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Smynra/Smyrna Cemetery

Smynra/Smyrna Cemetery
Bradley County, Arkansas

GPS Location: 33� 23.839' -- 92� 00.938'

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Smynra Cemetery

Cemetery photo courtesy of Nora Johnson

This is not a complete transcription, and notes may also be incomplete. Notes in brackets [ ] are not inscribed on tombstones. Please add your Smynra Cemetery records by e-mailing

If a name in the list below is underlined (linked), we have a tombstone photograph for that person. Click the link to see the photograph.

PLEASE NOTE: The cemetery coordinator does not have additional information about other people who are buried in this cemetery. The coordinator collects information submitted by visitors to the Bradley County web site. Please do not e-mail the cemetery coordinator asking for lookups.

DIRECTIONS TO THIS CEMETERY: From Warren go south on Highway 63 to Highway 189. Turn left on Highway 189. Go to Road 54. Turn left on Road 54. Cemetery is on the left.

Brady, Infant son  [s/o James Michael Brady & Martha Jane Pope
unmarked grave]
Brady, Howard W.     [s/o A.R. & Ida Pope Brady] LF
Brady, J. G.    "CO. C" "HARDY'S ARK. INF" "C. S. A." [Full name James Girney Brady] LF & PC
Brady, Louisa Jane Mann 22 July 1844 12 May 1916 [wife of James G. Brady] LF
Braswell, Annie 24 Feb 1847 19 Oct 1920   LF
Castleberry, Arminy20 Sep 18804 Jul 1883"REST ON DARLING"Another headstone photo - NEW PHOTO 2-26-2007LF, PC & BJB
Castleberry, Harriet - NEW PHOTO 2-26-200704 Oct 182311 Feb 1914"Rest mother...." Double Stone with Jessee CastleberryLF & BJB
Castleberry, Jessee - NEW PHOTO 2-26-200710 Feb 181817 July 1887"Kind father at last thou art gone to thy rest...." Double Stone with Harriet CastleberryLF & BJB
Castleberry, Sallie - NEW PHOTO 2-26-200725 Oct 185012 Feb 1899 BJB
Chatham, Clarine Brown29 Apr 1913 Double Stone with Raymond Clyde Chatham "OUR FATHER WHICH ART IN HEAVEN"PC
Chatham, Raymond Clyde15 Mar 19073 Nov 1990Double Stone with Clarine Brown Chatham "OUR FATHER WHICH ART IN HEAVEN"PC
Cox, T. W.  "CO. A" "3 BN. MISS." "STATE CAV." "C.S.A." Another headstone photo - NEW PHOTO 2-26-2007BJB
Ferrell, Minnie L. Wolfe Whittington 25 Sept 1893 23 Feb 1988   LF
Forrest, infant       MR
Forrest, Agnes [living]   [w/o Luke Forrest] MR
Forrest, Calip 1883 1970 [h/o Lottie Forrest] MR
Forrest, Drusey P. 3-12-1895 6-18-1889 [d/o T C [K] & S A Forrest] MR
Forrest, Juanita Parrott [living]   [w/o Kirby Lee Forrest] MR & LF
Forrest, Kirby Lee 4-15-1916 11-5-1996 "Married 1-10-1947" [h/o Juanita Parrott] MR
Forrest, Kirby Lee 05 Apr 1916 05 Nov 1996 [Married 10 Jan 1947 to Juanita Parrott Forrest] LF
Forrest, Lottie 1887 1953 [w/o Calip Forrest] MR
Forrest, Luke 1-24-1914 1-24-1985 "Married 12-25-1940" [h/o Agnes Forrest] MR
Forrest, Luke 24 Jan 1914 01 Mar 1985 [Married 25 Dec 1940 to Agnes] LF
Forrest, Mary Jane 1-21-1881 10-14-1935 [w/o William T. Forrest] MR & LF
Forrest, Minnie Lee 8-18-1899 8-18-1911 [d/o W T & M J Forrest] MR
Forrest, Nancy Jane 8-8-1856 9-23-1945   MR
Forrest, Susan Outlaw 1856 1927 [w/o Thomas C (K) Forrest] MR
Forrest, Thomas A. 1-4-1883 1-1-1904 [s/o T C [K] & S A Forrest] MR
Forrest, Thomas C. [K] 1851 1930 [h/o Susan Outlaw Forrest] MR
Forrest, William T. 8-12-1874   [h/o Mary Jane Forrest] MR & LF
Grider, Susan 8 Sep 8 Jan 1888   LF
Harrison, Effie Jan 1885 Aug 1900   LF
Harrison, Elizabeth Burkett 1859 1931   LF
Harrison, S.J. 18 Jan 1849 09 May 1919   LF
Jackson, Eva Louisa 12 Jan 1885 23 July 1890 [d/o F.L. & M.J. Jackson] LF
Jackson, Fritz Lou L. Jr. 26 July 1889 27 Nov 1890 [s/o F.L. & M.J. Jackson] LF
Mann, Chalmer 16 Nov 1910 12 Apr 1912 [s/o S.W. & M.J. Mann] LF
