Arkansas Cemeteries


Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Calhoun County, Arkansas

Located on Highway 167

Completed April 8, 2002 by Sue Adams

Index graciously provided by Arkansas Ties


Arnold, Eugene M.

Arnold, Rena M. Jones

Ashbrook, Annie

Ashbrook, George H.

Ashbrook, Hayse

Ashbrook, Herbert

Ashbrook, Minnie A.

Beaudreax, Geraldine

Benson, Cora Calaway

Benson, Richard H.

Brumly, Joseph Lee

Brumly, Wilbur Lee

Calaway, Blanche Weisinger

Calaway, George M.

Calaway, Jane

Calaway, Jasper Annie

Calaway, Jesse Wilson

Calaway, Jewell

Calaway, Louie

Calaway, Lucy J.

Calaway, M.P.

Calaway, Martin P.

Calaway, Mary Jo

Calaway, Nora

Calaway, P.N.

Calaway, Russell

Calaway, Ryman

Calaway, Thomas J.

Calaway, Walter

Calaway, William N.

Calaway, Willie S.

Calaway, Wm. Herman

Carlton, Robert Stokes

Cash, Juanita Jeanette

Cash, Marcia E.

Cathey, Laura Emma

Childers, Darthie Faye

Childers, Mattie Augsta

Childers, Nora Ilar

Childers, William Van

Cogburn, Zuma J.

Colvert, Joseph W.

Colvert, Rosie Lee

Colvert, Willie Ray

Conover, Wanda F.

Cook, Effie

Cook, Infant Daughter of Ben and Mattie

Cranford, Fred Junior

Cranford, Lily Joan

Culver, Allen

Daniel, Evelyn Joyce Jones

Daniels, Glenvil G.

Dixon, Tina Melisa

Dunn, Otis A.

Dunn, Willie Mae

Farley, Clifford

Farley, W.C. "Dub"

Greene, Flossie R. Benson

Guy, Austin

Harper, Earl R.

Harper, Hershell H.

Harper, Jess

Harper, Jewell

Harper, Larkin R.

Harper, Ona Cathey

Holmes, Bobby Lamar

Hopkins, Hattie Calaway

Hopkins, J.M.

House, Donald Edward

House, H.C.

House, Syble Louise

Johnson, Fleetty

Johnson, Julia E.

Johnson, Laura Gennie

Johnson, Meress P.

Jones, A. Dewey

Jones, Aaron P.

Jones, Alfred

Jones, Alvena

Jones, Aron A.

Jones, Arthur

Jones, Arthur Lee

Jones, Beatrice

Jones, Ben F.

Jones, Blanche M.

Jones, Charlie Hugh

Jones, D.F.

Jones, Dovie Bernice

Jones, Eddie

Jones, Eliza May

Jones, Elizebeth Walden

Jones, Evelyn P. Hilburn

Jones, Fannie

Jones, Floyd Elbert

Jones, George M.

Jones, Gerald E.

Jones, Herbert

Jones, Hubert

Jones, Ila Jane

Jones, Infant Twin of Mr. & Mrs. V.P.

Jones, Isaac

Jones, James H.

Jones, Joseph

Jones, Joseph H.

Jones, Leonard W.

Jones, Leroy

Jones, Liddie

Jones, Lillian Lavonia

Jones, Lillie

Jones, Linda Marie

Jones, Lottie L.

Jones, Lucien Terence

Jones, Marie H.

Jones, Mary Adelia

Jones, Mary Dovie

Jones, Minnie Belle

Jones, Nellie

Jones, Ruth A.

Jones, Ruth Harper

Jones, Sallie M. Vines

Jones, Serrena

Jones, Sue Annette

Jones, Susie Anner

Jones, Treat J.

Jones, Verner P.

Jones, Victor Paul

Jones, William Henry

Jones, Willie F.

Lingo, Cora

Loftis, Gladys P.

Long, Allie M.

Lowery, Oscar Kramer

McCann, A. Houston

McCann, Pauline E.

McDade, Vera May

Miers, Eld. L.O.

Miers, George W.

Miers, Sarah T.

Morrison, Ella H.

Morrison, Oscar T.

Myers, Lawrence Frank

Neal, Alton

Neal, Grace

Nestor, Clotine Biggers

Nestor, Edward J.

Nistendirk, Clarence W.

Nistendirk, Ola P. Jones

Nutt, Anna E.

Nutt, Earl B.

Nutt, Ethel

Nutt, Martin

Nutt, Thomas P.

Pickett, Jimmie Carrol

Pierce, Artie J.

Pierce, Ben Davis

Pierce, Eld J.K.

Pierce, John Sifford

Pierce, Louise Herman

Pierce, Martha C.

Pierce, Mary E.

Pierce, Mary Naoma

Pierce, Nora

Pierce, R.C.

Pierce, Robert J.

Pierce, Theodore

Pierce, Thomas B.

Pintar, Mavin Mildred

Pintar, Mike Emerick

Quillen, Unknown

Raney, Hattie Jones

Rankin, Stephen Mark

Roark, Evie

Roark, Frank W.

Roark, Gidion Thomas Sr.

Roark, Sue Ann Jones

Ross, Alta Calaway

Sindle, Ed

Sindle, Edgar Ray

Sindle, George M.

Sindle, Martha J.

Sindle, Ruby Pierce

Sindle, Sally

Sindle, Walter

Sindle, Wilmer Joe

Smith, Jeffrey Allen

Splawn, Julia

Splawn, Roxie A.

Steelman, C.W. "Neil"

Steelman, Ethel C.

Stokes, Annie Love

Stokes, Eva D.

Stokes, Hubert McRoy

Stokes, Joan Francis

Stokes, Joseph I.

Stokes, Robert H.

Stokes, Rosie Marilyn

Strickland, Bessie M.

Strickland, Jimmy Rex

Strickland, Raymond "Ray" Henry

Strickland, Wm. Homer

Strokes, Thomas C. Sr.

Thomason, Georgia Steelman

Thomason, Kenneth (K.O.)

Thomason, Margaret Ann

Turner, Karen Diane Colvert

Underwood, ?enaia

Underwood, Christopher

Underwood, Joe

Underwood, Nancy

Unknown, Infant

Unknown, Norma Jean

Unknown, Vickie Marie

Warford, Luther E.

Wilkins, Dorothy

Wilkins, George T.

Wilkins, Stella M.

Williams, E.

Workman, James Roland

Workman, Jo Ann

Workman, Trudie


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