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Dickson Cemetery, AKA Dixon Cemetery

Cherokee City, Benton County, Arkansas

Submitted 03/18/2004, by Rosa Cline

This is a partial listing of people interred at this cemetery. I have obits for some of them, if anyone would like a copy. Sometimes there are pictures of the people with the obit. If you donít find the information on this transcription, go to the Find-A-Grave transcription. There may be more information there. I am trying to update this list about every other month. I will put a * beside those that have been added since the last update.


I live too far away from Benton County to actually do any look ups. These listings are made from either obits or data given to me by other family or researchers.I will be more than happy to share with you what information I have on the people listed below,but I cannot do physical look ups. If you would like to send me data on your family or friends buried at this cemetery, I would be more than happy to accept and add the data into my listings. Please feel free to contact me.

* Robert Alfrey "Bob Alfrey"

* Catherine Leanona Ford

* Clarence Ford

* Denver Leroy Ford

* Ethel Ford

* Gertie Ford

* J.C. Ford

* Jennie Ford

* Laura Ellen Foreman Ford

* Lester Ford

* M.B. Ford

* Archibald Foreman

* Rose Etta McLaughlin Forman

* Lillian Adair Heuser

* Phillip Patrick Vance Jones

* Velva Cherry Kinion

* LaVina Vidue Nasbitt Medley

* Richard Thomas Medley

* James Barton Oakes

* Lula Oxford

* Norma Maxine Place

* Michael Arthur Rainwater

* Ralph Dee Roller

* Alice Walker

* William Walker

* Anita Joyce Ratcliff Yates



Robert Alfrey "Bob Alfrey"

b. Nov 1, 1935 d. Jan 20, 2004

He was born in Cherokee City, AR and

died in Bentonville, AR

Son of Clyde Alfrey and Ima Yates Alfrey (his primary caregivers were Tom Stockdale and Jan Stockdale)

(I have a copy of his obit from Morning News)



Catherine Leaona Ford

b. Oct 29, 1943 d. Feb 22, 1944

She was born and died in Benton County, AR



Clarence Ford

b. Dec 3, 1899 d. 1977

married Gertie Ford Sept 9, 1918

Gertie Ford

b. Oct 15, 1898 d. Jan 10, 1982



Denver Leroy Ford

b. June 5, 1913 d. Jan 18, 1978


Ethel C. Ford

b. Jan 5, 1917 d. Feb 27, 1990



J.C. Ford

b. Dec 29, 1871 d. Jan 24, 2001


M.B. Ford

b. Dec 7, 1869 d. Apr 22, 1952



Jennie W. Ford

b. Oct 7, 1901 d. Oct 8, 1989


Lester J. Ford

b. May 22, 1897 d. May 13, 1979



Laura Ellen Foreman Ford

b. 1884 d. Aug 1965

She was daughter of Elam Forman and Rose Etta McLaughlin Forman



Archibald C. Forman

b. 1889 d. Sept 1929

Son of Elam Foreman and Rose Etta McLaughlin Forman



Rose Etta McLaughlin Forman

b. May 1866 d. 1953

Daughter of George McLaughlin and Nancy McLaughlin



Lillian Adair Heuser

b. Jan 14, 1944 d. Sept 4, 2001

She was born in Murray, Utah and

died in Kansas, OK

Daughter of Frederick Lee Heuser and Iola Adair Green



Phillip Patrick Vance Jones

b. Feb 20, 1969 d. Feb 29, 2004

He was born in Gravette, AR

Son of Montie Jones and Billie Flo Lopez Jones

(I have a copy of his obit from Morning News)



Velva L. Cherry Kinion

b. Jan 13, 1938 d. Nov 21, 2001

She was born in Colcord, OK and

died in Joplin, MO

Daughter of John Cherry and Sadie Marie Cherry



LaVina Vidue Nasbitt Medley

b. Dec 28, 1847 d. Aug 15, 1908

She died in Cherokee City, AR

Daughter of William Nasbitt and Elizabeth Eddings


Richard Thomas Medley

b. Aug 12, 1833 d. Dec 27, 1910

He was born in Springfield, KY and

died in Benton County, AR

Son of George Washington Medley and Anna Caroline Montgomery.



James Barton Oakes

b. June 20, 1826 d. June 5, 1910

He was born in Pittsylvania County, VA and

died in Benton County, AR

Son of John Oakes and Elizabeth Bardin Oakes



Lula M Oxford

b. June 12, 1899 d. May 16, 1990



Norma Maxine Place

b. Oct 16, 1931 d. Dec 19, 2003

She was born in Colcord, OK and

died in Siloam Springs, AR



Michael Arthur Rainwater

b. Dec 25, 1987 d. Oct 23, 2003



Ralph Dee Roller

b. Oct 17, 1923 d. Mar 15, 2004

He was born in Gentry, AR and

died in Granby, MO

Son of Phillip Roller and Mary Ellen Tate Roller

He served in the Army during World War II

(I have a copy of his obit from Morning News)



Alice M. Walker

b. 1913 d. 1979


William L. Walker

b. 1911 d. 1975



Anita Joyce Ratcliff Yates

b. Feb 10, 1940 d. Nov 10, 2001

She was born in Fairmount, AR and

died in Bentonville, AR

Daughter of Clegg Ratcliff and Vera McKinney



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