Arkansas Cemeteries


Smith Creek Cemetery

Garland County, Arkansas

Transcribed January 27, 2002, by Patti Hays


This cemetery is located by Smith Creek Missionary Baptist Church

On Highway 128 Between

Highways 70 and 5 between Benton and Hot Springs


Notes regarding changes and updates at the bottom of this transcription.

Stephen Garner, who is buried in this cemetery,

Donated the land for the cemetery.

This cemetery is extremely well kept but has

Numerous unmarked graves.



NOTE: Use your Browser’s “Find” feature to locate a surname and see additional notes below the intial transcription.



Page, 06/1932 – 01/19/1997 (or that is what it looked like

Taylor, James David 10/05/1951-08/26/1995

Collier, Samantha D 1994-1998 [10/27/1994 – 10/3/1998]

Mills, Margaret L  08/12/1925-10/9/1987

Mills, Vernon E  05/18/1932-10/28/1986

Beason, Stella Rigsby  02/28/1917-10/27/1988

Rigsby, C. C. (Coot)  05/01/1905-01/24/1978

Bailey, Lewis A  10/02/1924-12/18/1995 married 8/24/1941 E Christine

Bailey, E Christine  02/06/1925-05/06/1989

Garner, Samuel W  11/03/1918-01/25/1969

Garner, Tannie C  11/11/1914 [no dod]

Doss, Carl F  01/23/1910-06/08/1986

Doss, Pauline Garner  01/16/1918 [no dod]

Doss, Clinton Riley  08/30/1942-02/08/1965; Ark PFC HQ & HQ Co 3 Engr Bn 24

Infantry Div

Garner, S Monroe  05/13/1883-01/26/1956

Garner, Lura B  08/12/1890-06/21/1987

Rigsby, Rupert Kelly  05/16/1911-07/19/1997

Rigsby, Nellie B  08/03/1915-08/12/1955

Shirley, Nola Marie  04/08/1893-04/10/1981

Shirley, William Sidney  03/13/1893-07/01/1963

Soward, Virgil Willis  08/16/1897-08/16/1965

Soward, Ella Marie  06/13/1908-01/15/1967

Taylor, Carla Michelle  12/08/1975-04/10/1976

Taylor, Stephanie Ann  02/23/1972-02/24/1972

Taylor, Vera Ann  12/20/1922-10/22/1991 married 08/28/1948 to Edmond

Taylor, Edmond Calvin  12/24/1923-09/18/1985 US Army WWII Korea

Chenault, Garry T  12/29/1935-11/07/1984 married 7/24/1955 to Sheila

Chenault, Sheila S  06/16/1935 [no dod]

Chenault, Mildred O  06/30/1908 [no dod]

Chenault, Herbert F Sr  04/23/1910-03/14/1984

Chenault, Nora L  07/24/1834-06/25/1912

Chenault, Arch B  04/07/1879-09/22/1963

Chenault, Lena B  02/04/1888-06/20/1944

Wyatt, Jesse A  02/23/1915-02/20/1995 married 08/19/1941 Lilly

Wyatt, Lilly V  09/21/1921 [no dod]

Holland, John A  son of T M and Annie Holland died 03/05/1920 [couldn’t read age at


Green, Rachel L  1890-1923

Little, John L  03/09/1876-02/12/1958

Little, Mary Louisa  “beloved wife of John Little” 06/26/1878-11/28/1931 daughter

         Of Ridley and Josephine Thomas

Moore, W J  infant son of Mr and Mrs W I Moore 04/03/1921-04/03/1921

Kelly, E H  07/04/1899-04/12/1925

Butler, Walter E  Ark Pvt 25 Co Coast Arty; 12/10/1940 [I assume this is dod]

Hickson, James J  07/10/1910-12/24/1951

Edds, Clemmie Ellen  04/08/1889-03/17/1914

Edds, Cynthia Adeline  05/24/1863-02/23/1906

Rigsby, Louisa  03/05/1853-01/07/1934

Edds, Laura  09/10/1900-08/06/1955

Edds, Turner Ellis  09/10/1908-06/22/1973 Ark Pvt US Army WW II married

         8/26/1933 Erma

Edds, Erma Garner  08/30/1915 [no dod]

