Arkansas Cemeteries


Rhodes Cemetery

Grant County, Arkansas

Located off 167. Established in 1867.

May 14, 2002 by Pris, Randy, and Dillon


Graciously Provided by Arkansas Ties


Ashmore, Bertha Carver

Bird, Elmer Clyde

Bird, Sadie Ashmore

Boyd, Maudie L.

Boyd, Roy H.

Brown, Lawrence G.

Brown, Lisa Kay

Brown, Martha I. ( Jean )

Buchanan, Connie L.

Buchanan, Dewane F.

Buchanan, Eris ( Bo )

Buchanan, Lela Adkins

Buchanan, Mabel M.

Buchanan, Richard

Buchanan, Richard Hewdell

Buchanan, Willa Madine - Obituary

Carver, James William

Carver, Robert Ed Ashmore

Carver, Rufus E.

Carver, Valerie Helen

Cotton, Alyus Rhodes

Cotton, Buddy

Cotton, Charles J.

Cotton, Francis

Cotton, Frank E.

Cotton, Howard "Stan"

Cotton, Jessie B.

Cotton, John Henry

Cotton, Jordan M.

Cotton, Lillie Lou

Cotton, Lisa Marie

Cotton, Louise

Cotton, Michael Ray

Cotton, Norma J.

Fletcher, Charles Anderson

Gill, Joe E.

Gill, Rose M.

Gregory, Raymond W.

Gregory, Virginia

Griffis, Jogene L. Moring

Harter, Joe C. "Jack"

Harter, Willene

Heird, Lizzie C.

Heird, Mary Mae

Heird, Robert W.

Heird, William Voda

Hollingshead, Jessie

Hollingshead, Otto

Lemonds, Ralph Lee

Lowery, Loyce N.

Lowery, Lula Bell

Lowery, S. Jesse

Lowery, Sammie E.

Marsh, Dr. Wm. Edward

Marsh, Thelma R.

McKinley, Herman

Pagen, Bozo Rhodes (Pet?)

Rhodes ,William R.

Rhodes, Alice A.

Rhodes, Altus May

Rhodes, Annie

Rhodes, Carthyl

Rhodes, Dr. Richard Clinton

Rhodes, Easter J.

Rhodes, Francis Absalom

Rhodes, Frank

Rhodes, H. Bentley

Rhodes, H. Bernard

Rhodes, Hazel M.

Rhodes, Henry

Rhodes, Hubert A.

Rhodes, Infant Son of Jesse & Sadie

Rhodes, Infant Son of Richard C. and Altus

Rhodes, Infant Son of Richard C. and Altus

Rhodes, J. Busby

Rhodes, J.Clinton

Rhodes, Jacob

Rhodes, Jacqueline

Rhodes, James C.

Rhodes, James F.

Rhodes, James Wallin

Rhodes, Jess

Rhodes, Jesse A.

Rhodes, Jessie B.

Rhodes, Jethro M.

Rhodes, Lula

Rhodes, Margaret W.

Rhodes, Martha

Rhodes, Martha A.

Rhodes, Mary

Rhodes, Mary Eliza

Rhodes, Modena

Rhodes, Myron W.

Rhodes, Ola R.

Rhodes, Rachel P.

Rhodes, Richard Clinton M.D.

Rhodes, Richard G.

Rhodes, Richard R.

Rhodes, Robert Claud

Rhodes, Sadie B.

Rhodes, Samuel J.

Rhodes, Susan Davis

Rhodes, Thelma Potter

Rhodes, William Cecil

Rush, Helen Moring

Taunton, Albert

Taunton, Armetha


Vailes, David A.

Vailes, Mary B.

Wilkinson, Horace M.

Wilkinson, Johnnie W.

Wilkinson, Mary I.

Wilkinson, William E.

Wilson, Terry Lynn

Wortham, Bob A.

Wortham, Martha L.


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