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Van Buren, Crawford County, Arkansas

Submitted April 2, 2003, by John Beran, who passed away May 2007

Thank you, John, for your contributions to Arkansas researchers.

*History and Transcription Data*

To view 2 scenes from the cemetery – Click Here and Here


The Pevehouse Cemetery is located at the end of Peevyhouse Road in Van Buren, Arkansas by Lee Creek . It is here that many of the old Pioneer families have been put to rest.


The land for the Cemetery was donated by Christopher Pevehouse and then later owned by Paul Hays . The cemetery is still owned by the Hays family of Van Buren, but it has fallen into despair . Some gravesites have been badly damaged by vandalism, weather, trees, and brush.


I came to know about Pevehouse Cemetery when I was looking for my own family and noticed that a cemetery in Crawford County was listed as “Abandoned ,Endangered, and Inactive.“ It got me curious and I was soon looking for this place. I was shocked when I found it. Not only was it close to where I go fishing , but if you did not know it was there you would never see it.


The first day I was just taking pictures and was going to leave it at that. There seemed to be something that drew me here. As I walked around, I found sites that were covered by trees and brush. If you did not look closely, you could be standing on a grave. The next day I came back armed with a saw and knife, determined to make it better.  With every passing day I can see a difference.


For those who have an appreciation of history or even family genealogy, Pevehouse can provide both.  For it is where Leanna, a nine year old slave girl who belonged to Arnold O’Bryan, is buried, with the O’Bryan Family. To have a slave was nothing, but when a slave was buried with the “master’s” family it was a rare occurrence to be sure. For all the slaves in the area, only one known

gravesite has been left unmolested, and it is here in Pevehouse Cemetery. Do not think that just one slave girl would make a historical note of value. Through research and the clearing of brush I have come to meet the relations of Christopher Pevehouse,Arnold O’Bryan, and  Noah Scott.


For any information on the families or the cemetery please contact Peggy Beran


Pevehouse Cemetery Transcription Data

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(Back Section)


James M. Dean Jr.   born : 1837  died: 1912

Naomi A (Mayfield) Dean wife of James M. Dean 1843-1933

Baby Dean  1875

James M. Dean Sr. Husband of Untie Dean   1807-1891

Unite Dean  born: 1800-1878

C.M. Mayfield, Co. A Mississippi  Cav  CSA  1833-1875

Elizabeth A. Mayfield   wife of C.M. Mayfield  1840-1914

 Josephine Mayfield  1887-1888

Pearson Mayfield 1811-1881  (mason) / Jane E. Mayfield 1811-1856

Joe H. Mayfield  1852-1928 / Ellen  R. Mayfield 1859-1937

Pearl Mayfield daughter of Joe H. and M. A. Mayfield  1882-1882

Sidney R. Mayfield  : 1890-1951

Charley Mayfield   b: 1880   Died:1885 ( no stone)

South  M. Mayfield  son of C.M. and E.A. Mayfield   1/17/1860 - 9/5/1902  (Mason)

Duncan Mayfield    b  2/1/1882 age 19

Edward F. Mayfield   b: 1897  d: 1900 (no stone)

Harold Mayfield  b: 1899  d: 1907

Ellen R Mayfield b: 1859  d:1937(mother)

Barney Mayfield  b: 1892 d: 1954 (Brother)



beside the Mayfield plot are three graves with just stone markers and stone border. looks to be two children and one adult


M.P. Kilgore 1833-1917 / Mary Isabel Kilgore  1840-1917  (this stone is off its  stand and lying on the ground


Mollie Carter   1881-1966

“Father “ Charles R. Carter  b:   Nov. 22, 1875   d: Oct. 19,1945

four stone markers  are beside Charles  but no names available


Wallace O’Bryan   b: 2-23-1877   d: 11-12-1929

Anna ( Eiechelberger) O’Bryan - Clark  wife of Wallace

Della , Daughter of Wallace  and Anna  B.  Dec 17,1920-Feb 9,1921

John C. O’Bryan  b: 9-7-1850  d: 8-20-1911

Harriett Alice (Young) O’Bryan wife of John C. O’Bryan  b: 1-21-1853  d: 2-21935

Arnold O’Bryan 1807-1896  -  Mary E. O’Bryan   1820 - 1886  (erected by son John C .O’Bryan)