Edds, Milas Hubert  01/07/1910-03/05/1986

Rigsby, Rachel C  12/25/1861-11/08/1931

Rigsby, John F  02/23/1861-03/21/1932

Huchingson, J Cyrus  02/02/1871-11/27/1938

Huchingson, Cynthia D  05/16/1871-08/10/1910

Williams, Helen T  12/12/1917-06/11/1991

Williams, Vernie Lee 08/28/1909-10/27/1988; US Army WW II

Williams, William V  1907-1972

Williams, Tennie Chennault  02/02/1877-01/02/1962

Williams, W P  05/27/1876-06/10/1910

Williams, W P  baby infant [no dates]

Edwards, Lewis  05/10/1884-11/28/1896

Williams, James K P  05/20/1848-02/12/1888

Williams, Cyntha [spelled this way] Warford  07/04/1852-03/15/1931

Williams, Mary Tennessee  02/16/1873-08/15/1935

Williams, Lee  1887-1962

Williams, Nellie  1894-1981

Williams, Myrtis  11/02/1915-02/25/1916

Williams, Preston  02/21/1917-08/19/1919

Williams, James I  1883-1972 [Gross F/H]

Cooke, Chasies Clay  05/12/1902-06/28/1987

Cooke, Estella (Wallis)  01/28/1910-10/30/1938 [might have been Cook]

Wallis, William Lee  07/25/1882-03/24/1957

Wallis, Mary Lee  11/09/1883-07/09/1954

Wallis, James  11/22/1914-01/18/1918

Wallis, Vernie  11/17/1917-01/01/1918

Wallis, Vera  11/17/1917-01/04/1918

Warford, John F  03/15/1857-06/19/1890

Wallis, Aileen  11/03/1924-06/01/2001; daughter of William Lee and Mary Lee

Loy, Dale H  06/30/1920-01/10/1992, US Army WW II

Wallis, Elizabeth “Lizzie” 09/28/1880-07/04/1963

Wallis, Sarah J  10/23/1854-04/05/1887

Eudy, Coy Junior  02/19/1930-11/25/1992, Pvt US Army Korea married 9/28/1951

         To Lois

Eudy, Lois A  08/11/1935 [no dod]

Smith, Jessie Edith  died 11/7/2001, 77 yrs 3 mos 6 days [Caruth F/H]

Whitney, Charles L  Co F 1 Neb Inf [stone way in ground couldn’t read dates]

Whitney, Ida  03/09/1885-06/05/1955

Kirk, John H  01/15/1928-11/20/1996 married 7/17/1948 Edith

Kirk, Edith H  05/24/1931 [no dod]

Rigsby, John H  04/27/1851-03/07/1928

Rigsby, Laura M  02/15/1849-10/14/1898; wife of J H Rigsby

Rigsby, Thomas R A  08/08/1925 [no dod] married 9/2/1950 Marcelette

Rigsby, Marcelette Plyler  05/30/1928 [no dod]

Jones, Charles H  12/16/1941 [I assume dod] Illinois Pvt 101 78 Engr

Shell, Elizabeth  mother [no dates shown]

Shell, Will  02/21/1886-09/10/1976

Shell, Andrew  father [no dates shown]

Leatherman, Bertie  03/15/1888-07/25/1912 wife of A B Leatherman

Cain, Rachel E  07/31/1893-02/02/1897 daughter of W M and M J Cain

Cain, Rev W M  12/21/1856-11/25/1925

Cain, Martha J  05/07/1868-07/20/1935

Waters, Agnes R  06/08/1888-10/19/1977

Coleman, James Alton  06/26/1926-09/22/1997 SFC US Army WW II Korea

         Married 6/7/1947 Margreat

Coleman, Margreat [way it was spelled] Faye  08/20/1927 [no dod]

