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Parker Prospect Cemetery

Parker Prospect Cemetery
Bradley County, Arkansas

GPS Location: 33� 31.594' -- 92� 08.100'

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Parker Prospect Cemetery

Cemetery photo courtesy of Nora Johnson

This is not a complete transcription. Notes in brackets [ ] do not necessarily appear on tombstone, but are provided as additional information. Please add your Prospect Cemetery records by e-mailing

If a name in the list below is underlined (linked), we have a tombstone photograph for that person. Click the link to see the photograph.

PLEASE NOTE: The cemetery coordinator does not have additional information about other people who are buried in this cemetery. The coordinator collects information submitted by visitors to the Bradley County web site. Please do not e-mail the cemetery coordinator asking for lookups.

DIRECTIONS TO THIS CEMETERY: Parker-Prospect Cemetery is located approximately 6 miles south of Warren, Arkansas, on Prospect Road, Bradley County Road 25. The cemetery is located on the east (left) side of Prospect Road in Section 4, Township 14S, Range 10W.

Anders, Ervin J.11-25-1910living?Double Stone with Eularb S. AndersNJ
Anders, Eularb S.3-10-19119-28-1968Double Stone with Ervin J. AndersNJ
Anders, Gladys9-20-19107-28-1992Double Stone with Silas AndersNJ
Anders, Jasper O.18701926  NJ
Anders, Silas12-26-19057-09-1983Double Stone with Gladys AndersNJ
Beck, S. J.18701944  NJ
Bowlin, Cicero8-22-185812-26-1930Double Stone with Fannie J. Bowlin; "Gone but not forgotten"NJ
Bowlin, Fannie J.12-16-18789-7-1952Double Stone with Cicero Bowlin; "Gone but not forgotten"NJ
Bradford, Gladys D.6-1-190112-18-1988Double Stone with Grover C. BradfordNJ & PC
Bradford, Grover C.7-7-190110-4-1965Double Stone with Gladys D. BradfordNJ & PC
Bradford, Eva Mae Herring - NEW WITH PHOTO 10-1-2005Mar 1, 1917 "MARRIED MAR. 10, 1934" Double Stone with John L. BradfordPC
Bradford, John L. - NEW WITH PHOTO 10-1-2005Sep 22, 1916Feb 10, 1996"MARRIED MAR. 10, 1934" Double Stone with Eva Mae Herring BradfordPC
Bradford, William P. - NEW WITH PHOTO 10-1-2005Apr 13, 1948Mar 7, 1999"BELOVED SON" "MATTHEW 18:3"PC
Bussell, Earl2-2-19066-14-1947  NJ
Bussell, Frony Pratt7-10-18887-15-1945  NJ
Bussell, James C.19081960  NJ
Bussell, Maudell2-7-19354-28-1935  NJ
Bussell, W. C.9-16-19416-10-1943  NJ
Carr, Betsy Ann19461946  NJ
Carr, Dorisno date7-28-1971"34 years" Funeral Home MarkerNJ
Carr, Jesse William2-16-19097-3-1973  NJ
Carr, Lucy Lucille8-24-19234-10-1971  NJ
Clark, Charles L.10/29/19241/07/1979Double Stone with Lucille M. ClarkNJ
Clark, Lucille M.5-25-1920LivingDouble Stone with Charles L. ClarkNJ
Corker, Erma Dean7-24-19244-30-1986  NJ
Cornelius, Joe Lee12-3-19343-19-1998Cross symbol "SP5 US ARMY" "KOREA"NJ
Creed, Sarah Ann Parker12/30/18353/31/1905[d/o Rev. Uriah W. Parker; w/o William Layfayette Hairston; w/o Micajah Creed]RC
Curry, John J.18811951Double Stone with Sarah J. CurryNJ & PC
