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Burnett Cemetery

Franklin & Johnson County Line, Arkansas

Submitted June 15, 2007, by Don Little from information provided by Grace O’Neal

Directions to the location- Take Highway 64 out of Clarksville, west to State 164, go to Centerpoint and turn left before the church. Go west and keep on the blacktop to state highway 231, turn right and go to the county line. A road will lead to the right before you come to a cattle guard. Go north 1/4 mile. The cemetery is visible on the left. It is on the Johnson County-Franklin County line. There are 103 fieldstone markers, 2 metal markers and 2 markers not legible. Here is a list of people who are buried at Burnett Cemetery. It seems to be a long forgotten graveyard and is not on Franklin or Johnson county lists (maybe because it is on the county line between them).


I have been doing research on my family tree and when I get to my grandparents, it seems that someone has cut the tree down. I understood he was buried at the Burnett Cemetery and I went to look for his marker but there is not one with his name on it. There are several sandstone markers but none of them had any names on them. So I contacted Grace O’Neal who used to be a Sosebee and some of her family is buried there. It turned out that her parents took care of Burnett Cemetery until they got too old then Grace and her husband Bill took care of it until they grew too old.


Anyway, she sent me the list of people I have transcribed on the attached. I didn’t find any information that helped me, but others might find useful information since it is such an old cemetery.


If you have any way of finding any information on my grandparents I would sure appreciate any help you can give me. Maybe you could make some suggestions as to where I might look. I have a subscription to and have access to all the records there but I am still drawing a blank.  


His name was James (Jim) L. Little b: abt 1870, Franklin County, Ar. d: 19 Mar 1924. On 18 Nov 1894 Jim married Velda Penland b: abt 1872 Franklin County, Ar. d: abt 1904 Franklin County, Ar. We don’t know where she was buried.


There is an unconfirmed story circulating among some of the older people in my family that James Little and his brother Frank Little b: 1873 may have been orphans and their names were something other than Little and they were raised by someone named Little so they took their names. I have researched the 1870 and 1880 census for Little’s and I found 1 family living in Franklin County in each of them. None of them list James or Frank. So you can see why, my family tree is a stump. However, I am determined to resuscitate it if possible.


                                                                                                   Born                 Died

Baker,Alice                               Dau. of T.W. Baker                    1-29-1910          6-19-1918

Baker,Harold R.                                                                         4-30-1925          10-25-1926

Burnette, Alan J.                        Pfc WW2 Army                         7-30-1907          7-2-1968

Burnett, Albert                           (Homemade markers, no dates)

Burnett, Fred M.                                                                        11-15-1850        1-17-1914

Burnett,Margaret                        Wife of John                              12-5-1810          11-15-1895

Burnett, Orville                           (Homemade markers, no dates)

Burnett, Rebecca E.                                                                   2-19-1849          12-16-1944

Burnett, Robert C.                      Grandfather                               6-5-1872            9-6-1935

Burnett, William H.                    Son of Robert & Nancy   10-25-1893        4-5-1918

Burns, Augusta E.                     Pvt. 11th Cav.                            5-22-1912          9-4-1937

Burns, W.J.                                                                               12-8-1886          9-18-1912

Cargile, Cullwell                                                                         3-6-1879            5-18-1972

Cargile, Frank                                                                            1-13-1881          5-15-1972

Cargile, Hiram W.                                                                      2-13-1898          7-15-1982

One fieldstone believed to be a Cargile

Cargile, Thomas J.                                                                     11-28-1852        1-25-1940

Cargile, Pheby                                                               1-16-1860          9-3-1948

Cargile, Wince                                                               7-20-1884          5-31-1969

Castleberry, ???                        Son of D.B. & D.F.                     1901                 1904

Castleberry, D.B.                       Dad                                          3-18-1858          8-23-1938

Castleberry, D.E.                       Mother                          8-3-1868            1-23-1926

Castleberry, Rachel                    Wife of E.E.                               11-4-1883          10-1-1912

Clark, Carmon F.                       Husband                                   12-5-1918          9-3-1941

Colvette, Joan                                                                            1871                 1952

Colvette, Fredrick                                                                       1890                 1910

Cranford, W.W.                          Husband of Gena                       9-25-1883          2-3-1921

Crites, Harold C.                                                                        3-4-1928            1-10-1934

Crites, Infant                                                                              10-15-1924        10-15-1924

Crites, John L.                                                                           8-30-1893          4-26-1979

Crites, Lelia M.                                                              9-6-1891            9-20-1971

Davis, Jessie Irwin                                                                      12-25-1905        9-4-1907 

Dawson, Hazel Hall                                                                    1911                 1990

Dawson, Milton                                                              1910                 1965

Estep, Elig                                Son of E.C. & Rachel                 7-26-1880          5-28-1882

