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Union Hill Cemetery, Bradley County, Arkansas

Union Hill Cemetery
Bradley County, Arkansas

GPS Location: 33� 23.457' -- 92� 07.852'

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Union Hill Cemetery

Cemetery photo courtesy of Nora Johnson

This is not a complete transcription. Notes given here do not necessarily appear on tombstone but are provided as additional information. Please add your Union Hill Cemetery records as the information appears on the stones, with fixes and additional information sent as "notes", by e-mailing

If a name in the list below is underlined (linked), we have a tombstone photograph for that person. Click the link to see the photograph.

PLEASE NOTE: The cemetery coordinator does not have additional information about other people who are buried in this cemetery. The coordinator collects information submitted by visitors to the Bradley County web site. Please do not e-mail the cemetery coordinator asking for lookups.

DIRECTIONS TO THIS CEMETERY IN INGALLS: From Warren go south on Highway 63 to Highway 160. Turn left on Highway 160. At County Road 64 (also called Church Loop George Ford Road) turn left. Cemetery is on the left past County Road 123.

Name Born Died Notes Submitter
Aswell, EdJun. 29, 1896Jun. 26, 1966"SON OF W. A. ASWELL"LB & JS
Aswell, Loney VicyFeb. 19, 1891Aug. 8, 1909   LB
Aswell, W. A.Feb. 11, 1862June 6, 1909   LB
Baker, Callie F. - Dec. 3, 1884Mar. 13, 1957"MOTHER" "Gone but not forgotten." [Full name Callie Frances Brooks; d/o Bennett Harding Brooks & Louisa Frances Cottingham; w/o 1) David Ezekial Clanton, Married Nov. 26, 1905; w/o 2) Edward Mike Baker, married Feb. 9, 1945, his Third wife]LB & CM
Baker, Clarence ElmerAug. 24, 1906Oct. 12, 1983Double Stone with Lillie Hagood Baker [s/o Edward Mike Baker & Estella York; h/o Lillie Hagood, Married June 21, 1924]CM
Baker, Coiet Lee - Dec 14, 1904Nov. 7, 1905"Son of E. M. & STELLA BAKER" "Gone to be an angel" [s/o Edward Mike Baker & Estella York]LB & CM
Baker, Cyntha E.Dec. 5, 1884May 12, 1944"She was the sunshine of our home" [Second w/o E. M. Baker]LB & CM
Baker, Dovie NinaJune 23, 1888Oct. 30, 1977Double Stone with W. Avery Baker "SHELTERED AND SAFE FROM SORROW" [d/o Simeon Quincy Milholland & Elizabeth Bethea Gamble; w/o William Avery Baker, Married Jan. 16, 1906]LB & CM
Baker, E. S.Mar. 28, 1846Apr 17, 1928"He will be missed by us." [Full name Edward Simeon "Simmie" Baker; s/o Jacob Baker & Eve Margaret Kinard; h/o Nancy L. Dawkins Baker; moved family to Bradley County, Arkansas from Sturgis, Mississippi around 1891, with daughter Margaret Louisa Baker Vickers & son-in-law John (James) Thomas Vickers.]BD, LB & CM
Baker, Edward MikeDec. 19, 1880Feb. 1, 1967"AT REST" [s/o Edward Simeon Baker and Nancy L. Dawkins, married 1) Estella York Nov. 4, 1902; married 2) Ellen Cynthia Johnson York Feb 7, 1923; married 3) Callie Frances Brooks Feb 9, 1945]LB & CM
Baker, EstellaApr. 17, 1881Feb. 13, 1922"WIFE OF E. M. BAKER" "She was a kind and affectionate wife, a fond mother, and a friend to all" [Full name Estella York; d/o Nelson B. York & Sarah Elizabeth Clanton; First w/o Edward Mike Baker, Married Nov. 4, 1902]LB & CM
Baker, Lillie Hagood - Dec. 7, 1907Nov. 26, 1998Double Stone with Clarence Elmer Baker [Married June 21, 1924]CM
Baker, N. L. DawkinsMar. 23, 1844Oct. 17, 1917"Wife of E. S. BAKER" "She died as she lived, trusting in God" [d/o Rueben Dawkins & Louisa C.; w/o Edward Simeon Baker, Married Nov., 9, 1865; moved with family to Bradley County, Arkansas from Sturgis, Mississippi around 1891, with daughter Margaret Louisa Baker Vickers & son-in-law John Thomas Vickers]BD, LB &CM
Baker, Nelson EdwardJune 9, 1916Mar. 28, 1960"LOUISIANA" "PFC US ARMY" "WORLD WAR II" Cross in circle emblem [s/o Edward Mike Baker & Estella York; h/o Lela Wrightinghall]LB & CM
Baker, RoseMar. 9, 1912Mar. 11, 1912[d/o J. T. & N. Z. Baker]LB
Baker, W. AveryFeb. 4, 1883Sept. 20, 1948Double Stone with Dovie Nina Baker "SHELTERED AND SAFE FROM SORROW" [Full name William Avery Baker; s/o Edward Simeon Baker & Nancy L. Dawkins; h/o Dovie Nina Milholland, Married Jan. 16, 1906]LB & CM

Name Born Died Notes Submitter
Barnett, William ClideSep. 10, 1915Feb. 18, 1997[h/o V. Ruth Harrod]TS
Barnwell, Ina BethJan. 9, 1951July 11, 2000[d/o Hoyle & Lexine Pope; gd/o Jeff Davis & Bethel Pope; sister to Jeffrey Mark Pope]RP
Brown, Georgia JohnsonDec. 23, 1879May. 28, 1965   AJ
Callaway, Claude L. - NEW WITH PHOTO! 3-17-2009Oct 2, 1898Apr 29, 1974   KC
Callaway, DorothyNov. 12, 1947Dec. 12, 1948   LB
Callaway, Dulcina H. - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009May 6, 1830Dec 18, 1882Double Stone with Richard S. Callaway "WIFE OF R. S. CALLAWAY" "MOTHER" [Nee Randolph]KC, PH & LB
Callaway, Ellen G. - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Oct. 24, 1901Jan. 21, 1988Double Stone with Simmie R. Callaway [d/o Jasper Joshua Godfrey & Fannie Isabel Hamilton]PH
Callaway, H. [Henry] W. - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009July 6, 1873July 7, 1938"ASLEEP IN JESUS" "Gone but not forgotten" Another Photo of his Headstone [h/o Mary E. Dunnaway]KC, PH & LB
Callaway, Herbert R. - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Dec 28, 1901Feb 24, 1949   KC
Callaway, Infant - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009[no date][no date]"INFANT DAU. OF S. R. & ELLEN CALLAWAY" [circa 1933]PH & LB
Callaway, Mary E. - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009[no date]Dec 8, 1928"Wife of H. W. CALLAWAY" "AGE 53.YRS.5.MO.9.DYS." "ASLEEP IN JESUS" "Gone but not forgotten" Another Photo of her Headstone [Nee Dunnaway]KC, PH & LB
Callaway, Myrtle F. - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Mar. 21, 1903Aug. 9, 1990Double Stone with Robert C. Callaway "MARRIED OCT. 5, 1919" [Nee Huitt]PH
Callaway, Richard S. - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Oct 19, 1826Mar 8, 1879Double Stone with Dulcina H. Callaway "FATHER" [h/o Dulcina H. Randolph Simpson - his 2nd wife]KC, PH & LB
Callaway, Robert C. [Carson] - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Feb. 26, 1899Dec. 3, 1972Double Stone with Myrtle F. Callaway "MARRIED OCT. 5, 1919" [h/o Myrtle F. Huitt]PH
Callaway, Simmie R. - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009July 24, 1897May 9, 1967Double Stone with Ellen G. Callaway [h/o Ellen Columbia Godfrey]PH
Calloway, Clarice Y. - NEW WITH PHOTO! 3-17-2009Jan 8, 1928Jan 14, 2007Double Stone with Tollie F. Calloway "MARRIED JULY 20, 1946"KC
Calloway, Dorthy Lucille - NEW WITH PHOTO! 3-17-2009Nov 12, 1947Dec 12, 1948"OUR BABY" "Darling, we miss thee"KC
Calloway, Hannah JohnsonApr. 24, 1846Mar. 7, 1913[w/o W. L. Calloway]AJ
Calloway, Hattie Willene Robinson - NEW WITH PHOTO! 3-17-2009Apr 5, 19??July 17, 200? Double Stone with Klondis Ray Calloway "OUR FATHER WHICH ART IN HEAVEN"KC
Calloway, Klondis Ray - NEW WITH PHOTO! 3-17-2009Mar 26, 1939[no date]Double Stone with Hattie Willene Robinson Calloway "OUR FATHER WHICH ART IN HEAVEN"KC
Calloway, Tollie F. - NEW WITH PHOTO! 3-17-2009July 7, 1924Oct 16, 1970Double Stone with Clarice Y. Calloway "MARRIED JULY 20, 1946"KC
Calloway, Verna Mae - NEW WITH PHOTO! 3-17-2009Jan 10, 1921Dec 27, 1929   PH
Calloway, W. L.Mar. 4, 1850Nov. 27, 1922h/o Hannah Johnson CallowayAJ
Calloway (Callaway), J. F. [Joseph Franklin]Nov. 1, 18701Feb. 15, 1949[h/o Hannah Lucretia Clanton]PH & LB
Calloway (Callaway), JohannahApr. 24, 1846Mar. 7, 1913[nee Johnson]PH & LB
Calloway (Callaway), LucrecieJan. 19, 1873Aug. 10, 1935[d/o Zachariah Wallace Clanton & Susanna Johnson]PH & LB
Cameron, EmmaAug. 4, 1891Oct. 7, 1895   LB
Cameron, James W.June 13, 1894Nov. 20, 1945   LB
Cameron, Mollie Sept. 23, 1892Oct. 18, 1895   LB

