Arkansas Cemeteries

Buttram Cemetery
Garland County, Arkansas

Submitted & 2000-01 by:
Debra Slater Garner


This cemetery is located on 270, West of Hot Springs.

It sets off the highway about 1/4 mile behind West Mobile Home Park.

This was the homestead of Atlas Bain, who later sold the land to R. P. Peterson.

After his death the land passed to the Wacaster family.

Infomation on the unmarked graves was given by Marcel Gray.

This cemetery is very close to being lost in the undergrowth.


Booke, A. E. 1875 1940 (Paul Heady Funeral Home marker)
Buttram, Christopher Columbus 9-25-1854 4-29-1927 (concrete marker)
Buttram, Annaliza Newport no dates (unmarked)
Buttram, Leeman 10-31-1884 1-11-1926 (unmarked)
Buttram, Gracie Augusta Gay 2-11-1883 1-16-1926 (unmarked)
Buttram, Chester 1903 1-16-1926 (unmarked)
Buttram, Edith 1905 1907 (unmarked)
Buttram, Ivy 1907 1907 (unmarked)
Jamison, Z. T. 2-4-1843 12-15-1903
Peterson, R. P. 2-12-1867 6-8-1934


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