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Sugg Cemetery

Dry Fork, Carroll County, Arkansas

Submitted by Rosa Cline



This cemetery is a small "family" cemetery inside a chain link fence. It sets on a corner and is across Highway 412 from the Dry Fork General Store. It's located about 6 miles from the town of Marble, heading into Carroll County.


I have made an alphabetical list at the first of everyone in the cemetery then the transcriptions, just as they were shown on the stones, follows under the list. I tried getting as accurate as I could,..but with weathering and time, some of these were badly in need of repair. For this being a small cemetery and as old as most of the stones are, it is well kept.


I came across this cemetery as it is on the end of the county road where Liberty Cemetery is on. (Liberty Cemetery is 2 1/2 miles from this cemetery) This was transcribed on October 6,2001. If anyone has any obits, pictures or anything else they would like to share with me please feel free to contact us. Thanks! Robert and Rosa Cline


There are two headstones that were so faded I couldn't make them out

Martha Cobler

J.M. Hudson

Eva L. Seitz

Infant daughter Stone

J. M. Stone

Martha A. Stone

Elijah H. Sugg

Elizabeth Sugg

Henry Belle Sugg

Infant son Sugg

John David Sugg

John Roy Sugg "Roy" (has two headstones)

Mabel Marie Sugg

Nancy Sugg

Stella Sugg

Troy Sugg

Tuck Seitz Sugg

William Clint Sugg

Bennie Lee Walker

Belle Walker

Elizabeth Ann Walker

Elizabeth J. Walker

James Marian Walker

Ruth Walker

Unknown Walker



(This stone is a flat plank the length

of a person with cursive fading lettering

on the plank)

In Memory of

Martha Cobler (?) born

Feb. the 8, 1807

died Oct the 30, 1846 (?)




(engraved picture of hands shaking with cross)

J. M. Hudson

born Dec. 20, 1842

died Apr. 21, 1864



Eva L. Seitz

b. Nov. 28, 1906 d. July 25, 1907



Infant dau of

J.M. & L.E. Stone

born & died Feb 28, 1893



J. M. Stone

born Apr 5, 1868

died Aug. 20, 1892



Martha A. wife of

W.F. Stone

b. March 4, 1844 d. Oct 24, 1926



(engraved Masonic symbol with G)

Elijah H. Sugg

born March 25, 1831

died Aug 25, 1887

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall

see God.


(military marker)





MARCH 25, 1831 AUG 25, 1887

(Elijah Hiram Sugg was born to George Sugg and Elizabeth Jane Brown Sugg

He was married to Nancy Matilda Boydston)




wife of George Sugg


(rest of stone unreadable)

(from researching her I found: Elizabeth Jane Brown Sugg

b. about 1790 in North Carolina and she married about 1811 in N. C. )




Henry Belle

b. July 28, 1868 d. Nov. 3, 1960

John David

b. Apr. 14, 1859 d. July 2, 1924

(His parents were Elijah Hiram Sugg and Nancy Matilda Boydston Sugg)

(Her parents were Jesse Tucker Seitz and Jane Smith Seitz)

(They were married on Feb. 10, 1886 in Osage, Carroll County, AR)



Infant son of

S.P. & M.V. Sugg

born Feb. 12, 1905

died Feb. 12, 1905

gone to a better land

(His parents were Samuel Paul Sugg and Minnie V. Stamps Sugg)




At rest

John Roy

b. May 12, 1906 d. April 26, 1928


(this headstone is an older kind of faded one

then he has a double one with his twin brother on the

other side of this small cemetery)


John Roy

b. May 12, 1906 d. April 26, 1928

(engraved picture of a raccoon and "Twin Brothers")


b. May 12, 1906 d. May 20, 1992


(They were born in Caroll County, AR to John David Sugg and

Henry Belle Seitz Sugg)




Mabel Marie

b. Sept. 21, 1909 d. Oct. 2, 1994

William Clint

b. July 10, 1906 d. May 15, 1991

SUGG on back

(William Clinton Sugg was born to Samuel Paul Sugg

and Minnie V. Stamps Sugg)




Minnie V


Samuel P.


(Minnie V. Stamps b. June 28, 1877 and d. May

Her parents were Lewis Sandford Stamps & Manda Jane Boatwright Stamps)

Samuel Paul Sugg d. July 6, 1950 His parents were Elijah Hiram Sugg

and Nancy Matilda Boydston Sugg. Minnie and Samuel married on Jan. 5, 1896)



Nancy M.

wife of E.H. Sugg

b. June 25, 1840 d. Nov. 29, 1926

Rest mother rest, in quiet sleep

while friends in sorrow for thee weep.

(Nancy Matilda Boydstun Sugg married Elijah Hiram Sugg)

She was the daughter of David Carroll Boydstun and Caroline Chote Boydstun)




dau of S.P. & M.V. Sugg

b. April 24, 1902 d. April 2, 1917

Budded on Earth to Bloom in Heaven

(She was the daughter of Samuel Paul Sugg and Minnie V. Stamps Sugg)



Tuck Seitz Sugg

b. Oct. 1, 1895 d. June 5, 1916

gone to dwell in the garden of Heaven.

To live with the happy and blest.

(He was born in Carroll County, AR to John David Sugg

and Henry Belle Seitz Sugg)



This stone is a tall (about 4-5 foot stone with four sides)

(this stone was really hard to read in places so dates

might be wrong...but copied as I could figure out.)

(one side)

wife and children of

William Walker

(one side)

James Marion

died Sept 1846

aged 1 yr 1 mo

Elizabeth J.

died Sept 1859

aged 8 yr 3 mths

(one side)

Elizabeth Ann


died Oct 2, 1866

aged 43 yrs 6 dys

Bennie (possibly Bonnie) Lee

died Sept 23, 1870

aged 1 yr 5 mth 17 dys

(one side)


deid Feb. 5, 1863

aged 5 yrs 4 m 4 dys


died Feb. 1865

aged 3 yrs 6 ms.



Our little (?)

W.L. & A. M.



Nov. 8, 1887


Dec. 12, 1893

Our little darling

(rest is unreadable)

(this stone was really hard to read so if anyone

knows the identity of this person please let me know)


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