Name Born Died Notes Submitter
Campbell, AmeliaMar. 28, 1881Dec. 21, 1964[w/o John Franklin Campbell who is buried in Wilson Cemetery, New Edinburg, AR. "he was my great-uncle" ~~Betty Finley]LB & BF
Campbell, Ois B.19191940[s/o Amelia & John Franklin Campbell]LB & BF
Caraway, ElvisaFeb. 14, 1824May 13, 1899   LB
Chandler, Bessie G.July 11, 1893Aug. 20, 1969Double Stone with Printice E. ChandlerJH
Chandler, Printice E.Apr. 1, 1892Nov. 1, 1956Double Stone with Bessie G. ChandlerJH
ClantonNov. 26, 1894Oct. 12, 1903d/o D. W. & E. S. ClantonAJ
ClantonDec. 21, 1903Dec. 21, 1903s/o G. C. & F. M. ClantonAJ
ClantonApr. 21, 1943Apr. 21, 1943d/o of Ray & Lucille ClantonAJ
Clanton, Ada L. Aug. 3, 1887May 13, 1965Double StoneLB & AJ
Clanton, Amanda S.18421881Triple Stone w/ daughters Elizabeth & Mary Clanton [W/O William Clanton]AJ
Clanton, ArtieApr. 27, 1907Nov. 3, 1997Sister; Double Stone w/ Ernie W. ClantonAJ
Clanton, Bertie S.Dec. 7, 1896Oct. 20, 1918   AJ
Clanton, D. E. - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Aug. 22, 1864Apr. 25, 1933"At Rest"PH & AJ
Clanton, D. W.Apr. 20, 1868Sep. 7, 1920   AJ
Clanton, Daniel WilsonMay 20, 1882Feb. 14, 1902[s/o J. T. & S. Clanton]AJ
Clanton, David W.Sep. 7, 1914Aug. 9, 1963   AJ
Clanton, Effie E.Aug. 24, 1893Feb. 19, 1985Double StoneAJ
Clanton, Elizabeth Camelia Jul. 15, 1874May 30, 1892   AJ
Clanton, Elizabeth     Triple Stone w/ sister Mary & mother Amanda Clanton [d/o William & Amanda Eliz. Clanton]AJ
Clanton, EllenSep. 12, 1902Jan. 16, 1904[Infant d/o W. J. & N. A. Clanton]AJ
Clanton, Emma S.Dec. 8, 1871Nov. 21, 1937[w/o D. W. Clanton]AJ
Clanton, Ernie W.Nov. 6, 1905Jun. 28, 1973Brother; Double Stone w/ Artie M. ClantonAJ

Name Born Died Notes Submitter
Clanton, Frances Holcombe4/1/18879/3/1942Double StoneAJ
Clanton, Grover Cleveland1/3/18859/22/1965Double StoneAJ
Clanton, J. T.5/23/18578/26/1923[h/o Sarah Susan Clanton]AJ
Clanton James G.4/11/185810/3/1900[s/o T. W. and Johanna Clanton]AJ
Clanton James R.1888?/14/1896[s/o Z. W. & S. E. Clanton]AJ
Clanton, Jamie Lee12/3/190311/24/1910[d/o R. L & R. P. Clanton]AJ
Clanton, Jarrel Cleveland4/5/192810/30/1931   AJ
Clanton, Jess F.12/1/188711/19/1975Double StoneAJ
Clanton, JohannaOct. 29, 1832May 15, 1916[w/o Thomas W. Clanton; Died in Cleveland County, AR.]LB & AJ
Clanton, John F.Dec. 19, 1876Sep. 24, 1903Double Stone [h/o Maggie E. Clanton]TS & AJ
Clanton, John Rufus12/13/193210/30/1940[s/o Mr. & Mrs. T. D. Clanton]AJ
Clanton, Joseph Clifton6/16/19073/15/2002Double Stone w/ Reba A. Nutt Clanton [Married 3/24/1928]AJ
Clanton, Juanita10/9/191112/16/1982Double Stone [Married 2/14/1928]AJ
Clanton, Leah S.17961870[**Mother of William Clanton]AJ
Clanton Lucien S.4/12/19053/11/1906[s/o S. W. & M. A. Clanton]AJ
Clanton, Lucille Woodward3/26/19122/15/1993VaultAJ
Clanton, Maggie E.Sep. 14, 1879Jan. 19, 1898Double Stone [W/O John F. Clanton]TS
Clanton, Mary     Triple Stone w/ sister Elizabeth & mother Amanda Clanton [d/o William & Amanda Clanton}AJ
Clanton, Milburn RayJun. 19, 1912Sep. 25, 1961VaultAJ
Clanton MollieFeb. 20, 1902Oct. 16, 1908[d/o Clanton, J .F. & M. E.]AJ

