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Wheeler Springs Cemetery, Bradley County, Arkansas

Wheeler Springs Cemetery
Bradley County, Arkansas

GPS Location: N 33° 42.150' -- W. 92° 08.098'

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Wheeler Springs Cemetery Sign

Cemetery photo courtesy of Stella Byrd

This is not a complete transcription. Notes given here do not necessarily appear on tombstone but are provided as additional information. Please add your Wheeler Springs Cemetery records by e-mailing

If a name in the list below is underlined (linked), we have a tombstone photograph for that person. Click the link to see the photograph.

PLEASE NOTE: The cemetery coordinator does not have additional information about other people who are buried in this cemetery. The coordinator collects information submitted by visitors to the Bradley County web site. Please do not e-mail the cemetery coordinator asking for lookups.

Burke, Christian E.Jan. 25, 18?4June 17, 18?8 LHG
Burke, Ernest R.Sept. 1879?Dec. ???? LHG
Burke, James C.Nov. 18, 1854Mar. 8, 1890 LHG
Burke, Matthew C.  unable to read datesLHG
Burke, Susan E. Aug. 28, 1858Oct. ???? LHG
Burke, T. E. July 7, 1856June 20, 1891 LHG
Carraway, Emma Jane ClementsApril 29, 1871May 25, 1956"COME YE BLESSED" "WIFE OF M. P. CARRAWAY"RH
Carraway, M. P.May 10, 1864December 30, 1917"COME YE BLESSED" [Full name Martin Preston Carraway; h/o Emma Jane Clements Carraway] RH
Harton, J. B.18621927"AT REST"LHG & SB
Hill, Henry M.18671949double stone with NancyLHG
Hill, Nancy S.18791919double stone with HenryLHG
Hudson, Infant Dau. Jan. 1, 1942"INFANT DAU. OF BRUFF & VERNA MAE HUDSON"RH
Hudson, Infant Son June 6, 1945"INFANT SON OF BRUFF & VERNA MAE HUDSON"RH
Murrell, Fannie B.Feb. 22, 1888Mar. 19, 1924double stone with JohnLHG
Murrell, John W.Nov. 29, 1881Apr. 18, 1963 double stone with FannieLHG
Murrell, Sybyl Jan. 10, 1917Oct. 13, 1940 LHG
Peek, Ella C. - NEW! 1-10-201117 April 188516 January 1945"AT REST"LS
Peek, Eva Clyde - NEW! 1-10-201120 Augusr 190720 November 1908"DAU. OF E. C. AND PEARL PEEK" Another view of this stoneLS
Peek, Henry Franklin - NEW! 1-10-201123 September 187728 August 1960Double Stone with Mary Jane [Oakley] PeekLS
Peek, James Kelce - NEW! 1-10-201106 April 188203 August 1928Double Stone with Malinda Johnson PeekLS
Peek, James T. E. - NEW! 1-10-201124 December 184726 April 1921"Gone but not forgotten" "FATHER" Masonic emblem Another view of this stoneLS
Peek, Malinda Johnson - NEW! 1-10-201106 March 188815 January 1965Double Stone with James Kelce PeekLS
Peek, Martha S. - NEW! 1-10-201125 September 1930 Double Stone with Thomas H. PeekLS
Peek, Mary E. - NEW! 1-10-2011185419 February 1916"WIFE OF E. D. PEEK"LS
Peek, Mary Jane [Oakley] - NEW! 1-10-201102 March 190227 November 1980Double Stone with Henry Franklin PeekLS
Peek, Myra A.[Alabama Bryant] -
                              NEW! 1-10-2011
25 February 188307 December 1928"[First] WIFE OF H.[Henry] F.[Franklin] PEEK" "Asleep in Jesus" "Wife" Another view of this stoneLS
Peek, Thomas H. - NEW! 1-10-201122 August 193007 November 2008Double Stone with Martha S. PeekLS
Ray, WileyAbout 1873About 28 Jan 1925Unmarked Grave to the left of J. B. Harton's grave [h/o Mary Ann Elizabeth "Lizzie" Harton]SB
Saunders, Blanche A.Nov. 5, 1894Dec. 2, 1980 LHG
Saunders, Emily Burk(e)May 14, 1861Nov. 20, 1900double stone with JuliusLHG
Saunders, Jenette18911923 LHG
Saunders, Julius18061894 LHG
Saunders, Julius Sept. 10, 1854Oct. 30, 1937double stone with EmilyLHG
Saunders, Laura E.Dec. 19, 1889June 26, 1917 LHG