Elizabeth (O’Bryan ) Brown Daughter of Arnold and Mary  E O’Bryan  b: 9-22-1838  d: 11-18-1855


William D. , son of Arnold and Mary E O’Bryan  1840-1858

Mary E. (O’Bryan) Yount, daughter of Arnold and Mary E. b: 11-22-1845 d: 4-10-1891

R. Addie (O’Bryan) Shumate daughter of John C and Harriett A O’Bryan  b:8-30-1871  d: 2-9-1916

Leanna  Colored girl of Arnold O’Bryan age 9 years


*note mixed in with this plot is two unmarked plots with stones they are O’Bryans and on one side of this plot is a rock wall plot possibly two to three grave sites in it. and just to inside of the brush  to the left of this plot are two unmarked stones. This is also the site of the only known slave  site in the

county that has not be destroyed by development. Leanna was owned by Arnold O’Bryan


*note there are two fenced plot for this family one containing only two grave sites

1st plot wood  plaque  reads

Rest in Peace

Silas Spear

Hannah Spear


2nd plot wood plaque reads

Rev. George McClure Spear


Elmira Lavina Spear


Berth Spear Scott 1885- 1916

Naomi Ora Scott 1907-1923

George McClure Spear ,son of Silas Spear , father of Will Spear , Fayetteville St. Van Buren

Betty Jo Scott  April 7, 1924 - July 22, 1924

Noah Scott  March 7 1863- Nov. 2 1928  Phoebe C. Scott June 6, 1866 - Sept. 1, 1938

Fred L. Scott June 25, 1893- May 14, 1942

Miles P. Scott Feb. 18,1926- Sept. 10, 1931

*note  in front of this plot is a family  plot with four stone markers they possibly are as follows

Miranda Turnman (no dates)

Mary Turnman (no dates)

Austin Turman (no dates)

these were children of James W. and Jane (Capps) Turnman


*note this plot is surround by undergrowth and numerous grave sites unmarked/w stone markers .

while walking toward this plot you will also notice several stone markers by trees . It is here that is the same style of grave is found like the

”Mystery Grave” of Fairview Cemetery.


Patsy (Capps) Moore , wife of Ransom Moore d: 10-7-1875 age 63 , 9months , 12 days

Mathew C. Moore (Mason) son of Ransom and Patsy Moore  b : 4-24-1877

Nancy A. (Davis) Moore, wife of Mathew C. Moore 1844-1881

Henry C. Moore son of M. C. and Nancy  Moore b: 1-27-1871 d: 5-6-1878

James R. Moore , son of Mathew and Nancy Moore b: 1860-1892

Susan Jane Moore Roberts , 1st wife of John F. Roberts, daughter of M. C. and N. A. Moore


John  Francis Roberts  (F. L. T.)  b: 5-10-1856 d: 1-21-1948

Edna Irene (Triplett) Roberts , 2nd wife of J. F. Roberts  b: 8-9-1872 d: 5-6-1960

Alford M. Roberts, brother of John F.  Roberts  1863-1887

Arther Lyle Roberts , son of John F. and Susan Jane Roberts 10-1-1886 1 year 6 months

Ralph Key Roberts , son of John F and Edna Irene Roberts   b: 12-25-1903  d: 12-6-1924

Bourland Moore , son of Mathew C. and Nancy A. Moore   (no marker)

Della (Carter) Moore , wife of Bourland Moore, later married Jones, (no marker)

Willie Moore, son of Bourland and Della Moore (no marker)

infant son of Bourland  and Della  (no marker)