Burks, James W  02/18/1928-01/17/1998 married 8/19/1946 Royce

Burks, Royce Lee  08/06/1928 [no dod]—parents of David, Mary, Paul, Wanda


Chennault, Truman A  12/19/1899-10/13/1975

Chennault, Bonnie Lee  08/08/1910 [no dod; however, I have her obit and she died


Chennault, Joe M  12/6/1874-03/16/1908

Chennault, William M  1849-1922

Chennault, M E  10/1/1841-10/18/1911

Caton, Virgil Columbus  09/28/1914-09/24/1964

Caton, Thelma Paul  11/04/1915-06/05/1965

Ault, Winferd [spelled that way] E  01/20/1948-12/10/1949

Mills, Amy E  09/09/1910-01/01/1985

Mills, Elmer E  02/21/1910-06/18/1981

Mills, Richard T  05/21/1944-02/13/1969

Mills, Verner  01/04/1881-05/02/1946

Chennault, Cassie Mills  01/22/1882-12/04/1965

Rigsby, Jerry Wayne  08/15/1949-09/01/1949

Rigsby, Kathy Janette  06/20/1955-07/08/1955

Rigsby, William A  09/01/1890-02/21/1963

Rigsby, Annie J  05/02/1904-01/27/1994

Rigsby, Harold W  01/05/1930-06/27/1982

Rigsby, Margie  08/20/1930 [no dod]

Garner, Mary Lee  08/27/2001, 80 yrs 11 mos 26 days [Caruth F/H]

Garner, Marvin K  03/23/1951-02/15/1998

Garner, Stephen  09/07/1820-11/02/1898  [Carole Mayfield says should be 09/07/1828]

Garner, S Monroe  01/18/1884-05/10/1967

Garrett, Lillie Kay Garner  11/26/1911-11/23/1982

Crabtree, James P  06/29/1914 [no dod]

Crabtree, Izora Wyatt  02/23/1912 [no dod]

Wyatt, Lona  10/08/1886-03/04/1920

Wyatt, Noah  01/24/1875-09/13/1944

Garner, Abner  11/17/1863-11/15/1907

Garner, Myra  11/17/1863-11/19/1932 [ these two did show same dob]

Garner, Hattie  08/19/1892-09/07/1899, daughter of Samuel and M  Garner

Garner,  Samuel R  08/02/1852-11/28/1927

Garner, Mary P  08/12/1854-03/11/1912

Garner, Lowell  08/09/1914-10/18/1918

Garner, Albert B  01/26/1890-04/19/1977

Garner, Mildred E  06/16/1895-03/26/1971

Rigsby, Brenda A  02/28/1943 [no dod]

Rigsby, Donnie E  04/22/1938-10/29/1971

Lucas, Lucille Rigsby  06/13/1941-03/30/1978

Lucas, Craig Edward  12/26/1977-03/30/1978

Rigsby, James Herbert  02/09/1914-01/27/1986

Barnell, Charley  died 12/4/1918 age 27 yrs

Rigsby, Carl  09/11/1919-06/02/1984, PFC US Army WW II

Smith, Cora Ann  died 12/28/1881 age 19 mo

Manire, Daisy G  09/02/1900-03/31/1983

Manire, Roy Ray  11/16/1891-02/21/1956

Carden, Amos  [no dates]

Smith, Josiah  [couldn’t read]

Huchingson, Luhamah King  12/23/1842-01/28/1911

Huchingson, John M  01/26/1840-07/06/1890

Huchingson, William Allen  1868-1895

Shell, Henry W  died 09/06/1875 age 59 yr 11 mo 20 days

Cooper, Harvey A  01/19/1908-03/30/1908, son of O W and R L Cooper

Cooper, Oscar W  04/12/1885-08/30/1944

Cooper, Roa L  03/13/1889-05/04/1956

Eldridge, J Rich  03/1849-02/1933

Eldridge, Lucinda  11/1861-08/1933

George, Clarence  1905-1974 [Gross F/H]

Waters, Emma Jean Cain  08/10/1924-07/13/1994 [Gross F/H]

Waters, Clarence Lewis  08/06/1913-10/16/1982, 1st Lt US Army WW II

Cain, Henry W  1898-1998

Cain, Florence V  1906-04/30/1998 [Caruth F/H]

Hardin, Emlie Lucinda  01/16/1856-05/29/1930

Huchingson, Samuel E  06/01/1901-02/23/1983

Pittman, W Ras  08/15/1923 [no dod] married 2/26/1943 Lavinia

Pittman, Lavinia Burris  05/19/1925 [no dod]

Pittman, Sidney L  04/01/1949 [no dod] married 5/5/1994 Marsha

Pittman, Marsha L  07/25/1949 [no dod]

Sears, Freeman  04/17/1926 [no dod] married 7/6/1946 Eva

Sears, Eva Dean  06/17/1929 [no dod]