Name Born Died Notes Submitter
Clanton, Monteria F.Dec. 24, 1876Apr. 18, 1942[w/o John T. Clanton]AJ
Clanton, Nancy AllenJul. 31, 1874Jan. 17, 1955   AJ
Clanton, Reba A. NuttDec. 1, 1913May 24, 1997Double Stone w/ Joseph Clifton Clanton [Married 3/24/1928]AJ
Clanton, Robert LeeSep. 18, 1875Apr. 18, 1931Double Stone w/ Rosie Pearl Clanton [Married 1/20/1897]AJ
Clanton, Rose Etta18771956[Double Stone]AJ
Clanton, Rosie PearlNov. 9, 1881Feb. 4, 1946Double Stone w/ Robert Lee Clanton [Married 1/20/1897]AJ
Clanton Sarah SusanNov. 25, 1855Feb. 13, 1902[W/O J. T. Clanton]AJ
Clanton, Silas TandySep. 12, 1908Jul. 14, 1931[Never Married]AJ
Clanton, Susan E.Apr. 15, 1837Jun. 17, 1930   AJ
Clanton, T. O.Aug. 12, 1891Oct. 17, 1949Double StoneAJ
Clanton, T. [Thomas] W.Dec. 9, 1828July 5, 1896[h/o Joanna Clanton] LB & AJ
Clanton, Toliver F.18661929Double Stone** AJ
Clanton, William JosephFeb. 4, 1867Jul. 16, 1923   AJ
Clanton William R. S Aug. 7, 1907Jun. 28, 1975Double Stone; Married Feb. 14, 1928AJ
Clanton, Willie R.Feb. 5, 1904Oct. 11, 1979Double Stone; Married Aug. 26, 1933AJ
Clanton, Z. W.       AJ
Clements, William ThomasNov. 18 1828April 15 1917[State of Arkansas, Certificate of death; Place of death: County Bradley, Township: Pennington, Registration District no. 54, File no. 65, sex: Male, Color or race: White, Age: 88 yrs 4 mos. 28 ds., Place of burial or removal: Union Hill Cem.; He was a civil war veteran.]OS
Colvin, Betty Lou RobertsJan. 30, 1936[Living]Double Stone with James Edward Colvin Standing deer and mountains symbolsJS
Colvin, Emma H.Oct. 15, 1877Aug. 27, 1959"AT REST"LB & JS
Colvin, Estelle RabunJuly 14, 1902Feb. 3, 1989Double Stone with Willie Lee Colvin "WED SEPT. 13, 1919" "AT REST"JS
Colvin, Hansel W.Nov. 19, 1920Sep. 10, 2003Double Stone with Lilliam M. Colvin "MARRIED JAN. 1, 1939" "UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN" Leaping fish symbolJS
Colvin, James EdwardSep. 28, 1927Oct. 27, 1995Double Stone with Betty Lou Roberts Colvin Standing deer and mountains symbolsJS
Colvin, Lillian M.Mar. 5, 1923[Living]Double Stone with Hansel W. Colvin "MARRIED JAN. 1, 1939" "UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN"JS
Colvin, Martha DeesNov. 21, 1917Jan. 11, 1994[w/o Oscar Colvin]JS
Colvin, MechonSep. 3, 1937Sep. 17, 1937[Infant s/o Ollin & Marteal Colvin]BB
Colvin, Mildred H.Apr. 21, 1911Feb. 4, 2002Double Stone with Sam A. Colvin "WED JAN. 8, 1927" "ON THIS DAY WE BECAME ONE" "OUR SON J. C." JS
Colvin, Ollin C.Mar. 12, 1913Apr. 2, 1977   JS
Colvin, Sam A.Apr. 1, 1903Dec. 12, 2001Double Stone with Mildred H. Colvin "WED JAN. 8, 1927" "ON THIS DAY WE BECAME ONE" "OUR SON J. C." JS
Colvin, Tiny SueFeb. 12, 1946 Apr. 11, 1951"DAU. OF MR. MRS. H. W. COLVIN" "GONE TO LIVE WITH JESUS" JS
Colvin, Tyrone W.May 11, 1942Apr. 12, 1963"SON OF MR. & MRS. HANSEL COLVIN" "GONE TO A BETTER LAND" JS
Colvin, Willie LeeJan. 2, 1894Apr. 3, 1988Double Stone with Estelle Rabun Colvin "WED SEPT. 13, 1919" "AT REST" Her photo attached to stoneJS
Corker, Joe MackAug. 28, 1929May 7, 1937   LB
Corker, MargrettDec. 29, 1921Nov. 22, 1933   LB
Corker, Mrs. W. D.Mar 4, 1861Sep 15, 1945"COME YE BLESSED" "Faithful to her trust even unto death." Pearly gates symbol [w/o W. D. Corker]PC
Corker, W. D.Jun 15, 1861Feb 16, 1935"COME YE BLESSED" "He has gone to the mansions of rest." Pearly gates symbol [h/o Mrs. W. D. Corker]PC
Courtney, Lela BellMay 1, 1908June 22, 1936[d/o E. M. & Estella Baker]LB
Crownover, Earnest DanielFeb 4, 1930June 11, 1992Double Stone with Marilyn Temple Crownover "IN LOVING MEMORY"PC
Crownover, Marilyn TempleAug 24, 1931   Double Stone with Earnest Daniel Crownover "IN LOVING MEMORY"PC
Dubose, Patsy LynnNov. 18, 1946Aug. 30, 1996[d/o Perry & Margie Vickers DuBose]BD

Name Born Died Notes Submitter
Farmer, Mary D.May 28, 1942Jan. 26, 1996 JF
Ford, George E.Aug. 16, 1899July 1, 1974[h/o Violet Richards]RF
Ford, Helen FrancesSep. 6, 1939 Sep. 6, 1939[d/o George E. Ford & Violet Richards]RF & LB
Ford, Violet RichardsDec. 24, 1905Jan. 10, 1998[d/o Robert W. Richards & Fannie Stanfield]RF
Godfrey, Mary Lou18731953   LB
Godfrey, Oliver N.Dec. 27, 1864Sep. 7, 1946   LB
Gorman, Ofie Holyan19181986[h/o Florence Vickers Gorman; s/o Americus & Molly Melissa Ann Sloan Gorman]BD
Grace, Ben W.Nov. 29, 1914Feb. 22, 1976Double Stone with Georgie R. Grace JS
Grace, Georgie R.Aug. 18, 1912Sep. 30, 1987Double Stone with Ben W. Grace JS
Green, Mary Alice WheelerSep. 27, 1943Mar. 4, 1982 BB
Gregston, Rebecca JaneOct. 18, 18892May 29, 1942[d/o John T. & Mary E. Richards; w/o William Thomas Gregston]RF & TS
Gregston, William T.June. 14, 1878Oct. 30, 1954[h/o Rebecca Jane Richards]TS
Hamilton, Cecil VernoyJune 25, 1919Jan. 20, 1936[s/o W. W. & J. A. Hamilton]LB
Hamilton, Julia AddieJune 23, 1891Nov. 29, 1975[w/o William Wesley Hamilton]LB
Hamilton, William Wesley July 7, 1886Mar. 6, 1977[h/o Julia Addie Hamilton]LB
Hargis, Ada B. Clanton - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Jan. 14, 1895Aug. 22, 1928Triple Stone "WIFE" "LORD" [w/o Hargis]PM & AJ
Hargis, Arlie JuneMar. 5, 1929May 22, 1947"LOVE IS LOVE FOREVER MORE"LB & JS
Hargis, Ashleigh MarieDec. 8, 1999Dec. 24, 1999[d/o Stephen and Brandy Hargis]BH
Hargis, Infant SonSep. 11, 1940Sep. 13, 1940   LB
Hargis, James T.Oct. 22, 1851Mar. 1, 1926   LB
Hargis, JoannaAug. 28, 1861Mar. 5, 1938   LB
Hargis, John NoelOct. 3, 1897Jun. 2, 1943Double Stone with Lillie Estell Hargis; Masonic EmblemLB & JS
Hargis, Lillie EstellFeb. 17, 1905Apr. 7, 1988Double Stone with John Noel HargisJS
Hargis, Minnie L.Aug. 15, 1898Nov. 20, 1964Double Stone with Minnie L. Hargis "MOTHER"JS
Hargis, VaughnieMar. 5, 1927Nov. 9, 2003Double Stone with W. B. Hargis "WED AUG. 9, 1947" "CHRIST IS MY HOPE"JS
Hargis, W. B.Jul. 31, 1918Jan. 13, 2006Double Stone with Vaughnie Hargis "WED AUG. 9, 1947" "CHRIST IS MY HOPE"JS
Hargis, Watt B.Nov. 5, 1888July 2, 1967Double Stone with Watt B. Hargis "FATHER"JS
Hargraves, NettieJan. 8, 1882Dec. 23, 1915   LB
Harrod, Alice Baker 18671926[d/o E. S. & N. L. Baker; w/o James Edward Baker]TS & LB
Harrod, BeatriceNov. 13, 1894July 11, 1983[w/o Charlie Harrod]TS