Curry, Sarah J.18911965Double Stone with John J. CurryNJ & PC
Davis, Charles Willie8-1-19331-7-1988"US Army Korea"NJ
Davis, Lucy M.8-7-19005-16-1967Double Stone with Willie B. DavisNJ
Davis, Sarah Jane7-10-19797-10-1979  NJ
Davis, Willie B.5-1-188710-28-1967Double Stone with Lucy M. DavisNJ
Duvall, Berry Green8-17-19172-9-1919"ONLY SLEEPING"NJ & PC
Duvall, Bobby Wayne1-6-19401-13-1940  NJ
Duvall, Dannie D.9-19-19057-21-1984  NJ
Duvall, Dickey Arnold12-19-19557-16-1978  NJ
Duvall, Frank M.11-10-19025-2-1983  NJ
Duvall, Joseph H.7-21-18723-2-1962Double Stone with Lizzie Beth Duvall "A LIFE LIKE THEIRS HAS LEFT A RECORD SWEET FOR MEMORY ..."NJ & PC
Duvall, Lizzie Beth6-12-18779-6-1907Double Stone with Joseph H. Duvall "A LIFE LIKE THEIRS HAS LEFT A RECORD SWEET FOR MEMORY ..."NJ & PC
Duvall, Murphy D.5-5-193310-12-1983  NJ
Etheridge, Reber E.10-24-189610-11-1911"Wife of W. D. Etheridge"NJ
Ferrell, Mildred3-22-1925LivingDouble Stone with Owen Lecel Ferrell; "OUR LOVE ONES REST IN PEACE"NJ
Ferrell, Owen Lecel7-18-19211-14-2002Double Stone with Mildred Ferrell; "OUR LOVE ONES REST IN PEACE"NJ
Foote, Mavis Pauline Steele5-24-19283-6-1991"AT REST IN HEAVEN" [d/o Earl & Della Bussell; Mother of Leslie Wayne Hoffman, Diane Dunn & Rochelle Jones]NJ
Grace, Della B.1-15-190610-13-1970  NJ
Grider, Jesse W.12-13-19051-09-1975Double Stone with Rita S. GriderNJ
Grider, Rita S.3-23-19078-11-1987Double Stone with Jesse W. GriderNJ
Groves, Johnnie Mack11-2-1928living?Double Stone with Raye Dean Groves "Married 7-15-1950" [Children: Wade, Eddie, Sharon & John]NJ
Groves, Raye Dean7-13-1932living?Double Stone with Johnnie Mack Groves "Married 7-15-1950" [Children: Wade, Eddie, Sharon & John]NJ
Hairston, Hezekiah B.Sept. 1812June 1881"Husband of Permelia Hairston"NJ
Hairston, Infant Son7-23-19027-23-1902"OF R. M. & M. A. HAIRSTON"NJ & PC
Hairston, Permelia11-6-1814April 1877  NJ
Hairston, William D. H.12-19-18577-8-1869"Sleep on dear child and take they rest, in Jesus' arms forever blest"NJ & PC
Hairston, William L.8-3-182710-10-1857  NJ
Harber, James A.2-15-192111-1-1952  NJ
Harber, Julia Ann3-2-189410-16-1921  NJ
Harber, Ruby19181923  NJ
Hargis, Henry W.18541937Double Stone with Jennie Bradley HargisNJ
Hargis, Infant Son1-8-19181-8-1918Double Stone with Infant Son HargisNJ
Hargis, Infant Son1-23-19221-23-1922Double Stone with Infant Son HargisNJ
Hargis, Jennie Bradley18621935Double Stone with Henry W. HargisNJ
Hargis, Mary1-9-18323-23-1906"Wife of W. B. Hargis" [W. B. Hargis buried at Greenhill Cemetery, Drew Co. AR]NJ
Hargis, Ruthie19091936"Wife of Doyle Hargis"NJ
Hargrave, Infant19661966  NJ
Hargrave, Sandra Lou9-4-19409-4-1940  NJ
Herring, Ethel Ferrell11-27-18993-06-1989Double Stone with Grover G. HerringNJ
Herring, Grover G.3-11-189410-15-1968Double Stone with Ethel Ferrell HerringNJ
Herring, Grover Lee12-18-192210-13-1967Double Stone with Willene Davis HerringNJ
Herring, Opal Mae11-23-195912-13-1959  NJ
Herring, Willene Davis3-18-1927LivingDouble Stone with Grover Lee HerringNJ