Estep, T.J.                                Son of E.C. & Rachel                 5-16-????          5-16-1891

Estep, Linnies                           Dau. E.C. & Rachel                    9-28-1893          8-12-1899

Evans, Howell Lee                      Son of M.E. & D.S. Jr.                11-28-1915        8-2-1917

Gowart, Charlie E.                                                                     9-24-1882          9-14-1935

Hall, Earl                                  Son of J.E. & Lou                       12-5-1895          8-22-1914

Hall, Homer                               Son of J.E. & Lou                       3-30-1887          6-23-1888

Hall, Infant                                 Son of J.D. & Lou                       10-1-1907          10-1-1907

Hall, Infant                                 Son of J.D. & Lou                       10-14-1891        12-1-1892

Hall, James Carl                        Father                                       5-14-1889          9-17-1935

Hall, J.E.                                                                                   12-31-1859        3-29-1938

Hall, Louisa                                                                               9-21-1862          9-26-1926

Hall, Mamie                               Dau. J.D.& Lou              3-13-1909          4-15-1909

Hardgrave, Infant                        son                                                                   1-25-1916

Hardgrave, Infant                        son                                                                   12-6-1926

Hooker, Robert J.                       Pvt. 140th Ark Inf.35th Div                                   5-15-1923

Hudson, Ann                             Dau. of G.S. & R.G.                   3-3-1890            8-22-1893

Hurst, Edith Jewell                     Dau. of R.A.                              ?-8-1868            7-22-1868

Hurst, Ezra                                Fieldstone Marker                      No Dates

Hurst, Leonard                           Son of Lular & T.H.B.     1-18-1891          7-27-1893

Hurst, William                                                                            8-29-1859          2-10-1891

Johnson, Charles                       Pvt. Ark Inf N.G.             4-17-1899          10-31-1931

Leverette, Bonnie Estell              Dau. of Emma   11-15-1864        9-1-1905

Melton, Annie M.                       Mother                          12-6-1882          2-14-1936

McMillan, John C.                                                                      11-5-1857          9-20-1892

McMillan, John S.                                                                      3-22-1893          8-6-1893

McSwain, Deanna                      Wife W.E. (Eastern star)            9-13-1888          11-21-1922

Payton, Centhey                                                                        1829                 9-20-1912

Phillips, Mary E.                                    Wife of W.P.                  10-24-1879        12-16-1912

Phillips, Mary Adaline                 Dau. Simon & Sally                    6-7-1896            7-17-1896

Phillips, Thomas Truman            Son of S. & S.                           9-17-1892          1-5-1893

Phillips, Norma Lucille                                                    8-18-1917          1-18-1918

Phillips, Ida                               Wife of J.D.                               8-8-1883            11-22-1917

Prim, James A.                          Son of E.N. & E.A.         7-19-1904          8-4-1904

Prim, J.B.                                                                                  2-28-1865          3-21-1892

Prim, J.M.                                                                                 9-12-1856          11-12-1925

Prim, J.M.                                 Husband of Maranda                  4-28-1818          4-15-1905

Prim, John E.                                                                            9-16-1846          2-1-1910

Prim, Josephine                         Wife of J.M.                   11-14-1855        11-21-1917

Prim, Maranda                           Wife of J.M.                               7-26-1827          9-13-1914

Prim, Margaret Ellen                                                                  11-25-1861        10-22-192?

Prim, Myrtle                              Dau. E.N & E.A.                        2-19-1893          9-25-1899

Prim, Sarah                               Wife of J.E.                               12-2-1847          7-17-1897

Putnam, Augusta                       Dau. of N. E.                             9-18-1904          10-15-1905

QuaIls, Tom A.              U.S. Army, died at camp Pike     4-15-1896          10-11-18

Sartin, Adaline                                                               2-15-1830          7-9-1915

Sexton, Thomas Murphy                                                             1899                 1924

Sexton, Elizabeth A.                                                                  5-20-1863          8-20-1921

Sosebee, Dwayne                                                                      ????                5-29-1950

Sosebee, Henry Horace                                                  6-20-1897          6-22-1994

Sosebee, Stella Hall                                                                   4-6-1905            4-13-1989

Turner, Litto B.                           Son of B.N. & M.E.        7-4-1892            1-16-1893

West, ????                                                                               10-25-1817        3-21-1907

West, Elizabeth                                                                         11-27-1829        12-1-1919

Weishaupt, Guss                       Son of J.U. & Dora                     8-4-1879            5-27-1909

Willey, Annie                             Wife of W.C.                              5-3-1884            1-9-1909


It is believed that the parents of Belle Baker Jacobs are buried here in unmarked graves.

Source - Mike Jacobs.


It is believed that James L. Little b: abt 1870 d: 19 Mar 1924 is buried here in an unmarked grave.

Source – Don Little


Inventory by John E. King Sr. and Eugene Faulkner.


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