Mary of the Mount Church (Horseshoe Bend, AR) Wife of Gerald Thusing and Dau of Andrew & Sophie Piszczek Pawlak


Randy Wilson

Feb 4, 1951

Feb 4, 2004

Zion Hill Cemetery Husb of Jody Hasselbring and Son of Ernest Don & Norma Jean Tomlinson


Jody Louise

Jun 25, 1958

June 29, 2004

Zion Hill Cemetery Wife of Randy Tomlinson and Dau of Ardell & Betty Miller Hasselbring


Florence Faye

Nov 13, 1916 Anadarko, OK

Nov 10, 2005 Batesville, AR

Caney Springs Cemetery Wife of Waldon H. Tomlinson and Dau of Drew Fudge & Martha Griffith Fudge


Audie (Finley)

Aug 2, 1907 Finley Creek, AR

Aug 30, 2005 Sidney, AR

Zion Hill Cemetery Wife of Sigmon Tomlinson and Dau of Harim Finley & Mattie Taylor Finley


Daniel Elland

Jul 8, 2004

Sep 29, 2004

Galatia Cemetery Son of Angela Torrell & Joshua Wilkerson


Royce Gail

Feb 27, 1944

Dec 9, 2003

Melbourne Cemetery Dau of Charles Franklin & Edna Lorene Neil Cunningham


Jacquerlin “Shawnette” (Dowdle)

Feb 18, 1968 Batesville, AR

Apr 11, 1968 Melbourne, AR

Barren Fork Cemetery Wife of Stuart Treat and Dau of Jack & Karen (Sipe) Dowdle


Tillman (Jr)

May 29, 1942 Flippin, AR

Aug 5, 2006

Melbourne Cemetery Husb of Royce Gail Treat and Son of Tillman Treat, Sr. and Myrtle Lorene (Dilday) Treat


Ila Jean

Nov 20, 1929

Feb 11, 2005

Violet Hill Cemetery Wife of Merwin Tucker and Dau of William & Sarah Sutherland


John Wister

Mar 14, 1923 Crossett, AR

Jan 20, 2004 Horseshoe Bend, AR

Roberts Cemetery Son of Wister & Margaret King Tucker


Atha Aleta (Moore)

Apr 9, 1913

Aug 28, 2002

Old Philadelphia Cemetery Wife of Cecil Turner and Dau of Grover & Bertha Shannon Moore


Lois (Bramblett) Spence

Jun 10, 1910

Mt Pleasant

Dec 6, 2004

Reeves Cemetery Wife of (1) William L. Spence (2) Alfred Twilley and Dau of Thomas M. & Lilla Shaver Bramblett

Van Winkle

Edna Tereas (Burns)

Oct 29, 1908

Dec 30, 2004

Owens Cemetery Wife of (1) Albert E. Harmon (2) Charlie Van Winkle and Dau of George & Jennie Burns


Darlene Louise (Loosey)

Sep 21, 1957 Calico Rock, AR

Jan 24, 2007 Calico Rock, AR

Galatia Cemetery Wife of Kendall VanDrimmelen and Dau of James Edward Loosey & Elwanda (Gray) Loosey


DeWayne Dale

Mar 1, 1958 Batesville, AR

Apr 11, 2006 Batesville, AR

Combs Cemetery Son of J.W. Vest & Betty Bell


Berniece Regina (Hall)

Sep 29, 1930 Norfork, AR

Dec 6, 2006 Calico Rock, AR

Staggs Cemetery Wife of (1) Jack Moddy (2) Thruman Vines and Dau of Arvill Seth Hall & Virgie Foster Hall


William “Bill” Keith

May 1, 1932

Dec 25, 2003

Owens Cemetery Son of Keith Charles & Marion Smith Vredenburg


Lenora (Ruminer)

Jan 14, 1922

Aug 16, 2004

Reeves Cemetery Wife of Luther Walker and Dau of Richard Cleo &  Addie Crook Ruminer


Simmie Osburn

Jun 11, 1914

May 26, 2002

Violet Hill Cemetery   Husb of Helen Marie Taylor Blevins Son of Fred Garland & Grace Palestine McMurtrey Walker


Rhea Harris

Mar 6, 1913 Melbourne, AR

May 3, 2005 Melbourne, AR

Melbourne Cemetery Wife of Mondell Walker & Dau of Charles Leander & Roseanna Shannon Harris


Marie Helm

Aug 3, 1917

Jan 25, 2004

Byron Cemetery Wife of James Donald Walling and Dau of Walter & Susie Lawson Helm


Gordon R.