Name Born Died Notes Submitter
Harrod, Bertha G.Sep. 6, 1904Oct. 23, 1932Double Stone with Curtis C. Harrod "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" [w/o Curtis C. Harrod]TS & LB & GA
Harrod, Carl TillmanJuly 3, 1922Jan. 14, 1984[h/o Mary Magdalene]TS
Harrod, CharlesJan. 16, 1919Dec. 10, 1991 TS
Harrod, CharlieSep. 6, 1891Apr. 28, 1965[h/o Beatrice Harrod]TS
Harrod, ChloeMar. 13, 1894Mar. 10, 1974 TS
Harrod, Curtis C.Jan. 5, 1895June 5, 1983Double Stone with Bertha G. Harrod "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" [h/o Bertha G. Harrod]TS & GA
Harrod, Elsie M.Sep. 24, 1895Nov. 17, 1985[w/o Howard Harrod]TS
Harrod, ErnestAug. 19, 1949Aug. 19, 1949   LB
Harrod, Hattie M.Nov. 28, 1904Jan. 27, 1975Double Stone with Simmie E. Harrod "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" [w/o Simmie Harrod]TS & JS
Harrod, HowardAug. 22, 1892Feb. 7, 1945[h/o of Elsie M. Harrod]TS
Harrod, Hubert H.Mar. 18, 1890Mar. 12, 1948[h/o Mollie M. Harrod]TS
Harrod, Hubert PaulDec. 29, 1924May 1, 1969 TS
Harrod, Infant DaughterAug. 29, 1928Aug. 29, 1928[d/o Johnnie & Mamie Harrod] TS
Harrod, Infant DaughterMay 31, 1927 only one date on stone [d/o Ira & Mirdie Harrod]TS
Harrod, Infant SonMar. 10, 1929Mar. 10, 1929[s/o Jimmie & Violette V. Harrod]TS
Harrod, Infant SonNov. 21, 1941 only one date on stone [s/o Charlie & Beatrice Harrod]TS
Harrod, Infant SonOct. 20, 1928Oct. 21, 1928[s/o Charlie & Beatrice Harrod]TS
Harrod, IraJan. 14, 1897Apr. 20, 1983[h/o Mirdie Harrod]TS
Harrod, James Edward18621942[h/o Alice Baker Harrod]TS & LB
Harrod, James H. Sep. 14, 1900Sep. 22, 1900[s/o J. E. & R. A. Harrod]TS
Harrod, JimmieMay 11, 1897Mar. 29, 1955[h/o Violette V. Harrod]TS
Harrod, JohnnieDec. 21, 1895Jan. 17, 1984[h/o Mamie Harrod]TS

Name Born Died Notes Submitter
Harrod, Lema MaryOct. 25, 1903July 31, 1952 TS
Harrod, Lillie AnnaDec. 31, 1859Mar. 24, 1933 TS
Harrod, MamieJune 18, 1903Sep. 12, 1990[w/o Johnnie Harrod]TS
Harrod, MildredJan. 26, 1918Apr. 11, 1919 TS
Harrod, Minor W.Dec. 18, 1906Mar. 19, 1922 TS
Harrod, MirdieDec. 7, 1897Feb. 2, 1989[w/o Ira Harrod]TS
Harrod, Mollie M.Oct. 16, 1891June 11, 1970[w/o Hubert H. Harrod]TS
Harrod, MurelJan. 8, 1935July 30, 1942 TS
Harrod, Simmie E.Dec. 24, 1900Jan. 22, 1941Double Stone with Hattie M. Harrod "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" [h/o Hattie M. Harrod]TS & JS
Harrod, Violette V.July 4, 1901June 17, 1962[w/o Jimmie Harrod]TS
Harrod, WillimayAug. 9, 1915Apr. 10, 1919 TS
Henry, B. J. - NEW WITH PHOTO! 3-17-2009Mar 6, 1889May 7, 1918"Died in the U.S. Service" "USA" Crossed rifles emblemLB & KC
Henry, Joy Ann - NEW WITH PHOTO! 3-17-2009Feb 14, 1930[no date]Double Stone with Smead Henry "MARRIED OCT. 4, 1952" "ONLY SLEEPING"KC
Henry, Smead - NEW WITH PHOTO! 3-17-2009Nov 11, 1925Sept 23, 1997Double Stone with Joy Ann Henry "MARRIED OCT. 4, 1952" "ONLY SLEEPING"KC
Henry, Walter - NEW WITH PHOTO! 3-17-2009Sept 15, 1915Apr 14, 1998"IN LOVING MEMORY"KC
Henry-Huitt, Betty Jane - NEW WITH PHOTO! 3-17-2009Apr 18, 1934Aug 9, 2003"IN LOVING MEMORY" "MOTHER AND GRANDMOTHER"KC
Hickman, Alice Brooks18891970Double Stone with W. A. (Bill) HickmanPC
Hickman, AutreyJuly 17, 1914July 13, 1992Double Stone with Ila Mae Hickman "MARRIED NOV. 17, 1937" "WE TRIUMPH IN DEATH AS IN LIFE"CM
Hickman, Ila MaeNov. 2, 1920Feb. 5, 1977Double Stone with Autrey Hickman "MARRIED NOV. 17, 1937" "WE TRIUMPH IN DEATH AS IN LIFE"CM
Hickman, W. A. (Bill)18871963Double Stone with Alice Brooks HickmanPC
Holcomb, J. R.Feb. 20,1840Mar. 8, 1927   AJ
Holcomb, Martha BakerApr. 8, 1851Feb. 12, 1909[Married Nov. 24, 1880; W/O J. L. Holcomb]AJ
Hollingsworth, Lettie Lee Johnson8-17-19132-02-2004  NJ
Hudson, Annie Leenot on stone10/2/1936[born 1/15/1878; maiden name Smith; w/o Abner Hudson]GA
Hudson, Barbara B.Jun. 18, 1888Jul. 7, 1972Double Stone with Roy Hudson [Maiden name Huitt; w/o Roy W. Hudson]GA
Hudson, HannahJul. 26, 1841Jun. 24, 1912[middle name Rosanna; maiden name Evans; 4th w/o Benjamin Wesley Hudson]GA
Hudson, Jewell H.June 20, 1914August 13, 1994Double Stone with Woodrow Hudson "MARRIED June 3, 1934"RH
Hudson, PaulineApr. 28, 1910Oct. 3, 1939"IN AFTERTIME WE WILL MEET HER" [d/o Roy & Barbara H. Hudson]GA
Hudson, RoyDec. 8, 1877Aug. 6, 1964Double Stone with Barbara B. Hudson [Middle Initial "W."; h/o Barbara B. Huitt Hudson]GA
Hudson, WoodrowOct. 3, 1912 July 1, 1988Double Stone with Jewell H. Hudson "MARRIED June 3, 1934"RH
Huitt, Annie B.19091926[d/o James William & Dora Woodard Huitt]LB & GA
Huitt, Cecil B.Nov. 17, 1911July 31, 1988[h/o Clarice Hamilton Huitt]LB
Huitt, CharlesDec. 29, 1929Jan. 8, 1930   LB
Huitt, Charles RalphNov. 15, 1941July 30, 1969[s/o Cecil & Clarice Huitt]LB
Huitt, Clarice HamiltonFeb. 28, 1915Apr. 22, 1989[w/o Cecil Huitt]LB
Huitt, Ethel June 19, 1906April 19, 1924   LB
Huitt, Harold DeanJuly 2, 1935Jan. 19, 1991[s/o Cecil & Clarice Huitt]LB
Huitt, J. A.Sep. 15, 1890Jan. 22, 1946[full name Jessie Alvin Huitt; h/o Bertie Johnson Huitt]LB & GA