Hickey, Arthur G.4-5-18906-6-1969"ARKANSAS PVT 308 FIELD HOSP WORLD WAR I" Cross in circle symbolNJ & PC
Hickey, Bernice V.4-22-191810-6-1995Double Stone with Thomas G. Hickey "ABSENT IN BODY BUT PRESENT IN SPIRIT"NJ & PC
Hickey, Bobby D.10-11-19416-19-1970  NJ & PC
Hickey, Earl2-16-189410-12-1952  PC
Hickey, Sallie Gilmore18611925"Wife of W. H. HICKEY" "We will meet again" [full name Sarah "Sallie" Ann Gilmore; First husband was a Kinard; married W. H. Hickey 12-6-1891]NJ & PC
Hickey, Thomas G.6-12-19156-13-1960Double Stone with Bernice V. Hickey "ABSENT IN BODY BUT PRESENT IN SPIRIT"NJ & PC
Hickey, W. E.7-9-18752-4-1916"CHRIST IS MY HOPE DARLING"NJ & PC
Hickey, William H.[About 1845]April 5, 1919Unmarked or No Stone [His AR. Death Certificate states his date of death and that he is buried in this cemetery; signed by county Medical Examiner] PC
Hoffman, Leslie Wayne11-8-19497-6-1984  NJ
Hotmer, Charles B. Jr.19321961Double Stone with Jo Ann H. HotmerNJ
Hotmer, Jo Ann dateno dateDouble Stone with Charles B. Hotmer Jr.NJ
Howsen, Bertha T. [Temple] - NEW PHOTO 10-1-200512-10-189510-25-1937"MARRIED FEB. 22, 1914" Double Stone with Willie L. HowsenNJ & PC
Howsen, Willie L. - NEW PHOTO 10-1-20052-5-18953-10-1972"MARRIED FEB. 22, 1914" Double Stone with Bertha Temple HowsenNJ & PC
Hoyle, Charles Edward2-18-19322-20-1932  NJ & PC
James, Betty18681953Double Stone with Frank JamesNJ
James, Frank18661946Double Stone with Betty JamesNJ
James, Luther J.18911952"ASLEEP IN JESUS"NJ
Jenkins, Jerry - NEW WITH PHOTO 10-1-2005Jan 23, 1952Jul 14, 2003"Age 51" Frazer's Funeral Home, Warren, Arkansas markerPC
Jenkins, Rena Biggs - NEW WITH PHOTO 10-1-2005Feb 25, 1961Jan 25, 1999 PC
Jenkins, Richard J. - NEW PHOTO 10-1-200519231964"MARRIED SEPT. 17, 1950" Double Stone with Velma L. JenkinsNJ & PC
Jenkins, Velma L. - NEW WITH PHOTO 10-1-20051930 "MARRIED SEPT. 17, 1950" Double Stone with Richard J. JenkinsPC
Johnson, Joshua Jeremiah8-22-19778-22-1977 NJ
Johnson, Sadie Jillian8-8-197912-30-1979  NJ
Jones, Arlette E.11-8-192510-29-2003Triple Stone with mother Ouita Temple and sister Audrey Lois Jones "WITHER THOU GOEST I GOEST ALSO" [Arlette Elease Jones Stone]NJ & PC
Jones, Audrey Lois6-5-1921 She is listed on two headstones: Memorialized on a Triple Stone with sister Arlette E. and mother Ouita Temple Jones "WITHER THOU GOEST I GOEST ALSO" and a small single stone, the actual grave of Audrey Lois, which reads "BABY" "AUDREY LOIS JONES" "JUNE 5, 1921" "ASLEEP IN JESUS" right beside the triple stone. [she lived less than a week]NJ & PC
Jones, Ouita Temple3-14-190311-16-1984Triple Stone with daughters Arlette E. and Audrey Lois Jones "WITHER THOU GOEST I GOEST ALSO" [Ouita Pamela Temple Jones]NJ & PC
Kanady, Elizabeth A.8-19-1935LivingDouble Stone with James W. Kanady [middle name Ann]NJ
Kanady, James W.11-17-19353-17-1974Double Stone with Elizabeth A. KanadyNJ
Kinard, Alma S.18771937Double Stone with John T. Kinard "MARRIED DEC. 29, 1898"NJ & PC
Kinard, Baby12-27-19043-21-1905"Gone but not forgotten"NJ & PC