Mary Jane (Moore) Woosley , mother of Will Woosley , Daughter of Ransom and Patsy Moore (no


Sarah Ellen Moore Daughter of Ransom and Patsy Moore (no marker)

Will Woosley , husband of Nancy (Mothershed) Woosley , son of May Jane  Woosley (no marker)

Johnnie , son of Will and Nancy (Mothershed) Woosley (no marker)



Joel , son of  H. and E. M. McCarter  born 1874  died 1890

Washington E. Bennett  son of A. and E. Bennett

S.S. Payton born 1863  died 1931 (father)

Marye Payton born 1872  died 1937


(Front Section)


Lib Benoit- Mary Benoit. (No dates or marker) Parents of Mamie (Benoit) Higgins.

Leon Higgins b: June 24,1931-  living                      /Patricia C Higgins b: Sept. 22,1923  d: Feb. 23,


Roy G. Higgins b: June 20,1918  d: May 2, 1984  (Our beloved Brother)

Hamilton L Higgins b: Feb. 29, 1892  d: Aug.2, 1970  /Mayme Higgins b: Feb 18, 1895  d: March


May Bess Higgins  b: Feb 19, 1928  d: June 26, 1929

Mary E. b: 3-18-1868  d: 10-26-1964   / Lil Burn b: 2-14-1867  d: 2-26-1946

unmarked  site

John Henry Higgins  b: July 10, 1961  d: July 10. 1961

? Higgins, son of ? Higgins, born 10-7-1894, died 12-30-1904.


*note Behind this family plot is three grave sites they are as follows.

Reba E. Lockhart b: March 27, 1910  d: Jan. 27, 1935 (Our Loss Heavens Gain)

Etta W. Hays  b: July 13, 1880  d: Aug. 11, 1951 (she was the sunshine of our home)

William H. Hays  b: March 12, 1875  d: Dec. 10, 1922




The Pevehouse Plot is the parent plot for the Cemetery it is one of the first family plots there. Given

to the area for a Cemetery by Christopher Pevehouse the land was later owned by Paul Hays. Two

stones are made into the outside wall by the tree .

Bynethia A. Pevehouse , wife of William Pevehouse  b: 9-21- 1835  d: 4-11-1859 age 23 years

C. W. Pevehouse  b :                               d: March 1, 1858

C.A. Pevehouse b: Sept. 21, 1835  d: April 8, 1851



on the outside of the wall is three unmarked grave site/w stones more than likely they are Pevehouse

alsoBy the Pevehouse plot there are two wall graves each contain one grave site. It is reported these

are also Pevehouse family members , one by the name of Baby Boy Pevehouse is buried in one.

Edwin Webster, Husband of Allie Webster, born 1862, died 1910

Almyra W. Phillips Dec. 27,1867  - May 2, 1967

Donald Moss, son of Benjamin and Vera (Webster) Moss

Keith H. Webster  Feb. 10,1925  -  Jan. 16, 1981

Keith E. Webster  1902-1968     

Tressie Lee Webster b: June 23,1902  d: Sept 2, 1987 (she brought us much joy and we loved her



J. Tillman Smith, son of A. D. and E. a. Smith, April 10,1890-March 8,1918.

Vivian M. Carden Jan 7, 1909 - July 17,1998

Donald W. Motley, son of Ed & Ruth (Davis) Motley, 1932-1945

John Motley, father of Ed Motley, born 1852, died 10-15-1924.      

Disney Ann Motley, step-mother of Ed Motley, 1875-1933.


Atha Pigg b: Feb 13, 1908  d: Oct 11, 1985 (Husband Father)

Sue M. Pigg 1904-2002

Mary A. (wife of C.B. Drennon  March 12, 1833  - April 23,1907


Georgia W. Prue Aug 24, 1910 - Oct 16,1992 (In Loving Memory)  

Unmarked /w stone  by Georgia


Minnie (Vinsant) Hays, 1871-1942-George W. Hays, 1875-1910.   