Name Born Died Notes Submitter
Huitt, J. W.Apr. 3, 1876Jan. 30, 1922[full name James William Huitt; h/o Dora Woodard Huitt]LB & GA
Huitt, Jasper - NEW WITH PHOTO! 3-17-2009Jan 11, 1928Mar 2, 1992[Cooter]KC
Huitt, JesseMay 16, 1854May 23, 1911[h/o (1)Mary C. Johnson Huitt, (2)Nancy Carrie ? Baker Holcomb Veasey]AJ
Huitt, John F.8/3/187711/3/1962Masonic Emblem "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" [Middle Name Franklin; h/o Eva Clark Hudson Huitt]GA
Huitt, Mary C. JohnsonJun. 18, 1857Aug. 4, 1904[first w/o Jesse Huitt]AJ
Huitt, Mary Samantha2/22/19087/7/1994Double Stone with Reuben N. Huitt "FOREVER WITH THE LORD"GA
Huitt, Reuben N.7/9/19089/15/1987Double Stone with Mary Samantha Huitt "FOREVER WITH THE LORD"GA
Huitt, W. D.Sep. 27, 1848June 16, 1913Masonic Emblem [full name William David Huitt; h/o Georgia Ann Wilkenson Huitt]LB & GA
Huitt, WilliamOct. 5, 1907Sep. 9, 1909[s/o James William & Dora Woodard Huitt]LB & GA
Huitt, Willie FredMay 18, 1884Dec. 12, 1912"OF SUCH IS THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN"GA
Ivey, Almoth 'Diggie' - NEW WITH PHOTO! 3-17-2009Oct 19, 1907Sept 15, 1981Double Stone with Barbara N. Ivey "WED FEB. 24, 1930" "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN"KC
Ivey, Barbara N. - NEW WITH PHOTO! 3-17-2009Nov 8, 1911Mar 27, 1997Double Stone with Almoth 'Diggie' Ivey "WED FEB. 24, 1930" "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN"KC
Ivey, Eafe - NEW WITH PHOTO! 3-17-2009Apr 20, 1905May 3, 1988Military Stone "PFC" "US ARMY" "WORLD WAR II" Cross emblemKC
Ivey, Henry Clay - NEW WITH PHOTO! 3-17-2009Oct 4, 1909Apr 1, 1992"GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN"KC
Ivey, John W. - NEW WITH PHOTO! 3-17-2009Oct 22, 1868Apr 1, 1945"FATHER" "Resting in hope of a glorious resurrection"KC
Ivey, Margaret - NEW WITH PHOTO! 3-17-200918761954   KC
Jackson, Bertie18951955   LB
Jackson, Earl Lee Aug. 12, 1894Feb. 26, 1896   LB
Jackson, Infant Oct. 21, 1888Oct. 21, 1888   LB
Jackson, JohnJune 14, 1891Oct. 7, 1898   LB
Jackson, NoraOct. 3, 1868Jan. 13, 1924   LB
James, Lorenzo D.5-10-182412-26-1924  NJ
Johnson9/14/18899/14/1889Inf Child of Johnson, J. F. & S. L.AJ
Johnson11/11/188811/11/1888Inf Child of Johnon, J. F. & S. L.AJ
Johnson10/19/188710/19/1887Inf Child of Johnson, J. F. & N. J.AJ
Johnson9/1/18859/1/1885Inf Child of J. F. & N. J.AJ
Johnson10/30/192910/30/1929Inf Dau of Johnson, J. S. & CynthiaAJ
Johnson1/17/18961/17/1896Inf son of johnson S. T. & L. A. (a twin)AJ
Johnson2/1/19222/10/1922Inf son of Johnson, W. L. & MaryAJ
Johnson, Annie Irene8/23/19071/17/1981[Irene Callaway]AJ
Johnson, B. S.1829July 31, 1905[h/o Mary Ann Johnson]LB & AJ
Johnson, Bessie E.18901969Double Stone with Tol R. Johnson [Married 10/7/1906]AJ & NJ
Johnson, Buster B.5/8/190810/12/1909[s/o J. A. & Lula Johnson]AJ
Johnson, Carl D.D/S 9/2/19348/27/1994TotAJ

Name Born Died Notes Submitter
Johnson, Carl W.7/7/19044/24/1959BrotherAJ
Johnson, Carter L.2/2/19078/17/1983   AJ
Johnson, Clara WhittingtonMar. 20, 1904Aug. 6, 1943   LB & AJ
Johnson, CynthiaMay 18, 1887Dec. 16, 1929   LB & AJ
Johnson, Daniel Morgan1/10/19231/27/1924[s/o T. R. & Bessie Johnson]AJ
Johnson, Dorothy HarrodMarch 5, 1926Dec 12, 1989Double Stone with John Paul JohnsonNJ
Johnson, E. N.May 30, 1848Dec. 18, 1904[First name Edward, h/o Martha J. Woodruff]NJ
Johnson, Effie S.Aug 6, 1886Feb 6, 1963"MOTHER" "THEIR LIVES SHALL EVER BE A GUIDING STAR TO HEAVEN" Double Stone with Leonard B. JohnsonNJ
Johnson, Emily RebeccaAug 9, 1874June 19, 1940Double Stone with James Ed JohnsonNJ
Johnson, Ernest W.Dec 21, 1900Mar 4, 1923"SON OF S. T. & LUCY JOHNSON"NJ
Johnson, EthelOct 26, 1906March 17, 1923  NJ
Johnson, Georgian Ann WoodruffMay 12, 1845Jan. 11, 1879   LB
Johnson, Harvey F.18761955[Born 8/14/1876; Died 4/??/1955; Married 1/12/1899; s/o Edward N. & Martha Woodruff Johnson; h/o Nora Johnson]AJ & NJ
Johnson, Ida Belle (Gambill)June 19, 1916Oct. 30, 1993[w/o L. B. "Buck" Johnson; d/o John William & Effie Anna Elvera (Gossien) Gambill]BU
Johnson, Infant DaughterOct. 30, 1929Oct. 30, 1929   LB
Johnson, J. FletcherJune 14, 1893May 30, 1917"WOODMEN OF THE WORLD MEMORIAL" "SON OF J. R. & S. L. JOHNSON"NJ
Johnson, Jack S.June 2, 1884Dec. 25, 1958   LB
Johnson, James C.Apr. 11, 1858Oct. 3, 1900   LB
Johnson, James EdJune 7, 1868Apr. 19, 1915Double Stone with Emily Rebecca JohnsonNJ
Johnson, John A.Dec. 18, 1880Dec. 17, 1951   NJ
Johnson, John PaulDec 14, 1919no dateDouble Stone with Dorothy Harrod JohnsonNJ
Johnson, John Paul IIMarch 21, 1949May 8, 2001  NJ
Johnson, John SansainMar. 23, 1841Jan. 22, 1892   LB
Johnson, Keith1/?/1933 8/?/1934[s/o Howard & Ruth Johnson]AJ
Johnson, L. B. "Buck"Oct. 10, 1915Feb. 23, 1990[h/o Ida Belle (Gambill) Johnson]BU
Johnson, L. YvonneMar 28, 1931Feb 23, 2002double stone with Ralph Glenn JohnsonNJ
Johnson, Leonard B.Jan 8, 1881Aug 26, 1936"FATHER" "THEIR LIVES SHALL EVER BE A GUIDING STAR TO HEAVEN" Double Stone with Effie S. JohnsonNJ
Johnson, Lucy Almedia ClementsSept 25, 1875Jan 14, 1950"GONE TO LIVE WITH JESUS" Double Stone with Samuel T. JohnsonNJ
Johnson, Lula E.Feb. 24, 1876Sept. 8, 1944MOTHER; WIFE OF J. A. JOHNSON; "She was the sunshine of our home"NJ
Johnson, Marge Ann Callaway - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Jan. 23, 1855Mar. 1, 1909"WIFE OF J. S. JOHNSON"PH & LB
Johnson, Martha Jane WoodruffJune 11, 1849Oct 7, 1915"WIFE OF EDWARD N. JOHNSON"NJ
Johnson, Mary AnneFeb. 6, 1853June 16, 1928   LB
Johnson, Mary E.Nov. 14, 1894Feb. 7, 1989"THEY GAVE THEIR YESTERDAYS FOR MY TOMORROWS" Double Stone with W. Leslie JohnsonNJ
Johnson, Mary JaneSept 14, 1903Mar 18, 2000"MARRIED AUG. 4, 1925" Double Stone with W. Harvey JohnsonNJ
Johnson, Nancy J.April 25, 1847Sept 2,1885"WIFE OF J. F. JOHNSON"NJ
Johnson, Nora Belle BrooksSept. 5, 1879Jan. 9, 1923"WIFE OF H. F. JOHNSON" [w/o Harvey F. Johnson]AJ & NJ
Johnson, Oudia BellDec. 19, 1904Dec. 19, 1912   LB
Johnson, Ralph GlennApril.2, 1928still livingdouble stone with L. Yvonne JohnsonNJ
Johnson, Ruth E.Nov. 19, 1883Aug. 14,1972[w/o William Fred Johnson; maiden name Ezell]NJ
Johnson, Samuel T.Nov. 13, 1873Oct 24, 1952"GONE TO LIVE WITH JESUS" Double Stone with Lucy Almedia Clements JohnsonNJ
Johnson, Tiney BarfieldJune 3, 1875April 21, 1963Double Stone with William W. JohnsonNJ
Johnson, Tol R.5/9/18841/?/1958Double Stone with Bessie Clanton Johnson [Middle name Richard; Married 10/7/1906]AJ
Johnson, Troy Allen12/21/190612/28/1955 AJ
Johnson, W. D.6/4/185010/16/1906 AJ

