Arkansas Cemeteries


Corinth Cemetery

Grant County, Arkansas

Completed July 2001 by Ginger Ballard

Graciously provided by Arkansas Ties


Corinth - approximately 7-8 miles south on 167

from Grant Co Line. Turn right -- sign for Corinth Church.

Go 3.4 miles. Church on left. Cemetery to left of church towards the back.


?, Martha F

Agee, Flossie Wells

Andrews, Francis Mom?

Ashley, Harley D

Ashley, Harold E

Avary, Emma F

Avary, Infant Son

Avary, L I

Avary, Mary E

Avary, Mollie

Avery, Christopher

Avery, J L

Avery, L J

Avery, Winfield

B(arnett), J N

Ball, Leanner P

Ball, M E

Barnett ?, Emma F

Barnett, Alice A

Barnett, Carra

Barnett, Columbus Burton

Barnett, D G

Barnett, G K

Barnett, Hannah

Barnett, J R

Barnett, Mary

Barnett, Sallie Marie

Barnett, T G

Barnett, W L

Barnett, William

Baucum, Wm R

Baxley, Merriman

Beazeal, Infant Son

Beazeal, Thomas Fillmore

Beazeal, William Henry

Beazeal, Wm Millard

Breazeal, Bernie C

Breazeal, James H (Jim)

Breazeal, Mildred Ruth

Breazeal, Rosa Bell

Brewer, Sammie



Brown, Ida B

Brown, Jesse J

Brown, Ruby Nell

Brown, Solon D

Brown, William R

Bunch, Bessie B

Bunch, Fred B

Bunch, Marie Womble

Bunch, Milton G

Bunch, Wayne E

Bunch, Wayne Edmund

Byars, James E

Byars, Mary E

Cantrell, Rosella

Carder, Coy E

Carder, Della

Carder, E F

Carder, Eliza Jane

Carder, George

Carder, Grant

Carder, Ila M

Carder, Infant

Carder, Julia Hayes

Carder, M H

Carder, Marvin E

Carder, Marvin E Jr

Carder, Virgil L

Carder, William N

Carlisle, Lonzo Freddie

Carr, Dorothy Carpenter

Carr, James R

Casey, Edna Imbeau

Cates, James Roy

Crook, Bernice Shoptaw

Cullins, Alva Dewey

Cullins, Augusta Mae

Cullins, Doris LeVoy

Cullins, H Franklin

Cullins, Hilliard Daniel

Cullins, Hosie

Cullins, Isaiah

Cullins, John T "Pete"

Cullins, Laura A Gill

Cullins, Luther

Cullins, Minor L

Cullins, Verdieree

Cullins, Verna O

Curlee, Otis Owen Sr

Dorsey, John D

Driver, Ruby Lee Cullins

Edwards, B Wilburn

Edwards, Earl

Edwards, Edgar R

Edwards, Virginia

Elder, Elvera Bernayco

Elder, James Lafayette

Elder, Peter Anderson

Elder, Rebble Lovellen

Elrod, Alex F

Elrod, Cora L

Elrod, Henry

Elrod, Joe D

Elrod, Rebecca

Elrod, Sam

Evans, Mary M

Evans, Robert L

Fitzergerald, Raymond (Rev)

Fitzgerald, Amanda

Fulford, Lillian Elder

Garnett, Easter Mae

Garnett, Granny

Garnett, Lawrence Edgar

Gill, Eliza S

Gill, Grover C

Gill, Martha M

Gill, Mary

Gill, Matilda O Miller

Gill, Nancy E

Gill, Smauel

Gill, Thomas H

Gill,, David

Gilles, Archie Allen

Grissom, Loyd J Jr

Grubbs, Burrel

Grubbs, Frances

Grubbs, Gilbert

Grubbs, Unknown

Hammond, Hattie Lee

Harper, Billy Wayne

Harris, Esther

Harris, Infant Son

Haynes, Muriel Lynn

Hodge, Annie

Hodge, David

Hodge, Infant Son

Holiman, Neppie Hazel

Hood, Rodney C

Hood, Tammy

Humphrey, Mary Jane

Humphreys, J B

Humphreys, James F

Humphreys, W J

Imbeau, Nellie M

Imbeau, Peter Jack

Ivy, Josephine C

Ivy, William P

Johnson, Doris Ann

Jordan, Albert Dean

Jordan, Doyle Dean

Jordan, Effie Mae Page

Jordan, Selton

Keen, L M

Keen, Wandalyn Harper

Kelly, Infant

Kelly, Joseph R

Kelly, Lydia

Kelly, Martha F

Kelly, Miles S

Lancaster, Fanny

Lancaster, James

Lancaster, M J "Lee"

Lancaster, Perle Rogers

Langley, Frank E

Laster, Alma A

Laster, Homer L

Ledbetter, J?