Kinard, Elmer B.8-18-19143-25-1937"SON OF J. T. & ALMA KINARD" "Meet me in heaven."NJ & PC
Kinard, John T.18731963Double Stone with Alma S. Kinard "MARRIED DEC. 29, 1898"NJ & PC
Kitchel, Charlie18801960Double Stone with Lizzie P. Kitchel "WE WILL MEET AGAIN"NJ & PC
Kitchel, Elza - UPDATED 10-1-20054-11-19084-11-1988"US Navy WWII" "Married Aug. 17, 1934" "Grampa is Grampa Forever. A Dad when Dad is not around. A husband to Grandma. A King that needs no Crown" Double Stone with Mary E. KitchelNJ & PC
Kitchel, Lizzie P.18801963Double Stone with Charlie Kitchel "WE WILL MEET AGAIN"NJ & PC
Kitchel, Mary E. - NEW 10-1-2005May 17, 1913 "Married Aug. 17, 1934" Double Stone with Elza KitchelPC
Kline, Henry Homer9-25-19026-30-1966"Married 9-17-1950"NJ
Kline, John William7-14-19614-29-1989  NJ
Logan, Carl Eugene2-8-19029-11-1939"PFC US Army"NJ
Logan, Dora James12-11-18763-11-1936  NJ
Logan, Inez E.12-15-190412-29-1990Double Stone with Martin M. LoganNJ
Logan, Martin M.19051966Double Stone with Inez E. LoganNJ
Mathis, Henry Clay2-10-18931-11-1982Funeral Home MarkerNJ
McCormick, Johnathan Paul5-19-19866-5-1986  NJ
McDougald, Iva M.11-5-1935LivingDouble Stone with Thornton T. McDougald; "WED JULY 3, 1953"NJ
McDougald, Thornton T.2-15-19229-23-1995Double Stone with Iva M. McDougald; "WED JULY 3, 1953" Also has a Military Stone - Cross Symbol; "PVT US ARMY" "WORLD WAR II"NJ
Moellenberndt, Martine4-8-189011-27-1985  NJ
Moellenberndt, Vida Mae3-24-19259-4-1987  NJ
Montgomery, Erwin A.1-21-190312-15-1991  NJ
Norman, Henison Derwin8-23-19216-8-1992"US Navy WWII"NJ
Norman, Nannie C.18991959Double Stone with T. Arch Norman "Married 11-11-1920"NJ
Norman, T. Arch18921964Double Stone with Nannie C. Norman "Married 11-11-1920"NJ
Parker, Rev. Uriah1746 1820"A BAPTIST MINISTER" Memorial Headstone "REMEMBERED BY GRAND SONS W. L. & T. D. WARDLAW" [Dates are actually his father's]NJ & PC
Phillips, Martha Jean4-26-19294-6-1936"Of such is the kingdom of heaven"NJ & PC
Pierce, Billy19241925  NJ
Pipes, Edith MaelivinglivingDouble Stone with Travis Raymond "Cowboy" Pipes [w/o Travis Raymond "Cowboy" Pipes] VP
Pipes, Ida Hamm9/7/18906/10/1957Double Stone with Isom Pipes [w/o Isom Pipes, d/o Bertha Childers and William Henry Ham; I understand Ham is spelled with one "m," however, on the stone it is spelled Hamm]ET
Pipes, Isom12/3/18768/30/1951Double Stone with Ida Hamm Pipes [h/o Ida Hamm Pipes]ET
Pipes, Jewell F.2/22/19153/29/1984Double Stone with Nellie Inez Pipes [s/o Ida and Isom Pipes; h/o Nellie Inez Carr Pipes]ET
Pipes, Joseph Donald10/31/19502/19/1990[s/o Jewell and Nellie Pipes]ET
Pipes, Lonzo Delois10/18/19089/7/1983No Grave Marker [s/o Isom and Ida Pipes]ET
Pipes, Nellie Inez2/5/19188/15/1990Double Stone with Jewell F. Pipes [Maiden Name Carr; w/o Jewell F. Pipes]ET
Pipes, Travis Raymond "Cowboy"6/20/19362/1/2001Double Stone with Edith Mae Pipes [s/o Jewell Pipes and Nellie Inez Carr Pipes; h/o Edith Mae Pipes] VP
Reaves, Jessie Willard8-23-191610-21-1931  NJ
