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Piney Cemetery Crawford Co AR

(aka Concord Cemetery)

Mulberry, Crawford County, Arkansas

Submitted October 12,2005, by Deb Davis Boyles


Edited by Helen Sigler Smith

Recorded in 1970


Donna Walters rearranged the original list by first death to last death accordingly.


The following Burials are not certified as to a death date therefore they were not listed in order of burial due to no definitive birth or death markers. Only a family member can place their deaths and burials correctly. This cemetery page was arranged according to death dates. It makes it very interesting to see who was the first burial and who was the last. Sometimes it will give clues as to disease epidemics that may have taken many lives during a certain time period. And, it helps establish a sense of which families may have suffered a great loss of its loved one’s, friends and neighbors during a certain time frame.


Rearranged by Donna Walters in January 2005.


Franklin Wright b. 12-21-1829 no death date


Nanna B. Broyles 1888 no date (double stone)


Nellie Huggins 1888 no date (double stone)


Arthur Archer 1893 no date


Fannie A. Archer 1895 no date (double stone)


Mary E. Davis 1898 no date (double stone)


Percy Archer 1-22-1923 (birth or death?)


Calif. Pvt. 1ABM. Engr. Avn. Util.Tng. Center WWII


Clyde McCullah s/o Tom & Mary no dates

Lonnie McCullah s/o Tom & Mary no dates


Elmer Brammer s/o J. A. & F. A. no dates



These burials are listed as closely as possible to the time of their death according to years on their headstones.


Dora Parker d/o G. & Arah 1864-1864


Susan Archer 1820-1884


Perlinia, 1st w/o W. E. White 1853-1885 Eastern Star


John L. Graham s/o G. B. & H. E. 1884-1885


John B. Creekmore 9-22-1860 2-24-1885 (Wonder who this Creekmore was?)


Jane Ross 5-14-1836 7-23-1885


T. J. Story 1833-1886


N. ? Campbell d/o J. & L. 1876-1886


Mathew D. Creekmore 1-4-1856 8-20-1886 (Wonder who this Creekmore was?)


Dinia Story 1852-1887 (double stone)


Henry Roberts s/o Jesse & Emily 1882-1887


Mary E., d/o C. & E. J. West 1868 3-16-1888


Jacob Brammer 8-18-1861 3-18-1887


Charley E., s/o E. K. & M. J. Creekmore 1887-1889




Across Piney Road on the east side from Piney Cemetery fenced in are these two graves:


W. H. H. Lovitt 12-29-1844 8-12-1891


Maudie, infant d/o J. A. & F. A. Brammer (no dates)




Alven H. Ross s/o J. H. & S. 1891-1892


Lewis H., s/o M. & M.J. Wright b. & d. 1897


Mahala McCullah w/o J. A. 1845-1897


W T. Brassfield 1830-1897 (Is actually Thomas Welsher 3-14-1830 to 1897. Husband of Mary E. Creekmore, daughter of Ballentine Ransom & Mary Walden, Creekmore.)


James M., s/o M. & M.J. Wright 1885 3-11-1899


Infant s/o William & Viola Archer b.& d. 7-29-1899


Josiah Bolton 12-22-1822 1-18-1900 (Husband of Elizabeth “Betty” Stanfell)


Omah Peters 6-2-1900 7-14-1900


Mary Pain, d/o J. C. & S. Parker 1899 8-26-1900


George Cox 1-5-1896 9-13-1900


Elizabeth Bolton 9-8-1829 11-25-1900 (Wife of Josiah Bolton, maiden name Stanfell)


Elve C., d/o J. E. & E. D. Wright b.& d. 1901


Jeremiah, s/o E. K. & M. J. Creekmore 1877-1902 (Parents were Embey King & Mary Creekmore)


Mary Jane Archer 7-7-1882 5-30-1902


Mary J., w/o Melvin Wright 5-23-1857 2-2-1903


James L. Sulton 11-24-1879 10-19-1903


Martha Meadors 1878-1904


Rosco E., s/o C. L. & E. C. Broyles b.& d. 1904


Emma G., w/o C. L. Broyles 1-22-1882 8-20-1904


Celvana, d/o Eligah & Elizabeth Davis 1878-1905 (Eligah is son of GEORGE DAVIS JR. & Mary G. Richmond, Elizabeth Creekmore is d/o Green Berry & Ida Ellison. )


Rachel E., w/o Cas Creekmore 1879 4-18-1905


Margaret A. Bolton, w/o C. M. 1869-1906


Minnie Tune, d/o George & Martha 1899-1906


Nellie F. Sumner 4-5-1896 8-28-1906


Mamie, d/o Frank & Samantha Parker 1907-1907


Melvin, s/o F. & G. Wright 7-24-1855 3-28-1907

Louisa, w/o Wm. West 11-5-1857 7-6-1907


Mary J., w/o E. K. Creekmore 8-2-1846 3-1-1908


Wm. S. Cox 6-1-1889 9-15-1908


Lounan, d/o Esaac & Nanna Broyles 1909-1909


Sureptia Parker 1853-1910 (double stone)


