Arkansas Cemeteries


Marvin's Chapel Cemetery

Grant County, Arkansas

Completed July 2001 by Ginger Ballard

Graciously Provided by Arkansas Ties



????gton, Ellen

Appling, Ira Edward

Bailey, Edna P

Baxley, Clarence E

Baxley, Iris Jean

Baxley, Joe J

Baxley, Nancy E

Beebe, Alpha Vivian

Capel, Elizabeth

Capel, Ella

Capel, James B

Capel, James R

Capel, Joel B

Capel, John B

Capel, Lennie

Capel, Mattie E

Capel, R H

Capel, Sarah Sophie Edwards

Capel, W C

Capel, William

Caple, Ada Gillis

Caple, Elizabeth

Caple, Glennie

Caple, H C

Caple, Horace J

Caple, Ida A

Caple, James P

Caple, Leonard W

Caple, Lula May

Caple, Nancy E

Caple, Runyan

Caple, Sarah J

Caple, Thomas W

Caple, Wm Marvin

Carson, Calvin H

Carson, James

Carson, Margaret Tabor

Clifton, Maudie Horton

Costley, A R

Costley, Caldwell Samuel

Costley, Frances D

Costley, John Wesley

Costley, Martha C

Costley, Sallie E

Costley, Sallie E

Costley, William F (E)

Costley, William L

Crook, Cary F

Crook, R Elizabeth

Crook, Samuel F

Dorsey, Harvey H

Dorsey, Martha Ann

Dorsey, Newton

Dorsey, William

Edwards, Mary Jane

Edwards, Thomas

Edwards, William

Ford, ?

Ford, Bradford

Ford, Ella

Ford, Ethel

Ford, Grady

Ford, Hazel

Ford, John

Ford, Louis B

Ford, Nancy

Ford, Vera

Ford, Walter

Ford, Zilla

Gay, W A

Geure (?), C F

Green, Edna Maybell

Green, J Llester

Green, Jewell E

Green, John R

Green, Mary A

Green, Mary E

Green, Minor Jewell

Green, Minor R

Green, Perry

Greene, Ella F

Greene, Willie S

Hall, William D

Hazelip, Alonza

Hazelip, Mary Ann Jester

Higdon, Addie Baxley

Hogue, Elizabeth Billington

Hogue, Hiram

Hogue, John H

Hogue, Nancy

Horton, Irby Harris

Horton, John P

Horton, L A

Horton, Mattie

Horton, Robert E

Howard, Cannie Ford

Howard, Gregory

Hunter, Unknown

Hunter, Unknown

Hunter, Unknown

Hunter, Unknown

Kerr, Haywood V

Kerr, Martha A

Kerr, Ulysses Grant

King, John Martin

McKown, Clarice M

McKown, Earl D

McKown, Jewell D

McKown, Nora Alice

Miller, J Andrew

Miller, Lillian E

Miller, Marion

Miller, Millie H

Miller, Sarah E

Oill, Martha

Olive, Ennis E

Olive, Jack A

O'Neal, Unknown

O'Neal, Unknown

O'Neal, Unknown

Ryan, Esther

Shutes, Emma Hazelip

Smith, Annie Lou

Smith, Jonas B

Smith, Lee Adam

Smith, Raymond D

Steed, Ada B

Steed, J D

Steed, Norah H

Steed, S F

Steed, Serena A

Steed, Thomas W

Steed, Unknown 1918-1926

Stillman, Frances Venita

Stillman, Grady Horace Sr

Styers, Hazel Caple

Swafford, W B

Tabor, Eliza J

Tabor, F Blanche

Tabor, Fannie A

Tabor, Infant Daughter

Tabor, J Oliver

Tabor, Jane A

Tabor, Jimmie Sue

Tabor, John S

Tabor, Josie B

Tabor, Lyman J

Tabor, Wm Jewell

Tarkington, Mozell

Tribble, Linda Tabor

Tull, Eliza B

Tull, L H


Watson, Samuel M

Weaver, Rev. Walter


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