Sarah L. Hays, dau. of  George W. and Minnie Hays, 1904-1906.  

James S. Foster, 1824-1885-Susan Foster, 1825-1896.    

James S. Foster, Jr., born 3-31-1851, died 1-22-1880.      

Amanda E. Foster, born 12-12-1862, died 12-25-1887.     

Johnnie A. (Foster) Haile, mother of Foster Haile, 1875-1896.       

Allie S. Foster, born 9-22-1894, died 11-1-1894    

Andy Foster, brother of Sissie (Foster) Vinsant. (No Marker)         

I. E. Vinsant, wife of Isaiah B. Vinsant, 1849-1916.          

Isaiah B Vinsant Co. G 35th Ark Inf CSA


William H. Hays (F.L.T.), born 3-12-1878, died 12-10-1922.  “He has gone from his dear children

and wife whom he willingly toiled and loved as his life. Oh God, how mysterious and how strange

are thy ways, to take from us this loved one, in the best of his days.

Etta (West) Hays, wife of Wiliam H. Hays, 1880-1951.

Reba E. (Hays) Lockhart, wife of William Othelo Lockhart, dau of William H. and Etta Hays, born

1910, died 1935.



Perarl Faye Cavins, born 12-15-1923, died 1-4-1931

Martha Jane Cavins, wife of Ira J.  Cavins, 1894-1924.

Three markers in Cavins; plot (to dim to read).

J.K. P. King, born 11-21-1845, died 9-1-1887. possible Union Soldier


Orval Flaherty, born 1-11-1912, died 11-111912

Alvin Flaherty, born 1-25-1918,died 1-27-1918

Infant son, Flaherty, died 11-11-1906

Charles H Flaherty , 1871 - 1934  Mary F. Flaherty , 1885-1953

Della Marie Flaherty Aug 10, 1924 - Oct 1 ,1990 age 66 (no stone but a metal marker)

Perry “Andy” Flaherty Jan 30, 1919 - May 6, 1998 age 69 (no stone but metal marker)

Raymond Carrol Wood  b: July 1, 1941 d: Aug 14, 1988

Hettie Charles Wood  June 30, 1910-June 6, 1981  -  Eugene L Wood Oct 25,1909- March 9,1997

(Children of Hettie and Eugene are Flora Francies, Geraldine Elsteen, Margret Gene, Emma

Charlee, Raymond Carroll, Dana Clark)


*note this family of Flaherty is outside of family plot

Lewis E. Flaherty May 15,1924  - Oct 26, 1989 ( husband-father)

B. B. Flaherty  April 8, 1875  -  Jan 12, 1958

(three new graves of Flaherty but unknown at this time)


Five homemade markers I can not read two of them

J. H. Wilbanks

M. L. Wilbanks

L. Wilbanks



L. A. Black , born 6-22-1886 died 2-19-09

Maggie M. Mann , Daughter of E. Teyre and L. B. Mann 1899-1909

Jessie Lee Mann, died 6-24-1941 age 25 years



Thomas Miller, 1859-1934-  - Nettie Miller 1872-1930

Albert Sallee, Pvt. Co. F. 19th Kentucky Vol., 1845-1909

Maudie Sallee  b. July 5, 1900  d: Dec. 29, 1940

Perilee Sallee b: 9-14-1844 d: 1-15-1930

J. Tom Sallee b:1-18-1868  d: 1-28-1941

Daniel M. Sallee, born 12-2-1871, died 8-25-1944

Blake Martin, half-brother of Jim Groves.

Mary Magoline Martin.

Jane: Martin.

Charles Groves, son of Jim and Mattie Shepard) Groves, born 11-23-1916, died 7-27-1918. 

Mattie (Shepard) Groves was a half-sister of George Harvey of Van Buren.


George Henderson, died 3-16-1961.

Earnest Q. Fordam, son of Clint Fordam, born and died 1939.

Robert W. Logan, 1861-1924-Sallie A. Logan, 1864-1921.