Name Born Died Notes Submitter
Johnson, W. F.May 11, 1884Dec 25, 1918WOODMEN OF THE WORLD MEMORIAL [Full name William Fred Johnson; s/o Edward N. & Martha Woodruff Johnson; h/o Ruth Ezell Johnson]AJ & NJ
Johnson, W. LeslieJuly 16, 1886Dec. 13, 1947"THEY GAVE THEIR YESTERDAYS FOR MY TOMORROWS" Double Stone with Mary E. JohnsonAJ & NJ
Johnson, W. HarveyMar. 7, 1900Nov. 21, 1952"MARRIED AUG. 4, 1925" Double Stone with Mary Jane JohnsonAJ & NJ
Johnson, William H.3/7/189711/21/1952 Military Stone; World War I AJ
Johnson, William Jordan8/9/19156/30/1954 AJ
Johnson, William W.July 27, 1871October 22, 1946Double Stone with Tiney Barfield JohnsonAJ & NJ
Knight, Bessie V.Dec. 4, 1900Nov. 25, 1993[w/o Evans C. Knight; d/o J. T. & Margaret Baker Vickers]LB
Knight Evans C.May 29, 1897Aug. 19, 1966[h/o Bessie V. Knight]LB
Landsdale, ArtieJuly 25, 1903Apr. 22, 1942   LB
Lansdale, Bruce E.Dec 25, 1919Aug 2, 1998Double Stone with Marjorie Inez LansdaleNJ
Lansdale, Marjorie InezMay 1, 1923Jan 16, 1990Double Stone with Bruce E. LansdaleNJ
Leggett, Infant2/28/19312/28/1931[d/o William Byron & Lela Bell Leggett]GA
Leggett, Lela Bell (Huitt)1/7/19043/2/1931[w/o William Byron Leggett]GA
Magee, ChesterJune 25, 1919Dec. 17, 1997SSgt WWII PfcBB
Magee, MartealMar. 9, 1920Apr. 13, 1992US Army Air Corp WWIIBB
Mann, Jessie GreenOct. 14, 1915May 23, 1967[h/o Mary Lee Richards]RF
Mann, Mary LeeOct. 23, 1918Sep. 5, 1991[d/o Robert W. & Sarah "Fannie" Richards]RF
Montgomery, AubreyNov. 2, 1906Aug. 24, 1923   LB
Montgomery, CarlJuly 4, 1901Jan. 14, 1905   LB
Montgomery, DonAug. 26, 1899July 27, 1938   LB
Montgomery, EllenNov. 17, 1869May 22, 1890   LB
Montgomery, L. E.Sep. 7, 1867Nov. 7, 1935   LB
Montgomery, MarthaMar. 2, 1834Jan. 23, 1894   LB
Montgomery, MayFeb. 16, 1872Feb. 19, 1916   LB
Montgomery, Ray BillJune 7, 1902June 28, 1916   LB
Morgan, John DavisNov. 1, 1855Aug. 30, 1935[h/o Stella Harrod]TS
Morgan, John Duel19141987[h/o Christine Vickers Morgan; s/o John Davis & Stella Harrod Morgan]BD

Name Born Died Notes Submitter
Morgan, Stella HarrodDec. 21, 1885June 10, 1969[w/o John Davis Morgan]TS
Morgan, William AlexanderAug. 8, 1893Jan. 21, 1939 TS
Orr, Durwood DoyleJan. 25, 1918Feb. 11, 1982[h/o Willie M. Reed]BB
Orr, Ellen FrancesSept. 30, 1915Jan 19, 2001Double Stone with Garner Wheeler Orr "WED APRIL 1, 1934" "REST IN PEACE" [Nee Ellen Frances Colvin]JS
Orr, Garner WheelerDec. 28, 1913Jan. 13, 1985Double Stone with Ellen Frances Orr "WED APRIL 1, 1934" "REST IN PEACE"BB & JS
Orr, Grady R.Mar. 12, 1902Feb. 26, 1981[Married to Mary Alice Temple Dec. 14, 1927]BB
Orr, James W.18871946Masonic emblem on monument [h/o Lillian P. Pennington Orr]BB
Orr, Lillian P.July 31, 1895July 22, 1986[nee Pennington; w/o James W. Orr]BB
Orr, Mary AliceSep. 30, 1905May 27, 1970[nee Temple]BB
Orr, Willie M. ReedDec. 5, 1925Sep. 18, 1990[Married to Durwood Doyle Orr July 14, 1941]BB
Payne, Ila VickersJan. 9, 1920Mar. 10, 1996[Mother of Bobby & Linda; Grandchildren: Scott & Kelly]TS
Pope, Charlie E.Dec. 13, 1890Aug. 27, 1978[h/o Bertha M. Richards Pope]TS
Pope, Bertha M. [Mae]Mar. 10, 1894Aug. 31, 1964[d/o John T. & Mary Richards; w/o Charlie Pope]RF & TS
Pope, Bethel H. July 26, 1910May 26, 1943[w/o Jeff Davis Pope]TS
Pope, Jeff DavisMay 13, 1901Apr. 26, 1996[h/o Bethel H. Pope]TS
Pope, Jeffrey MarkJune 4, 1961Dec. 15, 2002[s/o Hoyle & Lexine Pope; gs/o Jeff Davis & Bethel Pope; brother to Ina Beth Pope Barnwell]RP
Rabun, Cynthia D.May 28, 1875Jun. 17, 1950Double Stone with George W. Rabun "MOTHER" "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN"JS
Rabun, Daniel W.Dec. 25, 1893Sep. 26, 1918"He died for his Country." [Killed in action W.W. I] JS
Rabun, George W.Aug. 26, 1866Sep. 26, 1924Double Stone with Cynthia D. Rabun "FATHER" "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" JS
Raines, Hazel YorkNov. 8, 1908Nov. 16, 1998[d/o Cynthia Baker]LB
Raines, Tony M.Apr. 21, 1909Feb. 12, 1952[h/o of Hazel York Raines]LB
Richard, Carrie MaeDec. 6, 1899Oct. 10, 1984[d/o Isaac Mann & Ardella Castleberry]RF
Richard, Gladys O.Dec. 28, 1913Feb. 22, 1990[nee Ozment; w/o Troy W. Richard]RF
Richard, Thomas Franklin "Buck"Aug. 5, 1908Mar. 31, 1947[h/o Carrie Mann]RF
Richard, Troy W.July 4, 1913Sep. 21, 1990[h/o Gladys Ozment]RF
Richard, Winfard R.Oct. 16, 1942Aug. 2, 1945[s/o Troy W. Richard & Gladys Ozment]RF
Richards, Fannie [Sarah]Nov. 13, 1888Feb. 6, 1934[nee Stanfield; w/o Robert W. Richards]RF