McClain, Dicey Dec 19, 1869 Apr 31, 1929 [sic] [nee Trussell; d/o John W. and Elizabeth Jane Johnson Trussell] MJ
McClain, S.L. Aug 10, 1868 Aug 2, 1944 [husband of Dicey Trussell] MJ
Outlaw, Anne M. 10-25-1908 8-31-1910 [daughter of W L & E M Outlaw] MR
Outlaw, Bessie E. 4-23-1903 11-27-1909 [daughter of W L & E M Outlaw] MR
Outlaw, Rufus S. 1-26-1912 8-6-1913   MR
Pope, Carrie Forrest 31 Jan 1913 13 Feb 1998   LF
Pope, Duval   17 May 1909Multiple Stone with Infant Twins, Labyran, T. J. and William T. PopePC
Pope, Hubert 27 Mar 1912 24 Oct 1934   LF
Pope, Ida C.     [d/o C.C. & N.M. Downey] LF
Pope, Infant Twins   25 Aug 1920Multiple Stone with Duval, Labyran, T. J. and William T. PopePC
Pope, James Wesley 20 Nov 1853 30 Oct 1931 [b. Neshoba Co., MS; son of Silas & Sarah Pope] LF
Pope, Labyran   29 Oct 1924Multiple Stone with Duval, Infant Twins, T. J. and William T. PopePC
Pope, Lucinda Nancy Wolfe     [2nd wife of James W. Pope
d/o AnnaBelle Curry Wolfe & John Wolfe]
Pope, M. Wylie 08 Nov 1833 23 Mar 1976 [s/o James W. & Lucinda Pope] LF
Pope, Maggie E. 30 July 1884 25 June 1898 [d/o J.W. and L.N. Pope] LF
Pope, Mary Ann29 Oct 187414 Nov 1881[d/o James W. Pope]LF
Pope, Sarah Anne Forrest21 May 182822 Aug 1889 LF
Pope, Silas James14 Aug 182213 Feb 1890 LF
Pope, T. J.17 May 191415 Sep 1915Multiple Stone with Duval, Infant Twins, Labyran, and William T. PopePC
Pope, William T.18 May 192320 Dec 1923Multiple Stone with Duval, Infant Twins, Labyran and T. J. PopePC
Trussel, A. F. Nov 28, 1864 Dec 24, 1904 [Allen F.; s/o John W. and Elizabeth Jane Johnson Trussell MJ
Trussel, Private A. B. Oct 31, 1897 Feb 7, 1919"Camp Pike
Soldier rest: thy work is done"
[Archie B.; s/o Allen F. and Minnie Senn Trussell]
Trussell, Aurben Mar 11, 1899 Aug 8, 1902"Our darling baby"
[s/o Allen F. and Minnie Senn Trussell]
Trussell, Benjamin M. - NEW PHOTO 2-26-2007Jan 1, 1846Aug 2, 1896[husband of Catherine Castleberry Trussell]MJ & BJB
Trussell, Catherine [Castleberry] - NEW PHOTO 2-26-2007Dec 26, 1856Mar 27, 1923"MOTHER" "Rest mother, rest in ---- sleep, While friend ---- ---- thee weep" [wife of Benjamin Martin Trussell]MJ & BJB
Trussell, Elizabeth Johnson - NEW PHOTO 2-26-2007Mar 12, 1827May 11, 1911"WIFE" Double Stone with John TrussellMJ & BJB
Trussell, infant son Mar 24, 1888 Apr 15, 1888 "infant son of W.W. and M.L. Trussell" MJ
Trussell, John - NEW PHOTO 2-26-2007July 12, 1819Oct 15, 1890 Double Stone with Elizabeth Johnson TrussellMJ & BJB
Trussell, Maggie E. Jan 6, 1887 Jun 17, 1888 [double stone with infant son Trussell] MJ
Trussell, Margarette L. Nov 11, 1848 Jan 8 1903 "Wife of W. W. Trussell" [Maiden Name Cox] MJ
Trussell, W. W.Dec 23, 1851Aug 21, 1929Masonic Emblem Another headstone photo - NEW PHOTO 2-26-2007 [William Wyatt; s/o John W. and Elizabeth Jane Johnson Trussell]MJ & BJB
Whittington Abbie L. 23 Aug 1912 03 Nov 1915   LF
Wolfe, AnnaBella Curry 14 Nov 1833 22 Mar 1902   LF
Wolfe, Birdie Bell 09 Mar 1896 10 Oct 1902 [d/o I.N & I. E. Wolfe] LF
Wolfe, Nannie A. Brown 1874 1905   LF
Wolfe, William Henry 20 Dec 1858 31 Mar 1945   LF
York, Edgar E. 10 Oct 1894 21 July 1895 [s/o L.E. & R.C. York] LF
York, G.S. Jewell     [d/o Leonard & Hattie York] LF
York, Hattie Pope 1887 1970 [d/o J.W. & Lucinda Pope] LF
York, Jane 17 July 1825 13 Apr 1899   LF
York, John A. 17 Nov 1861 12 Jan 1879 [s/o N.B. & L.J. York] LF
York, Leonard Dennie 1890 1953   LF
York, N.B. 11 Dec 1811 26 Sept 1899   LF
York, Ruba Belle 29 July 1897 7 Aug 1899 [d/o L.E. & R.C. York] LF


BJB ... B. Jo Branch
LF ... Lois Frith
MJ ... Melissa Jones
MR ... Martha Reeme
PC ... Pam Clift

Smynra Cemetery

Cemetery photo courtesy of Nora Johnson

Smyrna Cemetery

Cemetery photo courtesy of Pam Clift

Cemetery coordinator: Melissa Jones
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