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Pleasant Valley Cemetery

Pleasant Valley Cemetery
Bradley County, Arkansas

GPS Location: 33� 33.406' -- 92� 11.574'

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Notes given here do not necessarily appear on tombstone but are provided as additional information. Please add your Pleasant Valley Cemetery records by e-mailing

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PLEASE NOTE: The cemetery coordinator does not have additional information about other people who are buried in this cemetery. The coordinator collects information submitted by visitors to the Bradley County web site. Please do not e-mail the cemetery coordinator asking for lookups.

DIRECTIONS TO THIS CEMETERY: Go west from Warren on Highway 4 approximately 12 miles. Ebenezer Cemetery will be on the left just before Pleasant Valley Road. (also called Road 7). Turn left on Pleasant Valley Road (Road 7). Cemetery is on the left between Judge Roberts Rd (also Road 35) and where Road turns to the left.

Adair, HermanSep 13, 1920Jun 10, 1999[s/o William Calvin Adair and Nettie Vera Williams Adair; married 1) Vera Vines Otulak 2) Viola Beatrice Adair] NJ & JW
Adair, Marvin EdgarSep 30, 1922Jan 27, 1979[s/o William Calvin Adair and Nettie Vera Williams Adair; TEC5 US Army WWII]NJ & JW
Adair, Viola B.Aug 9, 1919Oct 19, 1977[middle name Beatrice; known as "Bea;" married to 1) ? Wear 2) Herman Adair; she was his second wife]NJ & JW
Baggett, Bruce, Jr.Jan 4, 1944Jan 27, 1999 JW
Baggett, Jo AnnMar 20, 1946Apr 4, 1978[mother of Bruce, Tina & Mark]JW
Bailey, Joe O.Jan 7, 1939Sep 7, 1979[h/o Zelma Bailey]JW
Bailey, Zelma Howsen BurchMar 14, 1929Sep 25, 1991[d/o Grady & Annie Howsen]JW
Bryant, Burnice Hagood[living][living] JW
Bryant, Grace CastleberryMay 22, 1904Apr 24, 1966[w/o Herbert Bryant]JW
Bryant, HerbertJan 24, 1904Aug 14, 1990 JW
Bryant, William AndrewDec 3, 1921Nov 20, 1980 JW
Cooper, James W.Jun 12, 1924Dec 22, 1974[h/o Mary A. Cooper]JW
Cooper, Mary A.[living][living] JW
Doggett, Dorothy SimmonsOct 10, 1921[no date] JW
Doggett, FlorenceDec 4, 1919[no date] JW
Doggett, Leonard H.Aug 1, 1913Dec 12, 1974[h/o of Mable Doggett]JW
Doggett, Mable SweeneyOct 12, 1915Mar 12, 1993 JW
Doggett, Michael DelaneOct 28, 1965Oct 28, 1965[son of Edwin & Mary Doggett]JW
Doggett, OrisNov 27, 1918Nov 7, 1999 JW
Doggett, Ralph ElderOct 22, 1916Jul 30, 1980[h/o Dorothy Simmons]JW
Doggett, W. AlvinJun 6, 1913[no date][h/o Florence Doggett]JW
Graham, James PowersSep 8, 1911[no date][h/o Verna Doggett Graham]JW
Graham, Verna GerldeanSep 6, 1915Jul 29, 1988[dom: Sep 24, 1932]JW
Greenwood, Herman A.Dec 2, 1917Mar 22, 1999{h/o Ruthie Mae Greenwood]JW
Greenwood, Ruthie M. JonesDec. 28, 1915[no date] JW
Grider, Cindy KayOct 7, 1969Jan 29, 1989[d/o Gorman and Anna Grider]JW
Guess, Bobby C.Apr 21, 1932[no date] JW
Guess, Faye BurksJan 31, 1941[no date][w/o Bobby C. Guess]JW
Guess, LummieDec 24, 1909Dec. 2, 1984[w/o Virgil Guess]JW
Guess, VirgilJan 4, 1905Apr 4, 1986 JW
Horn, Maud HowsenOct 8, 1898Feb 23, 1989[w/o Sid Horn]JW
Horn, SidAug 11, 1900Nov 25, 1989 JW
Jones, Mattie M. ParksNov 4, 1911[no date][w/o Ray Jones]JW
Jones, Raymond CleoJan 21, 1910Aug 20, 1969 JW
Mann, Cornelia ParnellJul 17, 1918Aug 10, 1995[d/o of J.E. and Myrtie Parnell]JW
Mann, Gilia CastleberryMar 15, 1885Feb 25, 1971[d/s with Walter Y.]JW
Mann, Hazel BrownJul 15, 1919[no date][w/o W. Fay Mann]JW
Mann, Jessie RayMar 17, 1912May 11, 1981[h/o of Cornelia Mann]JW
Mann, Walter FayMar 17, 1912Jul 27, 1994[h/o Hazel Mann]JW
Mann, Walter YoungJun 27, 1890May 27, 1966[h/o Gillie Mann]JW
Murphy, Anice Jewell MannJan 4, 1910Jun 6, 1992[w/o of John K. Murphy]JW
Murphy, John K.Jul 9, 1919Dec 12, 1989[dom: Oct 20, 1946]JW
Nix, Birdie GoodheartJan 13, 1898Jun 20, 1968 JW
Nix, Hattie AtkinsNov 29, 1906Jun 20, 1968 JW
Nix, Odis B.Jul 4, 1908[no date][h/o Hattie Atkins Nix]JW
Perry, Jessie W.Oct 14, 1925Apr 18, 1990[dom: Jun 28, 1947]JW
Perry, Mittie FayFeb 25, 1929[no date][w/o Jessie Perry]JW
Perry, RoyFeb 24, 1902Sep 3, 1963 JW
Robinson, Matthew WayneMar 6, 1983Mar 6, 1983 JW
Robinson, William AndrewMar 6, 1983Mar 6, 1983 JW
Scroggins, Albert S.Mar 5, 1922Dec 25, 1990[h/o Marie Scroggins]JW
Scroggins, Angelia MarieSep 11, 1973Sep 11, 1973 JW
Scroggins, Correne ParnellSep 14, 1920Dec. 7, 1999[w/o Wilbert Scroggins]JW
Scroggins, Marie SloanJul 17, 1923[no date] JW
Scroggins, Mary L.Mar 6, 1924[no date] JW
Scroggins, Noble J.Mar 25, 1917Sep 3, 1983[h/o Mary Scroggins]>/td>JW
Scroggins, Wilbert L.Aug 29, 1915Jul 11, 1963[AR SP3 USNR WWII]JW
Threlkeld, VanadaNov 18, 1922Jan 25, 1965 JW
Wear, Clyde D.Sep 11, 1913Sep 14, 1966[h/o Myra M. Wear]JW
Wear, Myra M.[no dates]  JW
Williams, Annice HowsenJan 23, 1913Nov 2, 1998[d/o W.H. & Bess Elder Howsen]JW
Williams, Rev. Cecil LloydSep 21, 1937Apr 23, 1999 JW
Williams, John HenryJan 27, 1911Aug 31, 1989[h/o of Annice Williams]JW
Williams, Rev. Lloyd L.Aug 24, 1911Jan 7, 1996[h/o Lena Adams Williams]JW


JW ... Jann Woodard
NJ ... Nora Johnson for Elizabeth Sharp

Cemetery coordinator: Barbara Logan
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