Name Born Died Notes Submitter
Richards, Fae JoJuly 15, 1924Jan. 18, 1980[d/o Robert W. Richards & Sarah "Fannie" Stanfield]RF
Richards, [Leonard] JackApr. 11, 1897Nov. 14, 1978Double stone w/[Mary] Ola [Harrod] Richards [Married Dec. 27, 1925]RF & TS
Richards, John ThomasOct. 14, 1853Nov. 10, 1917[h/o Mary E. York Richards]RF
Richards, JuniorMar. 15, 1929Feb. 12, 1934[s/o Robert W. Richards & Sarah "Fannie" Stanfield]RF
Richards, Louvena [Luvena]Jan. 2, 1894Dec. 22, 1920[d/o JohnThomas Richards & Mary E. York]RF & TS
Richards, Mary E. YorkNov. 6, 1855Mar. 12, 1943"Gone but not forgotten" [d/o Terrell C. York & Lenora Brunson]RF & CM
Richards, Ola [Mary Ola]Feb. 6, 1900June 3, 1976[nee Harrod; Children: Bonnie, Jack, Frank, Mary & Martha]RF & TS
Richards, Robert W.Oct. 19, 1881Apr. 28, 1942[h/o Sarah "Fannie" Stanfield]RF
Richards, Wesley RobertJune 21, 19213June 20, 1993[s/o Robert W. Richards & Sarah "Fannie" Stanfield]RF & TS
Roark, NannieFeb. 1, 1876Jan. 30, 1948   LB
Sharp, Anne MaxineJan, 17, 1928Nov. 2, 1929   LB
Sharp, MaryMar. 24, 1888July 26, 1957   LB
Sharp, Mary F. WoodwardNov. 30, 1857July 28, 1939"WIFE OF G. H. SHARP" "Gone but not forgotten"NJ
Sharp, Thomas Carl3/13/18971/24/1916[1st h/o Emma S. Clanton Johnson]AJ
Smith, ArnoldMar. 14, 1911May 28, 1966   LB
Smith, LindaMay 7, 1856Dec. 23, 1882   LB
Stanfield, Benjamin H.Jan. 3, 1884Apr. 14, 1948[h/o Mattie A. Richards]RF & LB
Stanfield, Doris M.May 4, 1916Mar. 12, 1979[nee Temple]RF
Stanfield, L. W.Mar 11, 1944Jan. 12, 1999[s/o T. Woodrow & Doris M. Stanfield]RF
Stanfield, Mattie A.Jan. 16, 1887Mar. 23, 1966[d/o John T. Richards & Mary E. York]RF & LB
Stanfield, T. WoodrowMay. 17, 1912Aug. 23, 1993[h/o Doris M. Temple]RF
Stanfield, William F.Aug. 28, 1928Oct. 14, 1976[s/o Benjamin H. Stanfield & Mattie A. Richards]RF
Stanley, Brooksy MaeDec. 12, 1919Nov. 15, 1936Triple Plot with father Grady Denton and mother Ruth Loretta Stanley "DAUGHTER" "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN"JS
Stanley, Grady DentonJan. 2, 1893Nov. 9, 1975Triple Plot with wife Ruth Loretta and daughter Brooksy Mae Stanley "FATHER"JS
Stanley, Ilema L.19102003Double Stone with Johnny D. Stanley [d/o William Fred & Ruth Ezell Johnson] NJ
Stanley, Johnny D.19121967Double Stone with Ilema L. Johnson Stanley [known as "Dossie"]NJ
Stanley, Kenneth DavidJan. 7, 1938Jun. 4, 1983Shared Plot with ?JS
Stanley, Ruth LorettaApr. 6, 1901Aug. 21, 1993Triple Plot with husband Grady Denton and daughter Brooksy Mae Stanley "MOTHER" JS

Name Born Died Notes Submitter
Sutterfield, Marcelle Johnson4/14/192412/26/1987MotherAJ
Temple, Ada S.Sep 11, 1884Apr 11, 1944Double Stone with William R. Temple "A TENDER MOTHER AND A FAITHFUL FRIEND"PC
Temple, Benjiman L.Jul 29, 1876Mar 27, 1939Double Stone with Sarah E. Temple "IN LOVING MEMORY"PC
Temple, D. C.May 5, 1895Mar 2?, or 28, 1913son of W. H. & M. J. TemplePC
Temple, HellonJuly ?, 1909Oct. 13, 1922"DAU. OF W. R. & A. S. TEMPLE"PC
Temple, Iva JuanitaDec 20, 1914Dec 14, 1977   PC
Temple, J. Fred9/14/188612/25/1969Double Stone with Lucy Godfrey Temple "MARRIED DEC. 4, 1929"AJ & PC
Temple, LaverneFeb 9, 1926Oct 11, 2000Double Stone with William E. Temple "FAITHFUL AND LOVING MOTHER"PC
Temple, Lee M.Aug 7, 1885Jan 3, 1961Double Stone with Nannie Temple "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" "MARRIED JULY 2, 1921"PC
Temple, Lucy Godfrey6/23/18991/5/1979Double Stone with J. Fred Temple "MARRIED DEC. 4, 1929"AJ & PC
Temple, Mollie J.Nov 19, 1856Jun 12, 1932Double Stone with William H. Temple "MOTHER" "Gone but not forgotten." [Maiden name Mary Jane "Mollie" Baker; Arkansas Death Index, 1914-1950 Record: Name: Mary Jan Temple, Death Day: 12, Death Month: Jun, Death Year: 1935, County: Bradley, Roll Number: 19341940, Page Number: 3380]PC & CH
Temple, NannieApr 3, 1902Dec 27, 1996Double Stone with Lee M. Temple "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" "MARRIED JULY 2, 1921"PC
Temple, RobertDec 21, 1901Sep 7, 1934"AT REST"PC
Temple, Sarah E.Feb 12, 1878Apr 11, 1947Double Stone with Benjiman L. Temple "IN LOVING MEMORY"PC
Temple, William E.Sep 14, 1922   Double Stone with Laverne Temple "STRONG AND LOVING FATHER"PC
Temple, William H.Jul 30, 1854May 23, 1942Double Stone with Mollie J. Temple "FATHER" "Gone but not forgotten."PC
Temple, William R.Nov 4, 1879Mar 7, 1970Double Stone with Ada S. TemplePC
Trussell, Finis D.Nov. 20, 1910Mar. 5, 1999Double Stone with Margie M. Trussell "A LIFE LIKE THEIRS HAS LEFT A RECORD SWEET FOR MEMORY TO DWELL UPON" "MARRIED JAN. 3, 1941"JS
Trussell, Margie M.Mar. 1, 1909Dec. 23, 2000Double Stone with Finis D. Trussell "A LIFE LIKE THEIRS HAS LEFT A RECORD SWEET FOR MEMORY TO DWELL UPON" "MARRIED JAN. 3, 1941"JS
Vickers, Infant Child of J. T. & L. M.Jan. 11, 1903Jan. 21, 1903 TS
Vickers, Andrew DerwardJune 30, 1918Apr. 14, 1924 TS & LB
Vickers, Andrew JackMay 7, 1891June 3, 1978[h/o Carrie Q.; Married Dec. 24, 1916]TS
Vickers, Carrie Q.Sep. 14, 1895Oct. 17, 1979 TS
Vickers, Claudia J. York18871988"MARRIED TO THOMAS JOSEPH VICKERS AUG. 3, 1905" "Blessed are the merciful"TS & CM
Vickers, Flora Morgan19172002[w/o Harrold Vickers; d/o John Davis & Stella Harrod Morgan]BD