Sep 15, 2006 Horseshoe Bend, AR (91 yrs)

Violet Hill Cemetery


Henry Merlin (Jr)

Apr 21, 1919

Sep 26, 2004

Memorial Gardens (Waterloo, IA) Husb of Lavonne Cora Olson & Son of Henry Merlin Sr & Mildred A. Mattern Walters



Feb 18, 1927 Depew, OK

Nov 1, 2004

Combs Cemetery Husb of Sahrla and Son of George Sr & Elsie Breuer


Kirby Lee

Mar 23, 1909

Oct 2, 2003

Wideman Cemetery Son of Nathan Henry & Arizona Lee Hinson Ward Husb of (1) Velma Jones (2) Clessie Yancey


Howard Glen

Feb 21, 1934

Mt Olive, AR

Jan 16, 2007 Calico Rock, AR

Pineville Cemetery Husb of Linda Lamb and Son of Joe Harris Ward & Inez Russell Ward


Thomas “Duce” Lee

May 6, 1939

May 29, 2004

Wiseman Cemetery Husb of Marti and Son of James Olen & Argie Vira Couch Warden


Frances Marine Julian

Aug 1, 1929 Brockwell, AR

Apr 24, 2004 Calico Rock, AR

Shaver’s Campground Cemetery Wife of Hubert Jefferson Warren and Dau of William Jackson Julian & Bertha Webb Julian


Donald Hale

Jul 12, 1930

Mt Pleasant, AR

Jul 14, 2005

Barren Fork Cemetery Husb of Imodean (Phillips) and Dau of Orgil & Sarah (Hiland) Webb



Jul 13, 1918 Oxford, AR

Jul 26, 2006 Searcy, AR

Union Cemetery Husb of Naomi Maguffee and Son of Jim Webb and Nancy Jones Webb


Carrol Gene

Oct 29, 1945 Batesville, AR

Mar 8, 2006

Barren Fork Cemetery Husb of Betty (Bray) Webb & Son of Doyle Webb and Leola (Bray) Webb


Hazel Irene

Oct 23, 1913

Nov 13, 2001

Baker Cemetery Wife of Scott Godwin Welch and Dau of William Oscar & Vira Garner Evans


Mildred Juanita

Oct 9, 1921 Island Forty, TN

Jul 20, 2006 Calico Rock, AR

Mt Olive Cemetery Wife of Melvin Welch and Dau of Willaim & Maudie Montgomery Suggs


Violet Fern Blankenship

Aug 2, 1929

Mar 24, 2005

Page Cemetery Wife of Robert Wheeeler and Dau of Riley & Augusta Copeland Blankenship


Jerry L.

Feb 22, 1946

Culp, AR

Nov 2, 2006

Table Rock Cemetery Husb of Ella (Teague) White and Son of Tom & Snoda Dale White


Ernest A.

Jul 31, 1913 Baxter Co, AR

Dec 7, 2005 Calico Rock, AR

Galatia Cemetery Husb of Audie B. Whiteaker and Son of William Montgomery Whiteaker


Norma Vernice

Sep 20, 1925 Zion, AR

Jul 5, 2006

Antioch Cemetery Wife of T. O. Whitten and Dau of Newt Hill & Elizabeth Finley Hill


Mamie M.

Jan 18, 1914

Mar 12, 2004

Caney Springs Cemetery (Sage) Wife of Paul Wiles and Dau of Carlos R. & Mary Mynatt Wammock


Essie Lene (Darry) Watkins

Mar 7, 1926 Lacrosse, AR

Dec 24, 2004 Jonesboro, AR

Sweet Home Cemetery Wife of (1) Albert Watkins (2) Hugh Williams and Dau of Earnest William & Lizzie Darty


James Leonard

 Jan 12, 1923

 Oct 29, 2001

Caney Springs Cemetery Husb of Estel Wammack and Son of Corbitt & Florence Lawson Williams



Mar 18, 1911 Violet Hill, AR

Mar 12, 2005 Cabot, AR

Violet Hill Cemetery Wife of Robert (Bob) Waggoner & Dau of Gilbert & Mary Campbell Belvins


Mattie Geneva “Geba” (Finley)

Oct 27, 1932 Zion, AR

Feb 28, 2006 Mtn Home, AR

Antioch Cemetery Wife of Tilman Williams and Dau of Cornelious “Nelious” Finley & Mildred (miller) Finley


Thomas W. “Tooter”

Jun 26, 1921 Franklin, AR

Aug 4, 2006

Fairview Cemetery Husb of Wanda (Mann) Williams and Son of Richard & Nancy (Beaver) Williams


Kurtis Byron

Sep 30, 2002

Nov 11, 2002

Oxford Cemetery Son of Travis & Amber Wilson


Marcella Alena

Jan 16, 1919 Brownstown, IL

Oct 24, 2004 Horseshoe Bend, AR

Cremated, Wife of Glen Smith and Dau of Edward & Mattie Diveley


Ruth (Hall)