The above are parents of Mrs. Columbus (Vina) Kelly.

Columbus O Kelley, son of Columbus and Vina (Logan) Kelley, Born 1-13-1917, died 8-7-1935.

Vina Kelley Pennington  b: Oct 31, 1896  d: May 12, 1991

Harley S. Kelley  b: Feb 5, 1919  d: Nov 20, 1988

John Logan Kelly b: May 6, 1914  d: Dec 3, 1988

Harrison Hicks Pvt. Co G 27 Texas Cav CSA  1843-1896


Thomas R. Hall, son of G. A. and A. C. Hall, 1895-1909

Gladys Kootz, wife of Raymond Kootz, born 1922, died 1950.

Thell Knight born 2-:-1909, died 7-?-1909

Ethel Knight, born 10-15-1905, died 11-1-1915.

Charley Knight, born 8-12-1930, died 8-12-1930

Floyd Knight, born 1-?-1915, died 2-?-1915.

Rosie Knight, wife of H. K. Knight, born 1882, died 2-19-1920

James N. Knight, born 2-14-1876, died 12-24-1926

Glen Turner, died 7-9-1940, age 6 months, 6 days.

J. B. J. Gillian, born 9-15-1869, died 12-11-1889

Thomas Faulkner, son of F. and S. F. Faulkner, 1881-1885.

James Davis, born 1906, died 1935

Mattie (Davis) Turner, wife of Jim Turner, died 1935. James Davis and his sister Mattie (Davis)

Turner were killed by lightning while fishing on Lee Creek.

Martha Humphry, born 2-12-1868, died 2-27-1907.

Barney Lewis, son of Barney H. Lewis, half-brother of Mrs. George Harvey of Van Buren, killed

summer 1911, age 27 yrs. ( no marker)

Andy Fields ( no marker). Andy Fields and Barney Lewis were killed by Missouri Pacific train, near

Lee creek bridge, Van Buren, Ark. in 1911 . Andy Fields was from Indiana and his father said to

bury him here as they could not return the body to his home town.

Elzada (Tackett) Harvey (no Marker) , wife of W.R. Harvey, step-mother of George Harvey.

Jennie Mae Vinsant (no Marker), dau. of Thell and Willie (Davis)Vinsant.

Miss Kate &Miss Mary (no markers), daughters of John Snider

Ben Snider, died 10-9-1958. Nephew of Miss Kate and Mary Snider.

Emmet, (no marker), son of Fred and Stella (Hays) Vinsant.

Fred Vinsant (no marker), husband of Stella (Mays) Vinsant,  nephew of Miss Kate and Mary


Infant of Lije Vinsant and ? (Carter) Vinsant.

?(carter) Vinsant, wife of Lije Vinsant, sister of Della (Carter) Moore.

Lije Vinsant, husband of ? (Carter) Vinsant and brother of Isaiah B. Vinsant.

? Hicks (no marker) , father of David Hicks.

Infant son of Hattie (Mothreshed) Mrs. Neeley Jones, lived near Dora, Ark. (no marker).

Vivian A. Owens, infant dau. of Nealy and Maud Owens,

Clay Allen (no Marker), brother of Josephine (Allen) Hayes, (Mrs. John Hays).

Ann Allen (no marker), wife of Clay Allen and sister of Will and John Hays.

Albert Allen (no marker), son of Clay and Ann (Hays) Allen

G. Arthur Anderson , born 1885  died 1961

Addie (Fink) Anderson , wife of Arthur Anderson (no Marker)

Truman W. Anderson born: 12-21-1909 died 12-27-1963

Truman W. Anderson, infant son of Truman Anderson

Larry Joe Anderson b: June 21,1958  d: Feb 5, 1995  We Love you

Arkie Benoird, age about 10 years , Daughter of Minnie Benoird (no marker)

James Shenault ,soldier of War 1812  (stone broken and laying by a tree beside the Foster plot.

Grave site unknown.


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