Name Born Died Notes Submitter
Vickers, GerrellJune 5, 1925June 14, 1925[d/o A. J. Vickers]TS & LB
Vickers, Harrold19111989[h/o Flora Morgan Vickers; s/o Joseph & Claudie York Vickers]BD
Vickers, Henry Grady18941979[h/o Mary Virginia Sharp Vickers; s/o John Thomas & Margaret Baker Vickers]BD
Vickers, HerbertSep. 25, 1907June 7, 1912[s/o J. E. & M. E. Vickers]TS
Vickers, J. EdwardNov. 7, 1881July 6, 1966 TS
Vickers, James Mack19251930 TS
Vickers, John ThomasDec. 21, 1858Dec. 31, 1938"He is not dead but sleepeth." [s/o James Madison Vickers & Mary Jane Harrod buried in Antioch Cemetery, Sturgis, MS.; h/o Margaret Louisa Baker Vickers, Married Dec. 6, 1881]TS, BD & CM
Vickers, Lena LeeJuly 8, 1915Dec. 20, 1984 TS
Vickers, Margaret BakerAug. 3, 1865Feb. 5, 1945"TENDER MOTHER AND A FAITHFUL FRIEND" [Full name Margaret Louisa Baker; d/o Edward Simeon "Simmie" Baker & Nancy Lavenia Dawkins Baker; w/o John (James) Thomas Vickers, Married Dec. 6, 1881]TS, BD, LB & CM
Vickers, MarsellaDec. 5, 1923Aug. 6, 1924[d/o A. J. Vickers]TS & LB
Vickers, Mary Virginia Sharp18971985[w/o Henry Grady Vickers; d/o George Hampton & Mary Florence Woodard Sharp]BD
Vickers, Maudie YorkMar. 15, 1888June 25, 1937 TS
Vickers, SherrellJune 5, 1925June 14, 1925 TS
Vickers, Thomas Joseph18861962"MARRIED TO CLAUDIA J. YORK AUG. 3, 1905" "Blessed are the merciful" [s/o John (James) Thomas Vickers & Louisa Margaret Baker; Birthdate Sep. 3, 1886; Deathdate July 22, 1962]TS & CM
Vines, Elbert E. (Hoss)Jan. 23, 1930Sept. 14, 1992double stone with LaDell Hudson Vines, "Still Loving You" [s/o Fred & Lula Inez Vines]NJ
Vines, FredJuly 28, 1894Feb. 10, 1954double stone with Lula Inez Vines [brother of Willie "Will" Lacy Vines, my Grandfather ~~NJ]NJ
Vines, LaDell HudsonAug. 20, 1953still livingdouble stone with Elbert E. (Hoss) Vines, "Still Loving You"NJ
Vines, Lula InezFeb. 2, 1894Feb. 11, 1951double stone with Fred VinesNJ
Watson, Wanda TempleFeb 15, 1913Jan 3, 2003   PC
Wilkerson, GeorgiaDec. 24, 1885Dec. 4, 1915   LB

Name Born Died Notes Submitter
Wilkinson, John W.1816Oct. 16, 1888John Willis Wilkinson is not actually buried in this cemetery. The memorial marker was placed by O. M. Wilkinson, Jr. in 1990.WW
Wilkinson, Lela BelleOct. 5, 1892Oct. 15, 1895[Youngest child of Patrick & Nancy Wilkinson]WW
Wilkinson, Nancy A.Nov. 13, 1853Nov. 26, 1932[d/o James Benjamin Hampton & Sarah Wright; 2nd w/o Patrick Wilkinson]WW
Wilkinson, Nancy S.Feb. 15, 1826Jan. 9, 1917[w/o John Willis Wilkinson; d/o Martha & G. McKinney]WW
Wilkinson, Patrick HenryApr. 8, 1845Apr. 13, 1921[h/o Rhoda Councille]WW
Wilkinson, Rhoda - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009June 24, 1849Dec. 21, 1882[d/o Dulcina H. Randolph & Jordan Councille]PH & WW
York, AnnaMar. 5, 1895Aug. 3, 1937   LB
York, BeatriceAug. 19, 1925Jan. 13, 1938   LB
York, CatherineAug. 19, 1915Apr. 7, 1951 TS
York, E. S.Dec. 4, 1884Jan. 16, 1916   LB
York, HaskelDec. 12, 1911Jan. 25, 1912"A little time on earth he spent, Till God for him His angel sent."LB & CM
York, Sgt. Herman R.Nov. 2, 1913Mar. 12, 1944[s/o Cynthia Baker]LB
York, HollisJune 8, 1916Dec. 6, 1918[s/o M. E. & L. A. York]TS
York, John18611937Double Stone with Martha Johnson York [h/o Martha Johnson]AJ
York, Cpl. Kermit K.Oct. 17, 1910June 29, 1944[s/o Cynthia Baker]LB
York, L. E.Dec. 4, 1884Jan. 28, 1916   LB
York, Lucy V.Sep. 30, 1884Aug. 18, 1960Double Stone with Lucy V. York "MARRIED July 7, 1904" [Nee Lucy Alice Vickers ; d/o John (James) Thomas Vickers & Louisa Margaret Baker; h/o Mellie Egusta York]TS & CM
York, Martha Johnson18671961Double Stone with John York [w/o John York]AJ
York, Mellie E.Feb. 15, 1883June 2, 1960Double Stone with Lucy V. York "MARRIED July 7, 1904" [Full Name Mellie Egusta York; s/o Nelson B. York & Sarah Elizabeth Clanton; h/o Lucy Vickers]TS & CM
York, MyrtleJuly 11, 1907Aug. 8, 1908[d/o M. E. & L. A. York]TS
York, Nelson B.Sep. 14, 1853June 27, 1930[h/o Sarah E. York]TS & LB
York, RayJuly 8, 1915March 31, 1929   LB
York, Sarah E.Aug. 29, 1855Feb. 8, 1935[w/o of Nelson B. York]TS & LB
York, Wallace C.May 11, 1890 June 6, 1890   LB

1birthdate should be 11-1-1868.
2birthdate should be 10-16-1890, per TS
3birthdate should be 6-13-1921, per TS


AJ ... Anita R. "Kitty" Johnson
BB ... Barbara Butler
BD ...Beverly DuBose
BF ... Betty Finley
BH ...Brandy Hargis
BU ...Brenda Burkhart
CH ... Cathy Joyner Huitt
CM ... Celia Mears
GA ...George M. Akins
JF ... Jamie Lee Farmer
JH ... Jean Hogue
JS ... Jack Scobey
KC ... Katy Calloway
LB ... Larry Baker
NJ ... Nora Johnson
OS ... Odis Smith
PC ... Pam Clift
PH ... Pam Hargis
RF ... Rosa Ford
RH ... Richard Hudson
RP ... Richard Pope
TS ... Tammy Sullivan
WW ... Wilkie Wilkinson

Cemetery coordinator: Pam Hargis
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Union Hill Baptist Church with Cemetery behind

Union Hill Baptist Church with Union Hill Cemetery behind
photo courtesy of Nora Johnson

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