Nov 1, 1912 Durant, OK

Nov 5, 2005 Melbourne, AR

Oxford Cemetery Wife of John Wilson and Dau of Burl E. Hall & Eler (Leonard) Hall


Gleffogene “Jean”

Dec 11, 1937 Violet Hill, AR

Nov 15, 2003

Violet Hill Cemetery Dau of William Lone & Mary Beth Gatson and Wife of James Winfree


Marvin Clyde

Jun 4, 1928

Nov 28, 2002

Reeves Cemetery Son of William & Agnos Johnson Wingo



Feb 26, 1915

Mt Pleasant, AR

May 20, 2004

Pleasant Valley Cemetery (Cushman) Husb of Trixie Alean Winkle and Son of Alex & Lynda Ann Blue Winkle



Jun 24, 1929

Mt Pleasant, AR

Mar 22, 2006 Melbourne, AR

Barren Fork Cemetery Dau of Ellis W. Winkle & Ollie (Arnold) Winkle


Shirley Lee

Aug 12, 1945 Stokes, AR

Apr 20, 2004

Wiseman Cemetery Dau of Robert Lee & Totsy Lou Pogue Wiseman


Geraldine Mildred (Chadwick)

Feb 7, 1925

Feb 11 2005 Calico Rock, AR

Corinth Cemetery (near Pineville) Wife of Loyal Peat Wofford and Dau of Gerald Allen & Anna Burkholder Chadwick


Karen Louise (Pruett)

Dec 27, 1944

Mar 8, 2004

Reeves Cemetery Dau of Eugene H. & Nana Mae Grimes Pruett


Ernest O.

Apr 14, 1908

Feb 10, 2003

Violet Hill Cemetery Husb of Mary Wilkison and Son of James & Mary Geneva Vincent Wood


Treva Lee

Sep 1, 1918 Oxford, AR

Mar 21, 2004

Oxford Cemetery Wife of Lawrence Wood and Dau of Stanley & Lora Jane Chadwick Parrish


David Wayne

May 6, 1955

Jul 15, 2004

Roselawn Cemetery Son of Sanford Wayne & Pauline Whitehead Woods


Mary Jane (Stowers)

Aug 15, 1947

Mar 26, 2005

Staggs Cemetery Wife of Gerald Woods & Dau of Charlie & Irene Fowler Stowers


Ruby Faye

Jan 23, 1926 Dolph, AR

Jan 16, 2005 K.C., MO

Wild Cherry Cemetery Dau of Gilbert & Elizabeth Gentry Woody, she was never married



Jan 8, 1949

Jul 21, 2004

Reeves Cemetery Husb of Rogie Jones Wren and Son of Dolphus & Mary Clack Wren


Modema Janet (Hall)

Apr 20, 1916

Nov 14, 2003

Oxford Cemetery Wife of (1) Jay Clark (2) Carl Wren and Dau of Burle Ernest & Eler Leonard Hall


Sharon (Richardson)

Aug 25, 1946

Nov 22, 2004

Wideman Cemetery Wife of Frederick L. Wright and Dau of Jack & Doris Mudd Richardson


Billy Joe

Jun 29, 1933

Jan 23, 2002

Violet Hill Cemetery Husb of Carol Jean Tate and Son of Eldon & Epper Dockins Yancey


James Ralph

Dec 15, 1925

Jan 20, 2003

Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Husb of Kellie Yancey and Son of A. Utley & Maude McVey Yancey


Lela Dillard

Sep 1, 1909

Nov 4, 2002

Oxford Cemetery Wife of (1) Earl Dillard (2) Shelby Yancey and Dau of Benjamin Carson & Addie Elizabeth Jacobs Simmons


Remmel W.

Jun 7, 1920

Apr 21, 2004

Galatica Cemetery (Norfork) Husb of Loretta Sarah Faught Yancey and Son of Maxie Worthel & Ethel McVey Yancey


Daria Marie

Sep 13, 1978

Sep 12, 2002

Galatica Cemetery Dau of Larry Duane & Martha Ann Elliott Yancey


Allen Lee

Dec 15, 1941

Oct 4, 2004

Combs Cemetery Son of Max Duke & Ruby Mae Cochran Yarrington


Wanda Lea (Curtis)

Feb 22, 1929 Thurman, IA

Aug 8, 2006 Melbourne, AR

Barren Fork Cemetery Wife of (1) Buryl Pierce (2) Charles Younger and Dau of George Frederick Curtis & Erma Ellen (Kephart) Curtis


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