Saunders, Rosa HillMar. 18, 1896May 25, 1933double stone with Samuel A.LHG
Saunders, Samuel A.Aug. 4, 1885Jan. 8, 1968double stone with RosaLHG
Saunders, Susan L.Oct. 30, 1883Sept. 25, 1908 LHG
Saunders, Thomas H. (Homer)Jan. 1, 1882July 6, 1965 LHG
Spoon, George W.Jan. 1, 1881June 15, 1964 LHG
Thomas, Montray Peek "Monte" -
                              NEW! 1-10-2011
19 October 191724 February 1995"Beloved Daughter"LS
Wheeler, AdolphusApr. 20, 1870Dec. 18, 1947Double Stone with Minnie Olar Bryant Wheeler "FATHER" "BLESSED ARE THE DEAD WHICH DIE IN THE LORD" [s/o James H. and Nancy Wheeler]LHG & SB
Wheeler, Alton L.Oct. 15, 1905April 6, 1906 LHG
Wheeler, BurlMar. 26, 1882Dec. 10 1948double stone with LudieLHG
Wheeler, Rev. Carl FloydDec. 21, 1897Apr. 18, 1974married Feb. 13, 1916, double stone with MaggieLHG
Wheeler, Charles D.Nov. 27, 192?Mar. 24, 1981 LHG
Wheeler, Clara LouiseJan. 15, 1917Dec. 17, 1919 d/o Eld. Carl & Maggie WheelerLHG
Wheeler, ColumbusNov. 24, 1872Jan. 29, 1935Double Stone with Mary E. Bryant Wheeler [s/o James H. and Nancy Wheeler]LHG & SB
Wheeler, Ellis C. ErastusSept 20, 1899Dec. 19, 1899"Ellis C. Erastus son of N. & L. C. Wheeler" "Asleep in Jesus"LHG & SB
Wheeler, Gracie BelleSept. 29, 1897Aug. 6, 1898"Gracie Belle dau. of N. & L. C. WHEELER" "Sweet be the slumber" Stone is brokenLHG & SB
Wheeler, InfantFeb. 17, 1903Feb. 17, 1903"INFANT SON OF N. & L. C. WHEELER" "Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven"LHG & SB
Wheeler, James H.April 22, 1838Oct. 24, 1900husband of Nancy Ann WheelerLHG
Wheeler, Knox EmmanuelJuly 18, 1930Oct. 13, 1989Sgt. U. S. Army KoreaLHG
Wheeler, Lee18741875 LHG
Wheeler, LudieJuly 25, 1889Jan. 9, 1931double stone with BurlLHG
Wheeler, Maggie ParrottApr. 18, 1898Oct. 13, 1977double stone with CarlLHG
Wheeler, Mary E. BryantJan. 28, 1878May 6, 1973Double Stone with Columbus WheelerLHG & SB
Wheeler, Minnie Olar BryantJune 27, 1870Apr. 14, 1966Double Stone with Adolphus Wheeler "MOTHER" "BLESSED ARE THE DEAD WHICH DIE IN THE LORD"LHG & SB
Wheeler, Nancy AnnMar. 11, 1845July 13, 1909wife of J. H. WheelerLHG
Wheeler, NewtonSept. 2, 1875Dec. 10, 1943Double Stone with Zadie Lowe Wheeler [s/o James H. and Nancy Wheeler]LHG & SB
Wheeler, Zadie LoweJan. 4, 1874Nov. 20, 1956Double Stone with Newton Wheeler [d/o Steven Pickens Lowe and Mary Adeline Dawkins]LHG & SB
Williams, Anna Lee ThomasApr. 2, 1897Dec. 2, 1935Double Stone with Cotesworth Cathey WilliamsRB
Williams, Annie Belle CSept. 19, 1899May 19, 1984Double Stone with Marvin A. Williams "MARRIED SEPT. 27, 1917" [Nee Anna Belle Carraway]OS & RH
Williams, Cotesworth Cathey May 5, 1881June 26, 1965Double Stone with Anna Lee Thomas WilliamsRB
Williams, James PerrySept. 10, 1851May 1, 1904Double Stone with Martha Jane Bartlett WilliamsRB
Williams, Martha Jane BartlettOct. 28, 1849Mar. 8, 1917Double Stone with James Perry WilliamsRB
Williams, Marvin A.Apr. 29, 1898Feb. 10, 1984Double Stone with Annie Belle C. Williams "MARRIED SEPT. 27, 1917" [Middle name Alexander]OS & RH
Williams, Opal JeanDec. 14, 1925Nov. 24, 1926"DAU. OF MR. & MRS. M. A. WILLIAMS"OS & RH
Wolfe, Carl William - NEW! 1-10-201101 May 189519 October 1985Double Stone with Maudie Lee L. WolfeLS
Wolfe, Maudie Lee L. - NEW! 1-10-201124 December 189825 March 1977Double Stone with Carl William WolfeLS


LHG ... Lynn Hargis Groves
LS ... Loretta Stehle
OS ... Odis Smith
RB ... Ray Bland
RH ... Richard Hudson
SB ... Stella Byrd

Temporary Cemetery coordinator: Barbara Logan
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