Love, Beverly W

Love, Hank Jason

Love, Otis V Jr

Lowrance, Mary

Lowrance, Nancy J

Lowrance, Wm D

Mc, J S

McElroy, A R "Pete"

McElroy, Verda R

McFarlin, James S

McFarlin, Nancy C

Meek, Edward Gean

Meek, George

Meek, James

Meek, Laura E

Meek, Lester

Meek, Lydia

Meek, Webster

Meeks, Bertha M

Meeks, Margaret E

Meeks, Orville W

Meeks, Robert Homer

Miller, Lucinda Biddle Cullins

Miller, Zilpha

Moore, Deppie D

Moore, Elijah A

Mosley, Infant

Mosley, Infant

Mullens, Gus Troy

Mullens, Rebecca Jane

Murray, Girtie A

Murray, Hunter

Murray, Infant Daughter

Myers - Died 1936

Myers. Alta Turner

Myers. James Avery

Nall, Annie Wells

Nall, Claud E

Nall, Delmar C

Nall, Infant

Nall, J L

Nall, James W

Nall, Margaret

Nall, Roger T

Neighbours, Elizabeth A

Neighbours, John W

Nelson, Beney

Nelson, Jessie W

Nelson, John M

Nelson, Wm Henry

Newell, Laura

Newell, Will

Page, Charlie M

Page, David C

Page, Delmo Lee

Page, Dewey

Page, Elder Elbert L

Page, Elias E

Page, Geneva Pearl

Page, Isabel S

Page, Jacob T

Page, Jake A

Page, James Harrison

Page, Jewel E

Page, Lilly Pearl

Page, Malisa V

Page, Marion M

Page, Martha

Page, Shirley Mortens

Page, Thomas

Page, Thomas Dr

Page. Martha M

Page. Ruby Faye

Poe, C C

Poe, Joseph K

Poe, Luther L

Poe, M Adeline

Poe, Michael Olin

Poe, Rebecca

Poe, S C

Poe, S H

Poe, Stephen W

Poe, Unknown

Poe, Unknown

Poe, William Henry

Poe, Wyatt A Bye

Posey, Vivian

Puckett, Margaret C Poe

Rich(?), Francis

Roberts, Isabelle Beazeal

Rucker, Rosa E Cullins

Rucker, Willie H

Scates, John Farrell

Shoemaker, Johnnie

Shoemaker, Ruth T

Shoptaw, (Mrs) M P

Shoptaw, Infant

Shoptaw, Infant

Shoptaw, Infant

Shoptaw, J D

Shoptaw, James B

Shoptaw, John H (Rev)

Shoptaw, Lydia M

Shoptaw, Mary Odessa

Shoptaw, Nathan L

Shoptaw, Ruby K

Shoptaw, Thomas N

Shoptaw, Unknown

Shoptaw, Unknown

Shoptaw, Unknown

Shoptaw, W F

Shoptaw, Wm L

Sieben, Fred L

Slaughter, Lettie?

Slaughter, William F

Smith, Eunice Lee

Smith, J B

Spurrill, Elizabeth

Spurrill, Nimrod

Ta??, Carrie T

Terry, Clarence L

Tittle, Emma A

Tribble, Cora Smith

Tribble, Elbert

Tribble, Eliza Jane

Tribble, James Potermars

Tribble, Mary Lee

Tribble, Silas "Bud"

Tucker, Floy A

Tucker, Troy L

Turner, Edgar V

Turner, Fruel A

Turner, Minnie E

Turner, Myrtle Thomson

Underwood, James W

Underwood, Nancy

Vanhoozer, Nadine Emberton

Vanhoozer, Robert Calvin Sr

Vinciguerra, Nelda M

Walters, John

Walters, Millard F

Webb, (Mrs) Arra Bell

Webb, Addie May

Webb, Boyce Edward

Webb, David

Webb, David C

Webb, Edna V

Webb, Ethel May

Webb, Harvey Max Webb

Webb, Infant Children

Webb, Infant Son

Webb, James D

Webb, Janice Elizabeth

Webb, Joanna

Webb, Joseph Eugene

Webb, Monroe

Webb, Tina H

Webb, Vena Mooney

Webb, W A

Webb. Joe David

Webb. Louis W

Weck, George

Weck, Maggie M

Well,s Arvie

Wells, Addie Lee

Wells, Arnold J

Wells, Arzella

Wells, Baby

Wells, Baby

Wells, Elvin David

Wells, Ercil L

Wells, Infant Daughter

Wells, Infant Son

Wells, Infant Son

Wells, J Luther

Wells, James Hosea

Wells, John

Wells, John Thomas

Wells, Joseph R

Wells, Leone C

Wells, Lessie L

Wells, Lonzie Lee

Wells, Maggie E

Wells, Martin L

Wells, Mary

Wells, Mildred Furr

Wells, Miles W

Wells, Sophronia Elizabeth

Wells, Talmage B

Wells, Thomas M

Wells, William H

Whitmire, Henry F

Whitmire, Thelma M

Williams, Joseph A

Williams, Martha

Wright, ??

Wright, Ara L

Wright, Homer N

Wright, J Andrew

Wright, J T

Wright, Johnie

Wright, Metra M

Wright, Mildred M

Wright, Nathan U

Wright, Normer L

Wright, Olene J

Wright, Pininah Poe Nall

Wright, Ruby M

Wright, S A S E J

Wright, Shelby

Wright, Unknown

Wright, Wilton L


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