Arkansas Cemeteries


Gum Springs Cemetery

Grant County Arkansas

Completed May 28, 2001 by Pris Weathers

Graciously Provided by Arkansas Ties


Directions: Traveling west to Sheridan on the Sheridan Highway,

turn right on Fairview Road. Gum Springs sign about 1 1/2 miles

on the right. Turn right and follow road about 1 block, road ends at Cemetery.




Allen, Judith A. Spann

Baxley, Doyle

Baxley, Martha E.

Bryant, Candida D. Howlett

Bumgardner, George L.

Bumgardner, J.H.

Bumgardner, James Jr.

Bumgardner, Mary

Bumgardner, Mary Kelly

Bumgardner, Nancy

Bumgardner, Susie F.

Bumgardner, Zedie C.

Bumgardner, Zollie Mae

Dunlap, Erwin E.

Edwards, Louetta Haley

Haley, Anna Liza Baumgardner

Haley, Dennis C.

Haley, Izella

Haley, James Allen

Haley, Martha L.

Haley, Willie

Hix, Mary Jane

Hix, Olline

Hix, Thelma B.

Hix, William David

Jernigan, Benj.

Jernigan, Benj. M.

Jernigan, Cora

Jernigan, David

Jernigan, Kitty Gladys

Jernigan, Lou

Jernigan, Mary E.

Jernigan, Rosa

Kelley, Elizabeth

Kelley, Infant Daughter

Kelley, Joseph

Kelley, Martha E.

Kelley, Prudy M.

Kelley, R.F.

Kelley, Rebecca

Kelley, Rebecca

Kelley, Unknown

Kelley, W.R.

Lockhart, Eunice S.

Lockhart, James L.

Lockhart, James Thomas

Moren, Baby of H.C. & Bettie

Moren, Bettie

Moren, Ellen Mathews

Moren, Henry C.

Moren, Horace

Moren, Infant

Moren, Infant Son

Moren, John M.

Moren, Laura

Moren, Lawrence B.

Moren, M.S.

Moren, Mary C.

Moren, Mollie

Moren, Octava

Moren, Robert W.

Moren, W.C.

Reed, Robert B.

Rook, Martha E.

Ruff, Jewell

Spann, Ada V.

Spann, Bessie

Spann, E.J.

Spann, Ella E.

Spann, Essie

Spann, George L.

Spann, H.K.

Spann, James

Spann, M.P.

Spann, Marie

Spann, Mose A.

Spann, Quincy S.

Spann, T.B.

Spann, Tonsie F.

Spann, U.F.

Spann, Unknown

Spann, Vitcinia

Stroup, John W.

Stroup, Leora B.


Taunton, Rommie Jean


Born- November 12, 1949 Sheridan, Arkansas

Died- July 4, 1987 Paris, Tx Information by Brenda Wood (No Marker)


Unknown, Bessie B.

Wells, Mark Andrew Manus

Wilkerson, Gerthea Spann

Wilkerson, Jessie A.

Wilkerson, Mayo H.

Wilkerson, Ruth A.

Wilkerson, Sanford Wayne


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