Bertha, w/o F. G. Cox 9-30-1863 1-18-1910

William West 6-19-1847 8-1-1910


Ruben W. Meadors 1871-1910


James C. Parker 1854-1912


Vestal E., s/o S. Q. & Mary E. Broyles 1912-1913


Son of M/M. G. B. Creekmore b. & d. 3-2-1914


Olen Brammer 8-1-1911 3-7-1914


Infant s/o Uriah & ella West 5-2-1914


Angeline Brammer 1866-1915


Nancy, w/o J. W. Reese 10-12-1840 1-15-1915


G. West 1844-1916


Willie A. Morgan 5-8-1878 d. 3-17-1916


Joseph L. Brammer 3-9-1897 4-4-1916

Odasa L., s/o A. J. & M. L. Creekmore 1914-1917


Flossie L., d/o S. Q. & Mary E. Broyles 1896-1917


Catherine Stanfill w/o W. M. 1851-1918


Mary Conrad 7-15-1898 11-27-1918


J. M. Nelson h/o Mary 1841-1919 Mason


Almeeda Lovitt 1882-1919 (double stone)


Martha, w/o R. Moore 9-23-1895 3-3-1919


Eligah Davis 10-22-1843 6-7-1919 (Husband of Elizabeth Creemore, d/o Greenberry & Ida Ellison, Creekmore. He was son of GEORGE DAVIS JR. & Mary G. Richmond of Campbell County, Tennessee.)


Carl West 1918-1920


Lillie M., w/o C. C. Cox 7-1-1892 3-17-1920


Elizabeth Davis 4-5-1843 9-21-1921


Elizabeth J. Archer 11-28-1854 2-21 1922


Vallace Bell (Creekmore) 1923-1923 "Our Darling" beside Adie & G.B. (ADA LOVITT is d/o Edom LOVITT & Rachel McCullah.  G.B. was son of  Embey King Creekmore)


Mittie A. Sumner w/o B. H. 1893-1925 (Dates are 8-8-1892 to 6-21-1925. She is the daughter of James Rent Lovett and Francis Mary “Nannie” Creekmore, wife of Benjamin Harrison Sumner.)


B. R. Lovitt 1878-1926 (Ballentine Ransome Lovitt husband of Sybil Daniels. Had one known child, Josie.)


Laura Peters 1882-1926 (double stone)


Ader Edwards 10-24-1888 7-31-1926


Velma Ruth King 1925-1927 "Our Baby"


Mrs. A. D. Lewis d. 1-18-1927


John W. Archer 8-22-1896 9-30 1927


Infant of M/M Joseph Archer b.& d. 4-22-1930


Ella West 1880-1931 (double stone)


Elizabeth J. West 1846-1931 (double stone)


Embey K. Creekmore 1-3-1844 2-15-1931 (Son of G.B. & Ida Ellison Creekmore, lived within 3-8 miles of his sister, Elizabeth & Elijah L. Davis family)


John Henry Archer 6-25-1917 7-24-1931


S. E. Huggins 1933-1934


Jewel Dean Huggins 1933-1934


S. Q. Broyles 2-29-1856 6-29-1934


Infant son of C. E. & W. F. Broyles 6-29-1934


Joseph R. Archer 1927-1935


Thomas P. Shipley 1867-1935 Mason


Mary Frances w/o J. R. Lovitt 1869 7-3-1935 (Mittie Lovett Sumner’s mother Francis Mary Creek more & James Rent Lovett listed in this cemetery)


John O. Peters 1878-1936


J. R. Taff d. 2-18-1936


Virginia W. Archer 4-2-1898 5-26-1936


Cleo Daniel 1-8-1877 2-2-1938


Mary E. Broyles 5-23-1865 12-2-1938


Wilma Jean Pointer d/o Robert 1942-1942


Daniel Edd Brammer 1-25-1870 4-11-1944


Adie Creekmore 1-3-1872 4-15-1946 (Was the wife of Embey Creekmore’s son G.B. & the daughter of Edom Tipton Lovitt and Rachel McCullah)


Willis J. Archer 1924-1947


Miranda M. Taff d. 7-6-1948


Ada M. Shipley w/o Thomas P. 1877-1949


G. B. Creekmore 8-8-1868 9-16-1949


James Rent Lovitt 12-3-1863 4-24-1950 ( husband of Francis Mary Creekmore, father of Mittie Alice & husband Ben Harrison Sumner)


George W. Taff 4-4-1880 4-21-1952


Isaac Andrew Broyles 1882-1953


Clarence E. Peters 2-22-1901 5-31-1953


Uriah West 1876-1957


S. Wiley Davis 1880-1961 (Sampson Wiley Davis son of Elijah & Elizabeth Creekmore Davis listed in this cemetery above. Dates were 10-22-1880 to 9-28-1961)


William Henry Edwards 1883-1962


Joseph A. Archer 1889-1963

Julia May Taff 6-12-1887 10-24-1966


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