Reaves, Margaret Elizabeth6-27-18589-8-1902"Wife of Jno. L. Reaves"NJ
Reaves, Martha Ruth10-6-19393-6-1940  NJ
Reaves, Marvin W.18921928  NJ
Reep, Emma James18951929Double Stone with Houston ReepNJ
Reep, Houston18941933Double Stone with Emma James ReepNJ
Reynolds, Dale Frank - NEW WITH PHOTO 10-1-2005Oct 9, 1940Jul 17, 2000"MARRIED FEB. 12, 1960" Double Stone with Wanda N. Herring ReynoldsPC
Reynolds, Frances Johnson - NEW WITH PHOTO 10-1-2005Nov 18, 1935  "MOTHER" "MARRIED MAY 26, 1951" Double Stone with Obrey Orval Reynolds "Married May 26, 1951"PC
Reynolds, Mary V. Stanfield - NEW PHOTO 10-1-20052-27-19103-27-1972"GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" Double Stone with Orie O. ReynoldsNJ & PC
Reynolds, Obrey Orval - NEW WITH PHOTO 10-1-2005Jun 18, 1928  "FATHER" "MARRIED MAY 26, 1951" Double Stone with Frances Johnson ReynoldsPC
Reynolds, Orie O. - NEW PHOTO 10-1-20057-25-19086-2-1972"GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" Double Stone with Mary V. Stanfield ReynoldsNJ & PC
Reynolds, Wanda N. Herring - NEW WITH PHOTO 10-1-2005Sep 29, 1942  "MARRIED FEB. 12, 1960" Double Stone with Dale Frank ReynoldsPC
Roebuck, John W.19121948Masonic Symbol "WE WILL MEET AGAIN"NJ
Rotton, Fannie E.7-18-18794-4-1939Double Stone with Met L. RottonNJ
Rotton, Ida Mae3-11-190312-9-1982Double stone with Jeff Davis RottonNJ
Rotton, J. D. Victor19241940  NJ
Rotton, James F.18321917Double Stone with Mary L. Corker RottonNJ
Rotton, Jeff Davis7-5-190012-25-1981Double stone with Ida Mae RottonNJ
Rotton, Mary L. Corker18401929Double Stone with James F. RottonNJ
Rotton, Met L.1-23-188112-20-1943Double Stone with Fannie E. RottonNJ
Rowellunreadableunreadablestone is very old and mostly unreadablePC
Rowell, Calvin T.18831958"FATHER" [middle name Thomas; gf/o Bill Rowell & Patricia Rowell Tucker]NJ & PC
Rowell, David J.6-27-18412-20-1902  NJ
Rowell, Felix S.1-25-184912-16-1927Double Stone with Mary W. Rowell [s/o Jonathan S. & Nancie Dean Rowell]NJ & PC
Rowell, J. Wiley - NEW PHOTO 10-1-20051898[1979]Double Stone with Shelby S. Rowell [Sons of Felix & Mary Rowell]NJ & PC
Rowell, Jonathan6-12-17923-3-1861Cross symbol "PVT 3 REGT SC MILITIA WAR OF 1812"PC
Rowell, Jonathan Wylie - NEW WITH PHOTO 10-1-2005Sep 5, 1898May 22, 1979"PVT US ARMY" "WORLD WAR II"PC
Rowell, Mary Ann6-27-184211-7-1917"MOTHER" "She was the sunshine of our home." [Maiden name Kizer; Born Jasper Co. Mississippi]NJ & PC
Rowell, Mary W.3-3-18559-17-1933Double Stone with Felix S. RowellNJ & PC
Rowell, Neil Howard11-2-19033-15-1904"Son of A. R. & M. J. Rowell"NJ
Rowell, Nina Belle Hargis2-5-18891-18-1908[d/o Henry & Jennie Hargis; w/o C. T. Rowell]NJ
Rowell, Sarah E.18741931"MOTHER" [gm/o Bill Rowell & Patricia Rowell Tucker]NJ & PC
Rowell, Shelby S. - NEW PHOTO 10-1-200518761956Double Stone with J. Wiley Rowell [Sons of Felix & Mary Rowell]NJ & PC
Rowell, Wilburn Leon5-17-19076-24-1931 "Married 9-29-1929" [s/o Calvin Thomas & Nina Belle Rowell; h/o Doris Herring; Father of Bill Rowell & Patricia Rowell Tucker]NJ