Hubanks, Sarah S (Ann)  1853-1935

Nesbitt, Allen Harris  12/26/1856-11/27/1913

Nesbitt, Jane  12/29/1859-05/20/1946

Warford, (Corp) Francis B  1831-1876, Co E 19 Ar Inf CSA

Warford, Rachel Jane White  1831-1903, wife of F B Warford, erected 6/30/2001

         By Jane Warford Nesbitt family

Warford, Clinton Isaiah  01/10/1850-03/13/1878 son of Frances Barclay Warford

         And Rachel White Warford; father of Jason Isaiah Warford and Martha

         Jane Warford Pryor; erected by grandchildren Jason and Martha

James, Collison Louis  12/15/1924-07/18/1994, PFC US Army [Gross F/H]

Broken stone couldn’t read

Huchingson, Eliza  died 10/16/1886 age 62 yrs 5 mos 2 days

Huchingson, William M  dates underground

Huchingson, Sarah  05/27/1862 died, age illeg; daughter of William G and Eliza

Evans, Elizabeth F  died 03/28/1875 at 32 yrs 3 mos and ? days; wife of J H Evans


I looked over Malcolm Rigsby site in and he lists the following that I did not find:
Chennault, William M 01/22/1905-04/05/1905
Hardin, Bell William
Hickson, H D
Hickson, Roie
Huchingson, John A, d 12/3/1877
Huchingson, Ramond
Huchingson, William G died 11/3/1861
Huchingson, William H died 12/8/1865
Leatherman, Albert B
Richardson, marvin A
Rigsby, Cathy Janette
Rigsby, Stella "Mills" [whom I believe to be Stella Beason]


Here is a correction and a change.
I show Mary P Garner born 8/12/1854--Carole Mayfield says it should be Mary "E" Garner
Also, her husband Samuel R Garner--tombstone shows 8/2/1852--even though the stone shows 8/2/1852; Carole says it should be 8/2/1859 according to census and death certificate.


I have a few other corrections.   I went back there today and saw a few other changes:
Chenault, Nora L 07/24/1884-06/25/1912
Holland, John A; add died 13 yrs 5 days
Add:   Green, Roie; Gross F/H marker--no dates legible
Edds, Cynthia Adeline 05/21/1863-02/23/1906
Williams, Tennie Chennault 02/12/1877-01/02/1962
Williams, Mary Tennessee 02/16/1873-08/15/1938
Cook, Estella (Wallis)--not Cooke
Lawrence, Eugene M, 12/07/1886-05/12/1967; Colorado Sgt Medical Dept WWII
Jones, Charles H 12/16/1941; Illinois Pvt 1CL 68 Engr
Leatherman, Bertie Lee Cain [added Lee Cain]
Garner, Hattie 08/19/1892-09/07/1899, daughter of Samuel and M E Garner
Smith, Joseph, died 1875 [not Josiah]
Cain, Florence V add died   92 years 2 mos 8 days
Huchingson, Sarah E, 05/27/1862 died, age 3 yrs, 11 mo, 20 days, dtr of William G and Eliza
Evans, Elizabeth F, died 03/28/1875 at 32 yrs 3 mos and 27 days; wife of J H Evans




About 10 years ago Charles H. Jones had a Caruth Funeral Home marker that read 2-14-1891- 12-16-1941.

Joseph Smith had one: d. 2-21-1875 age 57 years.

Debra Garner



Here are some that I had in my reading in 1990, adding to Mr. Rigsby's.

Double Marker:
Hickson, H. D.     4-15-1875   3-27-1933
Hickson, Roie (Edds) 7-11-1887   1-8-1933

Chenault, Wm. M.   1849   1922

Hardin, Wm. Benjamin   11-16-1854   6-2-1946
(didn't find a Bell Hardin)

Leatherman, A. B.     3-15-1888     7-25-1912
( believe this to be Albert/Alfred's B. Leathermans first wife
Bertie Lee Cain, as he is buried at Medlock Cem. with 2nd wife Cyrilda Garner, if I am wrong on this would appreciate correction)

Richardson, Marvin A.   d. 1-8-1942 age 58 years (F. H. marker)

Rigsby, Cathy Janette   6-20-1955     7-18-1955

Thanks for all your hard work in trying to update Smith Cemetery.

Debra Garner



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