Royce, James2-23-19364-8-1936  NJ
Shepherd, Calvin Wesley8-23-19355-3-1990[h/o Arlette Elease Jones, and buried next to her; he was born in Fayetteville, AR.]PC
Spears, James B.10-28-18945-13-1925  NJ & PC
Spears, Reba Lee2-17-192310-3-1934"Weep not father and mother for me, For i am waiting in heaven for thee."NJ & PC
Temple, Billie Mack - UPDATED PHOTO 10-1-200511-15-1932 "SON OF C. V. & OZIE BEA TEMPLE"NJ & PC
Temple, C. Verna6-10-18951-1-1965Double Stone with Ozie Bea Temple; "AT REST" Closer viewNJ & PC
Temple, Cloyce S.9-22-19256-10-1976  NJ & PC
Temple, Curtis5-7-19179-8-1920Double Stone with Rita TempleNJ & PC
Temple, Daisy H. [Hall] - NEW PHOTO 10-1-200518831947Double Stone with John TempleNJ & PC
Temple, Gary Mark8-23-19608-1-1991Double Stone with Raylene Haynes Temple; "WED APR. 17, 1982" "ON THIS DAY WE BECAME ONE" [Children: Ashley, Nicholas and Mark]NJ & PC
Temple, Harvey E.8-8-18764-16-1927Double Stone with Ola Hickey Temple, "BLESSED ARE THE PURE IN HEART FOR THEY SHALL SEE GOD"NJ & PC
Temple, Henry S.18731951Double Stone with Lelie L. Temple Closer viewNJ & PC
Temple, John - NEW PHOTO 10-1-200518841968Double Stone with Daisy H. TempleNJ
Temple, Lelia L.18741957Double Stone with Henry S. Temple Closer viewNJ & PC
Temple, Ola Hickey1-13-18783-26-1922Double Stone with Harvey E. Temple, "BLESSED ARE THE PURE IN HEART FOR THEY SHALL SEE GOD"[Capitolo or Capitola Evola Hickey]NJ & PC
Temple, Ozie Bea12-7-18994-13-1973Double Stone with C. Verna Temple; "AT REST" Closer viewNJ & PC
Temple, Raylene Haynes1-11-19638-1-1991Double Stone with Gary Mark Temple; "WED APR. 17, 1982" "ON THIS DAY WE BECAME ONE" [Children: Ashley, Nicholas and Mark]NJ & PC
Temple, Rita2-11-19108-29-1912Double Stone with Curtis TempleNJ & PC
Temple, Thomas F.3-20-18484-10-1919   NJ & PC
Temple, Virginia Aldora12-12-18609-8-1937"A kind mother and a faithful friend"NJ & PC
Tollison, Joseph A.12-4-197412-5-1974  NJ
Tollison, Timothy L.11-23-19757-7-1976  NJ
Trussell, Cora5-21-189612-26-1923"WIFE OF B. H. TRUSSELL"NJ
Turner, Annie Belle8-31-19166-8-1954Double Stone with Roy TurnerNJ
Turner, Roy8-29-19072-16-1985Double Stone with Annie Belle TurnerNJ
?? Vines ?? 19411946unmarked grave between Almon H. and Doyle VinesNJ
Vines, Almon H.19411946  NJ
Vines, Doyle11-1-19--4-23-1994"IN LOVING MEMORY"NJ
Wardlaw, Caroline Parker18401866"WIFE OF JOHN D. WARDLAW" "MOTHER OF W. L. & T. D. WARDLAW"NJ & PC
Wardlaw, Infant Son1845   NJ & PC
Wardlaw, Johnnie18431846  NJ & PC
Watkins, Sam12-22-18971-20-1946"AT REST"NJ & PC
Williams, Don L.3-18-193510-24-1935  NJ & PC
Williams, Gerald L.7-8-19287-26-1936  NJ & PC
Williams, Thomas E.1-8-19248-20-1964"AR Pvt. Co 327 Glider INF REGT WWII"NJ


ET ... Ester Trull
NJ ... Nora Johnson (Nora has provided photos in many of our cemeteries - THANKS NORA!)
PC ... Pam Clift (Pam has provided photos in many of our cemeteries - THANKS PAM!)
RC ... Ruth Colvin
VP ... Vicky Pipes

Cemetery coordinator: Pam Hargis
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